Straitjacketed Women in the Mainstream Media

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Latest Update: July 14 2019
MOTION PICTURES: The House With A Clock In Its Walls.
And one new link.

July 7 2019
TELEVISION: Bir Zamanlar ăukurova.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Darkseed (Music Videos).
And one new link.

June 30 2019
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Trapmaker (Video Games), Sabrina Carpenter, Scars feat. Luna Grey (Music Videos).

June 23 2019
TELEVISION: St. Elsewhere.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Deanna DeMola (Music Videos), Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Comic Books - Jump Comics).
And three new links.

June 16 2019
TELEVISION: Villanous.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Prisoner X (Comic Books - Marvel).
And one new link.

June 9 2019
TELEVISION: MTV Summer Wraps, Van Helsing.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Batgirl (Comic Books - DC).
And four new links.

May 26 2019
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Borg Queen (Music Videos).
And one new link.

May 12 2019
And two new links.

May 5 2019
TELEVISION: How High 2, Jem, Maria Mercedes.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Batgirl (Comic Books - DC), Prisoner X (Comic Books - Marvel), 3x3 Eyes, Grisaia (Comic Books - Unknown).
And one new link.

April 28 2019
TELEVISION: Flapjack Floozy, General Hospital, Ghost Stories, How High 2, The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, Touched by an Angel.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Sarafeena (Music Videos).
And three new links.

April 14 2019
STORIES: Chapter 3 of "Laura's Return" by Amanda Lu.

April 1 2019
TELEVISION: Infarto, Orange is the New Black.

March 24 2019
TELEVISION: Airwolf, The OA, Rencor Apasionado.
And two new links.

March 10 2019
TELEVISION: Hot in Cleveland, Rencor Apasionado.

March 4 2019
And three new links.

February 17 2019
MOTION PICTURES: 10 Days in a Madhouse.
And two new links.

February 10 2019
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Getter Robo High (Comic Books - Takeshobo), Platinum End (Comic Books - Viz Media).
And four new links.

February 3 2019
TELEVISION: The Gong Show, Indictment: The McMartin Trial, MTV Summer Wraps.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Chilla (Music Videos).
And four new links.

January 27 2019
TELEVISION: Escaping The Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story.

January 20 2019
TELEVISION: Escaping The Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Mika Luciano (Music Videos), Jackson Free Press (Magazines).
And two new links.

December 30 2018 (Happy New Year!)
MOTION PICTURES: Crazy Hospital, Pane, vy jste vdova!
TELEVISION: Die andere Seite.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Alan Ford (Comic Books - Unknown), Alles Easis feat. Claire (Music Videos), FemForce (Comic Books - AC Comics), Persona 4 (Video Games).
And one new link.

December 23 2018 (Happy Holidays!)
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Batwoman, House of Mystery (Comic Books - DC), Regression (Comic Books - Image), Agent X9 (Comic Books - Unknown), Robyn Hood: The Hunt, Tales From Wonderland (Comic Books - Zenescope).

December 16 2018
TELEVISION: #ParangNormal Activity.

December 9 2018
TELEVISION: Carolina Barrantes, Ma˝ana es Para Siempre.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Kate Nash (Music Videos).

December 2 2018
MOTION PICTURES: Seven Hours to Judgement.
TELEVISION: The Walking Dead Webisodes.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Heart of Empire (Comic Books - Kitchen Sink).

November 18 2018
TELEVISION: Big Brother (Germany), Tokyo Ghoul:re.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Kiddo, Tana Mongeau (Music Videos).
And one new link.

November 11 2018
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Night Club (Music Videos).
And two new links.

November 4 2018
MOTION PICTURES: Patients of a Saint.

October 28 2018
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Clarissa Serna, Sonora China (Music Videos), Ship of Fools (Comic Books - Image).

October 20 2018
TELEVISION: Passions, Under The Piano, WCG Ultimate Gamer, Winnie, The X-Files, X-Men: The Gifted, The Young and the Restless.

October 14 2018
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Rahne of Terra (Comic Books - Marvel).
And two new links.

October 6 2018
TELEVISION: TV Total, Uga Uga, The Underground with Damon Wayans, Viper.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Typhoid Fever Spider-Man (Comic Books - Marvel).

September 30 2018
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Batman Beyond, Justice League Dark (Comic Books - DC Comics), Typhoid Mary (Comic Books - Marvel Comics).

September 23 2018
TELEVISION: F.C. De Kampioenen, Sleep Tight.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: StormSons (Music Videos).

September 16 2018
MOTION PICTURES: Camisa de Fuerza.
TELEVISION: X-Men The Gifted.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Mary Marvel (Comic Books - Fawcett Comics).

September 9 2018
MOTION PICTURES: 101 Dalmations 2.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Chunithm (Video Games).
And one new link.

September 2 2018
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: The Omen (Comic Books - Chaos!), Batgirl Annual (Comic Books - DC).

August 19 2018
MOTION PICTURES: Asylum, So Mort It Be.
TELEVISION: Escape the Night.
And one new link.

August 12 2018
TELEVISION: Marian Rose White, The Woman in White.

August 5 2018
TELEVISION: AsÝ en el barrio como en el cielo, Auf Streife, Big Brother Germany.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Kate Nash (Music Videos).

July 22 2018
TELEVISION: A Place To Call Home, General Hospital.
STORIES: "Costume Catastrophe" by A. Nonymous.

July 15 2018
STORIES: Chapter 2 of "Laura's Return" by Amanda Lu.
And three new links.

July 8 2018
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Lari White (Music Videos), Daredevil (Comic Books - Marvel Comics).

July 1 2018
TELEVISION: Iron-Jawed Angels, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.

June 24 2018
TELEVISION: Billy on the Street, Scream Queens, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, Tierra de Reyes.

June 17 2018
TELEVISION: Escape the Night, Tierra de Reyes.
And four new links.

June 3 2018
TELEVISION: Penny Dreadful.
And one new link.

May 27 2018
TELEVISION: The Beverly Hillbillies, La Impostora.
STORIES: Chapter 1 of "Laura's Return" by Amanda Lu.
And one new link.

May 13 2018
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Batman (Comic Books - DC), Jimmy's Bastards (Comic Books - AfterShock Comics).

May 6 2018
TELEVISION: The Beverly Hillbilles, Mysterious Personal Shopper.

April 29 2018
TELEVISION: Batman, Billy on the Street, Caša_Talentos.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War Prelude (Comic Books - Marvel).

April 23 2018
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Annette Moreno, Sinister (Music Videos).
STORIES: Chapter 1 of "Orderly Visits" by PascalSage.
And three new links.
I've got most of the pictures back up (I had to change every address from "" to ""), and will get the rest up in the near future.

April 15 2018
TELEVISION: La Patrona, Por Siempre Mi Amor.

April 8 2018
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Bernadette Cooper, Girl on Top, Today is the Day, Roosevelt Franklin, Sal (Record Covers), Katy Perry (Concerts), DuBouchett, Mad TV (Advertisements), Dotter of her Father's Eyes (Comic Books - Dark Horse).

April 1 2018
MOTION PICTURES: Grindlwald, Mafia schon gruben, The Prophet's Game, SOS Save Our Skins.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Brufield, Tania, Torii Wolf (Music Videos).
STORIES: "The Preventive Program" by Amanda Lu.
And three new links.

March 24 2018
TELEVISION: Riverdale.
And one new link.

March 18 2018
TELEVISION: One Life To Live, Perdona Nuestros Pecados.
STORIES: "Spending the Night at the Camp" by Willyboy10, "House on the Hill" (edited by B.P.) by Bob2300.
And three new links.

March 11 2018
TELEVISION: Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Days of Our Lives.

March 4 2018
TELEVISION: All My Children, Zapeando.

February 25 2018
TELEVISION: Nadie es eterno en el mundo, One Life To Live, The Secret World of Alex Mack.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Elohim, Theory (Music Videos).
STORIES: Chapter 2 of "A New Doctor" by Amanda Lu.

January 28 2018
One new link.

January 28 2018
MOTION PICTURE: Asylum of the Dead, Shinizokonai no Ao.
And one new link.

January 21 2018
STORIES: "New straitjacket tech for 1963" by PirateStan.

January 14 2018
TELEVISION: DKDA: Sue˝os de Juventud.
STORIES: "Ward 8" by Stevia Miles.

New Year's Day 2018
TELEVISION: Nada Cinta, Save Me.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: The Titans Secret Files and Origins (Comic Books - DC Comics).

Christmas Eve 2017
Three new links.

December 3 2017
TELEVISION: General Hospital.

November 19 2017
TELEVISION: Alias Grace.

November 5 2017
TELEVISION: The Amazing Race 1 (China).
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: MapleStory (Video Games).
STORIES: Chapter 2 of "Drunk Tank" (edited by John Drake) by Bob2300.
And four new links.

Happy Halloween 2017!
TELEVISION: The Simpsons, Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso 2.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Jessie Reyez, LorŔne Aldabra (Music Videos).

October 22 2017
STORIES: Chapter 1 of "A New Doctor" by Amanda Lu.

October 8 2017
MOTION PICTURES: Cult of Chucky.
TELEVISION: Por Siempre Mi Amor.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Chelsea Wolfe, Fergie (Music Videos), Phantasy Star Online 2 (Video Games).
STORIES: "Drunk Tank" (edited by John Drake) by Bob2300.
And one new link.
September 17 2017
One new link.

September 10 2017
STORIES: Chapter 6 (the last one) of "The Vault" by Bob2300.

September 3 2017
TELEVISION: Days of our Lives, The Murdoch Mysteries, Unknown #3, El Vuelo de la Victorio.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Batman: Gotham Knights (Comic Books - DC Comics).
STORIES: Chapter 2 of "The Drunk Tank" by Bob2300.

August 27 2017
TELEVISION: Days of our Lives.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: EVE Error Burst Plus (Video Games).