10 Days in a Madhouse (2015) : The trailer for this no-budget adaptation of Nellie Bly's famous asylum expose shows a bald woman struggling in a straitjacket, and a brief shot of three nurses trying to put a jacket on another woman. I put the clip on ZippyShare.

10-Days-In-AMadhouse01 10-Days-In-AMadhouse02 10-Days-In-AMadhouse03

101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure (2002) : At the end of this sequel to the classic Disney film, a defeated Cruella is thrown in the back of an ambulance and taken to the looney bin. (thanks to Mariano) Cruella_Institution_Newspaper
2035 : Forbidden Dimensions (2013) : This apocalyptic wasteland film contains a brief scene of Jamie Katonic struggling in a straitajacket. Rodrigo sent me a video of the scene, and I've put it on ZippyShare.

2069: A Sex Odyssey (1977) : This German sex comedy has a brief SJ scene at the 64-minute mark, as a hysterical, matronly woman is tied in one by two attendants and carried off. The jacket has large grommets on the back, but it looks like they just slip it on and hold it in place. The film was recentlty released on DVD by Seduction Cinema.

9:04 AM (2007): According to the IMDB, a poster of an SJed woman is seen on a wall during this film.

Aatma (2013) : In this Bollywood horror film, Bipasha Basu plays a widow whose young daughter is possessed by the spirit of her vengeful, abusive husband. Late in the film, she is framed for the murder of the daughter's counselor and sent to a mental institution. She's put in a straitjacket and placed in a green padded cell. She realizes that she has to become a ghost to fight her dead husband, and ends up beating her head against the door to kill herself. The entire film is available on YouTube; the scenes are from 1:15:30-1:16:05 and 1:21:50-1:24:05.

vlcsnap 2015 07 12 11h24m23s773 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 11h24m38s607 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 11h25m05s624 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 11h25m59s922 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 11h26m22s846 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 11h27m54s749 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 11h28m15s551 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 11h30m53s424 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 11h31m04s651 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 11h31m27s957 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 12h43m26s443 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 12h43m39s004 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 12h54m32s805 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 12h57m21s120 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 12h57m29s517 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 13h04m53s491 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 21h29m06s226 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 21h29m19s323 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 21h29m35s061

Adam and Evil (2004) : The very final shot of this slasher flick shows the actress Barbara Kottmeier SJed in a padded cell. The jacket looks like a magician's model (white canvas with brown leather detailing), but has side loops and a crotch strap. Kottmeier is wearing panties, and does some very energetic struggling. The scene is about 45 seconds long. The scene is up on YouTube (thanks to Rodrigo).

Addams Family, The (1991) : In the movie adaptation of the famous TV show, Uncle Fester takes siamese twins Flora and Fauna out on a date. He bids them goodnight as an ambulance pulls up, and an orderly wraps them in a special straitjacket. (thanks to Leon)

Alias (2002) : This Belgian film focuses on two women who accidentally videotape a woman's death, initially thought to be a suicide but the tape shows evidence of foul play. The investigation leads to an asylum. There's a short scene of a woman in a Posey SJ that Rodrigo has kindly uploaded to YouTube.

Alias_2002_1 Alias_2002_2

Alice (Alicja; 1981): According to this Cold Fusion film review, this Polish free-form adaption of Alice in Wonderland features the lead actress, Sophie Barjac, in a SJ singing "I'm a Psychologist" in a room full of mental patients. I've been told that the SJ is really nothing more than a long-sleeved shirt tied in the back, though.

Alice in Acidland (1969) : This anti-LSD scare film ends with the title character sitting sadly in a straitjacket.


Alien Resurrection (1997) : At about 7-1/2 minutes into the film, Sigourney Weaver is seen in an unusual SJ: it's a beige vest (with laces about halfway down the front) with three straps on each side to hold her arms. She was also wearing metal legirons. There are two brief views of this scene, totaling about 15 seconds. She's also seen in a pair of solid metal handcuffs before and after this scene. I wonder if the dark brown vest she's wearing for the rest of the film is a modified version of this SJ (there are no arm restraints on it, though). Intriguingly enough, I flipped through a "making-of" book, which had the storyboards running along the top, and film frames corresponding to the boards running below. On the original storyboard for this scene, Ripley had her arms encased in a metal contraption in front of her. Too expensive, perhaps? Thank goodness for small favors. :-)


Ambushers, The (1968) : About 8 minutes into this entry of the Matt Helm (Dean Martin) spy parodies, Janice Rule appears in a rather "mod"-looking SJ (white with two shiny red straps attached in front and red "racing stripes" down the sleeves; no crotch strap); a few minutes later, she appears with the sleeves pulled up. Ho-hum.

Amityville: A New Generation (1993) : Julia Nickson-Soul, an Asian-American actress, appears briefly (two shots, about 5 seconds total) in an SJ in a flashback. This occurs near the climax of the film, around the 1 hour and 20 minute mark.

Amityville Asylum, The (2013) : At the 70-minute mark of this film, lead actress Sophia Del Pizzo is seen in a dank concrete cell wearing a straitjacket (grey with sleeves that are open at the ends). The scene lasts about 2 minutes, and I've put it on my new YouTube page.

Ana and Bruno (2017) : This is reportedly the most expensive animated film made in Mexico (US$5.3 million). Ana is a young girl whose mother Carmen is confined in a bizarre mental hospital, who befriends Bruno, a kind-hearted goblin. They escape the hospital to search for Ana's father. About 45 minutes in, two nurses escort a straitjacketed Carmen out of her cell and into the asylum's ECT room. At 53 minutes in, she is seen strapped to a table and about to be given ECT, but a friendly spider uses a drop of water to short out the machine. At 1:13:30, Carmen is back in the ECT room, when her husband manages to get in. However, the doctor gets his orderlies to strap the husband into an electric chair to shock him too, but Bruno manages to get some of the other patients to storm the ECT room and stop the doctor. You can find the entire film on YouTube. I've put a clip up on ZippyShare.

Ana-And-Bruno1 Ana-And-Bruno2 Ana-And-Bruno3 Ana-And-Bruno4

Anal Institution (1996) : The head doctors of a mental institution decide to treat their patients with anal sex. A review of this porn video mentions that at least one actress is SJed. I've found at least two sequels to this tape, but I haven't seen any of these.

Angel Dust (1996) : Every Monday at exactly 6:00 PM, a serial killer murders a young woman at a subway terminal via poisonous injection. A female criminal psychologist is assigned to the case, but is disturbed when all clues seem to lead back to her former boyfriend, who conducts deprogramming sessions for cult members. About halfway into this film, the boyfriend examines videotape of one of his female patients. She is seen in an SJ and strapped to some sort of chair. In the first shot, she is gagged with a sort of "horse bit" (hard rod covered with foam), and she wears a wicked-looking leather(?) face mask in the next shot. Unfortunately, these scenes are shot in grainy black-and-white video (like a surveillance camera), most of the footage is in long shots, and the close-ups crop most of the SJ offscreen. The film itself is very good and suspenseful, owing its basic plotline and characterizations to The Silence of the Lambs, but those looking solely for good SJ stuff will be disappointed.

Apparition (2015) : The DVD cover of this amateur horror movie shows a sceaming girl in a straitjacket, but Lsj tells me he can barely remember if there was an actual scene in the film.

Assignment, The (formerly known as "(Re)Assignment" and "Tomboy", 2016) : This film raised some controversy at the Toronto International Film Festival for its alleged "transphobia". Michelle Rodriguez plays a hitman who is kidnapped and given a male-to-female sex change operation by a vengeful surgeon (Sigourney Weaver). The film opens with Weaver straitjacketed in an asylum, telling the story to a psychologist, and she is seen in the jacket in several other scenes in the first half of the film, sometimes with her arms undone. The straitjacket closes in the back with several D-ring buckles and a thin front arm loop. About 1:18 into the film, Michelle Rodriguez is seen in a similar jacket for about 3 minutes, with some great struggling, before the bad guys unwisely remove it. I've uploaded the scenes in three separate videos to Zippyshare. I can't access PostImg right now, so I've put some vidcaps in a zip file on Zippyshare as well (thanks to Renfield):

Sigourney Weaver 1       Sigourney Weaver 2       Michelle Rodriguez       Vidcaps      

Asylum (2007) : Not to be confused with about 400 other films with the same title, this film concerns female vampire mental patients (THAT old story again). This film is still unreleased, though Renfield noticed that the film company re-uploaded the trailer to YouTube; there's a vampire woman in a yellow-collared Posey SJ at 0:35.

Asylum of the Damned (aka Hellborn, 2004) : Nurse Wells (Deborah Flora) is seen sitting on the floor of a room in a Posey straitjacket for a few seconds, in a long shot and a close-up. The scene occurs about 1:08 into the film (Chapter 17 on the DVD).

asylumofthedamned2 asylumofthedamned3

Asylum of the Dead (2014) : In this "TV crew stakes out abandoned asylum to film paranormal activity" movie, Beverley Mitchell gets cleave-gagged and strapped into a green-collared Posey straitjacket before meeting a bad end. The film is on YouTube (go to 58 and 68 minutes in) and you can also find screencaps at the Themis Collection (thanks to S.W.)

Avengers, The (1998) : The big-budget version of the classic cult series from Britain has one SJ scene with Uma Thurman as Ms. Peel, about an hour into the film. The jacket used is very nice (canvas-and-brown-leather with neck, wrist, and 2 crotch straps), but it's not tied very tightly, and the scene itself is only about 30 seconds long. The scene is available on YouTube.

thurman1oi7 thurman2db9 thurman3iy3 thurman4fk8 thurman5kn4 thurman6fy1 thurman7bq2 thurman8fc2 thurman9we5 thurman10wh6 thurman11yf6 thurman12qi7 thurman13cm2 thurman15cq8 thurman16gd4 thurman17vd7 thurman18fd2 thurman19te6 thurman20jm8

Beauty of a Straightjacket (2001) : Other than a brief IMDb page, there is absolutely nothing on the internet about this New Zealand film. Anyone have any info? (thanks to lsjvsf4)

Beverly Hillbillies, The (1993) : In this offshoot of the beloved 60s sitcom, Granny (Cloris Leachman) is hustled off to a nefarious "retirement home" by the bad guys (Lea Thompson and Rob Schneider). She gets shock treatment (off-screen) and is seen afterwards in a small Posey SJ and a frizzed-out hairdo, before Miss Hatheway (Lily Tomlin) sneaks in to save her.

Beyond the Door (1974) : Italian Exorcist ripoff; Juliette Mills (sister of Hayley Mills) has several scenes in an SJ, including one where she rips herself free. The film is availble from Anchor Bay Entertainment. The scene is up on YouTube (thanks to Rodrigo).

Bloody Mary (2006) : This film has a scene where the title character is lying in a room with a Posey SJ for a few seconds with no struggling. It's on Chapter 9 of the DVD. There's also a scene with a struggling woman put into 4-point restraints. (thanks to Joe)

Boo!(2005) : Trish Coren plays "a young woman with a spiritual and mental connection to the angry spirits haunting her friends" in the abandoned hospital where the film takes place. She confirms in this interview that she wears a straitjacket in the film. You can check out this story at Cinescape for pics of Cohen and her co-stars. There are stills (including a pic of Cohen in a yellow-collared SJ over a pajama top) posted at the horror site Arrow in the Head.

71de 8051 4e7a Boo_Straight

Buried Alive (aka Edgar Allan Poe's Buried Alive) (1989): At a home for troubled girls, whose premises once housed an insane asylum, a sinister figure is clutching young women and walling them up in the abandoned cells. What makes this strange film nice is that the girls are tied in lace-up canvas SJs before they're entombed. There is one brief scene at the opening of the film, a very good longer scene about 45 minutes in (lots of struggling), and another short scene at the 65-minute mark (Ginger Lynn Allen is chest-deep in a hole that's about to be filled with concrete, so you don't see the SJ for most of the scene). BTW, don't confuse this with the made-for-USA-Network film with Jennifer Jason Leigh that came out about the same time. There's a small cap of one of the SJed victims on this Polish horror film site.


Buster's Bedroom (1990) : "art film" by Rebecca Horn about a young woman searching for the spirit of Buster Keaton. Her travels lead her to a convalescent home for old Hollywood actors; her presence is viewed with such alarm that a doctor (Donald Sutherland) ties her in an SJ (white canvas with leather straps, crotch strap, and long cloth ties at the ends of the sleeves). A few minutes later, she manages to "twirl" herself free. The scenes occur about 52 minutes into the video, and have a lot of generous struggling and some juicy dialog ("Treat it like....a second skin!"). The video is available on YouTube.

captureD50 captureD70 captureD71 captureD72 captureD80 captureD81 captureD86 captureD87 captureD88 captureD89 captureD90 captureD92 captureD93 captureD94 captureD95 captureD96

Camisa de Fuerza (2018) : This upcoming film is an adaptation of the comic book miniseries Straitjacket published by Amigo (and listed on the Miscellaneous Media page). The trailer shows the female lead in an untied jacket. (thanks to Renfield)

Canary Season, The (1993) : This Bulgarian film centers on a woman and her grown son, as she recounts the horrors of life under communism. Late in the film, she witnesses a politcal murder and is shunted into a psychiatric hospital. She is wrapped in a smock-style SJ, strapped to a chair and has her head shaved. The scene occurs about 1:45 into the film, and lasts about a minute. There's also a 4-point restraint scene a few minutes later. The scene is available on YouTube.

Captain America : Civil War (2016) : After the big fight scene at the airport, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Falcon, and Ant-man are locked up in the Raft, a maximum security underwater prison. Scarlet Witch is put in a power suppressing collar and black and blue straitjacket. The shots happen about 1 h 51 m and 2 h 14 m into the film. Here are new caps from the blu-ray:

captainamericacivilwar1 captainamericacivilwar2

Cholo, El (2001) : Here's the description of this Spanish-language movie from Brian R's Scene Database: "Sexy vamp drugs the hero's girlfriend. She wakes up in a room with other girls and against their warnings starts banging on the door for help. The evil woman comes in with an enforcer guy and she's sedated,straitjacketed and bound and gagged OTM with medical gauze.The hero and co. find where she's being held and OTM gag a middle-aged woman with white cloth and tie her up. They find the bad girl and do the same to her after hand-gagging her.As the heroine is freed,the gag comes off and we see cloth packing was stuffed in her mouth." The actress in question is Claudia Bernal, a raven-tressed beauty. The initial scene of bondage occurs 52:30 and lasts about a minute. At 1:01:45, the hero finds and ungags Bernal, but the enforcer interrupts them.


Çildirtan kadin ("The Crazy Woman", 1978) : This softcore sex film from Turkey starts with a brunette (Zerrin Egeliler) in an asylum slicing her wrist with a piece of broken glass, causing three orderlies to put her in a smock-style straitjacket. The scene lasts about 20 seconds, and I put it on Zippyshare (it's very loud, so watch the volume).

City of Scars (2010) : This impressive short was made by Batman fans for only $27,000. Even mmore impressive is the lengthy scene showing a female inmate at Arkham Asylum, straitjacketed and chained to the walls of her cell, being interrogated by the Caped Crusader. The film is available at io9, and the scene starts at the 7:30 mark.

Cobweb, The (1955) : This Vincent Micelli-directed melodrama is set in a mental hospital. At least one man is SJed, but I don't know about any women.

College (1984) : This Italian film was listed at Brian R's Scene Database: "Set in a sorority house somewhere it Italy. After an attempt to escape, the daughter of a movie tycoon (Federica Moro, Miss Italy 1982) is put into a strait-jacket as has her feet tied with rope, lying on a bed, dressed only in her panties." This must have appeared as an episode in the 1984 miniseries based on the movie, as I bought the Domovideo PAL pre-record, and it had no female bondage at all (a male interloper is B&G, though).
The entire run is available for online viewing from Film Pertutti, though I haven't seen any bondage scenes yet.

Committed (1983) : This independent movie about Frances Farmer contains three scenes of interest: 1) The very first shot in the film is of two attendants dragging Farmer (Sheila McLaughlin, also the film's co-producer and co-director) down a dark hall to an examination room, where they remove the SJ and hold Farmer down for an injection; 2) about 9 minutes into the film, there are two short shots of the SJed Farmer lying on a cot in a cell; in the latter shot, there is some decent struggling; 3) an hour into the film, a wildly struggling Farmer is SJed at her mother's house and carried off. The last scene is a minute long, and has decent closeups of McLaughlin (not as glamorous as Jessica Lange, but quite attractive in her own right) and the back of the jacket, which looks like a Humane Restraints model. The film is available on tape from First Run Features.
The spanking-oriented blog Tan Her Hide has a lengthy entry about the film with some video captures.
N. B. : There is also a 1988 film with this name, about a psychologist (Jennifer O'Neill) tricked into committing herself into a private institution. This film does NOT have any SJs (there is a teasing glance at a strange-looking restraint on a bed in a dank chamber O'Neill is exploring,but nothing comes of it).

Confessions of a Psycho Cat (1968) : “A deranged, wealthy woman offers $100,000 to three men if they can stay alive for 24 hours in Manhattan, and then hunts them down.” (Courtesy of the IMDB.) There is a very short SJ scene at the end. It's available on DVD from Something Weird Video.

Coroner, The (1999) : The heroine of this film (Jene Longenecker), who is kidnapped by the titular character, is seen SJed (yellow collared Posey) in a padded cell at the beginning and end of this film, grimacing through flashbacks and flashforwards of the film. It's available on both VHS and DVD from New Concorde Home Video.


Crazy Hospital (original title translates as "Mistaken Madhouse", 2016) : At the 43:50 mark of this short Chinese feature, a female mental patient is saved from a suicide attempt and is held down in bed in what appears to be a Posey straitjacket (there is a front loop). The scene lasts about 15 seconds, and I put it up on ZippyShare. The entire film is available on YouTube.

Crazy-Hospital01 Crazy-Hospital02 Crazy-Hospital03

Crazy in Love (AKA My Suicidal Sweetheart, 2005) : Two people "meet cute" in a mental institution and get married, but their problems return after they leave the hospital. Natasha Lyonne is seen straitjacketed and carried by two orderlies out of an ambulance and into a hospital for about 10 seconds.


Cult of Chucky (2017) : Fiona Dourif (daughter of character actor Brad Dourif, the voice of Chucky) is seen wearing a straitjacket while sitting in a wheelchair at 1:09 of this red-band trailer (thanks to Renfield). In the finished film, Dourif is seen in the jacket for several minutes, starting about 70 minutes in, as she's menaced by her creepy psychiatrist and then by three separate Chucky dolls. S.W. was kind enough to make an edit and posted it to ZippyShare (he also added the ECT scene Dourif was in at the start of the film).

Cultof_Chucky-_Wide-_Unit_F-_Dourif-straight-jacket Cult_Of_Chucky01 Cult_Of_Chucky02 Cult_Of_Chucky03 Cult_Of_Chucky04 Cult_Of_Chucky05 Cult_Of_Chucky06 Cult_Of_Chucky07 Cult_Of_Chucky08

Curados De Espantos (1992) : This Mexican film features a female anthopologist who awakens a mummy trapped inside a pyramid. She can't get anyone to believe her, and ends up in a jacket (and injected with something) in one scene. The scene is available on YouTube.

Curtains (1983) : Slasher flick about an actress (Samantha Eggar) who commits herself to an asylum for research; her hubbie (John Vernon) makes sure she can't get out. Eggar is tied in an SJ (again, one of the wimpy two-strap models) by three attendants (with vigorous struggling), and is seen in it for about two minutes. Not bad. The entire film is available on YouTube, and the scene starts about 5 minutes in. Here are some caps I made from the blu-ray:

vlcsnap 2015 08 29 07h13m55s951 vlcsnap 2015 08 29 07h14m41s743 vlcsnap 2015 08 29 07h15m51s250 vlcsnap 2015 08 29 07h16m49s197 vlcsnap 2015 08 29 07h18m44s078 vlcsnap 2015 08 29 07h21m24s593 vlcsnap 2015 08 29 07h22m29s117 vlcsnap 2015 08 29 07h24m27s248 vlcsnap 2015 08 29 07h24m34s543 vlcsnap 2015 08 29 07h24m50s621 vlcsnap 2015 08 29 07h25m14s080

Dark House (2009) : Meghan Ory, the lead actress in this haunted house film, ends up in a too-large Posey straitjacket at the end. There's a brief shot of the scene at the end of the trailer (thanks to Renfield).

Dark Reprieve (2008) : In this horror film, Matt (Shawn Storer) and Kate (Janelle Bartosek) wake up in an abandoned prison, not knowing how they got there. Bartosek is seen in a costume-style straitjacket with double D-ring buckles from about 22 to 25 minutes, and is found in a cell and freed by Matt at 33 to 35 minutes.

vlcsnap 2016 03 02 22h01m52s920 vlcsnap 2016 03 02 22h02m55s260 vlcsnap 2016 03 02 22h04m36s705 vlcsnap 2016 03 02 22h05m27s419 vlcsnap 2016 03 02 22h06m43s549 vlcsnap 2016 03 02 22h07m44s545 vlcsnap 2016 03 02 22h08m47s702 vlcsnap 2016 03 02 22h09m11s605 vlcsnap 2016 03 02 22h12m01s088

Dark Shadows (2012) : This campy updating of the classic 70s soap opera contains a scene in which Victoria Winters (Bella Heathcote) has a flashback to her time in a mental institution. She is seen in a straitjacket as a child and as a young adult, and also undergoes electroshock.

dark652 dark654

Dark Sleep, The (2012) : In this low-budget thriller based on a story by H. P. Lovecraft, Taylor Nicole Adams is seen sitting chained to the floor and wearing a canvas straitjacket. She snarls and growls at her friend, who has come to save her, before the jacket disappears and Adams lunges for her. The scene starts 72 minutes in and lasts a couple of minutes. I've put an edited clip up on Zippyshare.

Daughter of Darkness (1994) A woman (Mia Sara) is haunted by nightmares and discovers that she is descended from the undead. An unidentified blonde (not the lead) is seen in an SJ with her arms tied over her head. The tape was released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment.

Dead Leaves (2004) : This anime feature deals with two criminals (one female) who are sent to a prison on a distant moon where the inmates are kept in full-length SJs in padded cells all the time, only being let out to eat and work. The art design is jagged and minimalist. ARNie! was kind enough to send some vidcaps:

dl01 dl02 dl03 dl04

Dead Pit, The (1989) : A Jane Doe (Cheryl Lawson) ends up in an asylum where nefarious deeds are occurring. During a nightmare, Jane dreams she is SJed in a padded cell, strugglig and screaming. This occurs about 44 minutes into the film, and is rather brief. The tape was released by Imperial Entertainment.

deadpit1 deadpit2 deadpit3 deadpit4 deadpit5 deadpit6 deadpit7 deadpit8

Die Before I Wake: This undistributed film was produced by Bison Digital Video. The whole film was posted in about 16 parts on Google Video; the parts we're concerned with are Part Three, Part Four, and Part Five.

Disney's Christmas Carol (2009) : In this animated version of Charles Dickens' venerable tale, Scrooge has a vision of Ignorance and Want as a young boy and girl respectively. Ignorance grows up into a criminal and a thug, while Want becomes a prostitute and ends up straitjacketed in an asylum. There's a nice vidcap at DisneyWiki (thanks to LC).

Disturbed, The (200?): The web site for this Australian zombie movie shows an SJed woman as its main image. The trailer is supposed to have some SJ shots as well.

Dr. Caligari (1990) : The granddaughter of the original Dr. Caligari continues his weird works in Caligari's Insane Asylum (check out the initials for a cheap laugh). This is one STEE-RANGE flick, filled with nudity, electric chairs, pus-oozing boils, inexplicable eyeballs, and not a normal human being in sight. Well, here's the tally: 1) A not-unattractive-but-goofy-acting Oriental woman (Magie Song) is SJed (straps with metal grommets in front) in a dialogue scene with two attendants; little struggling (34 minutes into the film); 2) a painting of a woman kneeling in an SJ, done in the style of Margaret Keane's "big eye" paintings, is shown (46 minutes); 3) three hot-pink padded SJs are shown on a clothesline, but aren't used, dammit! (48 minutes). The OOP tape was released by Starmaker/Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde (2003) : This softcore horror film focuses on a therapist (Julian Wells) who devises a chemical formula to enhance a woman's sexual pleasure. She tries it out on a patient (Andrea Lewis), who becomes so crazed that she has to be restrained. Lewis is seen in a magician's SJ in Chapters 5 and 6 on the DVD (13:40 - 14:15), with several brief flashbacks later (17:45 to 20:00). The film ends with the good doctor herself SJed (Chapter 16; 1:26:00). The accompanying documentary contains more indulgent looks (Chapter 6; Lewis at 39:00 - 40:15, and Wells at 44:10 - 46:45). The DVD is released by Seduction Cinema.

Down the Ancient Stairs (Per le anticle scale, 1975) : This Italian film is set in a mental hospital. About 17 minutes into the film, there is a short scene of a woman SJed, with the sleeves tied behind the chair she's sitting in. The film is available from European Trash Cinema.

Dunwich Horror, The (1970) : This horror film shows a rather haggard middle-aged woman struggling in a generic SJ for a few seconds, around the 66-minute mark. The film is available on MGM Home Entertainment DVD.

East, The (2013) : This film features the story of a female undercover agent (Brit Marling) who infiltrates a radical environmental activist group (which also includes Ellen Page). This review says that one scene shows the members at a table, straitjacketed and feeding each other tomato soup. Renfield and Don both found a still of the cast in the jackets at There are more vidcaps at Themis Collection, and Larry found a review with a couple more pics at 2009 Was A Good Year. PC found a behind-the-scenes video with Brit Marling being strapped in at the 4:36 mark.

the_east.wmv.0021 the_east.wmv.0023 the_east.wmv.0027 The_East

Elvira's Movie Macabre: Scared to Death / Tormented (released Oct 2011) : I don't believe that the legendary horror movie host wears an SJ in the DVD, but she does appear in a costume SJ on the cover:


Erotic Witch Project Part II, The (2000) : Darian Crane is seen SJed in this softcore ripoff of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, set in a mental hospital. There's a pic available at the Seduction Cinema website.

Escape Routine : This video piece by Simon Patterson is a parody of the familiar air-safety recitation given to airline passengers, except that the attendants (2 male and 2 female) are performing escape artistry. Reportedly an SJ and a mailbag are used.

Escapees, The (aka Les Paumees Du Petit Matin; 1981) : This film from French erotic horror specialist Jean Rollin focuses on the adventures of two young women who escape from a remote asylum. At the 5-minute mark, we see new arrival Michelle (or Brigitte, if you beliive the IMDb (Laurence Dubas) being hosed down in the shower room before she's placed in an SJ and shoved into a cell. She manages to get the attention of the formerly catatonic Marie (Christiane Coppe), who enters the cell and frees her. The whole scene lasts about 3 minutes. The DVD cover shows Dubas in her SJ.

Exorcist, The (1973) : There's a brief SJ shot in this classic horror film. When Father Karras (Jason Miller) visits his mother in the psych ward, you can see a motionless, SJed woman in the background.

Exposed : This adult film reportedly has a scene where star Kylie Ireland escapes from an SJ; check the review at Jaded Video.

Fack ju göhte 2 ("Fuck you, Goethe"; 2015) : This is a sequel to a 2013 German comedy in which an ex-con takes a job as a teacher in a school which was built on the site where he buried stolen cash. In the sequel, some of the kids play a prank on an older chemistry teacher (Uschi Glas), who winds up attacking another teacher in the bathroom and is taken out in a straitjacket. The scene occurs about 21 minutes in, and lasts about 10 seconds. I've put it up on Zippyshare.

FackJuGohte2-1 FackJuGohte2-2 FackJuGohte2-3 FackJuGohte2-4 FackJuGohte2-5

Fall (1997) : In this trite Gen-X film about unshaven cabbies and the gorgeous supermodels who love them, the couple meet a friend at a performance art piece, where a middle-aged woman bellows and poses in a Posey SJ (with untied arms) for about 15 seconds. You aren't missing much, folks.

Fear of Darkness, The (2014) : According to the screencaps at the Themis Collection, Penelope Mitchell spends some time in a straitjacket in this psychological thriller. (thanks to Rodrigo)

Fear Runs Silent (1999) : In this odd, disorienting feature, a group of students take a field trip to Big Bear, California, where they are attacked by a group of animal men. Kerry (Suzanne Davis, an attractive young blond who kind of reminds me of Alison Sweeney from Days of our Lives) is the sole survivor, and relates the story (interspersed with flashbacks to her troubled childhood) to a therapist. She's seen in a small Posey in a padded cell several times in the film, at the 50, 60, 68, and 80 minute marks. Considering how this film was edited, there are probaly a few brief shots I missed. There is a generous amount of struggling and running about on Davis' part. The scenes are up on YouTube, and there's a vidcap at MetroFlog.

fearrunssilent1 fearrunssilent2 fearrunssilent9 vlcsnap-2013-03-18-14h04m08s21 vlcsnap-2013-03-18-14h06m46s86 vlcsnap-2013-03-18-14h07m27s246

Fedora (1978) (Martha Keller)

Femme Nikita, La (1990) : Anne Parillaud portrays the title character, a street urchin sentenced to death after killing a cop during a robbery who is "saved" to become an assassin for the government. During her "execution," she is seen in an SJ in a long shot (about 11 minutes into the film). BTW, the American remake Point of No Return with Bridget Fonda contains no SJ bondage, but her "execution" scene has her being strapped into an intimidating steel chair.

Fifth Floor, The (1980): A young woman (Diane Hull) has her drink "mickeyed" and freaks out; she is summarily committed to the 5th floor of an asylum. The woman is cornered in a parking lot by an ambulance attendant and two policemen and is forced into an SJ. One of the other institutionalized women (Sharon Farrell) is put into an SJ, but we never get a good look at her; later, she and the protaganist are placed in wet packs.

First Squad (Fâsuto sukuwaddo, 2009) : This anime film is set in Russia during the first days of World War II. The main character Nadaya is seen in a straitjacket in a brief scene (thanks to Damien for the scans and the info):

nadya 1 nadya 2

Forbidden Room, The (2015) : This surrealistic film from the Canadian director Guy Maddin has a woman flashback to seeing her mother wrestled into a straitjacket by her father and another man. The jacket laces up in the back and has a front loop. I put the scene up on Zippyshare (thanks to Renfield).

Frances (1982) : The big-budget flick about the strange life of actress Frances Farmer. Two very good SJ shots; one as FF (Jessica Lange) is dragged down the hall by two attendants and locked in a cell; another as she mills about in a room. There are also a few brief shots of other women in SJs in the institution.

frances_00 frances_06 frances_13 frances_26 frances_27 frances1 frances2

Frankie and Alice (2011) : Halle Berry plays a woman with multiple personalities, one of them racist, of course. Renfield tells me that Berry is tied in a Humane Restraints SJ about on hour in, but the scene isn't very long.

frankieandalice4 frankieandalice4-2 frankieandalice5 frankieandalice6

From the Cold Lakes of Death (1982) : This Dutch film focuses on a young woman (Renee Soutendijk) from a wealthy family who gives birth to a stillborn baby and is summarily placed in a mental hospital. In one long scene, she is seen in a cell, SJed and strapped to a bed. As a nurse undoes her restraints, we see that the sleeves are wrapped around several times and knotted in the back, and that there are quite a few straps on the SJ. (N. B.: The title listed above is a literal translation of the Dutch title (Van de koele meren des doods).)

van_de_koele_meren_des_doods1 van_de_koele_meren_des_doods2 van_de_koele_meren_des_doods2-2 van_de_koele_meren_des_doods3 van_de_koele_meren_des_doods3-2 van_de_koele_meren_des_doods4

Gang Bang Girl 29 (2001): This porn film appears to have two women kept in SJs in a padded cell (scroll down to the bottom of the Adult DVD Talk review to see the vidcap).

Gate, The (2001) : This porn film takes place within a mental hospital. Alexa, playing a new patient, is seen in an SJ near the start.


Get Crazy (1983): This film concerns the battles between two concert promoters, both trying to disrupt the other's New Years concert. There are a few quick shots of an SJed couple at a concert, and a later shot of the SJed female thrown off a balcony to the crowd below.

Girl, Interrupted (1999) : A novel about a teenage girl's stay at a mental institution provides the basis for this movie. An interview with Angelina Jolie reveals that SJs are used, and a person who viewed a preview showing stated that both Jolie and Winona Ryder were SJed. Unfortunately, these were seemingly removed from the final cut, as the theatrical release only showed one of the supporting characters in a Posey SJ, briefly. If it offers any consolation, Jolie does have a scene in four-point restraints near the film's end. Reviews of the DVD mention a supplement of 5 scenes edited out of the final cut, but I've yet to find a mention of any new SJ scenes.

Girl Show 2 (2002) : According to the review at Adult DVD Talk, this film features Logan LaBrent in an SJ.

Girls in Prison (1994) : This is one of the campy remakes of classic Roger Corman '50s exploitation flicks made for Showtime. About an hour into the movie, a catatonic Ione Skye is seen in a Posey SJ for about 5 seconds.

The Good, The Bad, and the Beauty (1988) : In this Hong Kong movie, Cherie Chung is seen in a straitjacket, with the sleeves tied to a hospital bed, after being assaulted by several men. The scene is briefly shown in the trailer on YouTube.

goodbad2 goodbad3

Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn (1989): According to the original drive-in movie expert Joe Bob Briggs, this low-rent Marilyn Monroe biopic contains SJ scenes with Phyllis Coates as Marilyn's mother.

UPDATE! Greta (2019) : This thriller is about a naive young woman (Chloe Grace Moretz) who is befriended and stalked by an older woman (Isabella Huppert). Reviews from The Guardian and The Onion AV Club mention that Huppert gets put into a straitjacket at one point.
Hubbert actually doesn't appear in a jacket, but about 50 minutes in, she gets carried out strapped to a gurney with her arms crossed.

Greta1 Greta2 Greta3

Grindlwald (2015) : The trailer for this German horror film shows both men and women struggling in SJs.

Hairspray (1988) : This John Waters comedy centers on the battle to become queen of the local teenage dance show, set in the early '60s in Baltimore, when the civil rights struggle was coming to a head (the dance show itself is all white). One of the secondary characters, Penny Pingleton (Leslie Ann Powers), has a black boyfriend, much to the horror of her parents. They track the two to the "wrong side of the town," put Penny in a red-collared Posey (actually, they just slide it up her arms) and drag her into their car. The scene occurs about an hour into the film, and while it's pretty lame, the film is so much fun you should rent it anyway. :-)

Hamlet (1996) : In Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Shakespeare's play, Ophelia (Kate Winslet) is seen in a sort of SJ-nightgown combination. The two scenes, with a total of 5 minutes, occur right after the intermission, on the second tape.

Hell on Heels (2000) : One scene in this big-budget lesbian porn film features Sydnee Steele in a silver straitjacket (thanks to Adult DVD Talk).

Hijacking Agatha (Uprowadzenie Agaty, 1993) : This Polish drama follows a neer-do-well rock musician, fresh out of jail, who winds up in a relationship with Agatha (Karolina Rosinska), the teenage daughter of a prominent Communist offical. (According to her Imdb profile, Rosinska was 19 years old in 1993.) The distressed father decides to have Agatha committed for her own good, and we see two attendants take a SJed Agatha out into an ambulance and drive off. A minute later, they arrive at the hospital and she is briefly interviewed by the psychologist on duty, who tells the father that she would probably commit suicide in the institution, and recommends committing the musician instead. Rosinska wears a lace-up jacket, with the sleeve ties wrapping around her arms and chest a few times; there is almost no struggling. The scene occurs in Chapter 7 of the DVD, 44:25 - 44:45 and 45:45 - 48:15.

How I Got Into College (1989) : A pretty decent and smart comedy about two friends, a young man and woman, trying to get into the college of their dreams. During the girl's (Lara Flynn Boyle) rather disasterous interview, she exposes her chest to the nebbishy admissions director (he has his back turned) and she imagines herself in an SJ for a few seconds before buttoning up and running out.

Human Monster, The (aka Dark Eyes of London) (1939) About 65 minutes into the film, Bela Lugosi puts Greta Gynt into a lace-up SJ, and leaves her in it for the next 8 minutes or so. The late, great Hungarian was so eager to get Gynt under wraps that he neglected to put her arms in the sleeves (instead, he wraps the sleeves behind her and ties them in front), but there's some good struggling and Gynt is quite the fetching blonde. The Edgar Wallace novel this film was based on was filmed twice more, as The Dark Eyes of London (1961; available along with the original from Sinister Cinema; no bondage) and The Gorilla Gang (aka The Ape Creature) (1968; available from Tropic Twilight).

gynt gynt2

Impatient Maiden, The (1932) : In this comedy directed by James Whale, hospital attendant Andy Devine offers to show Una Merkel his brand-new "patent zipper straitjacket" and she, of course, eagerly follows him into the locked ward to try it on (how come I never have this luck in real life?). Not surprisingly, Devine gets the zipper stuck and has to run out to get a special tool, leaving a squealing Merkel locked up and struggling. Devine returns in good time and gets the jacket off, and all is well. The scene occurs about 35 minutes into the film. I've got a clip up on YouTube, and some caps below:

vlcsnap 2015 08 21 22h55m22s680 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h00m09s138 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h00m30s157 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h01m52s399 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h02m03s372 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h02m23s641 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h02m42s244 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h04m10s327 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h04m39s789 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h05m00s984 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h06m45s390 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h06m58s480 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h07m21s312 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h08m49s643 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h09m00s195 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h09m28s958 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h09m44s446 vlcsnap 2015 08 21 23h10m08s212

Indignation (2016) : This drama centers on a butcher's son who attends a midwestern college to avoid the draft for the Korean War, and his relationship with Olivia (Sarah Gadon), a young woman with a troubled past. According to David Bordwell's review, Olivia is seen in what appears to be a Humane Restaints straitjacket in one shot after she talks about her treatment following a suicide attempt. (thanks to Renfield) Rodrigo was kind enough to put the clip on his OneDrive.


Indominable, El ("The Untamed", 2003) : This Mexican comedy has some strange scenes where men and women are tied in straitjackets and are seducwed by members of the opposite sex. The entire movie is available on YouTube; the scenes begin about 10 minutes in and go for a few minutes, and then you see the jacketed people again at the 24-minute mark. (Thanks to MB for the link!)

Inhumanoids, Roger Corman's The (199?) : An actress wears a "futuristic" SJ in this movie; transparent plastic with her arms drawn up in front of her.


In Search Of Lovecraft (2008) : The trailer for this upcoming film shows a woman in a small Posey SJ.

Lovec7 lovecraft2 lovecraft7

Institute, The (2017) : This recent film, co-directed by James Franco (not related to The Mad Whale), features Franco as a psychaitrist in a rather suspicious mental institution for women. About 28 minutes in, we see some brief glimpses of a woman struggling in a jacket that laces up in the back. I put the scene up on ZippyShare (thanks to Renfield).

Iris (1989) : I don't know much about this New Zealand film, except that it's based on the autobiography of the film's director, whose character in the film is SJed in one scene. Rodrigo just sent me the scene from his Spanish-subtitled videotape, and I've put it up on ZippyShare.

Jacob's Ladder (1990) : There is reportedly an SJ scene about 90 minutes into this film, right after Tim Robbins is thrown out of a car. The DVD is from Artisan Entertainment.

Janie (1970) : This softcore sex film (from Roberta Findlay of Snuff infamy), about a twisted teenage girl who kills some of her sex partners, ends with her in an SJ. It's available as "Softcore Double Feature #8" ($24.95 ppd., with the Finlay featurette Take My Head) from Alpha Blue Archives, Inc., Box 16072, Oakland CA 94610;

Keeper, The (1975) : A husband-and-wife detective team is investigating the disappearances of patients at an asylum for the wealthy insane. In one scene, they're rendered unconscious, and when they awaken, the man is tied in a wheelchair and the woman is SJed and lying in bed. This was released a while back by Interglobal Video.

Khafegi ("Asphyxia", 2017) : A man takes his wife to an asylum in this recent Iranian film. There are two brief scenes showing a woman in a straitjacket, at 6:30 and 36:00. The entire film is available on YouTube (thanks to Straitpeter).

Kill (Kiru, 2008) : The "Assault Girl 2" segment of this Japanese omnibus film appears to show one of the female leads in a leather straitjacket. You can see a very small picture at the official web site (scroll down to "Episodes"). The entire segment is available on YouTube; the straitjacketed character appears 8 minutes in.

Killer Rats (aka Rats; 2003) : Investigative reporter Samantha (Sara Downing) goes undercover at a recently privatized mental institution, looking for dirt. She discovers that the head psychiatrist had created a breed of superintelligent killer rats (yeah, that old story), which are now killing some of the patients. About 75 minutes in, Downing is wrestled into an SJ and thrown in a padded cell. There's some nice struggling before she's rescued, and a glimpse at her roommate, who was also SJed and placed in an adjacent cell. Be warned, though, that the roommate was trying to chew her own arm off to escape, and succumbs to the killer rats (LOTS of blood). Fox Home Entertainment released the film on tape and disc. Thanks to sjtemp, the scene is up on YouTube.

Killers 2 : The Beast (2002) : The first Killers (1997) dealt with a drug deal gone horribly wrong for everyone, including spoiled rich girl Heather (Kim Little). This sequel takes place in the maximum security mental institution where Heather is now confined, blamed for all the deaths in the first film. The first SJ scene is about 11 minutes in, when we see a violent inmate in a yellow-collared Posey, being taunted by the attendents. Forty minutes in, Heather herself is also SJed in a padded cell, in several scenes totalling 15 minutes. There's also a lot of wheelchair and bed restraints, as well as an electroshock scene. The tape and DVD are available from MTI Home Video.


Lady Sings the Blues (1972) : Diana Ross stars as the famous and doomed jazz singer Billie Holiday. At the beginning of the film, a jailed Holliday is thrown into a padded cell; after screaming, two matrons tie her in an SJ. The scene is about 2 minutes in total. The tape was released by MGM.

ladysingstheblues10 ladysingstheblues25 ladysingstheblues26 ladysingstheblues27 ladysingstheblues5

Lilith Unleashed (1987; formerly listed as Lilith Vs. The World) : an X-rated film that begins with "the demon Lilith in a straitjacket in a mental asylum." Tish Ambrose portrays the title character; there's more info at the Adult Video News review.

lilithunleashed18 lilithunleashed19 lilithunleashed3 lilithunleashed5 lilithunleashed5-2 lilithunleashed6 lilithunleashed7

Linguini Incident, The (1991) : Rosanna Arquette is the granddaughter of Harry Houdini's press agent, and is obsessed with the master of escapes. There are two scenes with Arquette in a very nice dark-canvas-and-brown-leather SJ, at about 70 minutes (practising an underwater escape routine) and 90 minutes (the actual performance) into the film. The tape was released by Academy Home Entertainment.

Loca, La (1952) : This black-and-white Mexican film stars Libertad Lamarque as a wealthy philanthropist who is mentally ill, and eventually has to be put away. After her committment, she is seen in a padded cell in a smock-type SJ for a couple of minutes at the 75-minute mark.

Loenatik de Moevie (aka "Loonies", 2002) : This Dutch comedy. follows 5 psychiatric patients who escape from an institution. One of the escapees is a female patient (Judith Boverberg) who is seen in a full-length SJ with brown leather straps and sporting a tape gag. After the others help her escape, she's ungagged but kept in the jacket for the rest of the film, though she eventually gets her arms free. You can see the entire film at the NPO site, and a collection of clips (though not all the SJ scenes) on YouTube. (thanks to Renfield)

Looking For Love (2002) : This porn film might have an SJ scene with Brittney Skye; the Adult DVD Talk review is kind of vague.

The Lost Episode (2012; aka Pennhurst) : Bob2300 told me about this film, set in an abandoned asylum where a TV crew is filming a story. About an hour in, one on the female crew members is seen in a tight SJ being strangled by the obligatory psycho.

The_Lost_Episode_33 The_Lost_Episode_34 The_Lost_Episode_35 The_Lost_Episode_8

Love Child (1982) : Amy Madigan plays a woman convicted of robbery who becomes pregnant while in prison. After she sets her mattress on fire while in solitary, she is SJed and chained to the walls of her cell. The scene occurs about 20 minutes into the film. The film was released on tape by Warner Home Video. The scene is available on YouTube.

Lovecraft's Pillow (2006) : This short film, inspired by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft, appears to have an SJed woman on one scene. You can check out the listing at the Lovecraft Film Festival site. (thanks to Joe)

M - Caught in the Act : According to Adult DVD Talk, porn star Serenity has a scene in an untied SJ.

Ma vie en cinémascope (2004) : This Canadian film covers the life of Quebec singer Alys Robi (Pascale Buissières), who spent three years in an institution after achieving great success. The review mentions SJs, and the Cinebyte page shows the actress strapped to a table. The film is available on DVD under the title Bittersweet Memories, and contains one scene with the actress in a lace-up SJ.

Madness (Private Gold #41) (2000) : According to this Toy Boxxx review, there's an SJ scene in this porn film.

Mad Whale, The (2017) : This still-unrelased film stars James Franco as a doctor in a 19th-century woman's asylum who is staging a play based on Moby Dick with the inmates. A story in the Daily Mail shows Camille Belle in an anachronistic green-collared Posey jacket. (thanks to Renfield)
Renfield also found a short trailer showing Belle and another woman wearing the Posey in separate shots (at 30 and 60 seconds).

Mad-Whale1 Mad-Whale2

Mafia schon gruben (19??) : I'm not sure if this is the actual title of this film - IMDB comes up with nothing, and Google translates it as "Mafia already dug", but there's a clip on YouTube of a cute blonde wearing nothing but an SJ and shiny black boots.

Magdelina, Possessed by the Devil (aka Devil's Female) (1974) : A post at the Dead Donkey forum suggests that the title character ends up in a straitjacket sometime in this horror movie.

Magdelina_Possessed_by_the_Devil_16 Magdelina_Possessed_by_the_Devil_6

Mama (2013) : The titular character of this horror film ("presented" by Guillermo del Toro) is a ghost of a woman who escaped from an insane asylum after killing a nun who was caring for her baby. According to the Musing on Media blog, she is seen escaping from a straitjacket in a nightmare sequence.

Maniacts (2001; and no, that's not a typo :-) : Joe (Jeff Fahey) and Beth (Kellie Waymire) are two serial killers who fall in love in a shady mental hospital. After they "meet cute" (Beth breaks Joe's arm while arm wrestling), they have a soulful conversation while Beth is tied in a Posey SJ, laying on a bed (21:00 - 26:00; Chapter 4 on the MTI Home Video DVD). After Joe escapes from the hospital, a drugged Beth is SJed and dragged to the "Hydro Room." When Beth refuses to rat Joe out, the corrupt doctor turns on a fire hose and blasts her halfway across the room (36:40 - 39:50, Chapter 8 on the DVD).


Midnight Cabaret (1988) : the star of a musical revue about Satan's Wedding (Lisa Hart Carroll, an OK-looking brunette) is horrified by bizarre dreams which foreshadow murders. After she's found at a murder scene with a bloody straight razor in her hand, we see her in a hospital bed in a Posey SJ. There are two very short shots of her, and a third of another woman SJed, about an hour into the film. The film was released on tape by Warner Home Video.

Mike's Murder (1984) : During a visit to an art show, the protagonists of this mystery walk past a TV set showing SJed dancers. The shot is only a few seconds long. The film was released on tape by Warner Home Video.

Moon in Scorpio (1987) : This film deals with the tense reunion of 3 men who served in Vietnam together. Britt Ekland spends about 50 seconds an an SJ at the beginning of the film, sitting on the floor and slowly rocking left and right. Here's a cap from the scene:


Moon's Our Home, The (1936) : Mid-1930s screwball comedy starring Henry Fonda and Margaret Sullavan as star-crossed lovers (AFTER Fonda and Sullavan had divorced!). In the climax, Sullavan's character flees to the airport after mistakenly marrying Fonda. However, Fonda is already there with two attendants, and they tie her in an SJ and cart her off. Fonda rides in the back with her, kissing her against her will, until she gives in. It's not a bad scene, about 50 seconds at the end, and there's some good struggling by Sullavan. The ultra-rare tape was released by Specialty Video. The scene is up on YouTube.

the_moon_s_our_home_5 the_moon_s_our_home_6 the_moon_s_our_home_7

Moonstalker (1989) : This old-school slasher flick features a murderer who is kept strapped in a Posey SJ by his father, but gets free and goes on a rampage. The final scene of the film shows a female survivor strapped into a Posey in the back of an ambulance. The entire film is available on YouTube. (thanks to Renfield)

Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1983) : There is a still of the female lead in a smock-style SJ at the beginning of this film.

Ms. Fits (2001) : This experimental film contains four stories about oppressed women. According to the offical site, each woman featured in the film is straitjacketed at the end of her story and led away. There's more info at the CCMS site.

Murder-in-Law (1990) : "A young man's mother comes from Louisiana to live with her son in San Francisco. What her son doesn't know is that Mom was confined to a mental hospital in Louisiana, and she murdered an orderly to escape." (from the IMDB) He takes her back to the hospital, and she's seen struggling in a roller-buckle Posey for a few minutes, at the 70-minute mark.

Music Lovers, The (1971) : In one of the final scenes in this, ahem, interesting view of the live of Tchaikovsky, a woman imprisoned in an insane asylum discovers that the homosexual composer didn't really love her after all (I couldn't figure out her relation to him -- it was a Ken Russell film, OK?!?! :-), and runs around screaming until she's SJed and strapped to a bed. The film was released on VHS by MGM/UA; the scene is available on YouTube.

captureD40 captureD41 captureD42 captureD43 captureD44 captureD45 captureD65 captureD66 captureD67 captureD68 captureD69 captureD82 captureD83 captureD84 captureD85 captureD91

My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3 (2012) : This was the third made-for-MTV movie in which the "reality show" My Super Sweet 16 was used as the background for a slasher film, because why not? SJS sent me a vidcap of the end of the film, showing the killer SJed in a padded cell:

MSPS16 PT3 flv snapshot 01 18 41 [2015 01 19 20 0

Naked Vengeance (1985) : This rape/revenge film shows the protagonist in a psych ward after her assault, but there's no restraints in the film. I've listed it here because the video box does show her in a straitjacket.


Nana (1998) : In this French comedy, the bad guys hold the title character (Clementine Aurore) captive in a mental hospital, and have her SJed at one point. She's also threatened with ECT (and bit-gagged) before her rescue.

National Lampoon's TV: The Movie (2006) : This is a collection of mediocre TV parodies, featuring several members of the "Jackass" crew. One segment is titled "Girls Gone Bonkers", supposedly advertising videos of naked girls in a mental hospital. One actress is seen in a smock-style SJ with cutouts for her breasts. There are two short segments (at 26:50 and 50:00) and another brief shot in the end credits.

Next Victim (2003) : This omnibus film is set in a mental hospital (when Gunnar Hansen, the actor who portrayed "Leatherface" in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is the head doctor, you know you're in for a bumpy ride), and details the circumstances under which three of its patients were committed. The official web site has a trailer with an SJ shot (I haven't been able to open it), and the Image Gallery has one pic of the female patient in an SJ.

Night in September, A (Noch v sentyabre, 1939) : The heroine of this pre-WWII Soviet film is kidnapped and taken to a psychiatric hospital, where she's out in a dark SJ and tied to a bed. You can see the entire film on YouTube (the scene occurs from 1:08:15 to 1:11:00).

Night of the Hunted (1980) (La Nuit des traquées): This film by the French cult director Jean Rollin features porn star Brigitte Lahaie as an amnesiac being kept in a mysterious facility. Reports indicate that Lahaie is seen in an SJ for a total of 2 or 3 minutes without much struggling, and that the SJ appears to have side loops and wrist straps. The tape and DVD were released by Image Entertainment. A recent 2-disc special edition French release shows Lahaie SJed on the cover.

Nightmare Man (2006) : This low-budget horror film doesn't seem to be available on DVD yet, but the description at the Hollywood Investigator sounds intriguing, and has a pic of actress Tiffany Shepis in a Humane Restraints SJ (near the bottom of the page). Renfield saw the film at the Afterdark Film Festival, and says the scene comes at the end of the film, as Shepis is seen struggling in the SJ in a padded cell and demanding her medicine.


Noroime (Cursed Woman, 2000) : According to Sarudama, this J-Horror film contains some SJ scenes.

Nurse Sherri (1977; aka Black Voodoo, Beyond the Living, and probably a few other titles to boot) : Jill Jacobson spends a little time in an SJ in this schlocky Al Adamson flick. It's a rather lame scene at the end of the film, with a near-catatonic Jacobson sitting on the floor in a non-detailed SJ. It's available as Black Voodoo on the Xenon label, with cover art emphasizing the black nurse in the film (who has an OK topless scene); Jacobson, however, is white. The film was recently released on DVD by Ventura Distribution under the title The Possession of Nurse Sherri.

Nutjob Nurses (2001) : Dru Berrymore (clever . . .) is seen in an SJ in this porn film (thanks to Adult DVD Talk).

Odd Thomas (2013) : Right at the beginning of this horror film, the title character has a flashback to his mother (Leonor Varela) going after his father with a knife and then being taken out of the house in a straitjacket by two orderlies with some nice struggling. The scene only lasts for a few seconds. Someone has uploaded the entire movie to YouTube.

One Too Many (1950) : Old "road show" picture warning of the dangers of alcohol. Ruth Warrick (of Citizen Kane and "All My Children" fame!) stars as an alcoholic housewife. After she drives her car off the road (with her too-cute daughter within), she`s taken to the "psycho ward," where she has to be SJed and calmed by two nurses. The scene's only 30-or-so seconds long, but there's some good struggling. It occurs about 67 minutes into the film. You can find the entire film at Free Classic Movies (thanks to PN). Here are some caps:

onetoomany1 onetoomany2 onetoomany3 onetoomany4 onetoomany5

Oral Addiction (1996) : porn flick with Christy Canyon as a woman "addicted to talking dirty" (excuse me while I roll my eyes). Unfortunately, the SJ used is incredibly fake looking (it fastens up with BUTTONS!!) and for some reason she has her arms going over her shoulders. (I've heard that the Sex Asylum videos don't feature SJs, except on the covers.)

Out Of Control (2002) : This porn film features Jenna Haze as "a world famous model who checks herself into a clinic to help deal with her hyperactive sex drive. This puts her into contact with some serious sexual freaks and gives her plenty of chances to exercise her own perverse demons. Jenna doesn't want to be in the clinic and writhes on her bed constrained by a straight jacket." (from a review on the rec.arts.movies.erotica newsgroup.)

Pane, vy jste vdova! ("Sir, you are a widow!", 1971) : Near the end of this Czech comedy film, a crazed actress attempts to murder a woman during a stageplay, and is carried out of the theater in a straitjacket. The entire film is available on YouTube; the scene starts at 1:31:10 (thanks to Straitpeter).


Panico (1966) : In this Mexican horror anthology film. Ana Martin is SJed in the first segment, called "Panico". She is seen at the end of the segment (about 17 minutes into the film), sitting on a floor in a smock-style SJ (with buttons in the front) for about 30 seconds total. There is a page of vidcaps (no bondage) from the film at a strangling fetish site, and the film is available from Santo Street.

Party, The (1968) : An SJed woman is shown for a few seconds at the end of this Peter Sellers comedy. MGM has the film on VHS.

Patient Seven (2016) : This horror anthology centers on a psychiatrist interviewing seven mental hospital patients. In the teaser trailer, a female patient is seen in what looks like a Humane Restraints jacket. You can also see a still of the scene at Dread Central. (thanks to Renfield) Someone's posted the entire movie on YouTube with arabic subtitles; Gabrielle (Sirry Jons) is seen in a Humane Restraints jacket from 43:15 - 47:15 and 56:20 - 57:15.

Patients of a Saint (coming in 2019) : The trailer for this upcoming zombie film set in a women's prison shows actress Catrin Louise in a leather Fetters straitjacket at 0:17. There's a better view available at Louise's Instagram page (thanks to Renfield).

Postpartum (2016) : Actress Bella Wholey recently posted a picture of her in a straitjacket on-set in her Instagram account. The entire short film is available on YouTube; she appears in the SJ at 15:30 (thanks to Renfield).

UPDATE! Pretty Dead (2013) : Regina Stevens (Carly Oates) is imprisoned in a mental institution after trying to kill herself, convinced she has become a cannibalistic zombie. Oates is seen in a Posey SJ in a padded cell at the 2:00 mark of the trailer. There are also a few SJ pics at the official site. CarbunDrake was kind enough to post the entire scene on YouTube.

3428775 Pretty-Dead1 Pretty-Dead2 Pretty-Dead3 Pretty-Dead4 Pretty-Dead5

Prisoner Maria : The Movie (1995) : This is a Japanese copy of La Femme Nikita (based on a comic book), in which the title character is kept in prison between missions. She is not seen in bondage, but there is a scene in a mental hospital, where a patient is being brainwashed into prostitution by the head doctor. About 35 minutes into the tape, we see her SJed, tied to a bed with leather straps, and gagged with white tape. The scene lasts about 30 seconds. Media Blasters released the tape and DVD under their Tokyo Shock label. The scene is available on YouTube.

prisoner prisonermaria1 prisonermaria2 prisonermaria3

Private Worlds (1935) : I guess this is sort of a soap-opera style look at an institution; haven't seen it.

Prophet's Game, The (1999) : The final scene of this serial killer flick shows Sondra Locke in a Humane Restraints SJ, absolutely motionless, for about 15 seconds. I've put the clip up on ZippyShare.


Pussy Sweat (2002) : "Chrissy Moran starts things out in a white shower wearing a straight jacket. She struggles against her bonds, occasionally lashing out until she gets an arm free. She rips off the jacket and gives herself the loving touch she was craving." (thanks to Adult DVD Talk). There's a decent-sized scan of the cover (with an SJ shot) at the site, too. The DVD Box site has a really nice vidclip, showing Moran in a Posey SJ.

Quiet Riot: Well Now You're Here, There's No Way Back (2014) : This documentary covers the one-hit wonder heavy metal band, whose cover for their 1983 album Metal Health launched a million fetishes (including mine). Lsjvsf4 sent me a short clip, showing the band at a music store signing with three women in straitjackets, and I put it on Zippyshare.

Raven Hawk (1995) : bodybuilder Rachel McLish stars as a Native American woman framed for the murder of her parents. She spent 12 years in a "maximum security asylum" before escaping and hunting down those responsible. Unfortunately, the only SJ scene occurs in an amber-colored flashback, as the actress playing the young Rachel (Karina Yharra) sits catatonically in a wheelchair. This is at the 39-minute mark of the film (or about 45-1/2 minutes into the Columbia/TriStar tape itself).

Red 2 (2013) : Helen Mirren is seen in a Posey SJ at the 55-minute mark of this action comedy, and she quickly escapes (it's not tied securely). You can see some quick shots in this TV advert.

Redneck Zombies (1987) : This goofy shot-on-video horror flick shows in explicit detail why it's a bad idea to build a moonshine still with a radioactive waste drum. The film is bookended with scenes of the heroine (Lisa M. DeHaven) in a padded cell with an SJ (looks like a sweatshirt with a couple of straps across the arms). The scenes are about 1 minute in total. Lots of fun if you're in a "bad film" mood.

Reincarnation (aka Rinne; 2006) : This Japanese ghost film was part of the recent After Dark Horrorfest series. At the end of the film, the heroine is seen in a room SJed with her ankles strapped together, for about two minutes. You can find the scene on YouTube.

Renglones Torcidos de Dios, Los (1981) : In this Mexican film, singer Lucia Mendez plays a detective who goes undercover at a mental hospital. At the 46-miniute mark, she's seen lying on a bed in an SJ that goes down to her knees for a minute, before a kindly nurse removes it. At the sixty-nine minute mark, after an abortive escape attempt, she's seen in the "violent ward" with a nurse removing the jacket again. In the background, two other nurses are securing another patient in the same type of jacket. The (Spanish language, no subtitles) tape is available from Compañia Oxxo.

Respire : This horror film centers on the struggle to obtain a box supposedly containing the secret to eternal life. At the official movie site, you can see a picture of a shaven-headed woman squatting in a canvas SJ, and again in the trailer.

Return of Captain Invincible, The (1983) : In this spoof, Alan Arkin plays the WWII-era superhero, who is called back to duty to fight Mr. Midnight (Christopher Lee!). I can't find the whole film, but this video from shows several brief clips from the same scene with several people in straitjackets, including at least one woman. (thanks to Renfield).

Return of the Whistler, The (1948) : "On the eve of his marriage, a young man's fiance disappears. He hires a private detective to help him track her down, but soon finds himself entangled in a web of lies, intrigue and murder revolving around his fiance's dead ex-husband and his wealthy, corrupt family." (plot summary from IMDb) Lenore Aubert, the fiance in question, is briefly seen in an SJ in bed before she is rescued. The clip is available on YouTube, and a looby card showing the scene was recently sold on eBay.


Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007) : This direct-to-disc sequel shows heroine Ariel (Amanda Righetti) tied in an SJ after an encounter with a ghost. There is brief struggling before she's untied by another person. The scene lasts about a minute and is on Chapter 9 of the DVD, about 34:00 in the film. Part of the scene is shown in this clip. You can also find the full trailer at YouTube. Squizfr has uploaded the entire scene at RapidShare.

Rock 'n' Roll High School (1979) : "At Rock 'n' Roll High School, the students have the lowest academic scores in southern California, none of the school's athletic teams have won a game in years, and three principals have been hurredly admitted to the funny farm." New principal Mary Woronov is seen in her official Vince Lombardi High School SJ in the final scene of the movie. The tape and DVD were released by New Concorde Home Video.

capture_D38 capture_D39

Room 33 (aka Fear Asylum, 2009) : This film features a group of roller derby girls who get in trouble when they're stranded for the night at an abandoned psychiatric clinic - sounds like a winner to me! You can see a brief shot of a blonde in an SJ in the official trailer.

Salon Kitty (1976) : One scene in this Nazi-exploitation film, set in a brothel, shows one of the prostitutes SJed and wheeled out on a stretcher, about an hour and 15 minutes into the film. She appears to be naked from the waist down, but most of the scene is in long shots, so it's hard to tell. The film is available on DVD from Blue Underground.

Saw 3D (2010): The trailer for the seventh entry in the gruesome horror series has a brief shot at 1:06 of what looks like a girl in a straitjacket. There's also a still from the same scene at FearNet. The scene occurs about 40 minutes in, as Nina (Naomi Sneickus) is straitjacketed and strapped to a chair, with several large sharp needles pointed at her throat. Bobby, who is targeted by "Jigsaw" because he lied about surviving one of Jigsaw's traps, tries to remove a key attached to a fishing hook stuck down Nina's throat, but is gruesomely unsuccessful.


Scanner Cop (1994) : The titular character looks inside the mind of the villainness, finding himself in a hellish insane asylum. An orderly drags an SJed woman out of a padded cell, where two other inmates are similarly restrained. There's also a scene about 12 minutes into the film, where the cop (as a child) is being examined in a private hospital, and he sees a hallway full of screaming patients; two women are wearing Posey SJs (one of which appears to have the crotch strap tucked around the sleeves, givingthe impression of two front arm loops). The tape was released by Republic Video.


Scorpion: Double Venom 2 (1998) : This modern continuation of the Japanese "Female Convict Scorpion" movies of the 70s reportedly contains several SJ scenes. A post on Brian R's page confirms that a wrongly convicted woman is seen in her cell in a Posey SJ. It's available on a double feature DVD with the first Double Venom film.

Scream at the Devil (2015) : A very pregnant woman is seen in a straitjacket at the end of this horror film. Lsjvsf4 has put the scene up on ZippyShare.

Seasons of Darkness (2012) : This film concerns an escapee from a mental hospital who runs into bigger trouble outside. The official trailer shows two brief shots of actress Amanda Howell in a straitjacket, and there's also a picture of her on Facebook. (thanks to Rodrigo)

Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi, The (2009) : Writer-director-star October Kingsley gets strapped into a green-collared Posey and wrapped in chains by two guys in what appear to be black trash bags, in this cheap thriller that somehow got Faye Dunaway to appear as the second lead! The scene starts at the 85-minute mark and lasts for about 2 minutes. The film is available on Troma DVD, and you can also see it on YouTube.

seductionofdrfugazzi1 seductionofdrfugazzi2 seductionofdrfugazzi3 seductionofdrfugazzi4

Seven Hours to Judgement (1988) : Due to a technicality, a judge (Beau Bridges) has to set free the murderers of a man's wife. The widower kidnaps the judge's wife (Julianne Philips) and forces him to find the evidence to convict the murderers. Phillips is SJed, gagged, and has her ankles tied for the last 15 minutes of the film. The film is back in print on an MGM DVD. Someone made a video from an HD broadcast, and I put it up on ZippyShare.

Seven-Hours01 Seven-Hours02 Seven-Hours03 Seven-Hours04 Seven-Hours05 Seven-Hours06 Seven-Hours07 Seven-Hours08 Seven-Hours09 s-l1600

Shadow Puppetts (2007) : This film features 8 characters imprisoned in a mental hospital due to their involvement in a disasterous experiment. In Chapter 10 of the DVD (45:25 into the film), Melissa (Jennie Ford) is seen SJed and chained to the floor of a padded cell, wearing a Hannibal Lector-style leather mask. The scene lasts about a minute, as Kate (Jolene Blalock) removes her restraints. Heath pointed me towards a review at BViews with a nice vidcap. Lord Foot-In-Mouth was kind enough to send some caps he made:

shadowpuppets1 shadowpuppets2 shadowpuppets3 shadowpuppets4 shadowpuppets5 shadowpuppets6 shadowpuppets8

Shadow : Dead Riot (2005) : It's amazing no one's made a film about zombies rampaging through a women's prison before, huh? The trailer on the offical web site contains an SJ shot. There is a VERY brief SJ shot about one hour into the film.

She Shoulda Said No (aka Wild Weed, 1949) : A chorus girl (Lila Leeds) throws her life away when she starts smoking that weed with roots in hell, marijuana!!! Interestingly enough, Leeds made this film as part of repaying her debt to society after she was arrested for marijuana possession (in the same infamous bust that nabbed Robert Mitchum). After she winds up in jail, Leeds is taken for a short tour of the local mental institution, where she sees a wild-eyed woman wailing in an SJ for about 15 seconds. The scene appears abotu 48 minutes into the film. The film was uploaded on YouTube, and the scene is in Part 6.

Shinizokonai no Ao (roughly, "The Undying Blue"; 2008) : This Japanese adaption of a horror manga features a female ghost who wears a costume-style SJ and haunts a young boy. You can see pictures of the girl at Ameba and at Asian Wiki. The entire film is posted in 14 parts on YouTube (thanks to Lord Foot-in-Mouth).

Shock Treatment (1981) : In this obscure sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Brad and Janet participate on a game show that quickly turns ugly. Part of the film is apparently set in an asylum. Fox released the film on tape.

Shorts Drawer, The (2005) : This collection of animated shorts contains "Committed" by Alan Hawkins, "the short story of love between a traight-jacketed woman kiss-a-holic, and a rather bemused young man who has to find a way to be with her forever." You can check out the caps at the 3DTotal site.

Slammer Girls (1987) : Piss-poor women-in-chains "parody" with a OK SJ shot (Devon Jenkin, a cute blonde). The tape was released by Vestron Video. The scene is available on YouTube.

Slapstick (Of Another Kind) (1982) : This disasterous adaptation of the Kurt Vonnegut novel shows Jerry Lewis and Madeline Kahn in straitjackets. The entire movie is on YouTube; the scene begins at 47:00.

Snake Pit, The (1948) : A troubled young wife (Olivia DeHavilland) is committed by her concerned husband. One shot of DeHavilland being bound into an SJ by 3 nurses, and another shot of her in the SJ standing in solitary confinement. Not bad. The film is available on tape and DVD from Fox Home Enertainment. I was told there's another version of this, starring Jane Wyman, but I can't find anything like this listed in her IMDB profile.


So Mort It Be (2004) : The trailer for this shot-on-video no-budget horror film shows a young woman in a strange-looking jacket; the DVD cover shows another view (thanks to Renfield).

SOS Save Our Skins (2014) : This Britsh comedy centers on 2 Brits who come to New York City for a sci-fi convention, but wake up one morning to find that almost all of humanity has vanished. According to the entry on Brian R's page, they find a woman (Hannah Spear) straitjacketed at a gas station, who chases them around before slipping and knocking herself out. They decide to take her with them anyway, and she gets herself free a few minutes later. You can see a few glimpses of her in the trailer.


Soul Keeper, The (Prendimi l'anima, 2002) : This Italian film deals with the relationship between psychoanalyst Carl Jung and a young patient of his, Sabina Spielrein (Emilia Fox). After a suicide attempt, Fox is seen in a straitjacket and a nasty-looking leather brank for about a minute, 25 minutes into the film. You can find the scene on YouTube (thanks, Renfield!).

Spændetrøje ("Straitjacket", 2016) : The producers of this short film raised over 13000 Danish marks on Kickstarter. The film is about a woman who meets a man at a party, who puts her in a straitjacket and rapes her. You can find pictures of the woman in the jacket (but no assault scenes) on the "Behind The Scenes" pages from the film's official site. The short film is finally available to view on Ekko Film, and you can see more behind-the-scenes pics at Camilla Christensen's Facebook page. (thanks to Renfield and Don)

Straight Jacket (aka Dark Sanity) (1980) : A low-budget flick about a woman who psychically witnesses a murder, and gets into deep trouble over the revelation. There are bookend scenes with the actress in a SJ; the opening scene also has her tied to a hospital bed with fluffy ankle restraints. The American video is long OOP, but it seems to be available in England.


Strait-Jacket (1964) : classic trash from William Castle, starring Joan Crawford as a woman who kills her husband and his lover with an ax and is sent to an asylum for 20 years. There is a scene where Crawford is in an SJ (buckles in the front) and freaking out as she has a flashback to the murders. It's available on tape and DVD from Columbia TriStar Entertainment, and you can find the scene on YouTube.


Strait-Jacket (1992) : This cheapie centers around a mental patient who psychokinetically controls a straitjacket, using it to murder people. (Yeah, THAT old story again). Oddly enough, there are no SJ shots in the film, but I decided to include it for fun.

Straitjacket Lottery, The (2004) : In this short film, a man loses a busload of mental patients and is at his wits' end trying to find them. You can check out the official web site for a trailer and pics.

Sucker Punch (2011) : Babydoll (Emily Browning) is a young woman wrongly committed to a mental institution in this dark fantasy. There is a brief shot of Browning in what appears to be a straitjacket at the 11-minute mark (we can't see below her chest), and Mariano was nice enough to send me a cap:


Sukeban Deka:CodeName=AsamiyaSaki (Yo-YoGirlCop) (2007) : This Japanese adaptation of a popular manga deaing with schoolgirls wielding deadly yo-yos has aone scene with a girl SJed and masked a la Lector. She eventually tears the jacket off. You can check the trailer on YouTube, or download an AVI file of the scene at MegaUpload. (thanks to Renfield).

Super Noypi (2006) : This Filipino sci-fi movie reportedly ends with the actress Katrina Halili in an SJ, setting up a sequel. You can read the review at Pinoy Exchange (at the bottom of the page).

Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2008) : In Tim Burton's adaptation of the classic musical, the young heroine Johanna is thrown into Bedlam to keep her away from her sailor suitor. Todd and the sailor break into Bedlam to rescue her, and she is seen in a canvas SJ with what appears to be a padlock on the back. At least one other woman is seen SJed as well. The scene appears on Chapter 21 of the DVD, about 1:35 into the film, and Johanna's appearance lasts about 30 seconds.

Tank Girl (1995) : Lori Petty is seen in an SJ with a restraining chain attached to the back about 35 minutes into this adaptation of the underground comic book; in the very next scene, she is laced up in a full-body canvas bag (without the SJ). A pic of the former scene was a part of the now-defunct ABOND series. MGM has released the film on DVD.

abond513 abond514

Teenland (2014) : This short film from Norway takes place in a mental institution for teenagers with special powers. It played the festival circuit in the US before coming to VOD on Vimeo. (They have the trailer for the wrong film on the page, but they do have the right film available.) Ting-a-ling (Frederikke Dahl Hansen) is seen in a hot pink Posey-style straitjacket in a white padded cell, from 8:45 to 9:35 in the film. N.B.: The short film was edited down from a series of webisodes available on YouTube for free. Episodes 2 and 6 contain additional footage of Sally (Victoria Carmen Sonne) in pink and white straitjackets, respectively. You can find screencaps at the Themis Collection. The costume designer posted a vidcap at Yooying. (thanks to Rodrigo and Renfield)

Transylvania Twist (1990) : In this horror spoof, Teri Copley appears in an SJ while filming a rock video. She's seen struggling through a cell door window for a few seconds. (thanks to Joe)

Trap Them and Kill Them (1977; aka EMANUELLE E GLI ULTIMI CANNIBALI and EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS) : This film was one of several "Black Emanuelle" films made in Europe and starring Laura Gemser. Gemser plays an investigative reporter, and is seen at the film's start working undercover as a patient in a mental hospital. A nurse stumbles into the ward, screaming and bleeding, and we discover that another patient took a nasty bite out of her. Two orderlies rush in to SJ her (looks like a Humane Restraint) and strap her to a bed. A few minutes later, Emmanuelle sneaks in and persuades the patient to tell her about, well, the last cannibal tribe. The two scenes are at the beginning of the film (chapter 2 on the Media Blasters DVD), and last about 2 minutes in total. There are a few photos of the SJed girl shown afterwards, in the newspaper office where Emmanuelle works.

Unaware (2004) : This serial killer flick might have an SJ scene in it; one of the plot twist involves an escaped female mental patient. A synopsis with pictures is available at Movies Online

Unholy, The (1987) : A scene where a woman in a padded cell is sedated by two attendants; she is later seen in an SJ lying on the cell floor for a few seconds; this happens about 56 minutes in. The OOP tape was released by Vestron Video.

Unrest (aka Unrestful; 2007) : Joe tells me that an recent FANGORIA article showed an actress in a Posey SJ, but there aren't any pics at the film's official site. However, Rodrigo alerted me to a pic contained in this movie review. You can also check out the official trailer. There are a series of caps available at

Vatican Tapes, The (2015) : Olivia Taylor Dudley is seen sitting in a wheelchair in an extra-small Posey straitjacket in this demonic-possession horror film. You can see a few screencaps at The Themis Collection.

Viaje De Ana Maria, El (Ana Maria's Journey, currently in post-production): In this ultra-low-budget horror film, Ana Maria witnesses the exorcism of her cousin Rosalinda (Veronica Valencia), who is kept in an unusual straitjacket. You can see pictures at the DeviantArt site of the film's costume designer, Karriem Glaster.

El_Viaje_De_Ana_Maria_Wardrobe_by_Hakeem2lari El_Viaje_Finishing_Touches_by_Hakeem2lari

Vincere (2010) : This Italian film centers on a woman (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) who had an affair with a young Benito Mussolini, resulting in her giving birth to his son. After his service in WWI, he gets married to another woman, and Mezzogiorno’s attempts to get him to publicly acknowledge their love and his son eventually gets her locked in an insane asylum. There are two short SJ scenes in the film; you can see them at NovaMov (at 7:45 and 17:57; thanks to Joe for the link!)

Waking Madison (2008?) : This work-in-progress by filmmaker Katherine Brooks deals with a woman suffering from multiple personalities. The official site shows an SJed woman in the site intro, there are some pics at the film's MySpace page, and a fun video featuring an SJed Brooks is on YouTube.

Ward, The (2010; US theatrical release July 2011) : This upcoming film from horrormeister John Carpenter follows a young woman (Amber Heard) who is sent to a sinster mental ward after burning down a house. According to a review from the Daily Film Dose, Heard ends up straitjacketed and given shock treatment, and another actress apparently gets gruesomely ECTed to death. The script was posted on the Horror Screenplay Archive, and there are two separate characters who end up in jackets in separate scenes (which doesn't mean that the scenes will end up in the final film). If you really want, you can read a spoiler for the "surprise ending".
Amber Heard is seen in a canvas jacket with thin leather straps, a crotch strap, and no arm loops. After a nurse gives her a pill and leaves the room, Heard uses a jagged point on a bedspring to rip the sleeve end open, free her arms and dig out the pill she secreted in her mouth. A very nice scene, lasting about 2 minutes.

theward1 theward2 theward5

Week and a Half in the Life of a Prostitute, A (1996) : In this porno video, Tricie Devereaux "gives a monologue in what appears to be a straitjacket." Here's a review of the video.

When Nature Calls (1985) : Accoring to Bad Movie Planet, this early comedy from Troma, a parody of '70s "back to nature" films, has an SJ scene. The film's available on Troma DVD.

Wisconsin Death Trip (1999) : This documentary reportedly contains an SJ scene, with both men and woman, but Joe tells me the jacket is obviously fake.

Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft (1998) : Brian tells me that this film contains a nice leather SJ scene.

Within The Walls (200?) : I know very little about this film, but the trailer shows an SJed woman.

Womb Ghosts (2010) : This Hong Kong horror film shows a pregnant woman struggling in a straitjacket, being carried on a stretcher through a hospital, for the first few minutes.

Women's Prison (1955) : Phyllis Thaxter is put in a nice SJ (canvas with leather straps; reaches down to her hips) and thrown into a padded cell. You can find a still at Mondo 70.


Yellow Dust (1936) : In this western, when the hero Bob Culpepper (Richard Dix) is swindled out of a gold mine by Nellie Brian (Leila Hyams), he SJs her (lace-up model) and rides off with her on his horse. He leaves her trussed up while he sets up camp, builds a fire, cooks some food and steals a kiss; then he releases her. (Credit to Brian R's Scene Database) The scene starts about 45 minutes into the film and lasts about 6 minutes.

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