Here are a variety of links to similar sites that I enjoy.

A big thanks to Don for all the links he's sent over the years!!

NEW! Weld Queen - Calm Down
Performance showing woman in a full-length SJ with leather straps (thanks to Renfield)
NEW! Mostly Harmless Games - Escape the Jacket
Escape room in London; lots of SJ pics (thanks to Don)
Zoe, Horror Damsel & Magic Assistant
Nice assortment of canvas and leather SJ pics (thanks to Don)
Blame It On The Autism
Woman in leather SJ (thanks to Don)
Jodi Dahl Real Estate
Two women in fake SJs at an escape room (thanks to Don)
Ohtnyc - Facebook
Woman in black PVC jacket (thanks to Don)
Free Agent - Captivity Jacket
Fashionable jacket that doubles as an SJ (thanks to Don)
Escape Room Wisconsin - Appleton
An escape room with a genuine medium Posey! (thanks to Don)
Blurb Books - Asylum
Coffee-table book of men and women in fake SJs (thanks to Straitpeter)
Tianna the Traveler
Performer working on upside-down SJ escape
An even more energetic escape attempt from Tianna
Damsel in Distress Circus - Instagram
Magician's assistant in several SJ pics (thanks to SW)
<Dinah Compton - Instagram
Fake SJ used in escape room (thanks to SW)
Escapologies Acts
Morgan is "Houdini in Heels" (thanks to SW)
(Wonder Dreamlin) Ultimate Bundle Escape
Chinese female SJ escape (thanks to SW)
YouTube channel where SW found the above 2 videos
Mia Florentine Weiss
"Blinded by the Art of Money"; blindfolded and SJed woman (thanks to StraitPeter)
Looking Thru The Lens Photography
Cute girl in SJ and long skirt (thanks to Don)
The Great Cindini's Jailhouse Tour
Old, old female escape artist site (thanks to Don)
Love Pop Ups London - I became a zombie - London Tombs
Female zombie in fake SJ (thanks to Don)
Minerva - Queen of the Handcuffs
Recent Canadian theatre production; video shows SJ escape rehearsal (thanks to SW)
I Was Trash When You Met Me by Susan Spangenberg and Issa Ibrahim
Artist Susan Spangenberg in untied Posey straitjacket (thanks to Don)
Susan Spangenberg - Instagram
Self-portrait in straitjacket (thanks to Don)
Star couples are trapped in "psychiatric hospitals" to experience the true feelings of killer whales in the aquarium (translated from the Chinese)
Animal activist video equating whales in water parks with SJed people in padded cells (thanks to Straitpeter)
The Adley Room - I Was Locked In An INSANE ASYLUM!
Girl in fake SJ in an escape room (thanks to Don)
MP Filmcraft
Cute girl doing an SJ escape (thanks to Don)
Why Don't You Care
Protestor does Posey SJ escape outside Trump Tower (thanks to Don)
Ward XVI, Twatterfest 2018, Rebellion, Manchester
Singer shows up in leather SJ at 25:50 (thanks to Renfield)
Night Club - Instagram
Singer in white costume SJ from upcoming video (thanks to Renfield)
Syrena Straightjacket
Nice Posey SJ pictoral; password is "handcuffs" (thanks to Don)
Glen Gerard - Facebook
Rare pic of female SJ escape while being swung around by a male roller-skating! (thanks to Don)

Street Rods by Michael, Inc. - Facebook
"Hotrod Pickup of the Week" in SJ (thanks to Don)
Siouxsie Wild - Facebook
"Strait Jacket" photo folder (thanks to Don)
Vintage Cheese - Instagram
Irving Klaw-style photo of SJed woman getting spanked (thanks to Mariano)

Straitjacket Girl
Short clip of fetish model Akira Lane in a Posey SJ from an old Harmony Concepts video (thanks to Larry)
Girls in Straitjackets
Nice collection (thanks to Larry)
MartyMarty1 3D Bondage
Some good SJ pics (thanks to Larry)
Villainous - Villain Orientation Guide : Beach City
I'm not sure what cartoon this is, but there's a nice SJ-and-facemask scene at 2:19 (thanks to Mariano)

Joker Visions Photography
Some nice Posey SJ pics (thanks to Don)
Anarchy Productions - Facebook
Fetish film studio with some nice SJ pics (thanks to Don)
Tanya Quesada - Instagram
Mexican actress from upcoming film "Camisa de Fuerza" (Thanks to Renfield)
IOvan Mulero - Instagram
Director of "Camisa de Fuerza" (thanks to Renfield)
Terror Tales of LA
Video showing DIY Halloween costume of fake SJ (thanks to Don)

Jessica Jane Magic - Instagram
Cute magician in green-collared Posey
Jessica Jane starting upside-down SJ escape using Posey with metal grommets
Jessica Jane on stage in a magician's SJ

Lady Jane Music - Instagram
Possible SJ pic from upcoming episode of German paranormal series Die Andere Seite ("The Other Side") (thanks to Rodrigo)
Asylum Aspire
New Facebook page with dozens of original SJ pics (thanks to Don)
Distant Sex - An Extraordinary Love Story
Avant-garde short film with man and woman wearing Monkey Dungeon SJs (thanks to Don)
Papo Colo - Facebook
"MADNESS/LOCURA AUTOPERFORMANCE" ; man and woman in SJs (thanks to Don)
???SuperNing The Great Wall Escape
Upside-down SJ escape at the Great Wall of China! (thanks to ARNie!)
Noora Karma Huikea Pako Pakkopaidasta
Finnish female singer attempts SJ escape; Google translates the title as "Noora Karma Huge Packet of Frosted Shirt"! (thanks to Mariano)
Jodie Beard Photography - Photoshoot at the Mental Health Museum
Interesting shoot with black SJ in padded cell (thanks to Renfield)
Sagas of Sundry : Madness launch trailer
Brief shot of woman in SJ cell (thanks to Renfield)
Another performance, using a black leather SJ (thanks to Renfield)

Altamont Enterprise
Newspaper story about the World of Wonders sideshow; includes an SJ pic
Model Josephine Skriver wearing a straitjacket and Hannibal Lecter mask at the Night of the Fallen party in NYC
(thanks to Pat)
Josephine Skriver Daily
A couple more SJ pics from the party (thanks to Pat)
Jospehine Skriver Daily
A lot more SJ pics from the party (thanks to Pat)

Hannah Stocking - I'm a Psychopath
Brief SJ-and-handcart scene at the end (thanks to Renfield)
Ward XVI - The Art of Manipulation CCTV Intro
Video promo for metal band, features singer Psychoberrie in leather SJ (thanks to Renfield for these 4 links)
Live performance with Psychoberrie getting tied in white SJ
Psychoberrie singing in leather SJ
Another leather SJ pic from a live show
Live performance in a leather SJ

Whoops . . .
A blooper outtake from a Nyssa Nevers SJ video (thanks to S.W.)
Twitter - Daniella D'Ville
Sideshow performer; pic of SJ and chains at top (thanks to S.W.)
Wild About Harry: Meet the amazing Chickie Lee
Promo pics of female upside-down SJ escape (thanks to S.W.)
Covington Cabaret: Remy Dee straight jacket
Nice burlesque show SJ escape (thanks to Torteval)
Carmen Valentina Instagram
Cosplay account, several pics of her as Joker in a green-collared Posey knockoff (thanks to Renfield)
Shawicon 2017 (cosplay vlog!)
Video with Carmen Valentina in her Joker outfit (thanks to Renfield)
Freeing Canada - Facebook
Escape room in Canada, "Escape From The Asylum" puts the players in straitjackets at the start (thanks to Mariano)

Nobody Scores - "Murder Most Foul"
Web comic with cute SJ pic (thanks to Creeper1574)
Nobody Scores - "Wally Rogers The Wonder Dog"
Another SJ pic (thanks to Creeper1574)
Here's a pic ARNie! sent me; he doesn't know the source
Koenig Quest - Facebook page
Russian game room with some SJ pics (thanks to Mariano)
Psychiatric No. 16
Another Russian game room (thanks to Mariano)
Rabbit Hole Quest
Another game room - this time in the Ukraine (thanks to Mariano)
Rabbit Hole Quest - Facebook page
How many of these places are there?!? (thanks to Mariano)
One Hour Live Escape Game
An escape room - this time from France! (thanks to Rodrigo)

Force Perspective
Short video of an SJed woman in a "forced perspective" room (thanks to Rodrigo)
Harley Quinn in a Straitjacket with Erika Cosplay
Really nice video; there are also some pics on the FDSedano Arts Facebook page (thanks to Rich) - Tvangstrøye
Photos of a nice vintage canvas-and-leather straitjacket
Former wrestler Terri in untied straitjacket
Video of Nikki Leigh's SJ shoot (see below for pics)
(Thanks to Pat)
DN.kultur : Anna Odell
Article about art student exhibition based on her stay at a psych ward (thanks to Rodrigo)
Picture of Anna Odell in wrist and waist restraints
Picture of Anna Odell in a straitjacket
The Black Angels by Cal Clark
Very interesting novel set in a women's psychiatric hospital in the 1950s
The Black Angels Mysteries
Contains excerpts from the as-yet-unpublished sequel, A Strait Jacket for Sarah

T-LA : Videodreh "Zweites Gesicht"
Music video shoot with a few SJ pics (thanks to Rodrigo)
Seattle Crypticon 2016 - Cosplay
Costume video with Kino McFarlane (aka Cinestress) SJed and struggling near the end (thanks to Renfield)
P.E. Palfreyman Images
Bondage tumblr with some SJ pics; he also runs the paysite Buckeye Bound
Morbid Anatomy
"Held" by Jane Fradgley, photo exhibit of "strong clothing"
Amy Odell's Vine account
Short video of fur SJ in fashion show
Girls in Straitjackets
If you have to ask . . .
Posey Straitjacket Gitls
More fun on Tumblr!
Damsel Preservation League
Lots of cool old comic book DiD scans
Bound Ivy
Paysite with decent amount of SJ pics
Keye Bondage Images
Lots of great SJ pics; I also recommend his paysite
Scavenger Road
Curious art page with some SJ drawings
Photoshoot of singer Ashley Costello dressed as Harley Quinn with SJ
Psych Ward Women
YouTube channel with lots of asylum videos
Saiko Sushi
California sushi restaurant with a curious logo (thanks to Mariano)
A HREF="">No Fucks Given
Harley Quinn in a low-cut straitjacket
Lies . . . Of The Beautiful People
Cute blonde in Humane Restraints SJ
Malin Bylund's tumblr
Photoshoot in Humane Restaints SJ
Hall of Masks
Lovely redhead in SJ
waynedidit on Instagram
Cartoon of Elvira in SJ

Gefangen in ZWANGSJACKE. Bondage Fesselalternative
Pretty nice blonde in black cloth SJ (thanks to lsjvsf4)
Straitjackets Are Still in Use, Just Not Where You Think
Interesting article om modern straitjacket use
Mutagen110 TumblrVery nice SJ art
Das Gute daran ist das Böse
Nice Posey SJ pic
Cool leather SJ pics
Live Passionately Before Not Living At All
Interesting SJ pic
Two Nerdy History Girls
A Strait Waistcoat for the Mad, c. 1772
M is for Maternity Ward
Gory short film with SJ scene at 2:20
DriveThruRPG - Straight Jacket
Card game where the players are asylum patients trying to escape
Can Orlando My Way's Kayla Becker escape from a straitjacket?
No spoilers here ;) you can download it on ZippyShare

Marilyn Monroe in a straitjacket by David Perez
Right-click and select "View Image" to get a larger image
StockroomDesign on Instagram
Leather bolero straitjacket (thanks to Mariano)
kittenface 27 on Instagram
White zipper sraitjacket (thanks to Mariano)
Simonsphotography on Instagram
Fashion show with orange knee-long straitjacket (thanks to Mariano)
Jreidphoto on Instagram
Black ballerina in white jacket (thanks to Mariano)

Toxic Goddess Selkie in Straightjacket Performance at 2009 IAO Biting the Apple Exhibition
(thanks to Bob2300)
Straight Jacket Escape and Aerial Hoop Performance from Anna Y
(thanks to Bob2300)
The Armourer's Gallery
Some of Bob2300's artwork

Crypticon Ghoul Girls - Facebook
Models for Seattle-area convention; scroll down for many SJ pics (thanks to Renfield)
Kino McFarland
Actress/filmmaker who was a Crypticon Ghoul Girl; another SJ pic on her site (thanks to Renfield)
Billy Kidd Magician Showreel 2015
Contains clips from SJ escape
Billy Kidd magician Onboard the Brittany Ferries Pont Avon
Complete SJ escape; lousy quality, though
Close Up Magicians in Bristol and Bath - Billy Kidd Close Up Magician and Cabaret Magic Show
Another demo reel with SJ escape clips
Russian puzzle room; many pics of SJs with front loops (thanks to Renfield)
Zigraymo Facebook page
More pics from the puzzle room (thanks to Renfield)
Matt Goodlett, MUA - Facebook
Nirvana Project: Behind the Scenes (Posey SJ pic) (thanks to Renfield)
Imperial Fashion Magazine
October 2015 "Dark Secrets" issue; contains photos from Nirvana Project (check Preview) (thanks to Renfield)

This American Life : What Doesn't Kill You
NPR show; includes segment where a woman talks about being put in a straitjacket to keep her from swallowing foreign objects
One Hour
Live escape room (padded cell) in France; lots of SJ pics (thanks to Renfield)
Frankie Stilletto on Instagram
Sword swallowing while doing an SJ escape!
Cahnartist on Instagram
Nice art of two women in high-fashion SJs
Strutter 79 - Erotic Art
"The Asylum Basement" - nice Poser art
Carey the Queen of Escapology 36
Some Poser pics of escape artist in gold SJ
Pinterest - Ashlie Jensen
Harley Quinn in a low-cut straitjacket
Dream Loud Official
Soap actress Mary Beth Evans in a straitjacket

My Secret Luxury : Tying the Knot
Short page about knots for BDSM games (thanks to KK)
The Beast of the Earth
Short horror film with woman in SJ (thanks to Renfield)
Fiona Dourif Source
Actress/daughter of character actor Brad Dourif in SJ
Another Fiona Dourif pic
(thanks to Renfield)
Lady Houdini takes on MontanaFair
TV story about Kristin Johnson; female reporter shown in Posey SJ and hanging upside down! (thanks to Pat)
Yuri VS Psiquiatria
Segment from morning show Despierta America; I have no idea what it's about (thanks to M.B.)
Style Insider - Lara Quint
Fashion show with SJed model (thanks to M.B)
Lara Quint's Instagram account
Contains more of her SJ pics (thanks to M.B)
Lara Quint Instagram - Direct link 1
Lara Quint Instagram - Direct link 2
Lara Quint Instagram - Direct link 3
Lara Quint Instagram - Direct link 4
Lara Quint Instagram - Direct link 5
Ukranian Fashion Week
More Lara Quint pics (thanks to M.B.)
Ukranian Vogue
A couple more Lara Quint pics (thanks to M.B)
Facebook - Lara Quint
"Hannibal" by Anna Tea (thanks to M.B.)
Performance "Hannibal" FW`15-16 (thanks to M.B.)
Facebook - Tamora D'Amour's photos
Nice pic of burlesque dancer in black SJ (thanks to M.B.)

I'm Not Crazy
Cute art with a bald girl in SJ (thanks to Mariano)
LED Hula Hooping and Contortion in a Straightjacket // Spiralissa's Winter Showcase Hoop Solo
Fun video of an SJ escape with a light-up hula hoop (thanks Bob2300)
How To Hug Yourself
Cute girl in phony SJ and big Xmas stocking (thanks Bob2300)
Mia Florentine Weiss - BLINDED BY THE ART OF MONEY
Performance art piece with Weiss in a fake SJ (thanks to Renfield)
Escape Artist Jackson Rayne Stops By
Female TV reporter gets put into Posey (thanks to NEC)

Mentalisti Noora Karma
Female SJ escape in jail cell; I can't see the video in the US, but there's a nice pic (thanks Renfield)
Argentinian club night with some SJ pics way down on the page (thanks Mariano)
Japanese pay site with video of girl escaping from small Posey jacket (thanks Alphonse)
On-The-Job: University of Michigan Interns UC225 Blog II
Blog entry about working in the costume department of a film; one cute SJ pic (thanks Don)
Rachel Ann DeRuyter
Artist's site with some nice pics
Zoochosis Commercial: Moolta
Ad for a web site where people can publicly "dare" their friends; a young woman puts on a straitjacket and runs into a racquetball court 35 seconds in (thanks Mariano)
Reggie Bügmüncher: Philadelphia's Queen of Sideshow
Does an SJ escape as part of her show; here's an interesting interview with her too (thanks LS)
Facebook - Lady Houdini (Kristen Johnson)
She also has a Twitter feed (thanks LS)
Cuff Girl
Handcuff pay site with a few SJ pictorials (thanks LS)
14597130697 2ff14fb48d o
Found somewhere on Flicker by Harry Tasker

La Colifata
Rock band from Argentina; promo photo of woman in magician's SJ
Another promo pic from La Colifata
Thanks to MB for these links
Sleepover Jan 2014 Mayday Asylum - Bianca, Straight Jacket Alone Challenge
Cute blonde in magician's SJ (thanks Bob2300)
straight jacket escape en pointe.
Nice dance routine with annoying strobe lighting (thanks Bob2300)

Lambs to the Asylum
Cool new SJ site
The Fashion Slaves
Band site; vocalist Emily Jayne in SJ
The Fashion Slaves - Pictures"
More photos from their Facebook page
Fashion blog; girl in black straitjacket
Miss Heart Model Photos
Blonde in black leather SJ
MP Penthouse - "Nightmare" Shoot
Model in black canvas SJ
LARUNDEL Mental Asylum Shoot 2014
Shoot in abandoned asylum with fake SJ
Alison! A Rock Opera
Rehearsal photos with female vocalist in SJ
Fetasia Latex
Some nice photos of black latex jacket with buckles in front
Facebook - John Dick
Female in Joker facepaint and black canvas SJ
Kenzie Rae Hawkins-Martell's Photos
Woman in untied black canvas SJ

Prairieville Animal Hospital - Halloween
Some nice pics with fake SJs
Eufory - Your Fetish Store
Advert with girl struggling in small Posey SJ
Alaya - Zero to Psycho Project
Photo shoot; a couple of pics of a fake SJ
Christine "IDiivil" Adams - Behind the Scenes
Girl in a corset fastens an SJ on a second girl
Atelier du Bizarre
Nice custom jacket with wide straps
Anna Dal Pino - Fine Art
Oil paintings featuring straitjackets - no girls, though
Vixxen Vendetta
Straitjacket and fishnets; always a great combo!
Pretty Like Drugs
Medical-themed shoot with arms-only black SJ
Two cute girls in SJs in an actual belfry!
Lynne Anderson & Annie Reynold's Course - March 2012
Interesting body paint project

Facebook - Shyla Idris
From her e-book "Inside Outside"
Geetee Photography
Woman suspended in leather SJ with dominatrix
MobyPicture - Rick Garcia
Four girls, two in SJs
Daniel Ray Jones - Commercial Photographer
Nice pictorial with SJ and leather belts
Upon A Midnight Dreary
Halloween party with one girl in cool SJ outfit
Facebook - Amore Grace
Goth girl in untied bolero SJ
MacArthur Psychology Students Visit Pilgrim State
Teacher in Posey SJ
Facebook - Rhiannon Loverpants
Photo shoot at Linda Vista Community Hospital

Concierge Photography by Craig Solomon
Karleena Gore in black canvas SJ
Post apocalypse/mad max Shoot 11-23-13
Jessica Jarman in black rubber SJ
Dr Sketchys Feat. Lilikoi Kaos 01.12.13
Anna Palmer in Humane Restraints SJ
Ash Gupta's Photos
Model in partially-strapped small Posey and elaborate headpiece
Another photo from Ash Gupta; model in small Posey strapped in front
Another from Ash Gupta; blonde in small Posey strapped in front
Olivia Fox's Photos
Topless model pushing Posey SJ off her body
Another photo of Olivia Fox
Sped-up video of woman getting strapped into and escaping from Humane Restraints SJ

Don found a bunch of pics on the German model site
Dolly Dekadenzia
Holger T.K.
Samanta Sunshine
Samanta Sunshine II
Liliana Vess
M. Nick
Pink_snow "die Haare wachsen"

Facebook - Sweetsymphony's Photos
Facebook - HalloweenStore's Photos
Wezism vs Anni Wood - Derelict Hospital Shoot
Facebook - Schizophrenic Studio's Photos
Echo and the straight Jacket
Facebook - Cigar International Hamburg Super-Store's Photos
Halloween event - woman in SJ with red leather trim
Facebook - Vivian Rose's Photos
Facebook - Chloe Calypso's Photos
Facebook - Unchained Girls's Photos
Crazy House @NW Glam Shoot
Facebook - Dunbar Haunted House Photos
Girl in jester cap and jacket
Facebook - Oktober Hollow Photography
Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum - Sue
Pinterest - Damiano Serra
Pinterest - Judy Grove
Pinterest - Home made Costumes
Facebook - Ginger Mae Chevalier
Insane Asylum Cake Smash
Facebook - Martine Pinnel Photography
Insane asylum pictorial
Facebook - Schizophrenic Studio
Kathy and Bobbie - Jan 2011
Facebook - Schizophrenic Studio
Outtake from above shoot
Facebook - Schizophrenic Studio
Another photo from the shoot

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Scarefest 2013 - WINNER OF BEST BOOTH!!
Biff Snr Photography
Erinx . . . 13-4-2103
Sylvia Soska's Photos
Two women dominate third in leather SJ
Kitty Von Crypt - Alternative Model's Photos
Model in white SJ in front of cool old waterwheel
Edwin Firminger's Photos
Babe in black canvas SJ
Rachel Barton, Artist
Stills from video installation "Oh, No, Bernice" featuring handmade straitjacket
SlackPunk Photography
"Into Madness" - hot blond in green-collared Posey
Zenfolio - Asylum Shoot
Cute brunette in what looks like a Humane Restraints SJ

Fashion Shows 20111
Fashion model in black SJ
Reversible bug evye bondage cape
Something a little different . . .
Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater's Photos
One more photo from "What The Butler Saw"
Batcave Club II
Cutie in pigtails and Humane Restraints SJ
Cabaret Roulette : Asylum
Scroll down for SJ escape pics
Breanne Addis MUA/Model
Nice SJ pictoral
Gothic BC : Sin City event
Decent Posey SJ; check out gallery for more
Sin City Fetish Night
More Posey pictures from the above event
Reggie Bügmüncher - live at 'The Smokin' Gun Revue'
Nice Posey SJ escape video
Christen Rhoadarmer's Photos
A photo from the above video
Fixe Magazine
Interview with model Autumn Bodell; interesting take on her SJ experience
IDF Fetish Burlesque Show
Girl in Melrose SJ and dental gag
John Shippee Photography
Scroll down for another Melrose SJ/dental gag pic
More pics of Nikki Leigh in Posey SJ

500px - Jessica Katharsys
Artistic Posey pic
Facebook - Salt Spring Roller Derby 2011
Blonde getting strapped into Monkey Dungeon SJ
Facebook - King's Town Players Ltd
Pic from "What The Butler Saw"; looks like a Humane Restaints SJ
Facebook - Aethertech Industries
Pics of woman in canvas & leather SJ with locks on the buckles
Facebook - Josette Jorge
Woman in magician's jacket (canvas with brown leather accents)
Do It Now Magazine - "Conquering Your Fears"
Several pics of blonde bungee-jumping wearing a bright red SJ

Killer Fries
Playboy model Nikki Leigh wears Posey straitjacket in Houdini tribute
HQ pic of Nikki Leigh from behind
Another HQ image of Nikki Leigh
Yet another great Nikki pic
Pic from Nikki Leigh's Instagram
A Nikki pic from Pure People
Another Nikki pic from Pure People, with a great metal mask!
Thanks to Pat for all the Nikki Leigh links!

Eric Wardlaw on Google+
Watched a magician escape a straight jacket...
Sara Brown's photos
Cute blonde in large Posey
Jeremy Harris' Photos
Another blonde in old roller-buckle Posey
Crystal Ponzio's Photos
Can't quite find that last strap . . .
Kayla Brittney Sheffield's Photos
Cute blonde in lame SJ
Renee Robyn's Photos
Goth blonde in SJ and high heels
Laughing with Tom's Photos
Female SJ escape
Wendell Cotton's Photos
Cute brunette getting strapped into magician's SJ
Ellem Renascentis' Obscure/Theatrical Photos
Series of pics with cute brunette in lame SJ
Prologue Films - Behind the Scenes - American Horror Story : Asylum
Female crew member wearing unstrapped SJ
Pinterest - the straitjacket
Hundreds of SJ pics

My new straightjacket looks awesome on her
Nice Posey pic on Reddit
Billy Kidd magician Onboard the Brittany Ferries Pont Avon
Decent female SJ escape
Magic Babe Ning's "Deadly Sexy Magic" Teaser
Looks like Ning got a new straitjacket . . .
Ring Belles Online - SHINE 9 iPPV Results
Pics from "Arkham Asylum Cage Match"
Diva Dirt - SHINE 9
More details on the cage match

Bondage Beacon
Bondage site directory
Dark Unicorn Photography
Fetish photos; one good Posey pic
The Woven Art of Irene Walker
"Straght Jacket #1, Hunger"
TopCo Sales
"Asylum, the all new beginner-to-intermediate line of bondage accessories from Topco Sales, caters to psychiatric medical fantasies"
Fotos for Forbsie
"Straight jackets and teddy bears"
Ben Lerman on Facebook
"Everyone in Straightjackets"
Breathcatcher's Photos
Tattooed lady paddling three women in leather SJs
Tied Celebrities: Tohko Amemiya
Caps of a Japanese girl being strapped into a Posey
Carol Jacobanis & Joel Nagle, The Straitjacket
I can't find the film listed under either actor's resume
‘Uni’s not for me, I’m a circus girl at heart’
Newspaper article on female escape artist; includes video of SJ and chains escape
Funny Hyper Magic Boy: Around The World
Magician's Facebook page; cute blonde in Posey
Christopher James Comedy
Flickr page for same magician; different girl in the Posey
Christopher James Comedy thumbnails
Magician with three models, one gets put in a Posey
Black Sheep Digital Photography
"Illinois Asylum For The Incurably Insane"
Revolt Daily
More photos from Black Sheep Digital
Black & White & Raw
John Waters Photo Workshop (a couple of Posey pics)
Rachie Tartz on Statigram
Model’s art page; more SJ pics from John Waters shoot
Ashley Joy Beck on Statigram
Another nice Posey pic
"Morbid Beauty by Pepper Negron"
ShoxXxZ Photography and Graphics
"Straight Jacket (Shelly and Jaz)"
What The Butler Saw - SJ and spanking pic
Another What The Butler Saw picture
Yet another What The Butler Saw picture
More, more, more from WTBS! Fie on those who speak of less!
Tacy Shalott Shakespeare Lambert
Plus-size woman getting strapped in
Ashleigh Jane’s photos
Lots of pics with fake SJ
Picasa Web Albums
More results for What The Butler Saw
What The Butler Saw - Michael McGreevy
One more, just for kicks

Rebecca Handler, Photographer
More behind-the-scenes shots from the Steve Aoki session
Band's MySpace page; lead singer in Posey
Cute girl in canvas-and-leather SJ
Lady Fozaza Shoot - BTS
Yet more pics from the Steve Aoki shoot
Behind the Scenes
Some nice Posey pics way down the page
Glam Gore Girls
Nice advert with SJ
Asylum - A Dance Video
Cutie in SJ at start and end

Steve Aoki
Promotional shoot with four SJed models
Twisted Reproductions
Hand-made SJs; a few nice pics
Behind-the-scenes shot of a lace-up SJ

Middle-aged woman in SJ at very end
Off The Strip New Genres Festival
Pics of curvy gal in SJ at the very bottom
Fine Art America
"Sisterly Love" - two girls in untied SJs
Creative Portraits
Facebook page with pics of cute girl in untied SJ
Alexandra Heard's Photos
Facebook page; SJ is actually TIED this time!
I always approve of using an SJ as a Halloween costume!
BttrSweetRach on Instagram
Intriguing "mirrored" SJ pic
Crubens01 on Statigram
Nice Posey pic, though I wish she'd left the skimask off
Download site I hadn't heard of before
HCI Inmate restrained

Sof Strait Practice Session
Hadn't seen this before . . .
Asia Jam - Official Haircut Picture Thread
Nice SJ pic
Gemini: Explorer, Writer, Muse
Sir's Straitjacket (great leather SJ pic)
Wezism Designs & Photography's Photos
SJ and dental speader pic
B&W three-part SJ pic
Illusionist Leon Etienne
Album of audience members in Etienne's Posey SJ
Sick Star
Gallery: Noise-Isolation (lots of great SJ pics)
EastVan PillowFight Club
Pic of "Medikated" in smock-style SJ
Vancouver 24 Hours
News story on PillowClub with another SJ pic
Cupcake Vs. Sanctuary: Night At The Sanitarium
Why I Occupy Philly Staight Jacket Escape Sideshow
Fun escape from green-collared Posey with grommeted straps

This site is also a search engine for Twitter and Instigram photos; well worth checking out!
Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Photo of interesting SJ-design dresses
FACTORY - 07.16.11 - Captain America
Newspaper story in German; cute SJ victim
Portsmouth News
Girl celebrates birthday by learning SJ escape!
Caging Berlin
German fetish straitjacket manufacturer
"Straitjacket" by Cindy Kern
Performance art in Posey SJ
Marghe (vari SET)
Flickr folder with some pics using a torn SJ
Margie Cox's Photos
Photo of Catwoman in latex bodysuit and canvas SJ
Chris Visser's World of Magic
Tall cutie in Humane Restraint SJ
Grindhouse Cinema Database
VHS cover of NAKED VENGEANCE shows SJ art; haven't seen film

Adult Party Pics
Old straitjacket and tape gag pictorial
Medical Toys' how-to page for straitjackets
True Pleasures
Review of "The Asylum Patient Straight Jacket"
Galiana Chance's Blog
Phone sex operator's blog; entry with her in small Posey SJ
"Things got a little too crazy . . . "
"Straight jacket time all the time!!!"
Posey SJ pic with blurred-out face
"We're all mad here."
"Welcome to the dollhouse."
Page Fairfax
Actress' IMDb page with SJ pic
Art, Movies, Wood And What Not
Nice drawing of SJed Harley Quinn
Mania: Beyond Entertainment
Photo-manip of SJed Harley Quinn

Bingo Boy Inc.
Burlesque show gallery; #39 is a fake SJ
Digital Latte
Jessica Glaser - Straightjacket
Cavum Absentia
Couple's private blog; very nice SJ pics
Russian blog with some SJ pics
Looks like a Russian medical restraint supply site
Flight of Dreams
Photographer's LiveJournal; straitjacket shoot
Not Another Fashion Blog
When Russian fashionistas go out to party, the straitjackets are never far behind!
Ren & Non
Second Life blog; couple of SJ pics
Cinderella Fashionista
Crazy by Dilly Dolls (nice poser SJ pic)
Style Millar
Another wild poser SJ pic
Cool pic of old SJ with leather head cage
Scan of 1970s era Posey restraint catalog
The Wicked Witch & Dorothy @ SMack! Halloween Fetish Ball 2009
Nice series of SJ performance pics
The ECT session
Second Life pics of SJed woman receiving ECT
Aliza Karu Creations
My goth straitjacket
"Insane" straitjacket skin and face mask for avatars
Second Life Marketplace - Straitjacket Classic Style
1st Photo Session With Noshi - 1
Leather straitjacket pic in Second Life
1st Photo Session With Noshi - 2
Officer I'm High
Straitjacket escape pic
Another nice series of Second Life SJ pics
Stalk My Blog
Nice series of Second Life SJ pics
1:25 G scale model female ambulance patient in straightjacket bondage on Ebay
Editorial sketch of woman in SJ
Tales of Schlock - Total Commitment
E-comic book with busty nurse bringing SJed plus-size patient to orgasm
Woman with Joker make-up in large Posey SJ
Cut Out And Keep
How-to site; instructions for "just-for-show" jacket
Dayle Krall:Most Accomplished Female Escape
Several decent SJ pics
Crazy for You
Me in a straitjacket! (not me, of course)
Medya Radar
A SJ pic apparently from a Turkish soap
Gallery of restraint pics from the same Turkish soap
Brazilian site promoting something; lots of fake SJ pics
More Vitamina promo pics
Italian editorial cartoon with black woman in SJ
Asylum Squad Side Story
Happy Mad Pride 2012!
Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Carrie Fisher story; Fisher seen in medium Posey SJ
The Possession Part 2
Amateur film ending with fun SJ struggling

Themis Collection
Interesting new WIP/institution/execution cap site
Photo from recent production of "What The Butler Saw"
James Betts, Photographer
Go to Thumbnails to find SJ pic
Circus Geeks
Girl in green-collared Posey and chains
Gabrielle Emily Anderson
Picutres of art project with her in SJ
Emily Maynard
More art project pics of a fake SJ
Great assortment of Posey pics taken at BoundCon
Orbits of a Deluded Mind
Pic of a cute girl in a fake SJ
Instagram pic of a woman in a black SJ
15 year old gets out of stay-jacket with no problem
Knightly News
Magician newsletter with cool story on female escapologist
Phaze Clothing
Tartan Straight Jacket (cute)
Fixations and Creations
Entry on Jessika Tarr's experience in a David Page bondage sculpture; search the site for a few more Page pics
I'd love to see a re-enactment of this story sometime

Model Dani Paris
Creep Shoot - Arch Angel Productions (black SJ)
Cavum Absentia
One couple's bondage blog; some Posey pics
Pin Up Lifestyle
Belladonna Straitjacket fashion show pic
Curiosidades photos on Facebook
A few pics of a woman in a Humane Restraints SJ about halfway down the page
Devin Workman Photography
A few cool SJ pics at the bottom
BJ Winslow Prop Rental and Fabrication
Asylum page contains a few SJ pics
A Day in the Life of Angel Long
Porn star's blog; this entry was a few SJ pics
Silent Music Videos
Self-Portrait in Straight Jacket

Kelsey Syanide's Facebook photos
Star of Saturday Night Pillow Fights
The Saddest Couple In The Universe
Magic/acrobatic duo; they don't look THAT sad to me!
Distressed Damsels
Lots of great comic scans
Garden of Shadows
Nice SJ design for Second Life
Damsel Land
Another nice bondage blog
Jeremy Scott fashion show
Featuring a straitjacket wedding dress
Thoroughly Medicated For Your Safety
Another nice Second Life straitjacket
Insert Funny Name Here
"Did you forget to take your meds?
"My most viewed post is about straightjackets"
And this surprises you why . . .
Pleisure - "Strange Flora"
Another nice Second Life jacket
'Psych Ward' dance routine upsets advocates for mentally ill
Interesting local news story with 2 pics
Mikapoka - "Insane Asylum"
Pics with Joker makeup and green-collared Posey
Sneak peek: photoshoot with Chelsey
Floor Cell 4A
insane - Mesh outfit (different page)
Julie Simone - Straitjacket Blowjob
Free gallery advertising her pay site
ColorGuard Trends
Scroll down to Eighth Place or search for "Houdini"
Live Your Dreams
Why don't I ever get invited to Swedish Halloween parties?
One Model Place
Scroll down for some nice SJ pics
RLLivingston's Twitter pics
A few nice Posey SJ pics
Completely Nuts
Series of SJ pics on Flickr
A very interesting art school project
David Gottschalk Photography
A couple of nice pics
Assortment of very rough BDSM comics; check out Mad Madhouse, Cracked Bombshell, and Siberian Madhouse
Fashion show with hot pink SJ
Episode I: Nahab
Short film with blonde in Posey; also check out the Behind the Scenes footage
Gotham Public Works
Facebook page with some nice pics
Nice SJ photo shoot
Setsu dan kanja
Martial arts comics with women wearing SJ-style dresses; more info at Sticky Site wiki
Straitjacket buckle lock?
John Strong - World's Finest Shows
Circus sideshow; SJ escape in image 17
Encyclopedia of Escapes
Very nice Dorothy Deitrich pic at bottom
Fitness competitor Tracey Greenwood in SJ
NL Leather
Nice SJ for sale
Houdini Panel Discussion
Another Dorothy Deitrich pic
ObXtreme Magic
Tracy's upside-down SJ escape; more footage on YouTube and a small pic on Facebook
cover of Elvira double feature DVD
Not sure if there's any SJ footage on the disc, but I doubt it . . .
5 Ways to Break Up With Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her Feelings
Check out #4 for a laugh . . .
Sour to Sweet
Escape artist Alexandria the Great; nice SJ pic
Sof Strait's photostream
Great series of SJ escape pics
Straitjacket Lovers
Tumblr site with nice array of sj pics
Stock photo site with nice SJ photo shoot
Helpless Romance
Bondage tumblr site with SJ pics
"Slightly Upset Woman Declared Insane"
No pics, just funny article from The Onion
Official how-to video for Posey straitjacket
MTV promo with cute blonde trying an SJ escape
Jessica Felice's Facebook page
Some nice pics and vids
Jessica Felice interview and SJ escape
Town of Duck (N. Carolina) Photo Gallery
Lovely pic of long-legged lassie in a jacket!
Wrestlin Wally
Abriella of Amazonia (wrestling manager) getting tied in a jacket!
Straight Jackets and Restrictions
Nice photoshoot with unusual jacket
De/Feat, 2005
Art exhibition video, woman trying to get into a straitjacket (for a change!)
Circus Tricks with Slightly Fat Features
A female reporter attempts an SJ escape
British ad featuring a full-body straitjacket
. . . and a ball-and-chain to boot!
A smaller scan of the above, just the picture
2011 Collection
Scroll 2/3rds down for a couple of SJ pics
Straight Jackets
A list on the Model Mayhem site
Straitjacket Lovers
Promising new site with free pics and forums
Magic Babe Ning Sj escape on MovieBound site
Nice caps; the whole blog is worth checking out (not much Sj action, though)
Sof Strait Escapologist
Nice site with lots of pics and videos
Women In Prison FilmsBlog with downloads of complete wip-films
I Will Fear No Evil: Second Life Fashion
Some nice SJs for use in Second Life
Two cuties in jackets with large front loops
HarperFox99's album
Second Life character in jacket and padded cell
Pirate Dolly's Journal
Striptease in striped SJ
Dancing Corpse's LiveJournal
Party pic of Goth girl in Posey SJ
Howard M. Mills
"The Jacket"
Japanese blog with SJ anime cap
Another curious Japanese blog
Katey Dee Straight Jacket and Gas Mask Series #1
Irish dance duo with interesting website background
I Will Fear No Evil
Second Life fashion; two straitjacket pics
Bondage Restraints : Straitjacket
Bondage blog with some nice entries
Contact sheet with cool SJ pics
Obsolescent Forecasts
"A day at the museum of Doctor Gueslain
Steve Marsel Blog
Deranged Chic by Elyse Lightner
Mike Maverick's Art Gallery
"Mama?" from DanteBunny
Fixations and Creations
Blog post on David Page
Shes crazy bad yes but sex crazy very good
I Was Like You
Monologue with SJ
Straitjacket Girl at University of Memphis
Felice Ling escape performance
Let's get something straight, jacket!
Beauty in medium Posey SJ
Fan film with nice Posey SJ action; there's also a blooper reel
Behind the scenes - straight jacket shoot
The photos are from Spun Photography
Billy Kidd is a Canadian magician who does an SJ escape as part of her act.
Official site
Flickr photo
Another Flickr photo
From the Lisbon Street Fair
The Billy Kidd Show video
Encontros Magicos (news report from Spain)

Looks like a Britney Spears fake
Lady Gaga in the Daily Mail
Wearing a straitjacket dress designed by Asher Levine
MTV Style
Another picture of the straitjacket dress
Crazy Baby
Short film with middle-aged lady in SJ
Skrekkammeret på Gaustad
Whatever that means; Swedish TV report with SJed female correspondant
Class Dismissed
Collection of funny true-life college stories; go to chapter 2 for "The Gag And The Jacket"
CatchingLights' Flickr set
Contains some Posey SJ pics (with bloody face)
Crazy Dreamer
Robot Go Crazy
Rose Rothlisberger pictorial (SJ Poser art)
Twisted Clinic
Bondage shop with large institutional restraints section
Background Reading for My Mania for Insane Asylums
A very interesting list
Kyrah Design Concept
Poser art for Second Life; nice SJ pics
Those damn loonies messing with me again!
More Kyrah pics
Straitjacket - Mayday Hills Hospital, Cream Canvas, circa 1900
From a museum in Melbourne, Australia
Another straitjacket design for Poser art
Personal art blog; commission of two girls in breastless and crotchless SJs
Titus Powell
London-based photographer; scroll halfway-down for SJ pic
Royalty-free photo site with a couple of interesting SJ pics
CW's Food And Travel
More pics of Magic Babe Ning's SJ escape
Pay site; free SJ pics from "The Bad Warren" video
Kinky Delight
Pic of "Blonde 'Helped' Out Of Her Strait Jacket"
Erotik Factory
Nice SJ pictorial
Evergreen 6 : Simultaneous Presence
Contains two pics of David Page "sculpture"
Wanting To Live, Not Just Exist
Blog by woman with cystic fibrosis (recieved double lung transplant!); some pics of her at a party with SJ (and crotch strap)
Captive Kink
Free site with some nice SJ pictorials
SJ escape from "Boiler Bar Theatre"
Woman In A Straight Jacket stock photo (actually, a piece of poser art)
Another poser pic from the same site
Hot Pantyhose Girls
PVC SJ at the bottom
Straightjacket with padlocks
Ayana Friedman
Artist’s site; check out “One Size Fits All” insallation
The Magic of David Jowers
Couple of cute canvas-and-leather SJ pics
"Girl in the machine" by Matt Turner
"I want my teddy back" by Melissa Kirkham
"Portrait" by jaderx0
Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Roller Derby girls visit the Psycho Donuts shop!
Amarantha’s Ashes
A clever wedding invitation
House Of Taboo - Deviant Doctors
Free SJ pics from paysite
PJW Archive
Free pics from PJW - what more could you want?
Troupe Roja
Belly dancers’ site; a few pics of a Halloween dance with SJs
Japanese fetish video with SJ scenes
And the long-anticipated sequel!
Japanese blog with white PVC SJ pic
Another Japanese blog with SJ scans from a manga
Web comic with open-breasted SJ
Weekly World News
Funny story about the latest fashion "craze"
Cherry Rain and Jessica Drake
Lesbian pictorial that starts with one girl in an SJ
Living Dead Girlz
Burlesque show; page contains nice flyer with SJ art
Skin Horse
Web comic; this section features psychiatric patient Tigerlily Jones
Artifice Clothing
Featuring the "Cyber Straitjacket"
ConceptArt - The PaintOver Thread!
Interesting SJ art in the middle of this forum page
ConceptArt - Feb 24th. Some stuff
Cool SJ-dress comic art halfway down the page
ConceptArt - Killer Prom Queen
Great SJ pic about 3/4 down
Sarah’s MySpace Blog
Posey SJ pics in July 8 entry
Failure in the form of a strait jacket
Fun public Posey SJ escape
Imaginative Sex by John Norman
The author of the Gor books writes about sexual fantasies; check out page 209 for the "Psychiatrist Fantasy"
Deborah Harry in a strange SJ-type jacket

Interesting, "artsy" SJ escape
Mab, Just Mab
"Sideshow girl" web site; SJ-and-chains pic
Fetish shop in the Netherlands
Elena's Latex
Contains nice SJ section
The Land of Lost Thoughts
Blog with nice SJ pic
Cut Out And Keep
Crafts blog; one entry on straitjackets
2 girls in straitjacket
SMack! Halloween Fetish Ball 2009
Quite a few SJ pics here

Congratulations on's First Anniversary!
Promising new site from Sybil Starr
Kyrah Design Concept
Poser designs for use in Second Life
Interesting SJ costume design

At the beginning of Motley Crue's headlining set for this past summer's Cruefest tour, one of the female backup singers rolled out a large wheelchair, out of which the other singer escaped, tied in a straitjacket. Thanks to Joe, we have several links from various dates:
Camden, NJ
another view from Camden
West Palm Beach, FL
Alberquerque, NM
Cincinnati, OH
San Bernardino, CA
also from San Bernardino

Moa Palmer vs Mary Sluss
Sluss wears SJ during her ring entrance

Beautiful Jewels and Marynka
Some type of cabaret performance with SJ escape
Beautiful Jewels en Marynka
More of the same
Daniella Dooling
Artist's site; check out "Thorazine Rebel"
Tony Laffan: Chinese Water Torture Cell Escape
There's a cute blonde in a Humane Restraints SJ at the 6:35 mark
Backstage Business: Official Inversion Photos
Magic Babe Ning performs an upside-down SJ escape
J C Sum
Ning's partner in magic; page contains SJ escape video
Hatchets and Skewers
Scroll to Sept. 14 entry for pics from David Page show
Fall Solos 2009 at Arlington Arts Center
Contains a few shots of David Page's exhibit
All chained up
SJ-and-chains pic of Australian escape artist Elena Kirschbaum
Facebook page for Elena Kirschbaum
Highwire Entertainment
Another pic of Elena Kirschbaum
Straight Jacket
Video of escape artist Jennifer
Batman Arkham Asylum Unboxing
Special edition of the video game comes with SJ!
Christopher Street Day in Hamburg
Very nice SJ action
Another shot from CSD in Hamburg
Video from CSD Hamburg
She comes by at 2:15 Here's a bunch of pics from
Photo 065
Photo 066
Photo 165
Photo 173
Photo 174
Photo 175
Photo 176
Oskarsson's Straitjacket
Very nice design for 3D/Poser graphics
BBC Radio 1 - Becky Tries Escapology
From the Scott Mills show; features yellow-collared Posey
BBC Radio 1 - Eating trifle in a straitjacket
Continued from above
Jeb’s Adventure Bound
Large story site; check out Sentenced to Bondage
Artists’ collective in Argentina; features Izabel Stewart’s piece “Camisa de Forca”
Selections from Hospitalmuseum exhibit "Uncaged: Psychiatric Medicine and the Demise of the State Hospital"
Canadian cultural poesis: essays on Canadian culture
Mentions Kate Craig’s video “Straight Jacket”
SJ Escape from the Makers Fair 2009

The Institute
Back up and running on a new server!
Google search for "Houdini" in Life Magazine archives
Interesting promo pics of Janet Leigh in a lace SJ
Nice site with a bunch of latex SJ pics
Miss Eskarina laughing during a latex photo session for the above site
A review of Magic Babe Ning with SJ pics
House of Zen
Blog entry with SJ for avatars
Kinky Ponygirl Blog
Ponygirl in a Straitjacket
Not sure where I found this pic
Eitel Thoughts
Blog with entry showing burlesque SJ escape
Another Monkey: The Sideshow Gathering 2008, Part 2
Blog entry with magician's assistant in Posey SJ
Halloween party with SJed gal
Traffman: Thinking Straightjackets
Blog entry about Changeling with SJ pic (not from film)
House of Pain Escape Video featuring Margarette Le Claire
"Au Matin"; painting by Bo Bartlett
CrueFest review; mentions an SJed woman
Corina Jasmin's Gallery
SJ pictures in the Photography section at the bottom
Greggerbits' DeviantArt site
I finally smartened up, and instead of writing 1000 links to DeviantArt, I'll just direct you to the "Favorites" folder of this site
Greggerbits' favorites on Flickr
same as above, only for Flickr
Greggerbits' new YouTube page
My apologies for not putting this link up earlier
Chainsman Institute archives
inactive version, preserved for the ages
La Clinique
spinoff from the Chainsman Institute, also inactive
Rose Onyx
Husband-and-wife magic team, does dueling SJ escapes on video
Psycho Donuts
California donut shop with small padded cell and SJ for photos; here's a sample picture

Behind The Barred Window
author's blog dealing with institutional and psychological bondage
Single Leg's Deviant Art site
Promising art collection based on "Arkham Asylum for women"
SJ---JS's Deviant Art site
More nice SJ art
The Straitjacket Dump Forum
Some SJ vidcaps and non-SJ stories
Archives BBS Yahoo! Group
The best way to keep track of Felix Dartmouth's site
Very promising new site with stories, art, and photos
Spankcandy video
Dance company with Posey SJs
Some pics from Spankcandy's MySpace
Kristen Johnson NYWC 2008 Straightjacket Escape
Padded cell
Very nice short film
Everyone in Straightjackets
part of comedian Neb Lerman's web site
The Way Of The Master
Evangelical Christians; one woman does an SJ escape
Spooked TV Live - Aron Houdini Magician
Cute reporter ends up in SJ at very end of clip
Straight Jacket - Blog TV
Aron Houdini escapes from an SJ, and then a young woman attempts the same
In Stillness I Lie
MySpace for short film; actress shown in SJ
Trailer for "In Stillness I Lie"
Kink On Demand - Sunnydale Detention Dacility
Pay site; SJ in great padded cell
Photomanipulation of Natalie Wood in an SJ
Flick: Ridgeway & Johnson Entertainent's Photostream
Hentai Foundry: straitjacket by XA
Hentai Foundry: Straight Jacket by Mlad
Hentai Foundry: Commission :: Parity by LadyDev
Interesting NYT article on prison riot
Wonder Bondage
Spanish-language blog post about bondage in early Wonder Woman comics
Portrait of Julia Straight Jacket 9/23/08
Red Umbrella play Sept 15 08
Victoria Koblenko - flashback moments
YouTube clips from German soap opera - cutie in SJ

Pics from

JILL by *raygirl
Escaped from the Asylum by ~TheShortKeys
LISB_011 by ~DarlaKelberry
mental by ~carpals
iNSTiTUTiONALiZED__ by ~TormentedAlice
Asylum Inmate by ~Spielorjh
Get Me Out. by ~xXlamiaXdeaXx
Felicia: OTN by *LureDA
"What I did for summer vaca" by ~LelaRae
Red Captured by ~IloveShinyGirls
Retraining by ~TCPolecat7
Tainted Dreamer: redux by ~demonsfearme
A little off? by ~FehFeh13
Straitjacket by ~kinkystyle
Straightjacket by ~Kithar
ChibiBio: Maya Kito by =XerkyleReizem
Laptop desktop, June 22, 2008 by *UrbanSniper
Straightjacket Love by ~CactusMaid
StraightJacket by =ImagineINC
Solitary Confinement by ~GiveEmHellNikki
Mine II by ~jstem
Caitlin by ~zymurgea
Seething by ~opheliasessions
Vien and Lyra for Zarsh009 by *Caregan
Tsunade straitjacketed by !dantebunny
Cute in Pink by ~bound-nicole-babe78
Straightjacket Confidence by ~bound-nicole-babe78
EVE 12A9-X5 by =lord-markus/A>
Eve in a straight jacket by ~pink-kitsune
Straight Blazer by ~we-r-nomad
Grounder: Asylum Patient by ~LineytehPervert
Voices... by =Rhionne
we love bondage no3 - Lupana by ~caroo
NSFW ADULT Straightjacket love by !GothicPhobia
Splinter by ~terriwoodward
Laying Me To Rest by ~Dreadful-Phantom
Untitled- straightjacket. by ~SBrinegar
-re-bound by ~Tessaii
Doll - Me and Straightjacket by ~djsoblivion1990
what by ~krawuzi
they took me away... by ~scumblood
Strap her up by ~Morthern
Straight Jacket Glam by ~LelaRae
Strait Jacket and Stocks by *enonorez
Hinata Jacketed by ~Wing-Saber
Strait jacket .:done:. by ~vampirehimora
Over 10000 Alternate by *LureDA
Psycho Girl by ~xPARTxOFxMEx
Wedding Bliss pt. 14 by ~Hipper-Reed
Crazy as a Coconut by ~jewlogic
Valentines Restraint by =TristanNYC
gallery contains 8 pics in this series
Alana Bound by =TristanNYC
Ishkabibbles by *xena111returns
Request: Sable by =HopelessIdiot
Dragon Girl by ~midnightsubmission
Psyn by =MaliciousMisery
My Tribute To Rammstein by ~mike-the-vile
Strait Sitch 1 by ~LordFoot-in-Mouth
Strait Sitch 2: KP by ~LordFoot-in-Mouth
Strait Sitch 2.1 by ~LordFoot-in-Mouth
Halloween Costumes 2008 by ~ZaronianWarCaptain
Tina vs Comb by ~Leshii203
Dire Straits: Tina 1 by ~Leshii203
Dire Straits: Tina 2 by ~Leshii203
Mental Asylum 01 by ~Digitaliss
There are 3 more pics in this series
10-31-08 HALLOWEEN by ~dbcjk499
Vita da Cavie by ~Goth-Virgy
Happy Woman by ~EnigmaticFudge
Stay Sane Inside Insanity by *undergrounduno
Lucy feet tickle torture by ~Metarix777
Nowhere To Hide by ~Colorful-Ayako
Insanity by ~Colorful-Ayako
All Cracked Up by ~fallenscathed
Tayuya's cool jacket by ~Wing-Saber
In You Go by ~zymurgea
Tasha by ~Yousha
Straight Jacket by ~EthanSaint
Going mental.3 by ~bookstoresue
Me:an escaped mental patient by ~bookstoresue
me and sis at halloween by ~MADness323
request: felicia by ~metalzaki
Straitjacketed Cheryl Heart by ~ARNie00
Crazy Girl in the Basment by ~BlondeinTokyo
Straight-Jacket -Rabenbunt by ~Obey-Me
Crazy Fighter by ~Carotte666
Happy Jacket-Tiem by ~Limpurtikles
Andrea in Rubber Strait Jacket by ~wirlygig
Insanity ID by ~disorder-city
Commission -Jobeth and Amy by *Latex-Acolyte
Dr., I'm Feeling much better by *xx-Lethal-xx
Manicomio by *VanyWahl
La habitaciOn de al lado by ~RayNoir
Podemos ayudarte 1 by ~BayuEntertainment
Podemos ayudarte 2 by ~BayuEntertainment
Anna capturada by ~JosD
Intervention by *Gridzheh9
Hermione's Study Break by ~LordFoot-in-Mouth
Line sketchs by ~madd-literature
Sybil by ~unforgivenIDOL
The Scope of Our Predicament by ~DarlaKelberry
Akasha and Darla Hanging Out by ~DarlaKelberry
one sunny afternoon by ~roningarou

Photos from

Straitjacket image by missemilycandace
Strait-jacket image by janettejam
Straight-jacket image by spernell340
Straight-jacket image by spernell340
Straight jacket sue
straightjacket pictures by crazybiscuits
Straightjacket image by chloefried

Pics from

No more photos today
Dead Awaking
Fit to be tied

Pics from

Bound 2
Straitjacket! Model: Sedna. From shoot 12-17-06.
Another pic with Sedna
heavy canvas steel boned corset with straps, matching lace-up skirt and mini-straitjacket
Bound In Black
Away From Light
Photo: Vault Magazine shoot by Joshua Rubin
Not Quite Myself . . .
Yes, I was. (Shit! Here comes a car!)
FS: Fetish & Goth Clothes
Clinical Madness........model: Laura Millard...styling: Silent Muse Productions
In My Own Little World
San Francisco
"Dark Insanity"
Sub Crazy feat. Synthetic Daisy

Bolero SJ video from JT's Stockroom
Upside-down SJ escape by Shedini
Caught Up With Millie Jackson
How Can You Escape A Straightjacket?
Girls in Distress by New Bound
Bondage clips, some with SJs
Padded Room - Malone Psychiatric Center
Interesting comments section
Hundred Watt Films
SJ pic on front page
Sick Puppies
Band site; check Photos for SJ pic
Latex Culture - Video Preview
Ines Magia
Female magician; check "Fotos" for upside-down SJ escape
Beyond Reality
Magician's site with female SJ pic
Sideshow World
Article with female SJ pic
[Funabori Nariaki] Inbaku Byoutou
Scans from hentai comic; check pages 2 and 3 as well
Straitjacket image by keira_greywords
"I'll crucify you!" Wait, that's not right.
A disgruntled Christine trapped in a straight jacket by Chris.
Kiev Laboratorium
SJ manufacturer
The Institute
Excellent collection of institutional materials
Art by Integral
Excellent poser art; some SJs
Au Matin by Bo Bartlett
Vidcaps from Fuzztones music video
Not sure about the gender of the SJed folk
Xtreme Fantasy Entertainment
Pay site with green SJ pictorial
Connie Boyd
Italian magician; see "Maxtix Escape" on "The Magic" page for UD-SJ escape
Complementary Noise
Hip-Hop art organization; used SJs in a performance
Angels In The Air
Dance/sideshow company; one nice SJ pic in "Press Photos"
UW-SJ escape on Japanese site
Goth Girl Selena at Dark Romance
Salem Photographer - scroll to Nov. 17 entry
Spanish adult forum with SJed girl a few clicks down

CIRCA is a Toronto nightclub which features SJed women dancing in a padded cell.
Here's an example
A nice, atmospheric shot
Lyme Productions (check video list)
YouTube video of Lena in the Straight Jacket

Got Cuffs
Check video site for SJs
Band site; see Session 2 for weird SJ pics; also on YouTube
SJed girl from iStockPhoto
Another SJ from iStockPhoto
Woman in straightjacket from ShutterStock
Another pic in the same series
Insane Jane from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2003
Bolero SJ from JT's Stockroom
The Scallywag Sideshow
Sideshow attraction with SJ escape
Karen Lancel and Herman Maat
Click "StraitjacketEmbrace" and "Embrace" for pics
Just Bondage
Site with pay-site pics for free!
Farhad Re
Fashion designer; used SJs in runway show
"Family Entertainment" with cute SJ
Turkish art project; small pic of multiple SJs
Has a few SJ pictorials; kinda gross, though
Shackled Maidens
Pay site; preview page has some free SJ pics
Model's site; link contains a black SJ pic
Brandon Mental Health Centre - Treatment
A few pics of a woman getting tied in a lace-up SJ
Behind the Chair fashion article
Robert Cromeans' models wore tape gags and Posey SJs
Dorothy Laine's Kinky Bookstore
One-stop shopping for all your needs ;-)
Martin's Rigidcuffs
Seriously heavy metal . . .
MSP's Site
Was once an excellent Sj site; now in limbo . . .
Rock band; female MC does an SJ escape
Bianca's Place
Excellent handcuff site
Inpatient Artworks
Nice SJ pics in Joseph Witkowski's gallery
No Escape!!!
German site; sells home-made SJs
Straitjacket Bound
Dorothy Laine's new all-SJ site! (pics, art, forum, links)
Coco Productions
Personal site of bondage artist Ciro Coco; GREAT SJ pics (check free area, and then buy a membership)!
Straitlaced's Site
Personal site, with unique pics and stories
Sleeperkid's World: "The Big Sleep 3"
Wrestling fetish video; features black leather straitjacket; here's a gallery!
Shadow Play Imaging
Pictures and video sales; check out "Crazy About Bondage"
Brian's Page
good meeting place for those seeking movie/TV bondage scenes
Stocks and Pillories
For the Puritans among ye...
Teri Hatcher in Trouble
Many DiD pics of Lois Lane and others too!
Kerhop's Kaptures
Page with bondage video clips; updated twice weekly
Harry Tasker's Page
Personal page; contains SJ pics
Van's Fiction
Be sure to check out "Chattel Mountain Lodge"
The Straitjacket Floats
Many pics of disembodied SJs; use your imagination...
Lotsa handcuff scans and vidcaps
The Lady in Blue
Very nice artwork
Kristine Imboch's Bedroom Bondage
Contains several nice SJ sections
The Distressed Crimefighteress Page
Celebrating the bound heroines from DC Comics
Distressed Crimefighteress Mirror Site
Caught in the Act
SJs and other restraints designed by an escape artist
Cynthia Morrison in Action
Beautiful strength competitor and escape artist
Welcome to Cynthia Morrison
In case you can't get into the first site
Dorothy Laine
Fetish model with a love for SJs DLP Media
Betty's Page
lotsa pics of America's Sweethart
A Bind Like No Other...!
Fashion Show Photos
Same show as the show formerly featured on John
MTJ Publishing
Tickling site; check out Tome of Madness and Correcting Measures
The Bondage Files
German page; interesting selection
Pay site; free section has a leather SJ pic
Straitjacketed group at Yahoo! Groups
replacement for the "straitjackets" group
Zwangsjacken group at Yahoo! Groups
Another replacement for the "straitjackets" group (English and German language)
Bizarre Zoom
German bondage site with nice SJ pics
Radio Comix
Publishers of Milk!; several issues contain Houdini-Chan stories by ARNie!
Fetish Auctioneer
Finally, an auction site for us!
German site with lots of SJ pics (check Preview and Video sections)
Shade Paine
Pay site with a nice SJ pic
Soggo's Art < DD>Lots of shackled maidens
Medical Toys
Catalog of medical fetish items; includes canvas and PVC SJs
Sir X
German site; features an underwater Posey scene in the 2001 Preview Gallery
The Duchy - Lord Tiernan
Check "The Courtyard" for SJ sewing plans
Michael's Straitjacketpage
Personal site; lots of SJ pics (some female)
A Fetish Page
Pay site; several SJ pictorials
Posey SJ group at Yahoo!
Devoted exclusively to Posey SJs
The Magic Cafe Forums
Check out "All Tied Up" for escape artistry
Julie Simone
Model's pay site; contains SJ/strait-pants pictorial
Julie Sobanski
Magician and escape-artist; she's been covered in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
David Page
Lavishly designed SJs and other restraints; listing of a recent exhibition in Baltimore and a review of the installation "Interface"
Women IN Tights
Some SJ pictorials; need NetVerifier to view
Female Escape Artist group at Yahoo!
Lots of nice pics
Snake Babe site at Yahoo!
Model's group; see the 400 folder in the Photo section
John Bundy and Morgan
Magician's site with very nice SJ pic
First Annual Escape Artist Convention
Sponsored by Cannon's Great Escapes; one nice SJ pic
Bound and Gagged: Bondage in Mainstream Movies & TV
Lots of great caps; no SJs yet, though
Ann Lincoln Entertainment
Includes OK pic of Posey escape
The Magic of Virgil
Does a version of the Metamorphosis illusion; click on "Types of Magic" and "Grand Illusions"
Dick Avern's "Seat of Power"
Interesting art installation
Raffish International
Lots of great, large caps from foreign movies and shows
Secret Agent Reika
The Reika web site is closed, but here's the artist's new blog!
Lunatic Goth Asylum
German Goth party site; some SJ pics in pic gallery
Straitjacket Smile
Band page with AWESOME logo art
Heidi Mortenson
Musician's site; check Photos for onstage SJ shenanigans
Corbis Search
Search for 42-15852473 to find a funny Greenpeace protest
Pretty Hate
Contains "Psycho Girl" SJ pictoral
Salvation: Lost and Found
A themed photoset by Howard Mills
Straitjacket Bondage on MySpace
Seems like MySpace is the cool server now . . .
Les Femmes Fatales
Catfight site with quite a few SJ pictorals
Escapology group on MySpace
Group led by Shedini
Gothic Image Photography
Go to the 2005 gallery
Magic Show Sorrel
Magic site with some nice leather-trimmed SJ pics
Sideshow World
Some escape-from-SJ pics
Pyrate Sisters
Sideshow act with SJ escape
Czech DiD Site
Pretty slow to load, but lots of good stuff
Real Bondage
Personal site; SJ pics in "Pics" (check 1997, 2002 and 2006)
The Wonder Woman Files
Some scans of old-school WW in a lace-up SJ
Southern Captures
Pay site with some free SJ pics
The Mystified
Yahoo! Group for magician Misty Lee
Trenchcoat: Dead Ringers
Doctor Who fan fiction; contains a couple of SJ drawings (large PDF file)
Porn actress in magician's SJ
Drink Tank issue 98
PDF file with nice SJ pic at top
Crimson Skye's MySpace page
Burlesque artist; does SJ escape
Serious Bondage
Excellent site with SJ pics and articles
"Lunatic" photoset
Tied and Tickled Southern Belles
Pay site with lots of SJ clips
Charlotte Fetish
Pay site; recent update included Max Cita Psycho SJ
The Official Website of Ursula Mayes
TV and print model; "Tear Sheets" contain a SJ costume pic
Fear and Fascination: The Art of Melody Herbert
Web comic Ragdoll has cover pic of SJ
Andrew Basso - International Illusionist
Go to "Event Pictures" and then "07.09.2007 ALL MUSIC" for female SJ pics
More SJ cosplay
A clearer view of the SJ used above
CSARA - Dressing For Pleasure
Marina Halloween 2007
Lucy's Crown
Goth band; uses SJ in show
BDSM Toybox
Store with great SJ selection
Well Padded
British infantalism site with some SJ pics
Article on Britney Spears art show
Land of Lost Thoughts (go to April 3 2006 entry)
PJW pics at
Demonstrantin in Zwangsjacke
Morpheus Company - Art Asylum
Actresses in Straitjackets
Case study xprocess E
Niami EQ Traders
Straight Jacket Wedding Dress
Straight Jackets and Mental Patient Pajamas
Hooded Cyber Straitjacket
Teachers in Detention: Stuck Inside the "Rubber Room"
Tyler Frye's page - go halfway down for SJ pic of "Thrill Kill Jill"
Nita's Birthday
The Life Around Me
Straight Jacket Dance
Halloween Party (with facemask, too!)
Jimmy tying me up in a straight jacket?
Another dance team in fake SJs
Paul Mitchell Hair Show 2005
NDP Gym Meet 2005
Tickled in Straitjacket
Cosplay: Agito
More SJ escape pics
straightjacket + absinthe
Reform School for Teens: Jade
NEW PURPLE LOBSTER straitjacket dress camo print one of a kind
Photoset with canvas/leather SJ in padded cell
Article about "Potato Dreams" dance using SJed woman (no pics)
Anber Onar, Untitled 2001
Anber Onar's politcal protest in Greece (no pics)
Description of an intriguing performance art project
New SJ forum!
SJ photoset on Flickr
Girl in orange SJ as part of anime character costume
Detroit Pistoffs roller derby team
Flickr photos tagged with "straitjacket"
SpringFest 06
Raucus Rockin
Tainted Angel
A disgruntled Christine trapped in a straight jacket by Chris
From alt.magic.secrets, an interesting list of SJ/restraint patents
"Twitch, Twitch"
Daytona Festival of Magic
Ladies in Latex 3
Cool SJ pictorial leather SJs gallery
A couple of SJ pics from a video shoot
One way to stick to your diet . . .
Personal gallery of Valan
Dave Kennedy Photography
Go to Gallery image 08
Halloween Spooktacular SJ escape
Musical group "The Diddy Bops" perform in SJs
Cita Psycho SJ at JG Leathers
An SJ, a friend, and a toilet
All the SJs come out on Halloween! (scroll halfway down)
More Halloween SJs!
Even MORE Halloween SJs!!
More Shedini pics
Goin' to a party in a black canvas SJ
New Straight Jacket Photos by Coy
SJ dress from Fetish Universe
Miss Saturn
Goofing around at a Halloween party
Miss Saturn performs
Description of short video by Adriana Varella
A few caps from unknown European TV series
Crissy Moran in a straight jacket
Article on Coney Island; contains description of burlesque dancer's SJ escape
Medical Restraints
Minimalist SJ
Business story about airplane restraint system (no pics, tho)
Die Leiden der Sklavin Jaqueline
Description of magician Melinda Saxe's SJ escape
SJed girl at Halloween party


Tim Eric and Jane dual SJ escape part 1
Tim Eric and Jane dual SJ escape part 2
Tim Eric and Jane dual SJ escape part 3
SJs in the Drama Club
"Asylum" video on YouTube
Nice SJ escape by cute blonde
Here's something new: two girls in ONE straitjacket!
Moti and Naomi, Balada Para Un Loco
Nice SJ escape
Marhia in a straight jacket
Jordan in a Straight Jacket
Crazy Christine
Her Truly Twisted Life
Firecat Masquerade
"Rachel Star Live" - SJ escape attempt
Wendy Does Houdini
Circus Della Morte with female SJ escape
Hilarious SJ dance routine
Rochefort - Psychiatrie
Lucy's Crown
MyFox Los Angeles
Magic convention story featuring 100 people SJed!
How Much They Suffer
Corpus Callosum
"Magic Babe" Ning
Emile Autumn
Female escape artist in metal SJ
Opposable Thumbs Circuside
No doubt, the finest straitjacket/hula-hoop routine I've ever seen!
YouTube - Familia P. Luche - La sobrina de Don Camerino (2)
YouTube - amy vs. ghoulia (straight jacket race)
More wacky Scandinavian comedy . . .
What is it with dance companies and SJs?
SJ escape inside an amusement park ride!
STUDIO5 Mina og Karita


Strait Jacket 2 by ~amiba00
Strait Jacket 3 by ~amiba00
Jean Grey by ~thegruffman
BAD MEDCINE 3 by ~Stephanie7874
No Place Like Home WIP by ~einekleinekatze
Turquoise 1 by ~SharonWeston
Sedatives by ~EmoNekoX
Ghastly by ~EmoNekoX
Straitfox Art Trade, Part 1 by ~Hypercat-Z
It's not Halloween yet, Miss. by *LureDA
New troubles for Otawolfess by *Otakuwolf
SJ-Suit Samus Aran Wallpaper by *ARNie00
Shadows by *Halohid
SJ'ed American McGee's Alice by *ARNie00
Madhouse by *DocRenfield
straightjacket by ~konrad00
straight jacket by ~konrad00 (not the same page, I assure you)
Trade-Milena by *zarsh009
Gift wrapped Mel by *rabidgundam
Crooked Line by *Ebonfire
Dombrus's deviantArt Gallery
Shiloh Straight Jacket 2 by *JamesBrey
Nurse Opiate and her Patients by ~nitr0gene
Commission :: Parity by *Keori-Kiczys
Commish: Parity in Peril by *Taclobanon
Crazy, mad, mean and cruel by *Skizocrilian
Crazy Stock by ~DarkladyStock
ESCAPE by ~delimit-insanity
straightjacket by ~konrad00
deviantART: girl in a strait jacket
Bare-breasted SJ
Superheroine in an SJ
Lady Circe
"Crazy" by ~YerMam
"what" by ~krawuzi
Fashion Victim 1
Kookoo for Co Co's
You're always on my mind
Goth-Gal's not CRAZY,She's MAD
Sexually Insane by ~dantebunny
M is for Make-up
What do u mean insane by *artimas
You're always on my mind by *terryt68
overdosing vanity by ~puffballzeri
ARNie! is on DeviantArt now!!!!
next SKETCHBOOK cover art by *rantz
Indie Asylum Icon Mockup by *rantz
Trisha relaxing 2 by ~jstem
Wearing Straitjacket by ~Mistress-K
Straitjacket by ~Koely
I Want Service by ~jstem
Goddess, party of one? by ~jstem
Rie so crazy by -exham-priory
Rebecca II by =Lochai
Gosujin hospital by ~excilion
Parity Commission 32107 by ~CrazyCowProductions
Lunatic by ~blinded78
Bite Me by *Sanebedlam
Darla Straight Jacket by *Sanebedlam
8. Innocence AND 12. Insanity by ~SilverFists
Yil in strait jacket by *stkosen
COTN - Committed by ~gb2k
Tsunade straitjacketed by *dantebunny
Milla Automata Straitjacket by ~LessRuth
Zatanna and Batgirl in Peril by ~ARNie00
Insane girlfriend by ~holierthancow
Special Delivery by ~wynter333A
Captive Angel by ~wynter333A
Jill Ref v.2 by ~BechnoKid
Straightjacket feeling by =jojo-douji
Don't look at me like that. by ~TwistedMidget
Crazy Daisy by *dantebunny
Vien in Straight Jacket by ~zarsh009
Camisole de force by ~nad0
How'd I get here by *terryt68
Untitled Horror Panel by ~BlueRecluse
Versteht ihr mich? by ~ApathyOverdose
Crazy by ~KweenKaitlyn
RAGE by *Jzabelle
Self Loathe by ~mondoman
Not so Rover-able by ~Dombrus
Shiskababe's deviantART gallery
Juronco's Art Site
Sonya Secured by *wynter333A
wasted 27 by *super-chicken
Aer inna jacket by ~Girltaker
Oni-Girl inna Jacket :D by ~Girltaker
Parity Subdued by Offset by *ARNie00
Mirrored Straitjackets by *ARNie00
Straitjacket by ~Ugly-desu
Ghost in The Sheath 02 by ~we-r-nomad
Zaki SJ by Suichi by ~Mauser712
group therapy by ~kaozkaoz
We're all a little bit mad by ~Suni-moon
Matsuri hanging around.... by *dantebunny
Insane Little Girl by ~SilentWulf
Damsel game by ~Wing-Saber
Therese pwned by ~Smallpox-86
Shiloh in straight jacket by *JamesBrey
chasing temptation "color" by ~metalzaki
Camille Knapp by ~ToonMasta
Voices in my head by ~RFSwtiched
Kate sleeping in her Cell by ~metalzaki


A cute comic from Carol Lay
Another anime-style SJ drawing
Mary, Queen of the Asylum
A furry in a "nipple jacket"
Nice SJ art from Broken Angel
"Wrake's Girls"; one in an SJ
"Insane Chick" artwork
"Elf For Sale"
Great drawing from Grigbertz
Mail call! (furry art)
Female furry in an SJ
Ramna Akane Gallery (see 2nd pic at top)
"The Asylum" - poser comic
Benson art
Vengeance Nymphomane (SJ pics on page 2)
Pichard : Maison de Correction (SJ pic on page 2)
Pichard : Madoline 2
ZeroHenry's Art

Peace of Mind
Straightjacket Sin
Tied and Betrayed
Strait jacket - in progress
226/365 - crazy beautiful
226/366 - CrAzY...
Psycho (goddessofkats)
Psycho (kamde)
Jeffree Star
Studio Portaits
Model Alana
straightjackeT Madi
Mental Health
Benetton Straitjackets
La cosa
untitled; from same set as "La Cosa"

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