By T. M.

Chapter 1

Kelly is a beautiful blonde, with a nicely tanned and very well rounded figure, standing about 5-2. The 24-year-old's past is not a very pretty one. Her brother and sister were killed in a car crash and her parents were caught in the middle of a shootout between two gangs while walking to their car from a movie. She is bitter from the whole experience and who can blame her? She decides to work for an armored truck company; risking your life isn't so terrible when you feel you have nothing else to lose. After several months and several robbery attempts, Kelly starts to enjoy the danger, almost hoping for someone to put her out of her misery.

Kelly's co-workers have similarly disturbing backgrounds. Sarah, the truck driver, was abused in high school by her brother and his best friend. Sarah never got along with her brother as children. One day after school, Sarah was walking home when her brother’s best friend attacked her and raped her in the woods. Sarah was traumatized by this for a long time. When she was finally ready to talk about the incident, her brother threatened to kill her if she handed his best friend over to the cops. Even now, in her late twenties, Sarah has never talked to anyone about her secret.

The second guard, Rebecca, who is 22, was never abused but never really liked being in with any group of people. She was always a loner. She did not care about college, she never really cared about a lot of things that a young girl should. In fact, the only thing she really wanted to be a part of was a security unit that has some power of people. The armored truck division was perfect for her: she had power over the innocent, she loved guns, and the violence was a really big turn-on for her.

The head of the crew, 30-year-old Susan, shares Rebecca's attitude, as she has no interest in what anybody says or thinks about her. She has been riding in the armored truck for ten years, and very much enjoys the action and looks forward to the violence on the streets. She wants a shoot-out so badly, she prays every night for some idiot to attack the armored truck.

One day Kelly and her crew are out on a delivery when a few cars attempt to stop the truck. Sarah said, “We got company,” as Sarah maneuvers the truck, dodging the lead car and pulling ahead of the pack.

“Why don't we stop the truck?” Kelly said. The rest of the crew agreed, and got ready to jump out of the truck to have some fun. There is a lot of shooting going on in the next fifteen minutes between the attackers and the armored truck crew. Finally the shooting stops, and the criminals are defeated. There were two attackers left and they wanted to surrender, placing their guns on the street and lying face-down. Kelly was so angry at the ferocity of their assault that she shot and killed one of the unarmed men. The other attacker screamed that he has surrendered and to please stop firing. Rebecca followed by shooting the other attacker, killing him instantly. Sarah called the police and stated that they had no choice but to shoot to kill. The rest of the crew had agreed to say that the criminals didn’t stop shooting until they were dead. Disturbingly, none of the co-workers cared about blowing the surrendering attackers away. Not a care in the world; it was just another day on the job and that is as real as it gets.

The police have to investigate the incident, and as per company policy, all involved agents are suspended until the investigation is complete. On top of that, the company has their internal affairs agent, Laura, investigating as well. Laura is a proud fifteen-year veteran of the company, and will not let some rogue agents ruin its reputation if there is any wrongdoing on their part. She starts by going to the location of the shootout, and discovered that a nearby restaurant recorded everything on one of their security cameras. Laura viewed the tape with her partner Jen, and saw how the truck's crew showed no mercy at all towards the surrendered attackers. They could go to the police, but they feared the legal and political blowback would crumble the company. The cops would eventually get this tape, but with Laura’s connections she could convince them to allow the company to take action before they do. The only option Laura saw fit was to send the agents off to a pysch evaluation. As Laura and Jen were going to the armored truck station to inform the boss, a car ran a red light and rammed into their car. Laura and Jen were not injured, but the car was totaled and the videotape was destroyed. Without the evidence, Laura knew the only way to save the company from public humiliation, and perhaps from being shut down, was to convince Kelly and the rest of her crew to undergo psychiatric evaluations.

Laura started with Kelly. She entered the armored truck station and saw the agent cleaning out her desk. “Kelly, how are you today?”

“Not good. I'm on suspension, because some assholes decide to rob us and we fought back.”

Laura responded, “Kelly, where the shoot out occurred there was a security camera which caught the whole incident on tape.” Kelly froze. Laura continued, “Unfortunately, the tape was destroyed in a car accident yesterday.” Kelly was visably relieved.

Laura said, “I want you to go for a psych evaluation.”

Kelly shot back, “No way! There's no proof that I shot an unarmed man.”

“I didn't say anything about that," Laura replied. Kelly inwardly cursed her slip-up. "So it's true. Don’t you feel bad about that?"


“Well, that's sad. If you won’t go on your own, I will make sure you get one, so you won't embarass this company.”

Kelly came within inches of Laura's face and growled, “Get the fuck out of my face, bitch! Those bastards had it coming. It’s not my fault you can't do my job, you coward.” Kelly turned away to pack more of her belongings, and did not notice that Laura put a hunting knife with a ten-inch blade in her purse. Laura quickly walked out of the building. Once outside, Jen greeted her and asked, “How did it go?”

“Not well. Kelly did not want to come with me, so I had to go to plan B.” Jen nodded.

Kelly came out a few minutes later with her box and purse. Once Kelly finished putting her things in her car, Laura and Jen approached her. They knew it was illegal to carry such a big knife on your person, even for self-defense. Someone could carry mace or a taser, but only with a license. Laura and Jen were grateful that there were other employees around to witness, so they wouldn't be accused of planting the weapon.

Laura said, “Kelly, I will give you one more chance of your free will to come with us.”

Kelly wheeled around and screamed, “Fuck off, cunts!” Jen grabbed Kelly and held her against the car as Laura searched through her purse and removed the knife for all to see. A shocked Kelly gasped, “That isn’t mine; you must have planted it when I wasn't looking.”

Laura leans in so only Kelly and Jen can hear her. “That’s why you must always be on your guard.” Laura walks back to their special van and pulls out a red-collared Posey strait jacket.

Kelly shrieked, “Please don’t put me into that thing! I’ll go quietly.”

Jen replied, “You had your chance; now you are going in the jacket.” Jen manhandled Kelly’s arms up and out for the jacket as Laura slipped it on. Laura moved to Kelly's back while Jen held the wildly struggling woman. Laura started buckling the straps together. The jacket slowly tightens with each tied strap. A small crowd began to gather and watch. Kelly repeatedly calls for help, but no one comes. Laura pulled the crotch strap through Kelly’s legs and buckled it very tightly. Kelly moaned, and Laura made sure to feel Kelly’s ass as she tightened that strap.

Kelly yelled out, ”Don’t touch me there, you fucking lesbian!” Laura and Jen shared a small smile, since they knew they were getting her even angrier in front of the crowd. Laura then had Jen criss-cross Kelly’s arms through the loops on the front and on each side of the jacket. Laura tied the straps behind Kelly, making sure it was tight enough to make Kelly struggle in discomfort. Kelly tried to move her arms forward but could not, because of the front loop blocking her arms from moving. Kelly then tried to move her arms from side to side, only to find her movement limited by the side loops. Kelly cried out, “Please! I’ll pay you to let me go; none of this has to happen!”

Jen replied, under her breath, “You need help. To shoot a man who already surrendered is sick. We've already went out of our way to put you in this thing and there is a crowd watching, so you are coming with us. I hope you enjoy your very tight strait jacket; it fits you perfectly - both physically and emotionally.” Laura and Jen dragged the kicking and screaming Kelly back to the van. Laura locked a Hannibal Lector-style leather mask on Kelly to keep Kelly from biting and screaming. The two of them strapped Kelly into the back of the van and slammed the door shut. Laura and Jen both agreed that it was sad that they had to do this to Kelly, but they thought she did look mighty good all tied up.

The police van arrived at the hospital, and two orderlies came to take Kelly, who was crying under her mask. Jen and Laura followed the orderlies into the hospital. A terrified Kelly kicked wildly as the two strong men dragged her down a white hallway. A nurse opened up a door and the orderlies led Kelly into a padded cell. The cell was very small, with one window and a bed against the padded wall. As they closed the door, Laura called out, “Good luck, Kelly. The road to recovery begins here."

As Laura and Jen drove away from the hospital, Laura said, “What do you think about working for the hospital?”

“That wouldn't be a bad idea,” Jen replied.

“All we have to do is inform the armored truck company and plan our move. It felt good helping a disturbed girl get the help she needed."

Jen asked, “Is it wrong to feel good about tying up people in restraints, if you know they are ill and in need of help?”

Laura replied, “I don't feel bad about this and neither should you. We need to find the rest of Kelly’s co-workers. They are sick and need treatment.”

“Amen to that!” They both smiled and made their way back to the armored truck station.

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