Straitjacketed Women in the Mainstream Media

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Latest Update: June 11 2017
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Closers (Video Games).

May 24 2017
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Sakura Taisen 3 (Video Games).

May 14 2017
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Users (Magazines), The Blackwell Epiphany (Video Games).

May 7 2017
TELEVISION: As The World Turns.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Femforce Out of the Asylum (Comic Books - AC Comics), Death Race 2000 (Comic Books - Cosmic), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Comic Books - Dark Horse), Wonder Woman (Comic Books - DC Comics), Amazing Adventures, Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil (Comic Books - Marvel), Dogwitch (Comic Books - Sirius), Almas Perversas, unknown fumetti (Comic Books - Unknown).

May 1 2017
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Borderlands (Comic Books - IDW Publishing).

April 23 2017
STORIES: "The Antique Shop" and chapter 4 of "The Vault" by Bob2300.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Moore Business Forms (Advertisements), Boy Comics (Comic Books - Comics House Publications), Army of Darkness (Comic Books - Dynamite Entertainment), Catwoman, Wonder Woman (Comic Books - DC Comics), Fear Itself: The Fearless (Comic Books - Marvel), Agent X-9, Madoline (Comic Books - Unknown).

April 12 2017
STORIES: "Without Appointment" by Jugrntts, edited by Flageek.

April 9 2017
MOTION PICTURES: The Forbidden Room.

April 2 2017
TELEVISION: Chaos;Child, Dragonaut : The Resonance, Star.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole (Comic Books - Zenescope Entertainment). and one new Link.
I removed the entries for "Symphogear" and "Symphogear GX" because K.S. pointed out that the girls in those scenes are under 16. Here are the links for your information:
Symphogear - Kanade Amou (the SJ scene is a flashback to her at age 13 or 14)
Symphogear GX - Shirabe(listed as 15)

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