By T. M.

Chapter 3

A couple of weeks after Jen and Laura brought Sarah to the hospital, they started to make thier way to Rebecca. At the armored truck station, the two were filling out paperwork on the cases of Kelly and Sarah when they were visited by the officer who initially tipped them off about Sarah.

"Hello, ladies," he said.

"Hello, officer," replied Jen. "What do you have for us this time?"

"Well, since we are going to be working together, you guys can call me Joe."

Laura said, "Well, Joe, it looks like we are going to be close."

"You guys did well, so I'll give you information on Rebecca and Susan. These two are close friends and very dangerous. Rebecca is very violent and loves guns and explosions, while Susan prefers to use legal procedures and mind games. I will give you their addresses and see if you two can drag them to the hospital, but its not going to be easy."

"Thank you, Officer Joe," Jen replied.

"Well, we better be off to retrieve these sick girls," Laura said. "I guess we will get Rebecca next and save the best for the last."

Soon, Jen and Laura arrived at Rebeccaís house. The house looked fairly neat, but yet they were apprehensive as they approached the house, not knowing what would happen. Jen rand the door bell, and in a few short moments Rebecca answered the door.

"What do you guys want?"

Laura said, "We are here to bring you in for an evualtion. You can make this easy on yourself or you can bring yourself some more pain."

"Iíll go quietly," replied a downcast Rebecca. "I just need to turn off the stove, would you like to come in?"

A shocked Jen whispered to Laura, "We should have not given her an option."

Laura replied, "No; every person has their rights, even the insane."

Rebecca turned the corner very quickly as Jen and Laura walked quickly to catch up to her. Suddenly, Jen and Laura were shot backwards, throwing them out of the house and onto the front lawn. Jen wakes up to a loud ringing in her ear and the heat from a fire in the house. She looked around and saw Laura unconscious and badly injured. Jen found her phone and called 911. As Jen laid next to Laura, trying to comfort her, she noticed someone running to a car and speeding off.

A few hours later, Laura was resting on a hospital bed. Jen is right by her side with only a few scratches and bruises.

The doctor walks in. "Your friend is going to be all right. She has to stay the night, so we can be sure nothing more serious is wrong with her."

"Thank you, doctor. Iíll be back tomorrow to check up on her."

As Jen is leaving, she bumps into Officer Joe. "This is terrible - you two could have been killed in that explosion! Are you sure you're all right?"

"Iím fine and so is Laura. She has to stay over night so the doctors can keep an eye on her. Iím going home to rest. When Laura wakes up tomorrow, Iíll see what she wants to do about this bitch."

"Sounds like a plan. Iíll see you two tomorrow." Jen nodded and walks away.

Jen arrives home and sees an open window in her den. She thought she closed and locked everything. But Jen was tired and hurting from the tough day and didn't think too much about it as she walked over and closed the window. She headed upstairs to take a shower, and as she undressed, she felt a presence in the room. To her amazement, she was thrown to the ground. She spun around to see Rebecca staring down at her!

"You think you can just go after just anyone and make them go into a psycho ward just because they come off a little crazy to you?" Rebecca yelled.

"Hell, yes, and now Iím going kick your ass, bitch!"

The two of them wrestled on the ground, fighting and screaming at each other. Jen knocked the wind out of Rebecca and removed her shirt and bra.

"What the hell are you doing?" Rebecca screamed.

Jen ignored Rebecca as she tied Rebecca's hands with her bra, and moved down toward her pants and removed them. Rebecca tried furiously to untangle her hands from her bra, but with no success. Jen then slid town Rebeccaís panties and tied her ankles together. Now the two of them were naked, with one tied up and struggling to free herself. Jen tied one of Rebeccaís pant legs to her ankles and the other to the bed post so Rebecca canít hop out of there.

Jen got up and walked downstairs, where she had the infamous strait jacket and some other restraints. She returned upstairs to see the sexy Rebecca still struggling to get out of her clothes. Rebecca looked up to see Jen standing in the door way with the medical restraints. A look of horror crossed her face.

"You are not going to put me in that thing."

Jen smiled. "Oh, yes I am, and its going to very tight and very unpleasant for you."

As Jen removed one of Rebeccaís hands from the bra, Rebecca wildly struggled, but failed to escape. Jen forces the arm into the jacket and then does the same with the other arm. Jen then grabbed a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Rebeccaís arms to her dresser, so she wouldn't give Jen too much trouble as Jen fastened the straps of the strait jacket. Rebecca was spread out with her legs tied to the bed post and her arms in the strait jacket cuffed to the dresser. Jen could not have asked for a better position on the sick girl. Jen did up the straps on Rebeccaís back, taking her sweet old time and doing them very tight. Rebecca softly cried and begged Jen to allow her her freedom, but Jen snickered and continued to tie her up.

Jen reached the crotch strap. "Rebecca, here is the fun strap." Jen pulled the strap through Rebeccaís legs and buckles the strap. Jen made sure the strap was tied very tightly and Rebecca whimpered as the strap was tightened. Jen secured the crotch strap, and Rebecca pleaded with Jen about how unfair and unjust the situation was. Jen just thought to herself about how sick this girl was and just does not understand the help that is out there for her, and how her sick mind would even think to this being unfair. Jen uncuffed one arm and pulled it through the loop. Rebecca put all her strength into fighting, but Jen had the upper hand. Jen managed to get the other arm through the loop and tied the sleeve ends together behind Rebecca. After gagging Rebecca, Jen picked up her phone and called Officer Joe.

"Sup Jen?"

"You're not going to believe this. Rebecca found out where I lived and broke into my house and tried to rape me!"

"Holy Shit, are you all right?!

"Yes. I have her tied up. Will you come by and pick her up?"

"Yes, I'll be right over." Joe hung up the phone.

Jen turned to Rebecca. "That statement on how you tried to rape me will go nicely with you and your doctors. They'll see a sexually confused girl who is extremely violent and disturbed. Good luck on getting out in about five years or so. Thatís what you get for trying to blow me and my partner up." Rebecca tried to swear through her gag as Jen quickly put some clothes on. Officer Joe quickly arrived at Jenís house and dragged Rebecca to his truck.

"Thank you, Officer Joe," a grateful Jen said. "I am so tired and beat up.Ē

"Thatís no surprise. I hope to catch up with you girls tomorrow at the hospital."

Jen remembered something. "You know, as I was lying on the lawn with Laura, Iím pretty sure I saw someone running to a car and driving off after the explosion, and I don't think it was Rebecca."

"Well, I did mention that Susan and Rebecca are close friends, so it could have been Susan. But in the mean time get some rest, I will see you tomorrow."

As Jen walked back into her house, she was relieved that this girl was getting shipped off to the hospital and that they only had one more girl left to capture. Hopefully, if the hospital allows them, she and Laura could take a vacation before they stared their new job.

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