By T. M.

Chapter 2

A few days after Kelly's committal, Laura and Jen visited the offices of Larry, the head of the armored truck company.

"Hello, Larry," Jen said. "Thanks for seeing us."

"You're welcome," he responded. "Now let's get down to business. I heard about Kelly, and I want you to know I back you 100 percent. What are you planning to do with her fellow agents?"

"We plan to have them sent for pysch evaluations," Laura answered. "There's just one thing we're thinking about. Jen and I have been talking about leaving this company to work for the hospital."

Larry furrowed his brow in consternation. "Well, it'll be sad to lose you two. I really enjoyed having you guys working for this company as long as you did. What made you consdider the move to hospital work?"

"Jen and I want to help disturbed individuals. Putting Kelly away was so satisfying, I don't know how this job could ever replace that feeling."

"That all sounds good," Larry replied. "If you two do decide to leave, just let me know ahead of time, because it'll take some time to find workers as good as you. I'll give you glowing recommendations to show potential employers."

"Thank you so much," Laura said.

"What can you tell us about the other agent's on Kelly's crew?" Jen asked.

"Well, Sarah is a very tough girl. She doesn't look like she'd be trouble, but trust me, she can make a 7-foot man cry like a little girl, and fast. Rebecca is heavily into weapons, especially explosives. I know this because she displayed this interest out in the field. Finally, Susan is very smart. She loves playing mind games and is very fast on decision making."

Laura glanced at Jen and said, "It looks like we have our hands full."

After their talk with Larry, the two women headed back to the hospital and met with Matt, the human resources director.

"What can I do for you two today?" Matt asked.

Jen replied, "My friend Laura and I would like to be considered for a position at this hospital, working as orderlies."

"Very well; you'll have to complete an application, including references."

Laura and Jen stepped out of the office to fill out the applications. Once they finished they handed the papers back to Matt.

Looking over the applications, Matt said, "Well, everything looks good. So, why do you want to work here after spending so much time at your current job?"

"We've become very interested in helping people get the care they need. We brought in Kelly just a few days ago - she was one of the agents involved in that shootout last week - and we want to be able to help her co-workers the same way."

Matt said, "That sounds very well indeed. I do remember Kelly being admitted. I am glad you two brought her here. I will get in touch with your current supervisor and will contact you in a few days."

A week later, Laura and Jen return to Matt's office to discuss his decision.

"Hello, ladies. I am glad you two can make it back here so quickly." Laura and Jen both smiled.

"I've talked to your boss, Larry. He gave you two very good reviews, but there is a small problem. We both feel your work is not yet finished at the Armored Truck Company. You have three disturbed colleagues who need to be brought in."

Laura replied, "We didn't forget about the others; as soon as we were hired here, we were going right after them."

"I see," Matt responded. "Well, I tell you what: if you can bring the other colleagues in, even with help from the police, you both can start working at the hospital right after you catch the last one."

Laura and Jen agreed to this, shook Mattís hands, and left his office. Walking back to their car, Laura said, "Let's get Sarah's address from the truck company and see if she'll go willingly to the hospital."

When Laura and Jen arrive, they spy a police car in front of the building. They walk up to the officer standing in front of the car. Jen showed her employer ID card and said, "Hello, officer. What is your purpose here today?"

"Why is that any of your concern, Miss?"

"We are internal affairs agents for this company," Laura answered.

"Sorry about that. I'm doing some footwork about those women involved in that shooting last week. I heard that one of the agents was committed to a psychiatric ward not too long ago."

"Thatís right," Jen said, "we were the ones who committed her, and we are going after the others as well."

"Well, thatís good news. I guess with that information I should tell you about something I have found about one of the women, Sarah. Her house was being watched a couple days after the shooting by a fellow officer. As it turns out, Sarah is big on escorts. She has about three a week come to her house. She is a pretty wild girl so be carefu. I knew from my partner that she likes both female and males. She loves to rough up the males but not the females." He hands Jen and Laura the address to Sarahís house and the two of them are off.

As they slip into the car, Laura said, "We better go to Sarahís house dressed like escorts, not IA agents."

Jen nodded. "We can go back to my house. I might be your size and I have lots of make up and other things."

They stopped off at Jenís house to dress down. Jen put on a black bra and g-string, a white t-shirt, low-waisted blue jeans and black leather knee boots. Laura put on matching red bra and panties, a pink strapless minidress and high heels. Both women applied lots of make-up for this mission.

Jen and Laura arrive at Sarahís house. They see Sarah walking outside to meet a man who walking from his car towards her. All of a sudden Sarah punches. Laura and Jen looked confused. Sarah grabbed the gentleman and kissed him, wrestled a little on the front lawn, and then went into the house.

"What should we do?" Jen asked.

"Let's wait for a while and see if he leaves." Hours go by, and finally the man left and drove away.

"Jen, we have to be careful. Sarah is going to be hard to take down, and from what we witnessed, she likes to play rough."

Jen nodded. "I've got the strait jacket and muzzle in the backpack."

The two women got out of the car and walked towards Sarah's front door. Jen rang the doorbell.

Answering the door, Sarah exclaimed, "Well, the escort agency didn't mention they were sending two girls over here." She playfully smiled at the two of them. "This isn't going to cost extra, is it?"

"No; this is a gift for being such a good customer," Laura replied.

Sarah lets them inside and leads them into the bedroom. "Iím going to get ready; make yourselves comfortable," Sarah tells the women as she left the room.

An apprehensive Jen whispered, "Are you sure we're not in too deep here?"

"Don't worry; we'll play with her a little, get her aroused, and then trick her into the restraints."

"What happenned to trying to convince her into coming with us voluntarily?"

"Yeah right, she's not going to want to come, and besides, we have our window of opportunity here. If she tells anyone at the hospital about this, no one is going to believe her."

Laura and Jen stripped to their underwear, right before Sarah came back in, wearing a blue bra and panties.

Sarah growled, ďWell, look at you two, donít you just turn a girl on!Ē

Laura and Jen smiled back. Sarah walked over and started to kiss Laura and Jen joined in. Sarah took off her bra and Jen removed her panties. Laura and Jen removed their underwear as well, and now all three girls are naked and kissing each other. Jen pulled out the red collared Posey strait jacket. Sarah looked surprised and aroused all at once.

"Well, that looks like fun!"

Jen laughed. "Hold your arms out and you'll see!"

Sarah refused. "You first, cutie, then I'll put it on." Laura walked over to Jen and placed the jacket onto her. Jen gave her a look and Laura just smiled back.

Sarah walked over and felt Jen as Laura strapped her in the strait jacket. Jen moaned as Sarah rubbed her crotch with her hands, and the sensations got more intense as the jacket gets tighter. Finally, Laura tied Jen's arms across her chest and buckled the strap in the back, as Sarah kneeled down, eating Jen's wet pussy. Sarah finished licking Jen's pussy, allowing the final strap to be buckled. Laura pulled the crotch strap very tight and buckled it in the back. Jen tried to move her arms, but it was useless. Laura brought Jen over to the bed and all three girls fell onto it, kissing. Sarah and Laura rubbed Jenís pussy with their legs and rubbed her breasts, which bulged against the strong canvas of the jacket. Jen was moaning and softly whispered, "Oh, god, I love it!" Twenty minutes later, Sarah was ready to try the jacket on.

"Did you have fun, sweetie?" Sarah asked Jen, who nodded back in a daze. Laura unbuckled Jen and massaged her shoulders as Sarah eagerly slipped the jacket onto her arms.

Jen got behind Sarah and started to buckle the straps, while Laura grabbed Sarah's breast and kissed her. Jen put her arms through the front and side loops of the strait jacket and fastened the sleeve straps in the back. Sarah moaned with pleasure as Jen searched for the final strap, stroking her shaven cunt. Jen pulled the crotch strap extra tight before buckling it. Laura grabbed the muzzle from the backpack and gave it to Jen. Jen encases Sarah's face with the muzzle.

"Now, Sarah," Laura said, "we were not completely honest with you. Sarah stared at her in confusion.

Jen chimed in, "We don't work for an escort company. We work for the hospital and we know you need a psych evaluation. We are going to take you to the same hospital as Kelly."

A furious Sarah thrashed about as Laura and Jen held onto her and tried their best to drag the crazy kicking girl out of the house. Jen used Sarahís panties to tie her ankles together, making her slightly easier to handle. The two of them managed to get Sarah strapped into the back seat of the car. Realizing they were still naked, Laura and Jen dashed back inside to get dressed, and returned to the car.

After they arrived at the hospital, Laura dug out some rope and tied it around Sarah's ankles before removing the panties, so there would be no question of foul play. Laura and Jen dragged the furious naked girl into the hospital, and two male orderlies took her into a padded cell. Jen and Laura walked towards the padded cell, just in time to witness the male orderlies tying Sarah to a bed.

As they turned away to leave the hospital, something caught Jen's eye, and she looked through a small window in the closed door of another padded cell. She motioned for Laura to come over. They saw Kelly giving the doctor a song-and-dance, trying her best to convince the doctor that she does not belong there. The doctor didn't buy it, and left the padded cell.

Laura asked, "How is she doing? We brought her here."

"Not well," the doctor sighed. "She already attempted escape several times and refuses to work with the staff. At this rate, she will become a permanent resident." Jen and Laura could only hope for the best; that Kelly begins to play ball or she would have to adapt to her new home. Outside the hospital, Laura asked, "Jen, how did you like the strait jacket?"

"I have to admit, I liked it a lot."

Laura smiled. "Well, maybe I'll allow you to tie me up some time, maybe tonight. back at my place . . .Ē

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