Straitjacketed Women in the Mainstream Media

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Latest Update: October 8 2017
MOTION PICTURES: Cult of Chucky.
TELEVISION: Por Siempre Mi Amor.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Chelsea Wolfe, Fergie (Music Videos), Phantasy Star Online 2 (Video Games).
STORIES: "Drunk Tank" (edited by John Drake) by Bob2300.
And one new link.
September 17 2017
One new link.

September 10 2017
STORIES: Chapter 6 (the last one) of "The Vault" by Bob2300.

September 3 2017
TELEVISION: Days of our Lives, The Murdoch Mysteries, Unknown #3, El Vuelo de la Victorio.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Batman: Gotham Knights (Comic Books - DC Comics).
STORIES: Chapter 2 of "The Drunk Tank" by Bob2300.

August 27 2017
TELEVISION: Days of our Lives.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: EVE Error Burst Plus (Video Games).

August 18 2017
TELEVISION: Days of our Lives, Ladies of Letters.

August 13 2017
MOTION PICTURES: Alice in Acidland, Elvira's Movie Macabre, Naked Vengeance, Postpartum.
TELEVISION: Days of our Lives, USA Up All Night.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Virginia Slims (Advertisements), Advocate (Magazines).
Also, I re-uploaded a lot of pics on the Misc. page (I was on vacation this past week, so I had no excuse).

August 5 2017
TELEVISION: Days of our Lives.

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