#ParangNormal Activity : "Haunted Asylum" (season 2, episode 9, original air date December 5 2015) : This is a Filipino show about 3 nerdy boys who cross paths with a girl ghost, and wind up investigating paranormal mysteries. In this episode, they visit a haunted asylum (natch) and come across a middle-aged woman in a straitjacket. You can find the whole episode on YouTube; the scene starts at 11:15 and lasts a couple of minutes. I've put the scene up on Google Drive.

Parang-Normal1 Parang-Normal2

13: Fear Is Real : "Alone" (season 1, episode 7, original air date February 12 2008) In this CW reality show, : 13 contestants face scary situations in an attempt to win $66,666. In this episode, 4 contestants (two men and two women) are ordered into a room in an abandoned asylum and strapped into Posey straitjackets; the last one to escape has to go to "the execution ceremony". There's lots of good struggling, but it's hampered by the fact that they turned the lights off in the room and shot it in green-tinged night vision. The scene lasts about 4 minutes, and starts halfway into the episode. I uploaded the clip to Google Drive.

A&E Biography for Kids : The episode on Harry Houdini was hosted by a pretty teenage girl named Tara. About halfway through, Tara attempted an escape from an SJ as a "tribute" to the great escape artist. Unfortunately, the SJ used was an extra-large Posey, when the girl could have easily been housed in a small. *sigh*

Adventure, Inc. : "Waves of the Future" (episode 116; original air date 3 March 2003) : This syndicated show deals with a team of three adventurers-for-hire, one of whom is Mac (Karen Cliche). Here's a partial synopsis, courtesy of TV Tome : "The team recovers a Roman plate that holds research on a synthetic gill unit tied to the research of a Professor Pendergast. Judson loses the plate when he and the curator are attacked while Gabe and Mac track the doctor to an insane asylum where he insists he is from Atlantis. Pendergast's partner Helmer needs the rebreather unit to silently get into a UN-quarantined area with sunken toxic gas tanks protected by sensors and is in league with the folks running the asylum to get the info out of Pendergast. Gabe and Mac try to break Pendergast out but Mac and Pendergast get captured and Helmer threats Mac to get Pendergast to give him the secret." Cliche and a man are taken from the asylum in Posey SJs (they didn't use the front loop on her, though). She is then hoisted above a water tank and dunked, before she's rescued. The scene starts about 36 minutes into the episode, pauses for a commercial break, and lasts about 6 minutes in total.

02ft8 03vv7 04xh8 05lr4 adventure_inc13 adventure_inc3 adventure_inc4 adventure_inc4-2 adventure_inc7

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The : "The Eligible Bachelor" (6th series, 1992-3, episodes 6-5 and 6-6, original ITV air date 3 Feb 1993) : At the beginning of the episode, a struggling redhead (Lady Helena, played by Anna Calder-Marshall) is tied in a lace-up SJ, chloroformed, and placed in a locked horse-drawn carriage. About 66 minutes in, there is a flashback to this scene, showing the unconscious woman carried towards the camera. I've put the clip up on Google Drive.

Eligible-Bachelor1 Eligible-Bachelor2 Eligible-Bachelor3 Eligible-Bachelor4 Eligible-Bachelor5 Eligible-Bachelor6 Eligible-Bachelor7

Against Her Will: An Incident In Baltimore (1992) : This TV movie starred Walter Matthau as a small-town lawyer who sets up shop in Baltimore in the 1950s, and tries to free a woman from a state mental hospital. At 37:30 (without commercials), an attendent guides Matthau through a ward of female mental patients, and at least two of them are wearing padded SJs. I've uploaded the clip to Google Drive (thanks to Barry).

Against-Her-Will1 Against-Her-Will2 Against-Her-Will3

Against Their Will: Women in Prison (1994) : (1) After a black female inmate tries to kill herself, she is taken away in a Humane Restraints jacket, hogtied with ankle restraints. (2) Judith Light protests this, and is later tied to a table with HR restraints and covered with a canvas sheet that straps beneath the table (her hands and feet fit through holes in the sheet).

will01 will02 will03 will04 will05 will05_2 will06 will07 will07_2 will08 will08_2 will09 will09_2 will10_2 will11_2 will12_2 will13_2 will14_2

Agent Carter : "Hollywood Ending" (season 2, episode 10, original air date March 1 2016) : Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) is seen sitting in a chair in a Posey straitjacket about 36 minutes into this episode. I've uploaded the scene to Google Drive. (thanks to Renfield)

vlcsnap 2016 03 01 23h38m37s276 vlcsnap 2016 03 01 23h39m17s600 vlcsnap 2016 03 01 23h39m30s706

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. : "Meet The New Boss" (season 4, episode 2, original air date September 27 2016) : Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) has some sort of infection which causes her to hallucinate. She is subdued after attacking several people, and is seen in a straitjacket and strapped to a gurney near the end of the episode (about 40 minutes). The scene lasts about 20 seconds and I've uploaded it to Google Drive.

AgentsofSHIELD_S04e02_01 AgentsofSHIELD_S04e02_02 AgentsofSHIELD_S04e02_03 AgentsofSHIELD_S04e02_04 AgentsofSHIELD_S04e02_05 AgentsofSHIELD_S04e02_06 AgentsofSHIELD_S04e02_07 AgentsofSHIELD_S04e02_08 AgentsofSHIELD_S04e02_09 AgentsofSHIELD_S04e02_10

Aguila Roja : The sixth-season premiere of this Spanish period adventure series ends with a woman huddled in a stone cell in a smock-style SJ. You can see the episode on YouTube (starts at 1:13:45). (Thanks to SJS)


Airwolf: In the first-season episode "Echoes in the Past," both Jan-Michael Vincent and an attractive brunette (Michelle Nicastro) are imprisoned in Posey SJs for several scenes. After Vincent's sidekick (Ernest Borgnine) helps them gain the upper hand, the bad guys (including an older woman) are imprisoned in the very same SJs. You can watch the entire episode on Hulu. I've put an improved video of the scene up on Google Drive.

Airwolf01 Airwolf02 Airwolf03 Airwolf04 Airwolf05 Airwolf06 Airwolf07 Airwolf08 Airwolf09 Airwolf10 Airwolf11

Alegrijes y Rebujos (August 2 2003) : Roxana Castellanos is chloroformed by her lover and wakes up tied in an SJ, according to the Chlorodatabase site.

Alemin Krali (2011-13) : Episode 23 of this Turkish comedy has 2 scenes near the end of a black-haired woman in a smock-style SJ. The entire episode is on YouTube; the scenes are at 1:26:00 - 1:27:20 and 1:30:30 - 1:33:10. I've put the clips on Google Drive (thanks to Barry).

Alfred Hitchcock Presents : "The Last Escape" (original air date 31 Jan 1961) : The wife of an escape artist conspires with her lover to rig an underwater escape, so her husband will drown. After the funeral, the coffin is dug up on coroner's orders, but the body is nowhere to be seen. As a result, the widow goes insane, and we see her SJed at the very end of the show for about 10 seconds. The entire episode has been uploaded to DailyMotion (thanks to C.A.).

Algo Está Cambiando ("Something is Changing", 1999) : The 80th and final episode of this Chilean telenovela featured an actress in a padded cell being forced into a smock-style SJ by two orderlies, about 1 hour and 19 minutes in. The episode is available on YouTube, and I've put the clip on Google Drive (thanks to Rodrigo).

Algo-Est-Cambiando-1 Algo-Est-Cambiando-2 Algo-Est-Cambiando-3

Alias : "Reckoning" (season 1, episode 6, original air date 18 November 2001) : Sydney (Jennifer Garner), a graduate student leading a double-life as an agent for the SD-6 (a CIA division), is committed to a Roumanian mental institution to obtain information from a patient who was programmed to be an assassin. Near the end of the episode, she is seen in a green-collared Posey being escorted by three attendants. She manages to fight them off and escape from the SJ. (The plotline continues into the next episode, "Color Blind," but there is no SJ bondage; Garner is seen in leather restraints in a washtub, undergoing electrical torture.) Someone recently put a HD clip on YouTube, and I've just put it on Google Drive.

alias_106_1069 alias_106_1073 alias_106_1076 alias_106_1081 alias_106_1082 alias_106_1083 alias_106_1084 alias_106_1085 alias_106_1087 PDVD00593 PDVD00594 PDVD00596 PDVD00597 PDVD00598 PDVD00603 PDVD00604 PDVD00610 PDVD00615

Alias Grace ("Part 3", released November 3 2017 to Netflix) : This 6-part miniseries is based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, about a domestic servant who was convicted of murdering her employer. The trailer has a brief shot of a woman in an SJ at 0:29 (thanks to Renfield). At the very beginning of the third episode, Grace Marks (Sarah Gadon) is seen in a canvas straitjacket that laces up in the front, with leather reinforcement along the opening. The shot lasts for about 20 seconds, and I have the scene up on Google Drive (thanks to T.T.)

Alias_Grace01 Alias_Grace02 Alias_Grace03

Alienist: Angel of Darkness, The : "Many Sainted Men" (season 1, episode 7, original air date March 5 2018) : This limited-run TNT series takes place in 1890s New York City, as police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt grapples with a serial killer. One of the people he works with is Sara Howard (Dakota Fanning), a secretary who wishes to become a police detective. In this episode, she follows a lead to an insane asylum, where she walks past a long line of female mental patients strapped to chairs, and there are two shots of women in straitjackets.

Alienist-s01e07-1 Alienist-s01e07-2

All My Children (October 22, 2001) : In one stort arc, Laura and Greenlee are fighting over Leo. Laura, imagining an SJed Greenlee carried away to Oakhaven Mental Hospital, decides to start plotting to gaslight Greenlee. The scene occurs near the end of the episode and lasts about 20 seconds. I've put the scene up on Google Drive.

AMC_10222001_1 AMC_10222001_2 AMC_10222001_3 AMC_10222001_4

(April 15, 2002) : "At Oak Haven, David walked up to Anna and Jackson who were outside Vanessa's cell. He confirmed that Vanessa tested positive for a controlled substance that induces psychosis. Jackson asked the question of how she got the drug when she was in a secure room. As they walked away, Anna said that anything's possible in her world. In her cell, Vanessa is in a straight jacket when she hears Proteus' voice through the loud speaker asking her where she stashed the money." (courtesy of The scene is at the end of the episode and lasts about 30 seconds. I've put the scene up on Google Drive.
AMC_04152002_1 AMC_04152002_2 AMC_04152002_3 AMC_04152002_4

(June 18, 2002) : Vanessa (Marg Dusay) is again SJed while being taken to a hospital for a checkup. She's seen in three scenes for about 3 minutes, starting about halfway through the episode. The DVD I had this on started glitching after I made the caps, and I was unable to convert it to MP4 format, but C.A. was kind enough to send me the clips, which I've put on Google Drive.
AMC_06182018_01 AMC_06182018_02 AMC_06182018_03 AMC_06182018_04 AMC_06182018_05 AMC_06182018_06 AMC_06182018_07 AMC_06182018_08 AMC_06182018_09 AMC_06182018_10 AMC_06182018_11 AMC_06182018_12 AMC_06182018_13 AMC_06182018_14

(October 31, 2007) : Concerned over Greenlee's mental stability and possible danger to her family, Erica Kane schemes to have her involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital. She daydreams that Greenlee (Sabine Singh) comes into her office to confront her, but is met by two orderlies who put her in a Humane Restraints SJ and lead her away. The scene lasts about 30 seconds, with some nice struggling by Singh. BuddyTV has a synopsis with a small vidcap (thanks, Heath) and the scene is available on Google Drive (thanks, CarFetish).
Greenlee01 Greenlee02 Greenlee03 Greenlee04 Greenlee05 Greenlee06 Greenlee07 Greenlee08 Greenlee09

(December 1, 2008) : After stabbing Erica Kane at a party, Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) is arrested, and later taken out of the police station in a straitjacket. The scene is very short and is near the end of the episode. I put the clip on Google Drive.
AMC12012008_1 AMC12012008_2 AMC12012008_3

Alma Rebelde : There are SJ scenes in this telenovela.

The Amazing Race 1 (China) : Leg 1 (original air date October 17 2014) : This Chinese version of the reality competition show started with the teams traveling from Hong Kong to New York City. One of the challenges had one member from each team do an upside-down straitjacket escape from a height of four stories. The entire episode is available on YouTube; two female contestants are seen in Posey straitjackets at 1:26:55 and 1:28:35, and a blonde female stuntwoman demonstrates the escape at 1:14:00.

America's Next Top Model : "The Girls Go Rock Climbing" (Season 8, Episode 3, original air date Oct 3 2007) : This reality show centers on a modeling competition, as host Tyra Banks and her mob of fashion judges and consultants winnow 13 contestants down to determine the fashion world's next "it girl". On this episode, the contestants went to a "fashion madhouse", where they had to showcase their "runway walk" while strapped into Humane Restraints SJs. Fortunately, the producers had the good sense to do this early in the season, with 12 beautiful women strutting their stuff in jeans and SJs! The scene lasts about 4:30 and occurs in the first 10 minutes of the show. The scene is available both on YouTube as well as Google Drive.

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 29 30 31 32 34 35 37 38 39 41 42 43 44 45 47 48 50 54 57 61 62 64 65 66 68 bianca_straightjacket cw-antm09-episode903-container_007690-32a3c9-500

American Girls : This very short-lived TV show (September to November 1978) starred Priscilla Barnes and Debra Clinger as reporters for "The American Report," a Sixty Minutes-style investigative show. One episode is listed on Brian R's Scene Database with this description: "While infiltrating an insane asylum a patient is seen in a straitjacket and gagged with adhesive tape." You can check a listing of episodes at, but it's hard to determine which episode has the scene.

American Horror Story : Asylum : "I Am Anne Frank, Part 2" (season 2, episode 5; original air date November 14 2012) : Franka Potente is seen lying on a bed wearing a straitjacket (looks like a Posey with a tattered collar) for a couple of minutes. The scene starts about 8 minutes in, after the first commercial break.

ahs13 ahs49
"Continuum" (season 2, episode 12; original air date January 16 2013) : After assaulting her roommate at the asylum, Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) is seen in a straitjacket, sitting in a chair in a psychiatrist's office. There is a brief moment of struggling, but not much else. The scene happens about halfway into the episode, and lasts about 4 minutes.
AHS212-1270 AHS212-1281 AHS212-1291 AHS212-1326 AHS212-1355 AHS212-1363 AHS212-1401 AHS212-1422 AHS212-1477 AHS212-1482

American Horror Story : Freak Show : "Orphans" (season 4, episode 10, original air date December 17 2014) : Pepper (Naomi Grossman) was framed for the murder of her baby neice (by her sister and husband) and was taken to the asylum in a straitjacket.

AHS410 2687 AHS410 2692 AHS410 2716 AHS410 2726

Ancient Prophecies : the first part of this three-part series shown on The Learning Channel has a brief shot of a blonde in a white SJ.

Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (1986) : Amy Irving plays the title character in this miniseries (available on video only in EP mode), and ends up in an SJ and a padded cell in one scene. The original video on YouTuve was deleted, but someone put another video up.

Angel : "Damage" (season 5, episode 11, original air date 28 January 2004) : "When an emotionally unstable woman, Dana (guest star Navi Rawat, "House of Sand and Fog"), escapes from a psychiatric ward, Angel (David Boreanaz) learns that she was tortured as a child and is now searching for her tormentor. Andrew (guest star Tom Lenk, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), a watcher-in-training, arrives from Sunnydale with surprising information about Buffy and to inform the group that Dana is also a vampire slayer. Meanwhile, Spike (James Marsters) believes that if he can save Dana, he will prove that he is destined to be the vampire champion." About 15 minutes in, Angel is looking at a video tape of Dana windly struggling in a Posey. Not bad, but considering how dangerous everyone in the episode claims she is, shoudn't they have used the front and side loops on the jacket?
I've uploaded the clip to Google Drive.

Angel-Damage01 Angel-Damage02 Angel-Damage03 Angel-Damage04 Angel-Damage05

Another World (June 8, 1998) : Cindy (Kim Rhodes) was framed for a hit-and-run accident by her scummy husband Grant, and was carried off in an SJ to a psychiatric ward (she's been placed in psych wards twice before in her short history on the show). I haven't seen this scene (heard about it too late), but I found a promo for the show which has a second or two of the scene, and I've put it on Google Drive.
And here's a cap I found on a long-gone fan site:


(March 3, 1999) Dr. Shelly Clarke (Kimberlin Brown), the sympathetic doctor who comforted Marley in the psychiatric ward, turned out to be a patient herself, as an orderly SJed her and carried her off. The scene is available on a compilation of AW scenes on YouTube; the scene goes from 13:45 to 15:45.
vlcsnap 2016 03 10 22h34m39s660 vlcsnap 2016 03 10 22h35m53s036 vlcsnap 2016 03 10 22h45m31s597 vlcsnap 2016 03 10 22h45m42s338 vlcsnap 2016 03 10 22h56m56s696 vlcsnap 2016 03 10 22h57m45s558 vlcsnap 2016 03 10 22h57m59s923

As The World Turns (June 24, 1999) : Rita (Barbara Garrick) tries to convince Julia that she should fear Reid, not her. Julia calls the cops anyway and they haul Rita away. Rita's warnings do make an impact on Julia, who later acknowledges to Liam that she's having some serious misgivings about Reid. Reid visits Rita and tries to get her back into his good graces. When he is unable to regain her trust, Reid gives orders for Rita to be put in a straightjacket. As the cops cart off Rita, she vows to pay Reid back for his terrible misdeeds.
(sometime in 2001): Julia, who committed herself to a psych ward in a last-ditch effort to hold on to her husband Jack, escaped and attempted to kill Jack's paramour Carly. The police arrive just in time, and Julia is last seen smiling in the corner of a padded cell, wearing a Humane Restaints SJ with the straps in front. SJtemp put the scene on YouTube, and here are a few caps:

atwt2001 1 atwt2001 2 atwt2001 3 atwt2001 4 atwt2001 5

(March 2002) : Julia is released from the hospital (by series ubervillain James Stenbeck) and holds Jack hostage in his house, tying him in a Humane Restaints SJ. When his current girlfriend Mitzi (Anne Sayre) comes to the house, she's knocked out by Julia, who decides to take Jack elsewhere. When the police arrive, they find Mitzi gagged and tied in the SJ. Here are some caps I downloaded from the now-defunct FuzzWeb site:
capture D82 capture D83 capture D84 capture D133 capture D134

(May 10, 2004) : "Mike dreams he is marrying Katie (Terri Colombino) who is wearing a straight jacket as orderlies drag her away." (courtesy of Katie was manipulated into a mental hospital during this story arc, but other than a brief shot of her wrists tied to a chair with medical restaints, there was no bondage. Someone has posted the entire episode to YouTube; the scene lasts from 29:45 to 30:25. I've clipped the scene and uploaded it to Google Drive (thanks to Rodrigo).
AsTheWorldTurns_05102004_01 AsTheWorldTurns_05102004_02 AsTheWorldTurns_05102004_03 AsTheWorldTurns_05102004_04 AsTheWorldTurns_05102004_05 AsTheWorldTurns_05102004_06
(September 17, 2004) : Barbara (Colleen Pink Zinter) managed to wind up in the same psych unit as her teenage son Will, after she escaped from a courthouse and took two other characters hostage. Will managed to sneak into her room and set up a plan for their escape; however, Will despises Barbara, and she is quickly caught and placed in a Humane Restraints SJ. She's seen for a few minutes, mostly sitting down while having an argument with her daughter Jennifer; there's only a little struggling. I've put the scene on Google Drive.

Así en el barrio como en el cielo ("So in the neighborhood as in heaven", 2015) : In the final 2 episodes of the Mexican novela, the villainess Lucía (Bárbara de Regil) winds up in a padded cell. She is seen briefly in her regular dress in episode 119 (at 37:40), and wearing a long, smock-style straitjacket in episode 120 (at 25:45) (thanks to Diego).

Auf Streife ("On Patrol") : This looks like a German version of COPS. There's a video on the Sat1 site called "In der zwangsjacke" (In the straitjacket), but I'm unable to access it in America. I did download the thumbnail, however.


Avatar: The Legend of Korra : "The Stakeout" (season 3, episode 9, original air date August 1 2014) : At the end of this episode of this anime, Korra is restrained a la Hannibal Lecter: straitjacketed, muzzled, and stapped to a hand truck (which is itself chained to the wall). There's some pretty decent struggling before the episode ends. You can see the entire episode at Pinoy Anime (the scene starts at 21:30). (thanks to ARNie!; Bob2300, and BK for the tip).
"Long Live The Queen" (season 3, episode 10) : Korra remained in her restraints throughout this episode, but her fellow captive frees herself near the end and starts planning a jailbreak. It's also available at Pinoy Anime, and ARNie! sent me some vidcaps:

Korra10 01 Korra10 02 Korra10 03 Korra10 04 Korra10 05 Korra10 06 Korra10 07 Korra10 08
ARNie! just sent me scans from the artbook of the third season of Avatar, showing Korra in her straitjacket.
The-Legend-of-Korra-The-Art-of-the-Animated-Series-Book-Three-Ch The-Legend-of-Korra-The-Art-of-the-Animated-Series-Book-Three-Ch

Avengers, The : "You'll Catch Your Death" (season 7, episode 4, original air date October 7 1968) : "Steed keeps Mother posted about events, as he dons a gas mask to discover what lethal weapon lies within an ordinary envelope. Each victim was an anti-allergist who could have found a cure for Dr. Glover's new killer virus. When Tara is chosen as a guinea-pig for the final test, Steed gives the baddies a cold reception." Thorson is subdued by two baddies after some nice struggling, but the SJ is a weak-looking two-strap model. I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Avengers-1 Avengers-2 Avengers-3 Avengers-4 Avengers-5 Avengers-6

Azúcar (1989) : An actress is stuff-gagged and forced into a straitjacket by three orderlies in episode 46 of this novela (thanks to Rodrigo, and no, I don't know why it defaults to 3D - you have to manually change it back to 2D).

Babylon 5 : "The Wheel of Fire" and "Objects in Motion" (Season 5, Episodes 19 and 20; original air dates 4/11 Nov 98) : The super-empath Lyta Alexander (Patricia Tallman) is tied in an unusual SJ (showing cleavage) after she is traced to reports of vandalism on earth. Fans of the show noted that Lyta's massive mental powers would make any physical restraints useless, and she demonstrates this in the second episode, when she makes a handcuff-related restraint dissolve. When asked why she tolerated the SJ, she replied that it made the others feel safe, and that she was actually beginning to like it. Hmmmm . . . . I've put an old video file of the scenes on Google Drive.

babylon 5 season 5 5 babylon 5 season 5 10 babylon 5 season 5 11 babylon 5 season 5 13 babylon 5 season 5 16 babylon 5 season 5 18 babylon 5 season 5 19

In Jane Killick's guide to season 5, The Wheel of Fire (Ballantine Publishing Group, New York, 1999), Tallman talks about the restraint: "It's the sexiest straitjacket you've ever seen in your life! . . . it's this really nice fabric, and it's open at the neckline, and when I put it on with the sweater that I had been wearing underneath my jacket, it became all about my cleavage - it was a different scene! So I went back to wardrobe and they pulled out a sweater that is the same texture and color, but it's cut a little higher, but it still had the same effect. I'm not a little woman, I'm a big girl and - not that I've got huge breasts or anything - but I have a full figure, and when your arms are under your boobs like that . . . it was just so funny! The crew loved it, the soundman loved it, everybody had a great time with that." (pg 156-7)

Batman : "Zelda the Great" (season 1, episode 9, original air date February 9 1966) : "Batman and Robin match wits and escape techniques with luscious Zelda the Great and fiendish master Elvol Ekdal (part 1 of 2)." (courtesy the FX network episode guide) There's a long shot of Aunt Harriet in a phony, black satin SJ. Anubis has put a video of the scene on the Didvids forums.

Behind The Music : "Pat Benatar" (2001) : This episode of the VH1 music biography show displayed several alternate SJ shots from the photo shoot for Get Nervous.

behind_the_music_-_pat_benatar_10 behind_the_music_-_pat_benatar_11 behind_the_music_-_pat_benatar_12 behind_the_music_-_pat_benatar_3 behind_the_music_-_pat_benatar_4

Belinda : "vespakalerputih" tells me that this telenovela has an SJ scene in the final episode; a blonde is wrapped up in a smock and hauled out about 3:30 into episode 105. At 23:30, you see her lying on a mental hospital bed being injected by a nurse, and then talking with the main characters for a few minutes. She's seen on the bed again for a few minutes at the end, starting at 39:20.

Ben 10 : "Ghostfreaked Out" (season 2, episode 11, original air date 25 July 2006) : At the end of this episode of the animated show, the villians are being taken into custody and a female villian is seen SJed with a hood to cover her hair. Here's a vidcap, courtesy of ARNie!:


Better Than Us ("Luchshe, chem lyudi") : "Season 1, Episode 8" (2019) : This Russian sci-fi series is available on Netflix. Svetlana (Irina Tarannik) is mourning her dead child, and there is a flashback to when she was committed to a mental institution. Her husband visits and finds her in a beige straitjacket made of spongy material with a very high neck. The scene lasts about a minute and occurs 19 minutes into the episode. I've put the clip up on Google Drive.

Better-Than-Us1 Better-Than-Us2

Betrayal (1978) : Leslie Ann Warren has an affair with her unscrupulous psychiatrist (Rip Torn); not a very good idea, as evidenced by a scene in which she is SJed and locked in a strong room. The scene is up on YouTube. Pat alerted me to an auction on eBay of the original press kit for the movie, which contains some alternate shots of Warren in the jacket.

betr2 (1) betr2 (2)

Beverly Hillbillies, The : "Collard Greens an' Fatback" (season 7, episode 26, original air date March 26 1969) : "Famous singer Pat Boone is in the neighborhood and smells Granny's cooking. He wanders into their backyard and the Clampetts befriend him, thinking he's a hill country man down on his luck." (courtesy of the IMDB. Miss Drysdale (Harriet MacGibbon) winds up in a jacket near the end of the episode, and C.A. was nice enough to send some screencaps:

Beverly_Hillbillies_s07e26_01 Beverly_Hillbillies_s07e26_02 Beverly_Hillbillies_s07e26_03 Beverly_Hillbillies_s07e26_04 Beverly_Hillbillies_s07e26_05 Beverly_Hillbillies_s07e26_06 Beverly_Hillbillies_s07e26_07 Beverly_Hillbillies_s07e26_08 Beverly_Hillbillies_s07e26_09 Beverly_Hillbillies_s07e26_10 Beverly_Hillbillies_s07e26_11

I finally found an unedited version of this episode and posted the clip to MediaFire.
"Shorty to the Rescue" (season 9, episode 10, original air date December 1 1970) : "Shorty returns and Granny convinces him to pretend to be Ellie's boyfriend to drive Mark away. Mr. Drysdale tells Jed that the idea of him giving millions to the ocean project has made Miss Jane mentally unstable." Miss Jane (Nancy Kulp), is seen in a car, SJed and cloth-gagged, for about a minute.
the_beverly_hillbillies_-_shorty_to_the_rescue_2 the_beverly_hillbillies_-_shorty_to_the_rescue_5

Big Brother (Czechoslovakia) (2006) : The cast members in this version of Big Brother got a SJ as a "present", and one woman gets tied in it. Here's a fuller explaination, courtesy of Hmane: "They all got the straitjacket as a present from Big brother. Lena tried it as first. When guys dressed her in it, she still asked, if they free her and don't let her in it too long. When Lena is in straitjacket, Filip said, that he carries a spider, but then he was kind to her. Shrek tied her feet with a ducttape, they laid her on a couch and they left. Lena didn't want to lie alone, she wants to play "Don't worry man". She rolled down from the couch and tries to crawl. Shrek put her on his shoulder and carried her to the table. Filip holds a glass of cola by her mouth to let her drink. They decided to let her play allthough tied-up. Filip put a die on her head and she threw the die down, but it was not successfull, so they decided to free her."
You can find a few pics and a video at the official site.

Big Brother Brasil 10 (2010) : On one episode of the Brazilian version of Big Brother, two of the female contestants were shown in a padded cell wearing smock-style SJs, along with an unrestrained male contestant. You can see a vidcap at Abril, and see the actual scene at YouTube.

Big Brother (Germany) (2015) : On "Tag 4" (Day 4) of this version of the venerable reality show, contestants Manuel and Sharon were tied in costume straitjackets to play a lip-reading game ("Lippenlesen"). You can find a nice picture at Stars on TV and the clip is available on YouTube (thanks to Renfield).

Big-Brother-Tag4-1 Big-Brother-Tag4-2 Big-Brother-Tag4-3 Big-Brother-Tag4-4 Big-Brother-Tag4-5 Big-Brother-Tag4-6 Big-Brother-Tag4-7 Big-Brother-Tag4-8

Big Mouth : "Horrority House" (season 4, episode 9, original release date December 4 2020) : In this episode of the animated Neflix show, Jessi gets so freaked out by a haunted house that she is straitjacketed and taken to a mental hospital. She manages to break through a window and run through a swamp, and she gets out of the jacket after the Gratitoad teaches her to be more grateful for the good things in her life. Yep, it's that type of show. Alex was nice enough to send me the clip, which I've put up on Google Drive.

Big-Mouth1 Big-Mouth2 Big-Mouth3 Big-Mouth4 Big-Mouth5 Big-Mouth6

Bilik No. 13 : "Pelawat Malam" ("Night Visitor"; season 2, episode 11) : Nurul Akmar is seen in a straitjacket in this episode of this Malaysian horror TV show. You can see a picture of Akmar on the blog of the show's producer, Anak Wayang.

Billable Hours: "Insane In The Membrane" (season 3, episode 8, original air date December 3 2008) : This Canadian show is set in a law office, where Robin (Jennifer Baxter) just won the award for the most hours billed in a year. However, the prize was just changed from 2 weeks in the Cayman Islands to an old-fashioned roast. As her friend Sam points out, Robin has "skin thinner than a burn victim's", so she tears everyone at the roast a new one. However, Sam "fixes" the problem by telling everyone that she went off her meds and had a breakdown. She tries to reverse the damage, but no one believes her, and after another blowup, she's dragged out of the office by two orderlies, but not shown in restraints. She is back in the office after the commerical, but at the end of the show, there's a flashback to Robin in a padded cell, sitting down and being visited by Sam. Baxter is tied in a green-collared Posey SJ and pajama bottoms, with her knees pressed up to her arms, with no struggling. The scene lasts a minute.
Encore+ has posted the entire episode on YouTube, and I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Billable-Hours1 Billable-Hours2 Billable-Hours3 Billable-Hours4

Billy On The Street: "Season 3, Episode 7" (2014) : This Fuse TV show follows comedian Billy Eichner and his guest stars on the streets of NYC as they quiz people with bizarre questions. Amy Poehler is seen in a SJ in the first segment of this episode as she is quizzed by Eichner. The segment lasts about 5 minutes, and there's very little struggling by Poehler until the end. Since Mediafire put a copyright block on it, I reuploaded the video to Google Drive.

Billy_On_The_Street1 Billy_On_The_Street2 Billy_On_The_Street3 Billy_On_The_Street4 Billy_On_The_Street5

Bionic Six : In this 80s cartoon, the bad guys used a straitjacket-type bodysheath to hobble their victims. In one episode, some kids who threw a party while their parents were away were trussed up when the bad guys crashed the party. ARNie! recently discovered that the episode is called "House Rules", and you can find a German-language version on YouTube (scene starts at the 6:20 mark). He was also kind enough to send this vidcap:


Bionic Woman, The : "In This Corner, Jaime Summers" (episode 2-2; original air date 29 Sept 76) : "Jaime competes as 'Joltin Jaime', a professional lady wrestler, while on an undercover assignment to search for a missing OSI agent." A tag-team records a promo for the next house show, with one of the wrestlers SJed so she "won't kill her opponents." The SJ has three straps in the front, with no arm loops nor crotch strap. There's some nice struggling during the 2 minute scene. It comes about halfway through the episode.

the_bionic_woman_-_in_this_corner_jaime_sommers_1 the_bionic_woman_-_in_this_corner_jaime_sommers_2 the_bionic_woman_-_in_this_corner_jaime_sommers_3 the_bionic_woman_-_in_this_corner_jaime_sommers_4 the_bionic_woman_-_in_this_corner_jaime_sommers_5

Bir Zamanlar Çukurova ("Once Upon a Time in Çukurova") : This synopsis of episode 28 states that Zuleyha is taken to an asylum after attempting suicide and is seen in a smock-style SJ. The episode is available on YouTube; the scenes occur at 2:09:15, 2:14:10, and 2:22:20. The bondage continues into episode 29; go to 5:10 (thanks to Q We).

Birds of a Feather : "Compulsion" (season 6, episode 4, original air date October 9 1994) : In this episode of the long-running Britcom, Sharon and Tracey try to cure Dorien (Lesley Joseph) of her shopaholic tendencies by tricking her into putting on a homemade alpaca sweater with overlong sleeves, which they then tie around her back. The scene lasts about 10 seconds, and you can find the episode on Daily Motion (starts at 17:50). (Thanks to Bob for the tip!)

Blind Date (Episode #2-378W, weekend of May 19-20, 2001) : On this syndicated show, two couples go on a guess-what with various contrived situations. On this episode, ER doctor Rutledge and sex therapist Sydney meet up with a street magician, who shows them how to escape from a Posey SJ. He then straps the couple into medium Poseys (without arm loops, alas) and challenges them to escape; Rutledge wins, while Sydney struggles and finally implores them to unstrap her. The scene lasts for a few minutes. You can visit the show's web site for an episode guide and upcoming listings.

Blonde (2001) : This four-hour CBS miniseries was based on Joyce Carol Oates' book on Marilyn Monroe. In one scene, her mother (Patricia Robertson) sets their house on fire and refuses to let Marilyn leave. When the authorities arrive, they force Richardson out of the house; she is seen strapped to a stretcher and struggling in what appears to be an SJ for about 5 seconds.

Bonding : "Personal" (season 2, episode 3, original release date January 27 2021) : This Netflix series follows a part-time dominatrix and her gay assistant. This episode opens with the two of them attending a dominatrix workshop and trying out the equipment. About a minute in, you see several women and the man wearing different styles of straitjackets. I've put the brief clip on Google Drive (thanks to Renfield and Don).

Bonding1 Bonding2 Bonding3 Bonding4 Bonding5 Bonding6

Brooklyn Nine-Nine : "Greg and Larry" (season 3, episode 23, original air date April 19 2016) : Chelsea Peretti and guest star Dennis Hasbert are seen in Posey straitjackets, being escorted out of a hospital by a police officer disguised as an orderly. The scene happens at 11:30 into the episode and lasts for about 30 seconds. I've put it up on Google Drive.

brooklynninenine vlcsnap 2016 04 22 21h57m24s410 vlcsnap 2016 04 22 21h57m49s174 vlcsnap 2016 04 22 21h58m06s099 vlcsnap 2016 04 22 21h58m24s378 vlcsnap 2016 04 22 21h59m22s881 vlcsnap 2016 04 22 21h59m37s273 vlcsnap 2016 04 22 21h59m48s653 vlcsnap 2016 04 22 22h00m03s759

Bubble Gang : This is a long-running sketch comedy show from the Philippines. It contained some scenes set in a psychaitrist's office with various cast members, male and female, tied in smock-style SJs. You can see some of the sketches on YouTube.

Butler Parker : "Patientin gesucht" (season 1, episode 6, original air date 8 August 1972) : This German TV series was an adaptation of a popular series of detective novels featuring the bowler-hatted and bumbershoot-wielding butler Josiah Butler. In this episode, Butler encounters a female escapee from an abusive private asylum, and his associate Stella Mooney (Vivi Carlson) gets herself committed in a plan to trap the evil doctor. Carlson is seen briefly SJed and held back by several orderlies. More information on the show can be found at this German-language blog.

Caça Talentos ("Talent Hunting", 1996-98) : Episode 45 of this Brazilian children's novela shows one of the female characters struggling in a costume SJ with a white tape gag. The episode is up on Daily Motion (20:30 - 21:10), and I've put the clip on Mediafire (thanks to P.K.).

Caca1 Caca2

Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker : "Nightmare on Baker Street" (season 4, episode 5, original air date July 22 2014) : In this competitive reality show, teams of bakers compete in baking exotic cakes. This episode has the bakers creating horror-themed cakes, and since some horror films are set in asylums, one member of each team is put in a "straitjacket" (purely symbolic, as the sleeves are not closed at the end, or even extra-long) for an hour and cannot physically help his/her teammates. only one of the jacketed bakers is a woman, and you can clearly see her hands at the ends of the sleeves. You can see the entire episode on YouTube; the jackets are brought out about 13 minutes in. (thanks to LC for the tip.>

Camisa de Fuerza : Rodrigo sent me this screengrab from a TikTok video advertising this miniseries, but that's all the info I have now:


Carol and Company : (Carol Burnett, at the end of the show)

Carolina Barrantes (1998) : Virginia (Adriana Ricardo), the main villainess of this Colombian telenovela, ends up SJed in a mental hospital in the final episode. Diego was kind enough to put the scene up on YouTube.

Casados Con Hijos : "La Juala de los Locos" (2006) : This Argentina comedy is a copy of Married with Children. At 10 minutes into this episode, the family (3 males and 3 females) is led into a room in smock-style SJs. The episode is available on YouTube (thanks to MB).

Cathouse : "Cat Call" (original air date December 23 2010) : This episode is a one-off HBO special centered on the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel located near Reno, Nevada. One of the working girls is briefly seen in a straitjacket during the end credits of the episode.

Celebrity Paranormal Project : "Pearl" (episode 2, October 2006) : "Supermodel Rachel Hunter, comedian Godfrey, Baywatch's Traci Bingham, workout video guru Tony Little, and Survivor winner Ethan Zohn visit New England to stay overnight at an abandoned asylum for the criminally insane. The team investigates the story of Nell Marley, a patient at the asylum who claimed to be possessed by a dangerous entity named Pearl -- an entity that eventually drove Nell to commit suicide. It's no joke when Godfrey descends into the tunnels and turns stone-scared, leaving Rachel behind to face the ghost of Pearl alone. By the end of the night, Traci's fear jeopardizes the team's chances of completing their investigations." (courtesy of VH1's site. Barry tells me this episode had a lot of female SJ action; VH1 has a photo section. There's also a detailed synopsis at Bad Psychics, but it only indicates that a man was tied in a jacket.

Charles in Charge : "Dutiful Dreamer" (season 3, episode 18, original air date July 9 1988) : This episode of the cheesy Scott Baio sitcom showed Ellen Travolta in a Posey SJ.

charlesincharge cic-dutiful_dreamer.wmv.0008

Chaos;Child "Head or Tails" (season 1, episode 8, original air date March 1 2017) : This anime is based on the video game of the same name. Senri Minamisawa is seen in a quilted full-length straitjacket, ballgagged, head locked in a brace and strapped to a chair. You can see a capture at eggsnhamrgreen's DeviantArt account (thanks to ARNie!).

Charmed : "Brain Drain" (episode 4.07, original air date 7 November 2001) : The witch Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie Combs) is fooled by a demon into thinking she's a patient in a mental institution, as a means of sapping her magical powers. Combs is forced into a red-collared Posey by two attendants at the 23-minute mark (I've uploaded a HD video of the scene to Google Drive), and is seen in 4-point restraints along with Rose McGowan a few minutes later (which is also at Google Drive).

vlcsnap-2020-06-09-22h00m54s980 vlcsnap-2020-06-09-22h01m29s497 vlcsnap-2020-06-09-22h01m43s785 vlcsnap-2020-06-09-22h03m12s674 vlcsnap-2020-06-09-22h03m45s185 vlcsnap-2020-06-09-22h04m12s309 vlcsnap-2020-06-09-22h05m08s790

Chicago Hope : Laurie Geiger (Kim Greist), the wife of Dr. Geiger (Mandy Patankin), was institutionalized after drowning their son. Several episodes in the first season have scenes with her in an (reportedly too large) SJ. Rusty tells me that neither "Full Moon" (1.21; 15 May 95) nor "Songs of the Cuckoo Birds" (1.22; 22 May 95) have any scenes. There's still hope for the following episodes: "Over the Rainbow" (1.2, 22 Sept 1994); "Love and Hope" (1.11; 9 Jan 95); "Cutting Edges" (1.14; 9 Feb 95); "Wild Cards" (2.5; 16 Oct 95); "From Soup to Nuts" (2.7; 6 Nov 1995). I think the caps below are from "Over the Rainbow":

Chicago_Hope_Season_1_12 Chicago_Hope_Season_1_13 Chicago_Hope_Season_1_2 Chicago_Hope_Season_1_3 Chicago_Hope_Season_1_5

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina : The season 3 trailer for this Netflix adaptation of the comic book has a brief shot of a cleave-gagged woman in a straitjacket (thanks to Gagster on Brian R's page).


"Chapter 25 : The Devil Within" (season 3, episode 5, release date January 24 2020) : Agatha (Adeline Rudolph) is seen cleave-gagged and straitjacketed at 11:30 - 12:30, 18:15 - 18:20, and 36:10 - 37:10 (thanks to Dr. X). I've put the clip up on Google Drive.
CHo-S-s03e05-1 CHo-S-s03e05-2 CHo-S-s03e05-3 CHo-S-s03e05-4 CHo-S-s03e05-5 CHo-S-s03e05-6 CHo-S-s03e05-7 CHo-S-s03e05-8

Chucky : "Just Let Go" (season 1, episode 4, original air date November 2 2021) : This SyFy/USA Network show is based on the popular Child's Play series of horror movies. About 19 minutes into this episode, one character looks up the "Good Guy Doll murders" on his cell phone, and the frame displays a bunch of headlines and photos, one of which is Fiona Dourif wearing an SJ from the movie Cult of Chucky (see the listing on the Motion Picture page) (thanks to Barry).


Clarissa Explains It All : "Revenge" (episode #101, original air date March 23 1991) : Clarissa (Melissa Joan Hart) wants to wreak havoc on her little brother for bringing one of her training bras to show-and-tell, so she comes up with a fiendish plan: wrap him in an SJ, attach him to a bunch of helium balloons, and watch him float away. She tries on the SJ (courtesy of a friend), and is seen wearing it for a good 5 minutes, and for once it's an actual Humane Restraints jacket, not one of those cheap things the Prop Dept. throws together. Recommended. Ryan sent me the clip, and I've put it up on Google Drive.

ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-014 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-015 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-016 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-017 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-021 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-033 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-034 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-035 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-046 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-049 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-052 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-055 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-056 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-058 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-061 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-064 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-066 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-067 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-068 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-072 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-073 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-075 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-078 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-081 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-082 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-093 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-096 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-100 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-101 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-102 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-107 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-108 ceia-clarissas-revenge-wmv-109

Cleopatra 2525 : "Trial and Error" (original air date April 17 2000) : One of the bad guys in this futuristic action series is the psychic Raina. She is subdued with a white leather sleeves-only SJ.


Clueless : "Parent Trap" (episode 3.17, original air date 20 April 1999) : There is a black and white flashback with a scene where Dr. Mariens (Amber's father) meets his future wife, Ginger Mariens (Linda Carlson). She was bound in a Posey straitjacket and wheeled in on a handcart. Some nice struggling, but they didn't use the crotch strap. (Props to Brian R's Scene Database.)

Code Geass : "The Day A New Demon Was Born" (Episode 1, 2006) : According to this synopsis, an SJed woman is seen near the end of this episode of this recent anime.

Community : "Intro To Knots" (season 4 episode 10; original air date April 18 2013) : The final scene of this episode shows an "alternative timeline" in which a one-armed Joel McHale is defending a straitjacketed and facemasked Alison Brie in a courtroom. Brie is seen briefly before her restraints are removed. You can see a clip at the IMDb.

Community-410_1321 Community-410_1329 Community-410_1331 Community-410_1335 Community-410_1336

Como dice el dicho ("As the saying goes") : "Las palabras" ("The words") : In this episode of the long-running Mexican anthology series, an older man has two orderlies put a smock-style SJ on a woman and take her out of his house. The scene is available on YouTube, but if it's geo-blocked in your country, I've also put the clip on Google Drive.

Como-dice-el-dicho-Las-palabras-1 Como-dice-el-dicho-Las-palabras-2 Como-dice-el-dicho-Las-palabras-3 Como-dice-el-dicho-Las-palabras-4 Como-dice-el-dicho-Las-palabras-5 Como-dice-el-dicho-Las-palabras-6 Como-dice-el-dicho-Las-palabras-7

Corazón Apasionado ("Passions of the Heart") (2011-2) : Patricia (Marlene Favela) is railroaded into a psych ward, straitjacketed and doped up in episode 72 of this novela. You can find the entire episode on YouTube, but if it's geo-blocked in your country, I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Coraz-n-Apasionado-072-1 Coraz-n-Apasionado-072-2 Coraz-n-Apasionado-072-3

Cosmopolitan Prayers (2004) : One episode of this anime series featured a "bondage ceremony" with an SJed woman, according to the Jellyfish Anime Reviews site.

Counterstrike : One episode of this '80s spy drama featured an SJed woman gagged and seated in a chair.

counterstrike1 counterstrike2 counterstrike3

Criminal Minds : "To Bear Witness" (season 9, episode 4, original air date October 16 2013) : In this episode, a twisted man kidnaps his own sister. She is first seen in a straitjacket with the straps in front and a buckled high collar, ankles ziptied, and with duct tape over her eyes and mouth. She is then strapped to a chair, has the tape removed and replaced with a dental gag, and is given an ice-pick lobotomy. The scenes begin about 20 minutes in, and last a total of 3 minutes. I’ve got the scene on my YouTube page.

criminal_minds_-_to_bear_witness_1 criminal_minds_-_to_bear_witness_14 criminal_minds_-_to_bear_witness_15 criminal_minds_-_to_bear_witness_16 criminal_minds_-_to_bear_witness_17 criminal_minds_-_to_bear_witness_2 criminal_minds_-_to_bear_witness_22 criminal_minds_-_to_bear_witness_23

Criss Angel: BeLIEve : "Elephant Herd Vanish" (episode 110, original air date December 3 2013) : In this episode of the magician's reality show, Criss is grooming his assistant Krystyn, a beautiful blonde, to perform magic on her own as part of his show; one of the tricks is an Sj escape while hanging over the crowd. Krystyn is shown twice in a small Posey SJ, once while rehearsing in an empty theater (18 minutes into the episode, about 2 minutes total) and once during the actual performance (30 minutes in, about 3 minutes total). The episode is still available on the Spike TV site.

CSI: Cyber : "Python's Revenge" (season 2, episode 15, original air date March 2 2016) : The cyber-criminal "Python" returns from an earlier episode to kidnap Grace (Alisha Boe), the surrogate daughter of Patricia Arquette's character. Python broadcasts a live feed of Grace wearing a brown leather straitjacket, chained to a wall, with her left arm strapped up and her right arm free and holding a deadman's switch attached to a chemical bomb on her chest. She drops the switch, but the team rescues her before she dies.

vlcsnap 2016 03 05 23h22m10s786 vlcsnap 2016 03 05 23h22m34s954 vlcsnap 2016 03 05 23h23m14s180 vlcsnap 2016 03 05 23h23m30s938 vlcsnap 2016 03 05 23h24m11s618 vlcsnap 2016 03 05 23h27m42s127 vlcsnap 2016 03 05 23h28m00s396 vlcsnap 2016 03 05 23h31m56s383 vlcsnap 2016 03 05 23h32m04s643 vlcsnap 2016 03 05 23h32m26s172 vlcsnap 2016 03 05 23h33m01s825

CSI New York : "Sleight Out Of Hand" (original air date Feb 28 2007) : Real-life illusionist Criss Angel plays a magician who is killing people to get revenge on his adopted family. In the final act of the show, a middle-aged woman is tied in a Humane Restraints SJ and gagged with silver duct tape. Angel chains her upside-down and dunks her in a tank of water to drown her. Fortunately, the detective arrive just in time to save the day. You can find the video on YouTube. (thanks to ARNie! and Joe)

csi_ny_-_sleight_out_of_hand_2 csi_ny_-_sleight_out_of_hand_4 csi_ny_-_sleight_out_of_hand_5 csi_ny_-_sleight_out_of_hand_7 csi_ny_-_sleight_out_of_hand_8 csi_ny_-_sleight_out_of_hand_11 csi_ny_-_sleight_out_of_hand_12 csi_ny_-_sleight_out_of_hand_16

Curious Life and Death of . ., The : "Harry Houdini (season 1, episode 5, 2020) : In this episode of the Smithsonian Channel documentary series, host Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris is strapped into a canvas-and-leather SJ (the crotch strap is left loose) and struggles for a bit before deeming it inescapable. The entire episode is available on DailyMotion, the scene is from 11:00 - 11:40. I've put the clip up on Google Drive. There is also a promo pic of her in the jacket in this Threader thread (thanks to S.W.).

Curious01 Curious02 Curious03 Curious04 Curious05 Curious06 Curious07 Curious08 Curious09 Curious10 Curious11 ENJIh-OYWw-AMMWib

Dama Velata, La (2015) : Episode 110 of this telenovela had a brief straitjacket scene, which is available at Google Drive (thanks to Rodrigo).

Dantalian no Shoka ("The Mystic Archives of Dantalian) : In this anime, the character of Flamberge is always seen in a straitjacket with several padlocks. You can see a few pictures on her Dantalian no Shoka Wiki page (thanks to ARNie!).

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (2004) "Siberian Special Vacation" (episode 10) : This anime series centers on a young woman who, after failing her college entrance exams and sufffering more bad luck, joins up with the "Nereids", a help-for-hire organization of other women. This episode has the main characters heading off for a much-needed vacation. Gloria, the weapons speciallist, is caught at the airport with a suitcase full of guns and other nasty devices, and is hauled off to the police station. In a montage, the other women are seen having fun in the sun as Gloria struggles in a SJ in a jail cell. There are two short clips of her in this predicament, and ARNie! was kind enough to send these pics along:

DIBB_Ep_10_Gloria_Sleeping DIBB_Episode_10_Gloria

The episode is available on volume 3 of the DVD release.

Dark Matters : "Mr. Lobotomy" (2011) : This Science Channel show consists of recreations of strange but true scientific events. This episode deals with Dr. Egos Moniz's invention of the lobotomy. A young female mental patient is shown in two short scenes in a straitjacket in the first few mintues of the show. You can see the entire episode on YouTube.

darkmatters11 darkmatters5

Dark Realm (2001) : In one episode of this horror anthology, a woman in a mental hospital was SJed, and later strapped to the bed, reportedly in the first few minutes. You can see the entire episode list at, but it's hard to determine which episode has the scene.

Days of Our Lives (April 20, 1998) : Laura has a nightmare, in which she is SJed and taunted by the villains Kate, Vivian, and Stefano.
(January 25, 2006): Dr. Lois Banks (Gigi Bermingham) comes to Salem to try to split John and Marlena up. Part of this scheme involves faking insanity, and she is seen in a padded cell in a Posey SJ. There are caps available at the MSN Group Days of our Lives 2 (there's a photo on page 4 of that folder, too).
(August 2, 2017) Marlena's evil twin Hattie (both played by Deidre Hall) sneaks back into Salem and drugs Marlena's food with sedatives, so she can switch identities and get Marlena committed to a sanitarium. As she signs the committal papers, "Marlena" suggests that the head doctor keeps the "dangerous mental patient" sedated and restrained. At the end of the episode, Marlena is seen lying in a padded cell in what appears to be a Monkey Dungeon straitjacket, in two shots totalling about 20 seconds. I've put up a video including the unrestrained padded cell scenes on Google Drive (thanks to Renfield).

Marlena-straitjacket-_Days-_JJ vlcsnap-2017-08-03-21h54m08s224
(August 11, 2017) We finally see Marlena again, in four short scenes totalling 4 minutes, still in the straitjacket and arguing with an orderly about her identity. She finally convinces him to remove the jacket so she can feed herself, and uses a hidden caell phone to try to contact her fiance John Black. I put the video up on Google Drive.
Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_01 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_02 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_03 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_04 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_05 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_06 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_07 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_08 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_09 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_10 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_11 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_12 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_13 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_14 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_15 Days_Of_Our_Lives08112017_16

(August 14, 2017) Marlena manages to call John from the asylum, but is unable to make contact with him before the orderly catches her. She's seen back in the straitjacket, lying on the bed after an (off-screen) injection from the orderly, who warns her that if she tries any funny stuff again, the jacket "will look like a day at the beach" compared to what he has in store for her. I put the clip on Google Drive.
Days_Of_Our_Lives08142017_01 Days_Of_Our_Lives08142017_02 Days_Of_Our_Lives08142017_03
(August 21, 2017) : Marlena's long-time beau John Black (Drake Hogestyn) follows Hattie to the sanitarium and sneaks into Marlena's room. As he's unfastening the straitjacket, Hattie slams the cell door shut and tells John they'll be spending a lot of time together. There's a brief scene of Marlena struggling in the jacket at the beginning of the episode, and a more sedated Marlena at the end. I've put the clip on Google Drive.
Days_Of_Our_Lives08212017_01 Days_Of_Our_Lives08212017_02 Days_Of_Our_Lives08212017_03 Days_Of_Our_Lives08212017_04

(August 24-25, 2017) On Thursday's show, Marlena has an extended flashback to Monday's episode, with John and her talking about the events of the past few days, before the orderlies burst in and drag John out. At the end of the show, she discovers that John has been straitjacketed and placed in the neighboring padded cell (after Hattie convinces them that John is suffering from dissociative identity disorder), and they can talk through a vent. Since there was so much footage, I edited it into two clips:

August 24 Part 1
August 24 Part 2
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On Friday's show, John and Marlena talk through the vent about who might be helping Hattie in her schemes. (Unbeknown to them, mastermind Anjelica suffers a heart attack in this episode!). I've uploaded the clip to Google Drive.

Days_Of_Our_Lives08252017_01 Days_Of_Our_Lives08252017_02 Days_Of_Our_Lives08252017_03 Days_Of_Our_Lives08252017_04 Days_Of_Our_Lives08252017_05

(August 29-30, 2017) : John and Marlena continue to talk through the vent, with John encouraging a despondent Marlena to not give up. John eventually gets out of his straitjacket, and coaches Marlena on her own escape routine. I've put the clips on Google Drive:
August 29
August 30

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On Wednesday September 6, John choked out an orderly and got into Marlena's room, only to get tazed by another orderly. John and Marlena were both tied into four-point restraints in sitting-up positions on their beds, and the show ended with Marlean being told that they were getting shock treatment (after Hattie was informed of the escape attempt).
On Friday September 8, John and Marlena are seated in the ECT waiting room, wearing wrist cuffs attached to waist belts. They were about to get escorted into the ECT room at the end of the show.
vlcsnap-2017-09-10-12h54m17s740 vlcsnap-2017-09-10-12h54m29s832 vlcsnap-2017-09-10-12h55m56s038

On Monday September 11, John and Marlena are shown side-by-side on stretchers, being hooked up to the ECT machine before being rescued, so the storyline is probably wrapped up.

Death Note : "Gamble" and "Decision" (season 1, episodes 15 and 16) : This recent anime adaptation of the original Japanese manga (see the bottom of the Miscellaneous Media page for scans from the manga) contains the same SJ scene. The series won't be released on DVD until November 2007, but Joe told me that TV Links has the episodes for online viewing, and ARnie! sent a vidcap for our enjoyment:


There is also a two-part live-action adaptation; you can read the review at Fangoria. The second film is available for download on TV Links too, but the filmmakers didn't use SJs in the imprisonment scene.
If you hurry, you can pre-order a Misa Amane doll, complete with SJ!

Delta State : "Couch Time" (episode 15, 2004): This Canadian animated series uses rotoscoping (tracing over photographs of live action movement frame-by-frame) to tell the story of four roommates who have the ability to enter the titular state, a dreamlike realm. (The Wikipedia entry has much more info.) In this episode, Claire is seen in a nondescript SJ for about 30 seconds. There's a large vidclip at the Cartoon Heroine DiD Videoclips page.

Desprecio, El ("Contempt", 1991) : Clara Ines Santamaria (Maricarmen Regueiro), misjudged as mentally feeble, is put in a straitjacket and taken to a mental hosptial in episode 37 of this Venezuelan telenovela (26:00 - 27:40, 31:10 - 33:00). She's also subjected to some nasty electroshock in the beginning of episode 38, and is placed back in the jacket while in a padded cell (19:00 - 20:00, 27:35 - 30:30. (thanks to Rodrigo).

Desprecio, El (2006) : Episode 173 of this remake of the above telenovela shows an SJed woman being led out of her home and into the paddy wagon. The image on the video on YouTube is rather poor.

Destino (2013) : In the finale (episode 105) of this novela, Elena (Maria Jose Magan) winds up institutionalized after the revelation of her real mother. YouTube blocks the video for US viewers, but you can see it on DailyMotion; Magan is seen in four-point restraints at 17:45, and jacketed at 27:40 (thanks to Psych Ward Nurses).

Destino De Mujer ("Destiny of Woman", 1997) : Episode 99 of this novela has several scenes of a blonde woman in a smock-style SJ in a small padded cell. You can see the entire episode on YouTube, and I've put the clips on Google Drive.

Destino-De-Mujer-99-1 Destino-De-Mujer-99-2 Destino-De-Mujer-99-3 Destino-De-Mujer-99-4 Destino-De-Mujer-99-5 Destino-De-Mujer-99-6

Diablo Con Los Guapos, Al (2007) : According to this recap, the character of Luci (Laura Flores) is SJed and hauled off to the asylum in this novela.

Dickinson : "A little Madness in the Spring" (season 3, episode 6, original air date November 25 2021) : This Apple TV series is a comedic look at the life of Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld) and her family. In this episode, Emily's father is offered a job in an insane asylum, and the family is given a tour of the "progressive institution". Emily sneaks away to the basement, where she is shocked to see her friend Abby (Sophie Tucker) in a straitjacket, along with other wrongfully committed women. The scenes happen at 16:50 - 19:00 and 24:35 - 28:00. I've put a clip on Google Drive.

Dickinson-s03e06-1 Dickinson-s03e06-2 Dickinson-s03e06-3 Dickinson-s03e06-4 Dickinson-s03e06-5 Dickinson-s03e06-6

"My Life had stood - a Loaded Gun" (season 3, episode 8, original air date December 10 2021) : During a hallucination, Emily briefly imagines herself back in the asylum from two episodes ago. She sees a women SJed and sitting in a chair. It's a very brief shot about 27 minutes in.

Die andere Seite ("The Other Side", 2017) : A short SJ scene from this supernatural German show is posted on Lady Jane's Facebook page (thanks to Straitpeter).

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story : "No Fault" (season 2, episode 1, original air date June 2 2020) : This is the second season of the Dirty John true-crime series (based on the podcast), and it covers the infamous murder trial of Betty Broderick (Amanda Peet), who murdered her husband and second wife after a messy divorce which includes her committal to a mental institution. After driving her car into the front door of her husband's new house, Peet is strapped into a large Posey jacket and placed into the back of a police car on a 5150 hold. The scene starts at 11:30 and lasts about 60 seconds, and I've put it up on Google Drive (thanks to Pat).


DKDA: Sueños de Juventud ("DKDA: Youth Dreams", 1999-2000) : At the end of this telenovela, the villainess Leticia (Nora Salinas) winds up SJed in a padded cell at the end. You can find the scene on YouTube (thanks to Diego).

Dr. Who : "The Sunmakers" (original air date 26 Nov 1977 (Part 1)) : "The TARDIS arrives on top of a building on a mysteriously Earth-like Pluto with a human population enslaved by fear-inducing gases and crippled by ridiculously high taxes." This was a four part episode. The Doctor's comely assistant (Louise Jameson) was seen at least twice in a beige padded SJ; once when she was mentally forced to give up info (she was then carried out over a soldier's shoulder), and once while she was hanging off a wall (her feet on the wall, her shoulders about a foot away) and being taunted by a bad guy. The scenes are up on YouTube; part 6 and part 7.

095m03lj 095m04lj 095m05lj 095m09lj 095m10lj 095m11lj 095u15lj 095u17lj 095u18lj 095u19lj 095u20lj

You can find more vidcaps of all the bondage Jameson undergoes in this episode at Danger Theatre.
The episode "Ghost Light" also has an SJ scene, but it involves a man.
Also, here's a fanfic which would make for a verrrrry interesting episode.

Dollhouse : "Belonging" (season 2, episode 4, original air date 23 October 2009) : This show focuses on a shadowy organization which keeps reprogrammable people ("dolls") for rent for risky activities, wiping their memories after each mission. This episode shows the back history of "doll" Sierra (Dichen Lachman), who is seen in a mental institution in the second half of the episode. There are two brief shots of Lachman in a red-collared Posey SJ; she puts up a great fight, but the scenes are ruined by the ultra-shaky camera work. You can find the first scene on YouTube.
"A Love Supreme" (season 2, episode 8, original air date 11 December 2009): Echo (Eliza Dushku) is being to remember all of her past personalities, which makes her very dangerous to the Dollhouse. A few minutes into this episode, a disoriented and slowly struggling Dushku is seen kneeling in a cell, wearing a red skirt and a small Posey straitjacket, with arms through all three hoops. She's seen for about two minutes straight, with another brief view a minute later. I'd put a clip up, but Fox seems to be on a rampage on YouTube, so I just put the clip on MegaUpload. There are also a ton of great vidcaps at Eliza Dushku Central.

Dragonaut : The Resonance (2007) : Toa, the female lead of this anime, is seen in a straitjacket for several short scenes in episodes 8 and 9. There's a capture at eggsnhamrgreen's DeviantArt account (thanks to ARNie!).

Drew Carey Show, The : "Mimi's A Partner" (original air date Nov 1 2000) : "Much to Drew's horror, Mimi (Kathy Kinney) wins Kate's (Christa Miller) partnership in Buzz Beer in a poker game." (taken from ABC's Drew Carey Show site) At the end of the show, Kate is seen in the "Psycho 2000" (looks like a Posey SJ, no crotch strap, but the front loop is used) on a stretcher, wheeled in by Mimi. The scene lasts about 2 minutes with absolutely no struggling on Kate's part, but the scene is pretty funny. The scene is up on YouTube (thanks to I.F. for the new link).

drew_carey_show_mimis_a_partner.wmv.0004 drew_carey_show_mimis_a_partner.wmv.0013 drew_carey_show_mimis_a_partner.wmv.0045

Duas Caras (2007) : In this Brazilian telenovela, Silvia (Aline Moraes) has a break from reality and ends up in a smock-style straitjacket and escorted into an ambulance. You can see a pic at the site.

Dynasty : According to a German fan site (which seems to be down now, dammit!), Claudia Carrington (Pamela Bellwood) was seen in a straitjacket, being carted off to a mental institution. This apparently happened 2 years before the show began, so I'm assuming this is a flashback in a first-season episode (1981-2). You can read her whole sad story at the Ultimate Dynasty site.

Edge of Night : Mariann Aalda played the attorney DiDi Bannister on the ABC soap from 1981 to 1985, and according to her column on EURweb, DiDi was once tied in an SJ and taken to an insane asylum. Rodrigo found the episode from September 9, 1983, where DiDi is seen in a Posey jacket in a bed at the 19-minute mark.

Elfen Lied (2004) : One episode of the anime features a female psychic character in an SJ and helmet.

Ellen DeGeneres Show, The (2006) : The Halloween episode of the talk show began with Ellen being kidnapped and stuffed in a sack by her "evil twin", who goes on to host the show herself. The audience is dressed in costumes, including a woman in an SJ. Someone posted a big hunk of the show on YouTube, and you can kind of see the SJed person abut 5 minutes in, when the evil Ellen is dancing in the audience.

Emily of New Moon : "By The Rivers Of Bablyon :(season 2, episode 6, original air date 15 Nov 98) : The titular character of this Canadian family show is a young girl who is sent to live with her elderly relatives after the death of her father. In this episode, her Aunt Laura, who succumbed to a laudanum addiction, is committed to an asylum by another of her relatives (I didn't catch her name). Emily and her cousin Jimmy go to the asylum in hopes of getting Laura out; they steal into the basement, where several inmates are groggily milling about. There is a brief glimpse of Laura in an SJ and tied to the wall with a wide leather band. They come back later with a reputable doctor and lock the asylum doctor in his office with his head nurse, enabling them to unstrap Laura from a chair (looking suspiciously like one of Dr. Benjamin Rush's "Tranquilizer Chairs"). However, Aunt Laura is not the most attractive of women, as you can see here.

Eminence in Shadow, The (Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! ) : "The Truth Within the Memories" (season 1, episode 12, original air date December 21 2022) : According to this Reddit discussion, Aurora is seen in a full-body SJ in this episode. I can't find the episode online, but here are some caps from the above discussion:


Evening at the Improv, An : Ruth Buzzi was the guest host of a 1986 episode of this long-running standup-comedy series. At the end of the show, she became so carried away with laughter that an attendant tied her in an SJ and carried her outside to a waiting ambulance. The entire show is available at Hulu (thanks to Pat).

Escape or Die : "Haunted Asylum Escape" (original air date June 23 2015) : This Canadian show features the various stunts and challenges of escape artist Dean Gunnarson. In this episode, Dean is challenged by Ripley's to escape from a supposedly haunted insane asylum in West Virginia. After freeing himself from his restraints, he has to help his teammates escape as well, including a woman in a medium Posey straitjacket. The episode is available on the OLN network site, but you apparently need a Canadian IP address to access the videos. You can find two pics of the SJed woman in the episode gallery at the very bottom of the page (thanks to LSJ). There are now some more vidcaps available at the Themis Collection.

Eo_D111-10-392x490 Eo_D111-11-650x520

Renfield discovered an HD version of the episode uploaded to YouTube, and I've put the relevant clips on Google Drive.
Escape-Or-Die01 Escape-Or-Die02 Escape-Or-Die03 Escape-Or-Die04 Escape-Or-Die05 Escape-Or-Die06 Escape-Or-Die07 Escape-Or-Die08 Escape-Or-Die09 Escape-Or-Die10 Escape-Or-Die11 Escape-Or-Die12 Escape-Or-Die13 Escape-Or-Die14 Escape-Or-Die15 Escape-Or-Die16 Escape-Or-Die17 Escape-Or-Die18 Escape-Or-Die19 Escape-Or-Die20

Escape the Night : "Control Issues: (season 3, episode 9, 2018) : In this YouTube Red mock competition series, 10 guests from the modern world are invited to a party at a mansion that's still stuck in the 1920s, and try their best to survive. A preview breakdown of the trailer for the upcoming third season shows a woman wearing an extra-small Posey SJ with the arms unstrapped at 1:07 (thanks to Don).


The episode actually has TWO scenes of interest: 1) One woman is shown babbling in a cage while wearing a Max Cita SJ; 2) an escape competition between a woman in a small Posey and a man in an XL Posey. AJ was kind enough to make a video of both scenes; I've uploaded it to Google Drive.

Escaping The Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story (2019) : This Lifetime TV movie is a highly fictionalized version of Bly's famous expose 10 Days in a Madhouse. As the film starts, "Nellie Brown" (Christina Ricci) is suffering from amnesia and can't remember how she got to Blackwell's Island. About 69 minutes into the film, Brown tries to escape, and is subsequently seen in the head doctor's office, tied in a mustard-yellow-colored straitjacket with a leather reinforcing strap on the chest. She is then taken into the darkly lit basement by the sinister (and fictional) Matron Grady (Judith Light) and three orderlies. Brown suddenly remembers that she is Nellie Bly, and after confronting Grady, she is locked in a wooden crib and lowered into a metal bathtub. Luckily, her boyfriend (another fictional character) arrives just in time to save her life. Most of the time, the film is so dimly lit, it's hard to get a good view of Ricci in the jacket, and we never see the back. I've put a video on Google Drive.

Escaping-The-Madhouse01 Escaping-The-Madhouse02 Escaping-The-Madhouse03 Escaping-The-Madhouse04 Escaping-The-Madhouse05 Escaping-The-Madhouse06 Escaping-The-Madhouse07 Escaping-The-Madhouse08 Escaping-The-Madhouse09 Escaping-The-Madhouse10 Escaping-The-Madhouse11 Escaping-The-Madhouse12 Escaping-The-Madhouse13 Escaping-The-Madhouse14 Escaping-The-Madhouse15 Escaping-The-Madhouse16 Escaping-The-Madhouse17 Escaping-The-Madhouse18 Escaping-The-Madhouse19 Escaping-The-Madhouse20 Escaping-The-Madhouse21

Escrava Isaura, A ("The Slave Isaura") : This 2004 Brazilian telenovela was centered on the romance between a plantation owner and one of his slaves. The character of Branca (Renata Dominguez) went crazy and was seen in a costume-style SJ in one scene, which is available on YouTube (thanks to Barry).

Evil Twins : "Sisters in Silence" (original air date August 6 2013) : This episode of the documentary series, originally airing on the Investigation Discovery network, tells the story of identical twins June and Jennifer Gibbons, black girls who were harassed while growing up in Wales and who acted out by committing acts of arson. They were eventually committed to Broadmoor Hospital. The two actresses portraying the sisters are shown in straitjackets in three short scenes near the end of the show. There is a nice promo still of the SJed twins on the German site (thanks to Don).

F.C. De Kampioenen ("F.C. The Champions") : This is a long-running (21 seasons!) sitcom about a fictional football team in Belgium. At least 2 episodes end with Carmen (Loes Van Den Heuvel) straitjacketed in an asylum: "Het Knekelveld" (season 13, episode 1, original air date December 7 2002) and "Poepa Boma" (season 21, episode 2, original air date December 11 2010) (thanks to Renfield). I've put both clips on Google Drive.


Family, The (episode 7; original air date 27 August 2003) : In this ABC "reality" show, a working-class extended family is transported to a mansion to compete against each other for a million dollar prize. On this particular episode, four people (three men and Dawn Marie) have to escape from Humane Restraints SJs while stuffed into a giant "money sack" (with only their heads showing) and then put 50 coins into a piggy bank. Dawn Marie managed to escape first (using the strategy of withdrawing into the sack to escape the jacket, unlike the men), so we don't get to see much of her struggling. However, it is amusing to hear her talk about how much she hates being confined. You can visit the official web site for synopses and other info. There's a very thorough synopsis at Reality News Online.

FarScape : "Dream A Little Dream" (season 2, episode 8, original air date June 23 2000) : The character of Zhaan (Virginia Hey) is accused of murder on the planet of Litigara, and is restrained in an arms-to-the-side SJ. The scene occurs about 35 minutes into the episode, and I've uploaded an HD video of the clip to Google Drive.

Farscape-s02e08-1 Farscape-s02e08-2 Farscape-s02e08-3

Faust (1989) : According to the listing on the Internet Movie Database, this French opera has the character Maugerite (Mirella Freni) "in a strait-jacket while a child plays hopscotch."

Fear Factor : "Psycho Fear Factor, Part 3" (episode 6.6, original air date January 17 2006) : This was the last of 3 episodes which took place at the legendary Bates Motel set from the PSYCHO movies. In one stunt, the couples have to help each other escape from straitjackets; however, they have the opportunity to get more time to escape by eating Iraqi Camel Spiders beforehand. The entire episode is available on YouTube; the SJs come out about 17 minutes in (thanks to Mark).

Femme Fatales : "Crazy Mary" (season 2, episode 7, original air date July 20, 2012) : This Cinemax series combines Twilight Zone-style mystery with softcore sex scenes. This episode is centered on Mary (Kate Luyben), a woman wrongly convicted of killing her husband and serving her sentence in an asylum. Luyben is seen in an extra-large Posey jacket (WAY too large for her) being dragged down a hallway in slow motion and sitting in a padded cell. FWIW, a naked nurse is seen in four-point restraints in a softcore scene later in the episode.

crazymary9 crazymary13 crazymary14 crazymary15 crazymary16 crazymary20 crazymary21 crazymary22

Fistful of Stances, A : In episode 6 of this Chinese drama (about 22 minutes in), a flashback 20 years before the show's current time shows the evil Wing Tak tricking Wai Lin (Tavia Yeung) into appearing insane in front of a doctor from the local mental hospital (he shows letters she supposedly wrote accusing him of horrible crimes), and several nurses tie her in a smock-style straitjacket and drag her out of the house. However, she swallows her pride and apologizes to Wing, so he doesn't have her committed after all.


In episode 24 (about 15 minutes in), an older Wing Tak has his wife Chu committed when she tries to leave him. You can read detailed recaps at the Fistful of Stances blog. (My apologies, but the YouTube videos are sped up to avoid copyright claims, so the above times are probably not the true times).

Fix My Mom : "Tears, Fears, and Farewells" (season 1, episode 8, original air date December 15 2015) : This reality show from Oxygen focused on 4 mother-daughter duos (and one mother and 2 daughters) living in a retreat to work on their relatonships. On the season finale, they are taken to a warehouse to "face their deepest fears". Daughter Brittany is agoraphobic, so she is placed in a Humane Restraints jacket and locked in a small cage. Mother Ashley is very vain and materialistic, so she is challenged to donate her three expensive handbags to charity for the chance to wade through a pool of disgusting muck and mire to find the key to the cage; otherwise Brittany stays in the cage for 30 minutes. Of course, Ashley decides to donate the bags, but it takes her 13 minutes to find the key (only a couple of minutes are shown onscreen). After the cage is unlocked, we see the curious detail of a large lock placed around two of the back straps. I uploaded the video to Google Drive.

vlcsnap 2015 12 17 23h57m07s709 vlcsnap 2015 12 17 23h57m49s990 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h04m20s571 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h04m32s748 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h04m41s626 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h04m47s107 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h04m56s549 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h05m56s262 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h07m04s672 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h07m35s360 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h08m36s764 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h08m56s293 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h09m28s711 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h09m53s353 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h10m20s120 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h10m25s404 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h10m30s641 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h10m48s894 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h10m54s730 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h11m07s694 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h11m13s815 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h11m23s415 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h11m29s146 vlcsnap 2015 12 18 00h11m34s954

Flor Salvaje, La ("Wildflower", 2011) : Rocio (Bibiana Corrales) is committed to an asylum and is seen in a smock-style straitjacket in episodes 25 and 26. I was able to find part of a scene from Univision's recap of the 09/09/2011 episode, and I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Flor-Salvaje-09092011-1 Flor-Salvaje-09092011-2 Flor-Salvaje-09092011-3

Flapjack Floozy (c. 1988) : Teri Garr appears in this short film, SJed and cleave-gagged (with a white cloth), displaying some nice struggling and "gag noises" before her "treatment" for pancake addiction, and is much more docile afterwards. This was reportedly shown on the cable channel Showtime between feature films. Someone was nice enough to put the entire film on YouTube (go to 16:10), and I've put the clip up on Google Drive.


Flash, The : "Fear Me" (season 7, episode 5, original air date March 30 2021) : This CW show is based on the classic DC comic character. About 3 minutes into the episode, Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) has a nightmare in which she is harassed by a straitjacketed woman (leather straps in front). The scene is very brief, and I've put it up on Google Drive (thanks to Barry).


"Masquerade" (season 7, episode 13, original air date June 15 2021) : A malevolent spirit has taken over the body of Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) and has trapped her in a mindscape that looks like a mental ward. Barry's (the titular character) mind is also under attack, and he finds himself in the same place. Cecile confesses that she had a breakdown after her monther's death and spent some time in a mental hospital, and the spirit is taking advantage of her fear and guilt. They wander the halls and come across a straitjacketed woman crouching in the corner. She stands up and reveals herself as the "evil" Cecile, and causes Barry to faint. In the next scene, Evil Cecile is free of the jacket, and Cecile finds herself strapped in and flung to the ceiling. In the end, Cecile says she's not ashamed of herself anymore, and the jacket disappears. She zaps Evil Cecile with lasers, wakes Barry up and they leave the mindscape.
The jacket has an interesting design, off-white with brown leather straps, a canvas crotch strap, side loops, separate front loops for each arm, and a high collar with leather strap. The scenes happen at 20:00 - 20:45, 34:30 - 34:50 and 35:15 - 35:50 (without commercials). I've put the clip on Google Drive (thanks to Renfield).
Flash-s07e13-01 Flash-s07e13-02 Flash-s07e13-03 Flash-s07e13-04 Flash-s07e13-05 Flash-s07e13-06 Flash-s07e13-07 Flash-s07e13-08 Flash-s07e13-09 Flash-s07e13-10 Flash-s07e13-11 Flash-s07e13-12 Flash-s07e13-13 Flash-s07e13-14 Flash-s07e13-15 Flash-s07e13-16 Flash-s07e13-17 Flash-s07e13-18 Flash-s07e13-19 Flash-s07e13-20 Flash-s07e13-21 Flash-s07e13-22 Flash-s07e13-23 Flash-s07e13-24

Freaks! : "Giù" (season 2, episode 6, original air date November 16 2012) : This Italian sci-fi series focuses on a group of teens connected by a mysterious car crash. In this episode, one girl wakes up to find herself in a straitjacket, strapped to a table, blindfolded, gagged, and her ankles chained together. She frees herself after some struggling. The scene happens 7:50 - 9:15. The entire episode is available on YouTube; I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Freaks-s02e06-01 Freaks-s02e06-02 Freaks-s02e06-03 Freaks-s02e06-04 Freaks-s02e06-05 Freaks-s02e06-06 Freaks-s02e06-07 Freaks-s02e06-08 Freaks-s02e06-09 Freaks-s02e06-10 Freaks-s02e06-11

Freddy's Nightmares "Interior Loft" (season 2, episode 16, original air date 27 January 1990) : Elizabeth Keifer, an attractive middle-aged blonde, wanders about a white room in a nice SJ (metal grommets and roller buckles) for about 15 seconds. You can see the episode on AOL Video (the scene comes halfway through the show).
"Sister's Keeper" (season 1, episode 7, original air date 19 November 1999) : This episode concerns twin teenage sisters who are tormented by Freddy in their dreams. There's lots of whacky, nonsensical swapping of sister's identities, until one sister (played by Hili Park) is hauled off by two orderlies and is seen in an SJ for about 20 seconds (natch, it's just another dream). This episode WAS released on video, and it's up on YouTube. You can also see a still courtesy of, and there are more stills and a video download at Danger Theatre. (Thanks to Pat for the info!)


From Raquel With Love (1980) : About halfway though this variety special, Raquel Welch is kidnapped by her agent (James Coco) and put in an ambulance in a straitjacket; there's no gag (all the better to sing "Don't Tell Me What To Do), but plenty of squirming. Her dog undid the sleeve strap, and she ran singing through the streets of New York. The whole scene lasts for about 4 minutes; the jacket's like a large smock with straps down the back and some cosmetic straps dangling off the sleeves. I've uploaded the scene to Google Drive.
Q We told me that someone posted a behind-the-scenes clip of Raquel shooting one of the scenes on YouTube.

raquel01 raquel02 raquel03 raquel04 raquel05 raquel6 raquel07 raquel08 raquel09 raquel10 raquel11 raquel12 raquel13 raquel14 raquel15 raquel16

Feud : "Hagsploitation" (season 1, episode 6, original air date April 9 2017) : This was a limited-run series detailing the rivalry between actresses Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) and Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange). This episode covered (among other things) Crawford's appearance in Straitjacket, and there was a re-enactment of that film's trailer. I don't have the clip of the trailer redo by itself, but someone posted a side-by-side clip of the trailer with the redo on YouTube (thanks to SW).

Game On! : This Brit-com covers the travails of three roommates - agoraphobic Matt (Ben Chaplin, Neil Stuke after the first season), best friend Martin (Matthew Cottle), and party girl Mandie (Samantha Jenkins). In one of the first-season episodes, Matt sees Mandie in a Human Restraints SJ during a nightmare. The Game On! web site doesn't have any pics of this, nor are their synopses detailed enough to pin down the exact title, but there are a lot of photos of Samantha Jenkins to drool over, and the first-season is available on PAL video.
"Not Telling" has uploaded the scene to RapidShare, in both VCD-quality (11 MB) as well as DVD-quality (42 MB) video.

Gata, La (2014) : Episode 111 of this novela showed Gisela (Monika Sanchez) straitjacketed and twirling against the walls of a padded cell (go to 9:55 - 11:00). The scenes continue through episodes 112 (21:40 - 22:40) and 113 (3:55 - 4:55).

Geisterjäger John Sinclair ("Demon Hunter John Sinclair") (2000) : "Engelsgrab" ("An angel's grave", episode 6, original air date February 10 2000) : This German horror TV show has a short scene of a woman in a straitjacket in a padded cell. The entire episode is available on Vivo (from 26:00 to 29:00), and Rodrigo was kind enough to make the clip available on OneDrive.


General Hospital (November 1989) : Lucy (Lynn Herring) was kidnapped and kept in a Humane Restraints SJ, hidden away in the hospital basement, by Olivia and a man, searching for diamonds. Someone's posted good-quality videos of the show from that era, and the scenes are located at these links (thanks to Snappy):

November 1989 Part 25 (10:25 - end)
November 1989 Part 26 (start - 3:25, 5:55 - 7:05)
November 1989 Part 27 (9:15 - end)
November 1989 Part 31 (3:20 - 4:50, 9:25 - 13:00)
November 1989 Part 32 (start - 0:45, 6:15 - 7:55)
November 1989 Part 33 (0:45 - 4:00, 5:05 - 6:30)

Of course, if you don't want to wade though all that, you can download an edit I made at Google Drive.
(December 19, 1997) : According to the synopsis from TV Megasite, Brenda (Vanessa Marcis) also spent some time in an SJ.
(September 6, 2002) : To expedite Genie Francis' (Laura) exit from the show, her character went into full-meltdown mode (confessing to killing her father), was SJed (yellow-collared Posey) and sedated, and shipped off to a psych clinic in London. (Beats having her "die" again.)
The scene was uploaded to YouTube, part one and part 2. Here's a scan from Soap Opera Weekly:

(January 19 and 20, 2004) : Distraught over her love for Alcazar, Carly (Tamara Braun) asks to be committed to the local sanitarium. However, Faith (Cynthia Preston) manages to sneak in to does Carly with drugs and hypnotize her into retaining her feelings. A doped-up Carly tries to escape, but is put into a Humane Restraints SJ as Faith arranges to have her transferred to a more secure institution. Luckily, Alcazar breaks in and ties Faith in the jacket (and cleave-gags her) and rescues Carly. Faith is subsequently transferred in Carly's stead (as Carly was admitted under a false name) and stayed in the jacket for the entire episode of the 20th.
(August 19-20, 2004) : Nikolas Cassadine is imprisoned in a mental hospital by his evil mother Helena, who wants to mold him into a "proper" son. His love interest Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston) commits herself to the hospital to be near him, but Helena finds out . . . Near the end of the 8/19 episode, Emily is seen on a bed, motionless, in a Humane Restaints jacket. My TV reception went on the fritz for the 20th, so I couldn't see what went on, though it seems they both escape from the hospital.
08-19_269 08-19_271 08-19_309

(December 3, 2004) : "Heather is buckled into a straitjacket and transferred to Ferncliff." (according to the Journey Fan Site) There are a couple of caps at the General Hospital Happenings 2 site.
(August 5, 2005) : Reese (Kari Wurher) was seen in a much-too-large Humane Restraints SJ in a padded cell, before being rescued. You can find the clip on YouTube (go to 4:45). I've also put it on Google Drive.
8-5-249 8-5-250 8-5-251

(November 15, 2006) : According to Soap Central, Helena (Constance Towers) was put in a canvas SJ with leather straps and threatened with being sent to an Arkanasas mental hospital, but she was released by the end of the episode. The scenes are spread across three videos on YouTube:
Luke and Laura playlist p. 30 (7:55 - end)
Luke and Laura playlist p. 31 (4:05 - end)
Luke and Laura playlist p. 32 (4:35 - 5:05)
I've also put a collection of the clips on Google Drive.
GH11152006-1 GH11152006-2 GH11152006-3 GH11152006-4

(June 21, 2007) : Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot), the current CEO of Quartermaine Enterprises, was seen having imaginary conversations with her dead brother Alan, whose will she forged to give her the bulk of his estate. Her father Edward, both concerned with her mental health and wanting to get back into power, gets a psychiatrist to exmaine Tracy during one of her "conversations", and agrees to commit her to Shadybrook Mental Institution. There are two short scenes in this episode; one in which two orderlies put Tracy in an extra-small Posey SJ, and one where a calm-yet-angry Tracy is sitting in her room in the hospital, and offers the psychiatrist money to let her out. Here are a couple of studio stills:
postimage gh-tracy
I've uploaded a not-great quality video of those scenes at Google Drive.
(August 18, 2008) : Lulu (Julie Berman) is having gulit-induced hallucinations from her murdering Logan, so her beau Johnny makes arrangements to have her committed to Shadybrook Mental Institution. As Lulu is being processed in, the local D.A. bursts in and has Johnny arrested for the murder. This freaks out Lulu so badly that she has to be put in a Posey SJ and sedated. The jacket is removed after she calms down. This clip is available on YouTube.
(October 27, 2008) : A still-institutionalized Lulu ends up in a Posey jacket and locked in a padded cell, after she finds out her mother was kidnapped, and after some struggling, decides to play sick, so the doctor will untie her and she can escape. This scene is also available on YouTube.
(July 23, 2012): Olivia (Lisa LoCiero) was dosed with LSD and ended up in an extra-small Posey SJ for a very short scene. You can see the scene on YouTube.
(August 24, 2012): Anna (Finola Hughes) goes undercover in a Swiss sanitarium to find Robin. She's seen in an extra-small Posey jacket in three scenes, which are summarized in this video.
(November 21, 2012): Heather (Robin Mattson) is seen in what appears to be an extra-small Posey, held by two hospital attendants, at the end of this episode. You can see a collection of Heather's scene on YouTube.
(July 19-20, 2018) : Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) is being gaslighted by Nelle, who is pregnant with Michael's (Carly's son) child. After Nelle accused Carly of pushing her down a flight of stairs (she didn't), Carly decides to claim insanity to avoid a lengthy prison stay. She gets sent to the maximum-security ward (no room in the general ward) of the Ferncliff Sanitarium, and when Nelle visits and tells her that she and Michael are getting married, Carly overpowers head nurse Mary Pat and injects her with a sedative. Carly makes it to the marraige ceremony, but gets arrested and sent back to Ferncliff. Mary Pat is taking no chances this time, and has Carly put in a green-collared straitjacket and put in a small padded cell. Nurse Mary Pat and hulking orderly Rupert enter the cell to administer a sedative. Carly threatens them with the wrath of her husband, but Rupert pins her down while Mary Pat injects her. I've put the HD video (167 MB) of July 19 up on Google Drive.
General_Hospital07192018_01 General_Hospital07192018_02 General_Hospital07192018_03 General_Hospital07192018_04 General_Hospital07192018_05 General_Hospital07192018_06 General_Hospital07192018_07 General_Hospital07192018_08

On the July 20 episode, Carly's lawyer Diane gets a court order to visit Carly, who's still too doped up to be of much use. Mary Pat runs Diane off after a few minutes, and returns later to give Carly even more sedatives. I've got that video (182 MB) up on Google Drive.
General_Hospital07202018_01 General_Hospital07202018_02 General_Hospital07202018_03 General_Hospital07202018_04 General_Hospital07202018_05 General_Hospital07202018_06

(November 7, 2022) : Heather Weber (Alley Mills) is seen in General Hospital in a green-collared Posey SJ, awaiting transfer back to D'Archam Asylum after being treated for a flesh-eating disease. She talks to Hamilton Finn, insinuating that she has important information for him, but he dismisses her. I managed to find a mediocre-quality video of the entire episode on DailyMotion, shrunk to avoid copyright strikes, and a high-quality video of the final 10 seconds on a GH-Fan Youtube account, and edited them together and put it on Google Drive (thanks to P.C.).
Who-is-Heather-Webber-990 GH11072022-1 GH11072022-2 GH11072022-3 GH11072022-4 GH11072022-5 GH11072022-6 GH11072022-7 GH11072022-8

Germany's Next Top Model (2011) : In this Heidi Klum-hosted iteration of the American reality show, some of the model hopefuls were shown shooting commercials in which they "go crazy" over shoes and end up in straitjackets. YouTube has videos for the models Amelie (behind-the-scenes and finished commercial) and Sihe (behind-the-scenes and finished commercial).

Ghost Chasers : one episode of this paranormal-investigators series opened with several doctors (male and female) in SJs in a padded cell.

Ghost Stories : "Back Ward" (episode 1-1; original air date 27 Sept 97) : A female doctor is rendered unconscious in an abandoned hospital; she wakes up "in the past," where nurses strap her into a canvas, SJ-type garment and put her in an ice bath. The episode was uploaded to YouTube (go to 14:00), and I've also put the clip on Google Drive.

Ghost-Stories1 Ghost-Stories2 Ghost-Stories3 Ghost-Stories4 Ghost-Stories5 Ghost-Stories6

Ghost Wars : "The Exorcism of Marcus Moon" (season 1, episode 4, original air date October 26 2017) : This Netflix one-season wonder is centered around a small Alaskan town that is overrun with paranormal forces. About 32:30 into this episode, Research scientist Landis Barker (Kandyse McClure) is assaulted by a ghost and imagines herself in a straitjacket (with side loops, but no front loop) for a few seconds. I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Ghost-Wars1 Ghost-Wars2 Ghost-Wars3

Ghost Whisperer : "Dead Reckoning" (episode 12 of season 2, original air date 5 January 2007) : Jennifer love Hewitt has a vision of herself in an SJ and padded cell in this episode. Rodrigo was nice enough to send me a clip, which I've put on Google Drive.


Girl Called Hatter Fox, A (1977) : This film concerns a "wild" Native American woman (Joanelle Romero) and the psychiatrist (Ronny Cox) who tries to "civilize" her. It's based on the novel Hatter Fox by Marilyn Harris. Someone just uploaded the scene to Sendspace.

Girls Behaving Badly : One episode of this all-female pranks show (airing on Oxygen and in syndication) features cast member Kira Soltanovich playing a mentally unstable sister introduced to an unwitting diner by a supposed acquaintance. The prank is entitled "Koo-Koo Goes Out on the Town." She's seen in an SJ with crotch straps. She tells the dupe that the SJ is "a big misunderstanding" and defends herself by saying "if a sale says 50% off, it better BE 50% off!" (thanks to Straitlaced8)
Recording the syndicated shows, I found a SECOND SJ appearance by Kira, in a segment called "Koo-Koo Chanel". The prank takes place in a fake psychiatrist's office, where Kira is led into the waiting room in an SJ with thin leather straps. As the "psychiatrist" leaves to handle the paperwork, Kira strikes up conversation with the unsuspecting dupes (a young woman and an older man in separate scenes). She doesn't "act crazy", just complains that her boyfriend had her committed after a shopping spree. When the psychiatrist returns, Kira claims friendship with the other person, and tries to get released into their custody before the prank is revealed. The entire segment lasts about 5 minutes, and there's a funny joke when Kira gets the young woman to loosen her crotch strap, as she "just had a Brazilian". Neither scene appears on the Volume 1 DVD set, I'm afraid.

Gitanas : There's a pretty decent SJ scene in this telenovela, which is on YouTube.

Gong Show, The : One episode of the campy '70s game show featured a woman who performed an SJ escape, wearing only a green bikini underneath.
Another episode featured the incompetent escape artist El Magnifico the Magnificent, who failed to escape from his straitjacket. Later in the show, the judges removed the jacket so they could put it on a horrible female singer, though they didn't strap her in. The episode is on YouTube, about 14 minutes in (thanks to Mariano).

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling : This infamous wrestling show had its share of SJ sightings. One involved a "loser-strapped-into-straitjacket" match between Justice and Dementia; the latter lost,but her restraint is shown in a long shot and mostly obscured by the referees tying her in. The blonde member of the Heavy Metal Sisters tag team was occasionally shown being led to and from the ring in an SJ; in one match against Little Fiji and Mt. Fiji, they tied the former in the SJ (the latter was chained in the opposite corner) and cut off some of her hair.
One good source for GLOW videos (and other women's wrestling tapes) is Manzerman.

El Gran Juego de la Oca ("The Great Game of the Goose") : This Spanish variety show from the mid-90s featured a reoccuring segment where a man and a woman are tied in a special straitjacket, hugging each other, and attempt to escape. There are at least two videos available on YouTube (thanks to MB):
Camisa de fuerza #1
Camisa de fuerza #2

Great Detective, The : "If Looks Could Kill" : This episode of a Canadian series about a turn-of-the-century policeman (presumably not Sherlock Holmes) involved a hypnotist who drove women mad. The episode has turned up on YouTube, and there's a woman SJed and strapped to an asylum bed 21 minutes in. I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Great-Detective-1 Great-Detective-2 Great-Detective-3

Guadalupe (1994) : According to a listing in Brian R's Scene Database, the title character (Adela Noriega) of this telenovela spends several episodes in an institution, and is seen SJed twice (at the beginning of her stay and after an unsuccessful escape attempt). You can visit Adela Noriega's Website for pictures, but there are no vidcaps of her SJed there.

Guardian : This Russian action series shows Ekaterina Klimova in a smock-style SJ in episode 6 (35:00, 37:00, and 45:30) and episode 7 (4:50 - 8:30). There is another SJ scene with a different actress in episode 16 (34:50). (thanks to Rodrigo)

Guerra dos Sexos ("Fight or Love") : Rodrigo tells me that the penultimate episode (#178, original air date April 25 2013) of this Brazilian novela has an SJ scene, but I've been unable to locate it.

Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten (July 12, 1999) : Anna (Simone Hanselmann), suffering from split-personality disorder, assaulted her family and friends and was taken away in an SJ. BTW, this episode was Hanselmann's last on this kult-soap; talk about going out with a bang!


Hardcore Pawn (season 5, episode 2, original air date November 22 2011) : This reality show on TruTV follows the Gold family (father Les and siblings Seth and Ashley) as they run the American Jewelry and Loan pawn shop in Detroit. On this episode, a man brought in a yellow-collared Posey straitjacket to pawn, and Seth gets Ashley to try it on. The scene is very brief, and is available on YouTube (at the 17:00 mark). You can also see a series of vidcaps at Danger Theatre. The store later raffled the jacket off; you can see a picture of the lucky winner on the store's Facebook page.

Harley Quinn : "Til Death Do Us Part" (season 1, episode 1, original air date November 29 2019) : This adult animated series is available on the DC Universe streaming service, and focuses on the titular villain starting a new life in Gotham City after leaving The Joker. At the 5:50 mark, Harley is seen in a straitjacket fighing off several Arkham Asylum guards. The scene lasts about 30 seconds, and I've put it up on Google Drive (thanks to Creeper1574).

Harley-Quinn-s01e01-1 Harley-Quinn-s01e01-2 Harley-Quinn-s01e01-3 Harley-Quinn-s01e01-4 Harley-Quinn-s01e01-5 Harley-Quinn-s01e01-6

"All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues" (season 2, episode 6, original air date May 8 2020) : Harley has a flashback to her first day working in Arkham Asylum. Poison Ivy is seen in a straitjacket at 10:50 - 11:15. I've put the clip on Google Drive.
Harley-Quinn-s02e06-1 Harley-Quinn-s02e06-2 Harley-Quinn-s02e06-3 Harley-Quinn-s02e06-4

Harper Valley P.T.A. : Barbara Eden reprised her role as free-thinking Stella Johnson in this TV series based on the popular sing and movie. In the second season episode "Stella Della", Eden also played Stella's lookalike big-city cousin Della, who comes for a visit. Stella's nemesis, Flora (Anne Francine), encounters both cousins separately during the episode, and naturally believes their insistence that they are not the same person is evidence that Stella needs a visit to the funny farm. A psychiatrist shows up with two orderlies, who try to put Della in an SJ, but stop when Stella enters the picture, and wind up tying Flora in the SJ. I have the clip up on YouTube.

Harry Hill's TV Burp : Series 8, Episode 6 (original air date November 22 2008) : According to, this episode features then 68-year-old British TV presenter Esther Rantzen in an SJ.

Haunted Hospitals : "The Cruel Nurse/When Hell Freezes Over" (season 2, episode 10, original air date March 7, 2020) : This Travel Channel reality shows hospital workers narrating re-enactments of their ghost stories. The second story is told by hairdresser Ron Koval, who is cutting the hair of a straitjacketed woman who mentions that she can see Ron's dead mother. The actress wears a fake jacket (zipper in the front with a few D-rings and locks) in the first few minutes (thanks to Barry). I've put the clip up on Google Drive.

Haunted-Hospitals1 Haunted-Hospitals2 Haunted-Hospitals3

HawthoRNe : "Price of Admission" (season 3, episode 8, original air date August 2 2011) : The night before her therapy session, Christina (Jada Pinkett Smith) has a nightmare in which she's wearing a small Posey straitjacket, tied to a bed by leather cuffs around her ankles. When hospital employees free her legs to take her to the psych ward, she manages to escape and run out of the hospital before she wakes up. The scene lasts about 2 minutes and comes at the very start of the episode. You can find stills of the jacketed Smith on the show's Facebook page, and the episode can be viewed here (thanks to Cris Carter).

Hell Hath No Fury (1994) : (Loretta Swit; at the end, taken away in a Posey by two nurses in an ambulance).

Hell's Kitchen : "Six Chefs Compete" (season 15, episode 13, original air date April 8 2016) : In this episode of Gordon Ramsay's long-running chef competition show, the chefs are challenged to guide their family members through the preparation of a dish without physically helping them. To enforce this condition, the chefs are placed in Posey straitjackets. You can find two short clips posted by Fox on YouTube (thanks to Renfield):
Straitjacket Cooking (Pt.1)
Straitjacket Cooking (Pt.2)
I just found the episode online and uploaded the pertinent video to Google Drive.
Don found a high-quality video of the clips on YouTube.

Hells-Kitchen01 Hells-Kitchen02 Hells-Kitchen03 Hells-Kitchen04 Hells-Kitchen05 Hells-Kitchen06 Hells-Kitchen07 Hells-Kitchen08 Hells-Kitchen09 Hells-Kitchen10 Hells-Kitchen11 Hells-Kitchen12 Hells-Kitchen13 Hells-Kitchen14 Hells-Kitchen15 Hells-Kitchen16 Hells-Kitchen17 Hells-Kitchen18 Hells-Kitchen19 Hells-Kitchen20 Hells-Kitchen21 Hells-Kitchen22 Hells-Kitchen23 Hells-Kitchen24 Hells-Kitchen25 Hells-Kitchen26

Heroes : "Godsend" (original air date ) and "The Fix" (original air date) : This drama centers on a disparate group of people who suddenly discover their superpowers. Ali Larter plays a woman with split-personality disorder; her other personality is reeeeeally good at killing people, and she eventually gets put into prison (the police are actually after her estranged husband). After snapping a guard's baton in two with her bare hands, she's seen at the end of the first episode in a dirty padded cell, wearing a Posey SJ with one arm through the front loop. She's seen again in the same predicament in the second episode, but it just looks like recycled footage. There is a video on YouTube that Universal hasn't discovered yet.

Hollywood Babylon : "Crosby/Farmer" (episode 2, original air date January 30 1993) : Series "based" on Kenneth Anger's books, hosted by Tony Curtis. There was a segment about Frances Farmer, where she is seen in a green-collared Posey when her mother visits her in jail. There was a package of 3 videocassettes released, but the Farmer segment isn't on any of them. The entire segment was recently uploaded to YouTube, and I've put the clip on Google Drive (thanks to Renfield).

Hollywood-Babylon1 Hollywood-Babylon2 Hollywood-Babylon3 Hollywood-Babylon4 Hollywood-Babylon5

Hollywood Scandals and Tragedies (19??) : A Hollywood Babylon-style documentary series aired on E!; there was a segment on Frances Farmer.

Homeland : "Redux" (season 4, episode 7, original airdate November 9 2014) : Carrie (Claire Danes) is seen in a straitjacket (white canvas with leather straps and a wide front loop) in two short scenes, starting about 45 minutes in. She is removed from the jacket at the end. YouTube blocked the clip I tried to upload, so you can find it at Google Drive.
The season 8 trailer shows a struggling woman (presumably Claire Danes) in a Posey SJ at 20 seconds, with another shot of Danes in hospital clothes being held by two orderlies (thanks to Renfield).

Homeland-Season-8-trailer-1 Homeland-Season-8-trailer-2

"Deception Indicated" (season 8, episode 1, original air date February 9 2020) : Carrie is having flashbacks to her imprisonment in Moscow. The brief SJ scene from the trailer is seen at 2:30. I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Hot in Cleveland : "Win-Win" (season 5, episode 22, original air date August 27 2014) : This TV Land sitcom focused on three middle-aged women from LA who, sick of the shallow and youth-obsessed atmosphere, decide to relocate to Cleveland. In this episode, Victoria (Wendie Malick) is nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar, but fakes an illness to avoid causing a scene if she loses. However, she decides to set up a camera with a live feed in her bedroom, just in case. Her beautician friend Joy (Jane Leeves) does her hair and makeup, and when Victoria accidentally spills wine on her silk jacket, Joy turns it around and ties the sleeves behind her, giving it a straitjacket-style appearance. Of course, Victoria wins and is seen on national TV in this get-up. The scene starts about 15:10 into the episode and runs about 2 minutes. You can find the entire episode on YouTube.

Hot-In-Cleveland-0522-1 Hot-In-Cleveland-0522-2 Hot-In-Cleveland-0522-3 Hot-In-Cleveland-0522-4

Houdini and Doyle : This entry isn't actually for the show, but for the acompanying "World of Wonders" web series, in which actress Rebecca Liddiard discusses various topics from the show. She's seen putting on a Posey straitjacket in one of the stills, but the videos are only accessable in Canada. The video was briefly posted to YouTube before getting blocked in America, but I managed to download it and put it on Google Drive. (thanks to Renfield)


"Bedlam" (season 1, episode 6, original air date April 21 2016) : There's a very brief shot of a woman in straitjacket with untied arms in the background of one shot of this episode (thanks to Rodrigo):

How High 2 (2019) : This is a made-for-TV sequel to the Method Man/Redman pot comedy. I haven't seen it, but Renfield tells me that Kimberly Lynn Maxwell appears as "Crazed Lady", and she put a pic of herself in a canvas SJ with leather straps on her Instagram page. Her character appears for a few seconds about halfway into the movie.

How-High2-1 How-High2-2

I Due Volti dell'Amore (roughly, "The Two Faces of Love") : This Hispanic period-piece soap opera was shown (dubbed into Italian) on CFMT, Toronto's multicultural TV station. A woman attacks her doctor with a knife, and is later seen SJed in a padded cell with another woman, laughing. They both wear long SJs with laces up the sides. They later convince a nurse to release them for a change of clothes (they were wearing bodiced dresses), and they escape by hiding in a wagon. It appears the original title was "Amor Sagrado", as two clips were posted under this name on YouTube:
Clip 1
Clip 2

I Know This Much Is True : "Six" (episode 6, original air date June 14 2020) : This HBO miniseries is based on the novel by Wally Lamb, and focuses on Dominick (Mark Ruffalo) and his struggles with his schizophrenic twin Thomas. In this and the prior episode, Dominick reads from his grandfather Constantine's journal, and discovers that he was convinced his wife Prosperina (Irene Muscara) was trying to murder him, so he convinces the police to take her to the asylum. Four officers are seen carting a straitjacketed Muscara out of the house and into the back of a police wagon. The scene starts at 42:30 and lasts a minute. I've put the clip on Google Drive.

IKnow-This-Much-Is-True1 IKnow-This-Much-Is-True2 IKnow-This-Much-Is-True3 IKnow-This-Much-Is-True4

I'm Still Alive! (2004) : This short series from the UPN showcased reality footage of people surviving disasterous situations. One episode segment dealt with escape artist Bill Shirk, who was chained in a plexiglas coffin and buried under cement, which collapsed the coffin surfaces (luckily, Shirk found an air bubble, and was dug out safely). Shirk apparently holds the world record for fastest SJ escape (5 seconds!), and the segment showed background footage of him and his daughter in a dueling SJ escape challenge.

La Impostora (2014) : In episode 74 of this telenovela, Valentina (Andrea Tello) is laced into a brown straitjacket by two orderlies and is carried off to an asylum. I've put the clip on MediaFire.

la_impostora_74_1 la_impostora_74_2 la_impostora_74_3 la_impostora_74_4 la_impostora_74_5 la_impostora_74_6
Blanca (Lisette Morelos), the female lead, pretends to be insane so she'll be sent to the asylum and help Valentina escape. Blanca is SJed and hauled off in episode 83 (starts about 34:30 in). I've uploaded the clip to MediaFire.
La_Impostora83_01 La_Impostora83_02 La_Impostora83_03 La_Impostora83_04 La_Impostora83_05 La_Impostora83_06 La_Impostora83_07 La_Impostora83_08 La_Impostora83_09 La_Impostora83_10

Indictment: The McMartin Trial (1995) : This made-for-HBO movie is based on the court case of the McMartin family, who owned a preschool and were accused of sexually molesting children. One of the mothers of the children, Judy Johnson (Roberta Bassin), pulls a shotgun on her daughter's boyfriend, and is then seen wearing a Posey jacket, getting strapped to a hospital bed. The entire movie is available on YouTube; the scene starts an hour and 13 minutes in and lasts about 20 seconds (thanks to an anonymous friend).

Infarto ("Heart Attack") : This is a hidden camera prank show from Mexico. There are a couple of segments in a fake asylum which show women in smock-style SJs: "Un loco a la fuerza" and "Una loca a fuerza" (thanks to Mariano).

Inocente De Ti (2004) : This Mexican telenovela contains several SJ scenes of interest, some of which are available on YouTube (thanks to Rodrigo):
First clip
Second Clip
Third Clip (no SJ, but nice 4-point restraints)
Final Episode

Infómanas (1997-8) : This was an Argentian comedy show, which featured at least one scene of an SJed woman, as seen on Fabio Manes' Facebook page (thanks to Rodrigo).

Insane Jane (c. 2015) : This is an unsold TV pilot based on the comic book miniseries (see the Bluewater Comics section on the Miscellaneous Media page) about a young woman with schizophrenia who is convinced she is a heroine with genuine superpowers. Miracle Laurie (best known as "Mellie" from Dollhouse) played the titular character, and a teaser trailer showing her in a yellow-collared Posey is available on Vimeo; I've also uploaded it to Google Drive. There are also a few promo pics above her interview on Ms. In The Biz (thanks to Pat).

Insane-Jane-Poster Insane-Jane-Promo1 Insane-Jane-Promo2 Insane-Jane-Promo3 Insane-Jane-Promo4

Into The Dark : "The Current Occupant" (season 2, episode 10, original air date July 17 2020) : In this episode of the Hulu horror anthology, a psych ward patient is convinced he is the President. About 12 minutes in, Helen (Lilli Birdsell) is escorted down the hall in a Posey straitjacket. The scene lasts about 30 seconds, and I've uploaded it to Google Drive (thanks to Renfield and Rodrigo).

Into-The-Dark-s02e10-1 Into-The-Dark-s02e10-2 Into-The-Dark-s02e10-3 Into-The-Dark-s02e10-4 Into-The-Dark-s02e10-5 Into-The-Dark-s02e10-6 Into-The-Dark-s02e10-7 Into-The-Dark-s02e10-8 Into-The-Dark-s02e10-9

Invisible Man, The : "Death Cell" (from the '60s British edition, not the most recent series) : Lana Morris escapes from a mental institution to contact the title character, but she's recaptured and tied in an SJ and gagged with a white cloth. Luckily, the Invisible Man comes to save the day. Pictures are available at Biff's site, and the scene is up on YouTube.

Iron-Jawed Angels (2004) : "Activists Alice Paul and Lucy Burns take the women's suffrage movement by storm." About 1:34 into the made-for-HBO movie, Hilary Swank goes on a hunger strike in a jail and is forced into an SJ by two men and taken from the jail for a psychiatric evaluation. I've uploaded the video to Google Drive.

f861 iron2

It's Kevin (2013) : The second episode of Kevin Eldon's comedy sketch show on BBC apparently contains a brief shot of a woman in a straitjacket (thanks to John Drake).

Jem (1985-8) : This animated series focused on the travails of businesswoman JerricaBenton, who with the help of the powerful computer Synergy (which can create holograms), transforms herself into Jem, the leader of an all-girl rock band (Jem and the Holograms). In the episode "Music is Magic" (episode 37), Jem's arch-rivals, The Misfits, fall victim to a crooked magician, who imprisons them and ties Pizzazz in an SJ. There is one brief shot of the full-length SJ from a distance, and another shot panning from her feet to her head, about 16 minutes into the episode. The members of the Misfits get to tie the villain up in the SJ at the end, too. The episode is included on Disc 2 of the DVD set of the complete 3rd season.
In another episode, whose name I can't figure out, the lead singer of The Misfits challenges the Holograms to a magic contest. She is subsequently seen struggling in an SJ, until her manager reminds her of the jacket's gimmick (a flower on the front, when pulled, provides a quick release).
"That Old Houdini Magic" (season 3, episode 8, original air date February 15 1988) : "Jem and the Holograms are playing at Mrs. Farnsworth's charity ball, where the magician Astral will perform. When the Stingers are rejected by Mrs. Farnsworth's, Rapture pretends she is the host body of Houdini's return." Astral calls Rapture's bluff, and challenges her to a magic contest. Rapture is seen struggling in a straitjacket, unable to escape. You can see pictures at Pop Culture Addict and Pranceatron (thanks to Mariano).

Jodoh-Jodoh Annisa : There's a SJ scene at the beginning of Episode 56 of this Filipino novela (thanks to Rodrigo).

Johnny Vegas - 18 Stone of Idiot : "Episode 4" (original air date June 17, 2005) : This is a late night show on Britain's Channel 4 (BTW, a "stone" is an archaic unit of weight, approximately 13 pounds). One of the episodes reportedly featured "glamour model" (i.e., topless Page 3 girl) Jodie Marsh, tied in a Posey SJ while topless and hung upside down from the ceiling, as part of an escapology challenge. She was given 60 seconds to escape, before the show went to a commercial; when they came back, Vegas said "Don't worry Jodie, you're going to have to piss sometime, and when you do, I'll be underneath". There doesn't seem to be any pics of this at the official web site, but there's one at the Weasel Dandaw site.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure : "Stone Ocean" (season 5, episode 1, original release date December 1 2021): In the official trailer for this anime adaptation of the manga (see the Jump Comics section of the Misc. page), we see a shoulders-up shot of Jojo being freed from a straitjacket at the 40 second mark (thanks to Renfield) Unfortunately, the entire scene is not much longer, starting at 20:20. I've put the clip on Google Drive (thanks to Tom).

Jojo-Stone-Ocean1 Jojo-Stone-Ocean2

Juega de la Vida, El (2003): In this telenovela, Tania (Maki) was committed to a hospital by her hateful father, and was seen strapped to the bed and SJed in separate scenes, before escaping.

Killer (episode 16, 2022) : At the 15-minute mark of this Russian crime show, Karina Andolenko is tied in a smock-style SJ with a duct-tape gag and locked in a basement. She's seen at 34:00 trying to escape the jacket and failing. She manages to tear her gag off with a metal hook at 38:50 and yells for help. The male lead finds her at 40:00. I've put the clip up on Google Drive (thanks to whoever posted the entry on Brian R's Scene Database).

Killer-16-1 Killer-16-2 Killer-16-3 Killer-16-4 Killer-16-5 Killer-16-6 Killer-16-7 Killer-16-8 Killer-16-9 Killer-16-10 Killer-16-11 Killer-16-12 Killer-16-13

Knick, The: "The Golden Lotus" (season 1, episode 9, original air date October 10 2014): After her baby dies, Eleanor (Maya Kazan) is put into a straitjacket by two attendants and removed from her house. The scene comes near the end of the episode; you can see screencaps at Springfield! Springfield! (keep clicking the "Show 100 More" button; they'll be at the end) (thanks to Rodrigo)

L Word: Generation Q, The : "Quiz Show" (season 3, episode 3, original air date December 4 2022) : This Showtime series is a reboot of the original The L Word with a new cast. At about 21 minutes into the episode, talk show host Alice (Leisha Hailey) celebrates her 100th show by escaping from a costume SJ. I've put the short clip in Google Drive.

The-LWord-Generation-Q-S03-E03-1 The-LWord-Generation-Q-S03-E03-2

Ladies of Letters (season 2, episode 6, original air date October 19 2010) : This is the televised adaptation of a long running BBC Radio comedy series, in which Irene and Vera start up a corresponence after meeting at a wedding. In this episode, Irene (Maureen Lipman) writes a plea for help after winding up in a mental institution. She's seen in two brief scenes strapped to a bed, and in two longer scenes (at 8 and 9:30) sitting on the bed ina straitjacket, with no struggling. I've put the video up on Google Drive.

Ladies_Of_Letters01 Ladies_Of_Letters02 Ladies_Of_Letters03 Ladies_Of_Letters04

Late Night With Conan O'Brien (October 2, 2008) : A brief sketch on this show dealt with vice-presidental candidate Sarah Palin's efforts to prepare for her debate with Joe Biden. The scene was a homage to A Clockwork Orange, with an SJed actress strapped to a chair and forced to watch Palin's maladroit interview with Katie Couric.

Laugh-In (season 3, episode 25, original air date March 9 1970) : This episode of the famous sketch comedy show has a brief scene with Goldie Hawn and Artie Johnson struggling in SJs. The episode is available on Amazon Prime, and starts at 31:29. C.A. was kind enough to send the clip, which I've uploaded to Google Drive.

12_CFDA09-_F1_FB-46_A4-8_EF2-444_CE72_EC108 2_ECF2290-07_B7-4_F4_A-9582-45294_D5_AC904 B3_DDAD78-_D115-4_BDA-882_A-368077_F04943 B99_FE865-9533-4_E11-_AA9_C-8203224_DC1_E2 D3_A92821-_F423-43_A2-_AE9_A-6180807606_DF

Law According to Lidia Poët, The (season 1, episode 5, original release date February 15 2023) : This Netflix original from Italy is based on the true story of Italy's first female lawyer. About 37 minutes into this episode, a man chases an older woman through an insane asylum, and he passes by two separate women in SJs. I've put the clip on Google Drive (thanks to Renfield).

Lidia-Poet1 Lidia-Poet2

Le tre rose de Eva 2 (2013) : A gallery for this Italian soap shows a blonde struggling in a straitjacket and held by two orderlies. (You can see a thumbnail gallery of all photos at TVBlog.)

Live It Up (c. 1990) : On one episode of this "infotainment" show (broadcast on Canada's CTV network), host Diane Bruckner was SJed by magician Dean Gunnarson (looks like an old Posey with the grommetted straps, but they didn't use the side loops). Someone's posted the clip on YouTube.

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) (season 3, episode 16, original air date Apr 17 2022) : In the season finale of this Korean soap, Dong-Mi is committed to a mental hospital by her son. Three men come to the house and put her into a smock-style SJ. The scene happens about 12 minutes into the episode. I found a recap at The Review Geek, and have put the clip up on Google Drive.

LMD-s01e16-3 LMD-s03e16-1 LMD-s03e16-2 LMD-s03e16-4 LMD-s03e16-5 LMD-s03e16-6 LMD-s03e16-7 LMD-s03e16-8

Love, Lies, and Murder (1991) (Sheryl Lee) : "A young mother is murdered in her sleep. Her teenage stepdaughter confesses to the crime. But what seemed like an open-and-shut case is only the beginning in this chilling true story of the unspeakable crime that shocked a nation" About 31 minutes into the second half of this TV miniseries, a jacketed Lee is seen lying on the floor of a padded cell after a suicide attempt; the shot is about 15 seconds. She is seen in the following scene strapped hand and foot to a chair, and in handcuffs and legirons near the end. The video that was on YouTube was taken down, but Rodrigo sent it to me, and I've placed it on Google Drive.

llm02 llm03 llm04 llm05 llm06 llm07

Love, Mary (1985) : Kristy McNichol stars in this TV movie as a troubled teen who turns her life around when she's diagnosed with dyslexia. After a police chase in the opening credits, she's seen lying on a bed in a jail cell in a straitjacket. The scene lasts about a minute before the jacket is removed, and there's no struggling. The entire movie is available on YouTube; the scene starts at 2:10.

MacGyver : "Two Times Trouble" (original air date December 11 1989) At the beginning of the episode is a strange shoot for an anti-drug music video, where a young woman (blonde Kimberly Sheppard) is put in a yellow neoprene (?) SJ and thrown in a tank of water (shaped like a beaker?). MacGyver ends up in the same predicament at the climax of the episode.

MAD TV : An episode of this comedy-sketch show featured a spoof of Felicity, entitled Intensity, in which the title character (Nicole Sullivan, a cute blonde), obsessed with a boy, ends up in a yellow-collared Posey SJ at the end of the sketch. The shot is about 10 seconds long, in slow-motion with nice struggling.


(September 30, 2006): This episode (hosted by WWE wrestler John Cena) featured a parody of the Dixie Chicks, where the two sisters sing sbout kicking the "loudmouthed" Natalie Maines out of the group. The actress portraying Maines is seen struggling in a small Posey SJ before being given a lobotomy with a huge railroad spike. The scene occurs 15 minutes into the episode.
One episode early in 2007 opened with an actress dressed as Britney Spears, shaved head and all, SJed and tied to a cart like Hannibal Lector.

Madrasta, La : Ana Rosa is seen SJed and struggling in a padded cell in one episode of this telenovela. Rodrigo was kind enough to upload the scene to YouTube, and he's put a lot of vidcaps up at his ImageShack page. The scene is included on the 3-DVD condensation of the series; it's on Disc 2, Side 1, about 15:25 - 16:00.

Mafia Princess (1986) (Susan Lucci) : Based on the memoirs of Antoinette Giancana, daughter of infamous Mafia kingpin Sam Giancana. In the book, she is committed to a hospital by her father. She says she was strapped to her bed most of the time, and was once put in an SJ. In the film, Lucci is seen in a padded cell with a mediocre SJ (but with some nice struggling); after she's untied, we can see that the sleeves are open at the ends. The scene is about 2 minutes long.

Mañana es Para Siempre (2008) : Episode 4 of this novela shows Lilliana (Dominika Paleta) tied in a straitjacket and strapped to a bed. I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Manana1 Manana2 Manana3

Magpakailanman ("Forever") : "Sino Ang Baliw?" ("Who's Crazy?") (episode 338, original air date November 23 2019) : In this episode of the long-running Filipino anthology series, Glaiza De Castro is wrongly committed to a mental hospital by her scheming in-laws. She is seen struggling in a costume SJ from 42:30 - 44:30. The entire episode is on YouTube (thanks to Rodrigo).


Mar de amor ("Sea of love", 2009) : In episode 65 of this novela, Coral (Ninel Conde) sets her bed on fire and flings herself down a flight of stairs, so naturally they put her in a straitjacket at the hospital (at 5:00, thanks to Rodrigo).

Maria Mercedes (1992) : The titular character of this telenovela (Thalia) is committed to a mental hospital and forced into a straitjacket. You can see the clip on YouTube (thanks to Mariano).

Marian Again: (original air dates 5 & 6 September 2005) : This two-part British miniseries (originally shown on the ITV network) focuses on a woman who was kidnapped and imprisoned in a small box for 15 years. When her old boyfriend sees her on the street, years after he thought she had died, she denies being the women he believes her to be. The show contains some scenes with the woman SJed and wearing a scold's bridle (without gag), as part of a magic act she does with her former captor.

aeb1 marian_again_1 marian_again_10 marian_again_2 marian_again_3 marian_again_4 marian_again_5

Marian Rose White (1982) : This TV movie is nased on a true story about a young woman (Nancy Cartwright, long before she became the voice of Bart Simpson) in the 1930s who is mistakenly thought to be "feeble-minded" and is sent to a mental institution by her mother. She is shown in a straitjacket in a tiny padded cell for about a minute. Someone has posted the whole movie in several parts on YouTube; the scene starts about 13:30 into part 2. I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Martin : "One Flew Over The Hoochie's Nest" (season 5, episode 130, original air date 24 April 1997): "Pam (Tichina Arnold) is thought to be her twin cousin, who has recently escaped from a mental institution." There is an SJ scene with plenty of struggling by Arnold, though one reports states that the Posey with roller buckles used in the scene doesn't have the arm straps buckled up. A more recent report suggests that the jacket was improperly applied in some shots in the middle of the scene (sleeves not buckled) and properly tied at the beginning and end of the scene. There's a good overview of the episode at, and the segment was recently posted on YouTube.

martin_-_one_flew_over_the_hoochie_s_nest_18 martin_-_one_flew_over_the_hoochie_s_nest_20 martin_-_one_flew_over_the_hoochie_s_nest_21 martin_-_one_flew_over_the_hoochie_s_nest_23 martin_-_one_flew_over_the_hoochie_s_nest_28 martin_-_one_flew_over_the_hoochie_s_nest_29 martin_-_one_flew_over_the_hoochie_s_nest_30

Más Noche (aka +Noche) : This is a Spanish-language comedy variety show filmed in Mexico. One episode featured actress Bárbara Torres being dropped into a scene where she is mistaken for a psychiatrist in a mental hospital. She encounters two different women in smock-style SJs. The scene is available on YouTube (though it might be geo-blocked in the USA), and I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Mas-Noche-1 Mas-Noche-2 Mas-Noche-3 Mas-Noche-4 Mas-Noche-5 Mas-Noche-6

Mask : The Animated Series, The : Magic (Season 3, Episode 1, 1997) : "Stanley reunites with his high school crush, Davida Steelmine, who is now working as a magician who uses her powers for criminal activity." (courtesy of Wikipedia) Davida is seen struggling in an SJ after being captured by the Mask, but escapes offscreen at the very end. You can see a bunch of vidcaps at the Straitjacket Dump Forum. The episode is also up on YouTube.

Mea Culpa (2005) : This Chilean telenovela apparently has an SJ scene; you can see a vidcap at link Rodrigo sent me.

Medaka Box Abnormal : There's a brief SJ scene at the end of episode 9 of this anime, which is available at Anime Flavor. Medaka is seen in the jacket again for most of episode 10 (thanks to Creeper).

Melrose Place : "It's a Bad World After All" (original air date 19 Sept 95) : Sydney (Laura Leighton) was arrested for the hit-and-run of her former hubbie (she was framed, but it's a real mess and I'm sure you don't care). Her father and sister meet her in jail and beg her to confess, and when she blows up at them, they sadly decide to have her committed. At the end of the show, she is tied in a small Posey SJ by two attendants and led out of the police station. They do a pretty bad job of it too; Leighton's right arm ends up OVER her left shoulder, and they didn't even use the front or side hoops! Tsk. The next episode, "Inlaws and Outlaws," has some time devoted to her unpleasant stay at the hospital, but the summaries I've read don't indicate any SJ shots.

Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_3 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_4 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_23 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_26 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_27 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_28 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_29 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_31 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_32 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_33 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_34 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_35 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_36 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_37 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_38 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_39 Melrose_Place_-_It_s_a_Bad_World_After_All_40 melrose066-1a

Mi camino es amarte (2022) : This recent Mexican telenovela is an adaptation of the Chilean show El camionero. According to the show's Wikipedia page, Ursula (Sara Corrales) has a breakdown and is taken to the mental hospital in episode 72 (original air date February 14 2023). There is a video on YouTube called "Ursula es enviada a un psiquiatrico", but in case it's blocked in your country, Rodrigo sent me the clip and I've put it on Google Drive.

Mi-camino-es-amarte-72-1 Mi-camino-es-amarte-72-2 Mi-camino-es-amarte-72-3 Mi-camino-es-amarte-72-4 Mi-camino-es-amarte-72-5 Mi-camino-es-amarte-72-6

Mi Gorda Bella (2002; roughly "My Beautiful Fat Friend") : In this telenovela, the character Tza Tza (Emma Rabe) is kidnapped and kept in a lace-up SJ for at least two episodes. She undergoes some abuse as well, with some blood dripping into the SJ. You can visit the Antena 3 site for more Spanish-language details. Also, the character Pandora (Marianela González) appears to be SJed in a padded cell in a vidcap from the show's MSN Group; this latter scene is on YouTube.


Midsummer Night's Dream, A (original air date May 30 2016) : In this BBC adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy, Hippolyta (Eleanor Matsuura) is trussed up in a straitjacket with leather straps in the front and a leather muzzle. Renfield tells me that the scenes occur at the very start and near the end of the 90-minute show, and that at the end, her arms are strapped behind her. You can see stills at and at Peter Viney's blog.
Lord Foot-in-Mouth sent me the clips in question, and I put them together and uploaded them to Google Drive.
I recently found some HD screencaps at Kiss Them Goodbye:

AMND_2016_0035 AMND_2016_0038 AMND_2016_0039 AMND_2016_0056 AMND_2016_0082 AMND_2016_0084 AMND_2016_1623 AMND_2016_1625 AMND_2016_1626 AMND_2016_1646 AMND_2016_1654 AMND_2016_1815 AMND_2016_2019 AMND_2016_2057

Mission : Impossible : "Committed" (episode 141; sixth season) : The team infiltrates an institution to rescue a wrongly committed woman who witnessed a murder. Lynda Day George ends up in an SJ in the padded cell next to the one imprisoning the woman in question.

Mission_Impossible_-_Committed_21 Mission_Impossible_-_Committed_22 Mission_Impossible_-_Committed_23

Models Inc. : "Till Death Do Us Part" (season 1, episode 18, original air date 23 Nov 1994) and "Bad Moon Rising" (season one, episode 19, original air date 30 Nov 94) : One of the story arcs in this one-season Aaron Spelling nighttime soap revolved around Carrie (Carrie-Anne Moss), an older model reeling from the murder of her sister. Concerned, the head of Models Inc. (Linda Grey) tricks her into meeting with a psychiatrist, and she checks into a hospital for "voluntary" (heh heh...) treatment. Soon, he's extorting sex from her, and gets Grey (who had power of attorney) to commit her for six months. There are two brief shots of Moss, sedated in a Posey SJ, at the 35:00 mark of the first episode, as she's shown to Grey to convince her to sign the commitment papers. In the second episode, there is a brief scene of Moss tied to a hospital bed in leather cuffs. At the 25:30 mark, she's seen wearing the Posey while sitting in a wheelchair. After the psychiatrist explains his evil deeds in time-honored villain tradition, Grey emerges from behind a cabinet with a tape recorder, while Moss stands up and removes the untied jacket. They leave the room while security enters to apprehend the bad doctor. I've put the clip up on Google Drive (my apologies for the Dutch subtitles, but these were literally the only copies of these episodes I could find).

Models-Inc01 Models-Inc02 Models-Inc03 Models-Inc04 Models-Inc05 Models-Inc06 Models-Inc07 Models-Inc08 Models-Inc09 Models-Inc10 Models-Inc11 Models-Inc12

Most Awesomely Bad Fashion (2007) : Barry tells me that he saw an SJed woman on this VH1 special.

Most Terrifying Places in America : "Restless Dead" (season 2, episode 4, original air date October 25 2009) : This Travel Channel show deals with supposedly haunted places across the country. One of the locales is the Madison Seminary in Ohio, which served as a women's asylum from 1925-1975. The reenactments show a couple of brief shots of an SJed woman in a wheelchair, at 9:15 and 9:45 (thanks to Barry).

Restless-Dead-1 Restless-Dead-2

Mostly True Stories: Urban Myths Revealed : One of the myths explored in this Learning Channel show was that of the woman with the beehive hairdo, who discovered a nest of spiders inside. (I'll pause so everyone can shudder.) In the show's "recreation," the woman hacks away at her hair and has to be restrained in a Posey SJ. The shot is only a few seconds long. SJS found the episode on YouTube; the scene starts at about 38:35.


MTV Summer Wraps (2010-12) : One episode of this show featured host Lenay Dunn trying an SJ escape; there's a too-brief clip on YouTube (thanks to Straitpeter).

Summer-Wraps1 Summer-Wraps2 Summer-Wraps3

Murdoch Mysteries, The : "The Incurables" (season 8, episode 13, original air date February 9 2015) : This Canadian series is set in Toronto in the 1890s, following detective William Murdoch as he uses then-state-of-the-art forensic techniques to solve crimes. In this episode, Murdoch investigates the murder of a nurse at an insane asylum. Rose Maxwell (Emma Campbell), a patient who murdered her family and is accused of the nurse's death, is kept in a canvas straitjacket with leather straps throughout the episode. Renfield found a so-so quality video of the episode at DailyMotion; the scenes occur at 12:30, 14:00, 25:00. 31:50, and 33:40.

MM_S8_E13_0291 MM_S8_E13_0558 MM_S8_E13_0719 MM_S8_E13_0733 MM_S8_E13_0761 MM_S8_E13_0807 MM_S8_E13_0823 MM_S8_E13_0846 MM_S8_E13_0875

Mysterious Personal Shopper : "Episode 8" (original air date March 14 2018) : This South Korean drama is centered around the family of a fashion tycoon. There is a brief scene of an older woman lying in a bed in a mental institution, wearing an unusual-looking SJ and cleave-gagged in a white cloth (she had earlier tried to bite her tongue off). The episode is available on YouTube; the scene starts 11:00 in.

Mysterious_Personal_Shopper_e08_1 Mysterious_Personal_Shopper_e08_2 Mysterious_Personal_Shopper_e08_3 Mysterious_Personal_Shopper_e08_4 Mysterious_Personal_Shopper_e08_5

Nada Cinta : (2011) : This was an Malaysian teen soap opera (more information at Wikipedia). I found a video showing a young woman in a stereotypical "madhouse", SJed, strapped to a bed and gagged with shiny black tape, and put it up on Google Drive.

Nadie es eterno en el mundo (roughly, "nobody lives forever", 2007-8) : Silvia (Patricia Vásquez), the main villainess of this Colombian Telenovela, winds up in an asylum in the final episode. She's seen in two scenes in a grey SJ. The episode is available on YouTube; the scenes go from 27:00 to 30:30 (thanks to Diego).

Nadie_1 Nadie_2 Nadie_3

New Batman/Superman Adventures, The : 1) "Live Wire" : A female shock-jock insists on holding a celebratory concert in a park during a wild lighting storm, and gets a massive shock, transforming her into the titular villainess. After she's defeated, she is carried away in a full-body SJ (insulated?), and strapped to a stretcher.
2) "Trial" : During a takeover of Arkham Asylum by the inmates, Batman is captured along with an anti-Batman attorney who doesn't know of his importance to Gotham City. She is forced to defend Batman during a kangaroo trial presided over by The Joker. The lawyer is successful, but the inmates renege and decide to kill Batman anyway. He is SJed during the trial, but escapes before he is unmasked and executed. Harley Quinn gets put in the SJ (as she took his utility belt) as a diversion for their escape. I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Night Gallery : "The Diary" : Patty Duke portrays a gossip columnist who comes into possession of a special diary; it records the future. At the end of the episode, she is seen in a locked cell and tied in a black SJ. Renfield was kind enough to upload the scene to YouTube.

Nikita : "Rough Trade" (season 1, episode 4, original air date October 1 2010) : This new series, airing on the CW, is the second TV show based on the French film La Femme Nikita, with Maggie Q this time taking on the role of the assassin on the run from the shadowy agency that trained her. Alex (Lyndsey Fonesca), a fellow recruit and Nikita's mole on the inside, suffers a panic attack during a training exercise, prompting her trainer Claire to administer some tough love. Alex is locked in a neoprene transport jacket (with five metal latches down the back) with a built-in monitor which will unlock the jacket when she lowers her heart rate to 51 bpm. There are two lengthy scenes (at 30 and 45 minutes), the first displaying a lot of great struggling by Fonesca. She stays still for most of the latter scene, trying to control her heart rate, but it ends with a great shot of the latches popping open on the jacket. ou can see a couple of stills at Spoiler TV.
"Cancelled" (season 4, episode 6, original air date December 27 2013) : The special transport jacket makes an encore appearance in the show's season finale, as an actress is seen lying on a bed in the jacket and leather ankle restraints. You can see vidcaps at the Themis Collection (free membership required) and also at the non-membership site Springfield! Springfield!. (thanks to Rodrigo)

Nobody's Child (1986) (Marlo Thomas) : "Woman released from mental hospital after 20 years returns to a normal life. TV films love a true story and they love those end credits informing us that so-and-so is now -- in this case -- a mental health administrator. Marlo won an Emmy." (Thanks to the Film involving Disabilities site.) Marlo is wheeled into the hospital in a Humane Restraints-style SJ and strapped to a stretcher; she is placed in a cell, still SJed and her ankles tied to a matress on the floor. The scene is about 1 minute long.

nobody_s_child_3 nobody_s_child_4 nobody_s_child_5 nobody_s_child_6

Nowhere Man : "Turnabout" (episode 1-2; original air date Sept 4 1995) : "Assuming he's Dr. Bellamy, agents take Veil to a sanitarium used by the mysterious conspiracy. There he's asked to 'treat' a woman who has also lost her identity and family." Ellen Combs has two scenes in a medium Posey SJ (in a locked cell; in a large steel cage), and another woman (Combs?) is seen in the same SJ and cage at the end of the episode. The entire episode was recently uploaded to YouTube in two parts:
First Half
Second Half

O Profeta : There's an SJ scene from this novela on YouTube titled "Arnaldo e Tony procuram Carola no hospício".

OA, The : "Treasure Island": (season 2, episode 2, released on Netflix March 22 2019) : OA (Brit Marling) is seen in a Posey SJ (no crotch strap, used only one side loop) from 2:10-5:35 and 9:05-12:50 of this episode. I've put the clip up on Google Drive.

OA-202-Unit-00310-R-FULL TheOA-01 TheOA-02 TheOA-03 TheOA-04 TheOA-05 TheOA-06 TheOA-07 TheOA-08 TheOA-09 TheOA-10

Office Monkey (Oct. 2005) : "Two people are secretly challenged to perform silly comic dares in an office of unsuspecting people recorded by hidden cameras. The only one in the joke is the managing director, who after watching our office monkeys perform decides which of them wins a lovely holiday." (courtesy of One of the shows featured a woman whose mission was to escape from an SJ. She had her co-worker strap her in in front of all her co-workers, and despite her bragging that she could escape in 30 seconds, she struggled for a few minutes before giving up. The show is broadcast in Britain by the ITV network.

One Life To Live (August 27, 2002) : Alison, who escaped with Lindsay from the prison, is seen "outfitted in a straight jacket, sitting in a padded room saying 'I did a bad thing.'" (courtesy of It's a 15-second clip near the end of the episode, and I've uploaded it to Google Drive (thanks to pcoop!).

One_Life_To_Live_August272002_1 One_Life_To_Live_August272002_2 One_Life_To_Live_August272002_3

(July 18 and 21, 2003) : Lindsay (Catherine Hickland) was tied in a Humane Restraints SJ and thrown in a padded cell. She was later released from the jacket and joined by her daughter Jen (who wasn't SJed) before being rescued (she was stashed there by a serial killer). There is one scene at the end of the 18th and two more in the first half of the 21st. I've put the clip on Google Drive.

One_Life_To_Live_July18_21_2003_01 One_Life_To_Live_July18_21_2003_02 One_Life_To_Live_July18_21_2003_03 One_Life_To_Live_July18_21_2003_04 One_Life_To_Live_July18_21_2003_05 One_Life_To_Live_July18_21_2003_06 One_Life_To_Live_July18_21_2003_07 One_Life_To_Live_July18_21_2003_08 One_Life_To_Live_July18_21_2003_09 One_Life_To_Live_July18_21_2003_10 One_Life_To_Live_July18_21_2003_11 One_Life_To_Live_July18_21_2003_12

(March 22-23, 2005) : As part of a plan for revenge, Asa Buchanan, the show's main patriarchal character, faked the death of his ex-wife Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and stashed her away in a mental hospital (judging by the set, the same one Lindsay spent some time in above). She's seen in a green-collared Posey at the end of the 3/22 episode, and in four short scenes in the 3/23 one. Someone uploaded the complete episodes to YouTube (thanks to Diego):
March 22 (35:00 - 35:45)
March 23 (4:05 - 4:25, 9:30 - 10:15, 14:00 - 14:30, 27:10 - 27:50)
vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h26m40s843 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h26m55s913 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h27m02s632 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h27m21s033 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h27m27s903 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h35m13s595 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h35m24s057 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h35m35s838 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h36m36s501 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h36m44s835 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h37m03s697 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h37m08s615 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h37m13s761

(October 20 and December 22, 2008) : Jessica (Bree Williamson), who has suffered from multiple personality disorder in the past, has been completely subsumed by "Tess", and she ends up SJed in the hospital. She's seen wearing a lace-up smock style SJ with a large hoop in the front. The entire episode is posted on YouTube. Jessica gets committed to the local sanitarium, and ends up SJed in a padded cell on the latter episode (same style of SJ), which is also available on YouTube.
(May 31, June 1, 3, 9, 13, and 14, 2011): Once again, "Tess" takes over Jessica's body, and her parents bribe her skeevy husband Cutter into signing committal papers. She is seen in a large lace-up jacket with a big loop in the front, wearing a black skirt for the first two days, and beige pants for the remaining days. She has several scenes on all days, with some great struggling on May 31 and the end of June 9. Ford sneaks in, disgused as a nun, to rescue Tess, and cons another nun (an older black woman) to check on a "comatose" Tess. The final scene on the June 14 episode shows Tess wearing a nun's outfit to escape with Ford, and the other nun jacketed and cleave-gagged on the floor of the padded cell! You can find all the episodes on YouTube:
May 31       June 1       June 3       June 9       June 13       June 14      

2011_5_31_12_0_8_TS3382 2011_5_31_12_0_8_TS3714 2011_6_1_12_7_1_TS2746 2011_6_1_12_7_1_TS3445 2011_6_3_11_54_10_TS2887 2011_6_3_11_54_10_TS4131 2011_6_9_13_3_11_TS1008 2011_6_9_13_3_11_TS2186

Open Your Eyes (Otwórz oczy, premieres on Netflix August 25 2021) : In the official teaser for this upcoming Polish sci-fi series, there is a brief shot of a woman lying in a bed in an SJ about 10 seconds in (thanks to Renfield).

Oprah (c. 1993-4) : When Ms. Winfrey had an escape artist as a guest, she didn't know he would bring out an SJ for her to try on - and she did, crotch strap and all (reportedly).

Orange is the New Black : "Changing Winds" (season 6, episode 7, release date July 27 2018) : In a scene in the prison psych ward, we can see at least one woman in a Humane Restraints SJ. The scene is available on YouTube.


Outer Limits, The : “Mind Reacher” (Episode 7.144, original air date 4 August 2001) : “A doctor puts her sanity on the line when testing a psychological tool allowing her to enter her patients' minds.” (Episode Guide)


Padre coraje ("Brave Father John", 2004) : A straitjacketed woman is led by two orderlies into an ambulance in episode 157 of this novela. (go to 26:00; she's then seen escaping from the jacket at 30:00). (thanks to Rodrigo) You can also see her strapped to a bed in the prior two episodes:
Episode 155 (at 16:45)
Episode 156 (at 39:00)

Paranormal Lockdown : "Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum" (season 1, episode 1, original air date March 4 2016): In this reality series broadcast on the Destination America channel, a team of investigators spend 72 hours locked inside allegedly haunted locations to collect possible evidence or paranormal activity. This episode contained some brief scenes of a woman in a Humane Restraints straitjacket (thanks to lsjvsf4).

Passions (March 17, 20-22, 2000) : Charity (Molly Stanton), a young woman subject to powerful psychic visions, and Tabitha (Juliet Mills), an evil harridan, are both confined to rooms at the psychiatric ward of the local hospital. When Tabitha hears that Charity was given a drug which makes her highly succeptable to the words of others, she whispers through the air vent, urging Charity to kill the man she loves. Tabitha is caught and is tied in a small Posey SJ by two attendants. There are several scenes of her in the jacket, with some struggling, but her arms weren't put through the loops. (Charity was not restrained, except for some blue wrist cuffs whilst unconscious.) The vast majority of the scenes took place on the 17th and 20th; there were brief flashbacks on the latter two dates.
(September 28, 2001) : The hulking psychopath “Norma Bates,” who had been stalking Tabitha and Timmy for most of the summer, was proven certifiable and led away SJed to a padded cell. The entire episode is available on YouTube (go to 31:25).

Passions-Norma1 Passions-Norma2

(December 19 and 23, 2003; January 6, 2004) : One of the long-running story lines on this soap revolves around the star-crossed romance between poor little rich girl Sheridan Crane (McKenzie Whitmore) and chief of police Luis Lopez-Fitgerald. Except for brief moments of repast, they've been kept apart pretty much for the entire run so far, due to the independent machinations of Sheridan's eeeeeeeevil father Alistair (who doesn't want Luis nosing into Crane family affairs) and Beth Wallace (who is obssessed with Luis, and will go to any lengths to get Sheridan out of the picture). In the major story arc of 2003, Beth kept a pregnant Sheridan captive in a pit, where she eventually gave birth. The baby was thought to have died in an accident, but Beth has claimed the baby as her own. Sheridan is understandably addled by all this trauma, and her insistence that her child is still alive leads to her being jacketed and dragged into the psych ward. She attempted to escape, but ended up getting jacketed (yellow-collared Posey; used the front loop and crotch strap but not the side loops) again and locked into a quiet room. A few days later, Luis stormed in and "rescued" her. (Amusingly enough, on the same episode, a nurse played by Ruth Buzzi is also dragged in the ward in a Posey.)
Antonio, Sheridan's husband and Luis' brother, stumbles across them in the throes of ecstasy, and is easily manipulated by Alistair into signing commitment papers. A psychiatrist and two orderlies show up at the cabin where Sheridan is residing and begin to force her into a jacket, but Sheridan promises to go quietly and they remove it. Of course, as soon as they do that, she runs back into the cabin and locks the front door. Too bad she didn't lock the back door also, as the orderlies come in that way, force her into the jacket, and eventually lock her into a padded cell in the psych ward. Lots of great struggling and facial expressions on Westmore's part; here's the video on YouTube. Electroshock aficianados should note that Sheridan gets the living hell zapped out of her (these scenes lasted over several episodes, seriously!) in an attempt to eliminate Luis from her mind (doesn't work, natch).
Someone has been uploading entire episodes of Passions to YouTube, and they just uploaded the December 19 episode, which I hadn't seen before; Sheridan is seen SJed and dragged to her room at the very end.
5 6 7 7-2 8 8-2 9 10 11 11-2 12 12-2 14 16 17 21 22 23

(January 16,17, and 20, 2005) : Another of the over-arching storylines deals with the love triangle between wealthy young heir Ethan Crane, WASPy fiancee Gwen Winthrop (played by Liza Huber, daughter of soap queen Susan Lucci), and lowly servant's daughter Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. Things recently came to a head when Gwen stabbed Theresa twice, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. In jail, Gwen drifts off into fantasyland, where she and Ethan and all her children live happily. When Sheridan comes to visit, Gwen thinks she's going to steal her baby and chokes her through the cell bars. The police come and tie Gwen in a Posey straitjacket. She alternates between wildy struggling and sitting in a catatonic state.
050117-11 050117-12 050118-01 050118-02 050118-03 050118-04 050118-05 050118-06 050118-07 050118-08 050121-01 050121-02 050121-03 050121-04 050121-05 050121-06 050121-07 050121-08 050121-09 050121-10 050121-11

A fan compiled a video of Gwen throughout the years, and it includes some of the SJ shots. It's available on YouTube.
(January 19, 2006): Norma and Mrs. Wallace break out of the mental institution to go after Tabitha, and in the ensuing chaos, several older women in Posey SJs were seen running about.
(February 1, 2007) : Norma and Mrs. Wallace end up in SJs in this episode while trying to escape the institution. The episode is up on YouTube, and the scene starts at 25:25. I've put the clip up on Google Drive.
(June 30, 2008) : Pretty was taken away in an SJ after pulling a gun on Luis, Sheridan and Fancy. You can read the details on and see the clip on YouTube (go to 37:15) .

Patrona, La (February 8, 9, 12, 13, and 21, 2013) : In this telenovela, lead actress Aracely Arambula is committed to an asylum and is seen in a straitjacket (off-white canvas with leather straps) in several episodes, in both a padded cell and a regular cell with a barred window. I created a few movie files for you to download:

Feb. 8 and 9 (207 MB)
lapatrona0208-09-2013-01 lapatrona0208-09-2013-02 lapatrona0208-09-2013-03 lapatrona0208-09-2013-04 lapatrona0208-09-2013-05 lapatrona0208-09-2013-06 lapatrona0208-09-2013-07 lapatrona0208-09-2013-08 lapatrona0208-09-2013-09 lapatrona0208-09-2013-10 lapatrona0208-09-2013-11 lapatrona0208-09-2013-12 lapatrona0208-09-2013-13 lapatrona0208-09-2013-14
Feb. 12 and 13 (50 MB)
lapatrona0212-13-2013-01 lapatrona0212-13-2013-02 lapatrona0212-13-2013-03 lapatrona0212-13-2013-04 lapatrona0212-13-2013-05 lapatrona0212-13-2013-06 lapatrona0212-13-2013-07 lapatrona0212-13-2013-08 lapatrona0212-13-2013-09
Feb. 21 (133 MB)
lapatrona-02212013-01 lapatrona-02212013-02 lapatrona-02212013-03 lapatrona-02212013-04 lapatrona-02212013-05 lapatrona-02212013-06 lapatrona-02212013-07 lapatrona-02212013-08 lapatrona-02212013-09

Pe Na Jaca (2007) : The character of Beth is SJed and led out of her house by two men in white, as you can see on YouTube.

Pecado De Amor (1996) : This Colombian novela had a lengthy SJ scene with a blue smock-style SJ and a shorter one with a white SJ at the end. Rodrigo was generous enough to send me the videos, which I've uploaded to Google Drive.

Pecados Ajenos : In this telenovela, Elena (Sonya Smith) was arrested for attempted murder and was later SJed in a padded cell, with some nice dramatic lighting. You can see her in this compilation video starting at 10:45. I've put the clip on Google Drive (thanks to CJ).

Pecados-Ajenos-1 Pecados-Ajenos-2 Pecados-Ajenos-3 Pecados-Ajenos-4 Pecados-Ajenos-5 Pecados-Ajenos-6 Pecados-Ajenos-7 Pecados-Ajenos-8

Penn and Teller's Sin City Spectacular : Episode 120 of the eccentric magicians' variety show (featuring Roseanne, Martina Sirtis, and Lance Burton) contained a segment with Penn, Teller, and their Eight Deadly Sin Dancers in SJs. The video is available on YouTube (thanks, Renfield!).

Penny Dreadful : "Closer Than Sisters" (season 1, episode 5, original air date June 8 2014) : This Showtime original series is set in London in 1891, where Victor Frankenstein, Van Helsing, Dorian Grey, and other fictional creations exist and interact. This episode contained flashbacks explaining the back story of demon-possessed Vanessa Ives (Eva Green). She is seen in an asylum, attacking the head psychiatrist, and subsequently strapped into a straitjacket and dunked into an ice bath, before being dragged down a hall (still in the jacket) to the surgical hall. The scenes last about 3 minutes. I finally made a video and put it on MediaFire. ARNie! made some caps for us to enjoy:

pd01 pd02 pd03 pd04 pd05 pd06 pd07 pd08 pd09 pd10 pd11

"A Blade Of Grass" (season 3, episode 4, original air date May 22 2016) : According to this publicity photo, Vanessa will be shown in a straitjacket in a padded cell. They've also posted a preview/behind-the-scenes clip on YouTube, where you see her wearing a bit gag at 0:35 as well. (thanks to Rodrigo and Renfield)
Almost the entire episode takes place in a padded cell, and after she attacks an orderly (who may or may not be Satan), she's put into a straitjacket. The scene starts 13 minutes in and finally ends about 17 minutes later (it's divided into 3 segments, and she's seen in the bit gag in the final segment). I've uploaded the scenes to Google Drive.
vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h16m36s575 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h18m07s332 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h18m13s656 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h18m22s677 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h18m48s021 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h18m56s846 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h19m25s002 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h19m48s795 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h20m03s504 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h20m16s207 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h20m26s830 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h20m33s175 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h20m56s621 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h21m29s041 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h21m47s794 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h22m04s148 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h22m11s984 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h23m29s270 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h23m37s720 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h23m51s731 vlcsnap 2016 05 30 15h23m56s199 w JZZf4 X

Perdona Nuestros Pecados ("Forgive Our Sins", 2018) : Episode 19 of this Chilean telenovela shows a middle-aged woman being tied in a lace-up SJ and taken away in an ambulance. The entire episode is available on YouTube; the scene goes from 22:20 - 24:20. I've also put the scene on Google Drive (thanks to Rodrigo).

Perdona-Nuestros-Pecados-Capitulo-19-1 Perdona-Nuestros-Pecados-Capitulo-19-2 Perdona-Nuestros-Pecados-Capitulo-19-3 Perdona-Nuestros-Pecados-Capitulo-19-4 Perdona-Nuestros-Pecados-Capitulo-19-5

Persons Unknown : "Saved" (Season 1, Episode 8, original air date July 31 2010) : This NBC summer drama focuses on a small group of people who are imprisoned in an abandoned town and continually watched through video cameras, as part of "The Program". Outside the prison, two newspaper reporters visit the only escapee from "The Program", an older woman committed to a South American asylum. The jacket looks sort of like a Posey, with front arm loop and crotch strap, but it's a pull-over, with no straps except those for the sleeves and crotch. There are two scenes with the woman, at 9 and 26 minutes into the episode, and she manages to free her arms in the latter scene.

Piano Man's Daughter, The (2003) : This two-part miniseries, based on the novel by Timothy Finley, contains one SJ scene about 20 minutes into the first part. Lily (Marnie McPhail) is seen struggling in a green-collared Posey while sitting in a wheelchair. The scene lasts for about a minute. You can visit Sullivan Entertainment for more information.

Pierwsza Milosc ("First Love") (episode 3152, original air date January 15 2021) : According to this Polish TV preview, Marysia (Anecie Zajac) has a mental breakdown and is taken to a psychiatric hospital, where she's tied in an interesting custom SJ (thanks to Rodrigo).

First-Love1 First-Love2 First-Love3 First-Love4 First-Love5 First-Love6 First-Love7

Place To Call Home, A : "All Good Things" (season 4, episode 12, original air date November 27 2016) : About 14 minutes into the episode, Regina Bligh (Jenni Baird) is tied in a lace-up straitjacket and thrown in the back of an ambulance. About 45 minutes in, she's seen in the jacket again in a padded cell. I've put the video up on Google Drive (thanks to Rodrigo).

A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_1 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_2 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_3 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_4 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_5 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_6 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_8 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_9 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_11 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_12 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_14 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_15 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_20 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_21 A_Place_to_Call_Home_-_All_Good_Things_22

Plateados, Los (May 17-18, 2005) : Camila (Tamara Montserrat) was committed to a mental hospital by her adulterous husband in this telenovela. According to the synopses at Telenovela World, the episode of the 17th ended with her being tied in an SJ, and the next day's show featured her being "treated" at the hospital (through drugs, baths, and hypnosis); I don't know if there were more SJ scenes.

Pobre Diabla ("Poor Devil") (199?) : This telenovela (a remake of another telenovela from the early '70s) features the female lead Monica (Jeanette Rodriguez) in a lengthy SJ scene. You can read a bilingual synopsis and check out the scene on YouTube.


PM Magazine : This was a regional entertainment TV show in the early 1980s. According to a recent post on Brian R's page, host Dani Folquet was strapped into a straitjacket to attempt an escape.

Pone a Francella (2001) : This Argentinian sketch comedy show had a reoccurring sketch called "Cuidado Hospital" in which straitjackets were used on at least two occasions:
Pone a Francella - Cuidado Hospital (con Enrique Pinti) (starts 2:40)
Pone a Francella Programa del Lunes 1/4/13 Primera Parte (starts 31:25) (thanks to MB)

Popular : "All About Adam" (original air date 17 Feb 2000) : This episode of an hour-long show set in a high school is a gloss on All About Eve, as a young man stops at nothing to get on the cheerleading squad. The offended cheerleaders find a victim of his from his previous school, a cheerleader who rejected his advances and who he subsequently drove insane. She is seen with an SJ (with open and untied sleeves) over her cheerleading uniform for a couple of minutes; there is no struggling whatsoever. Rodrigo uploaded a video of the scene to YouTube.

Popular Mechanics for Kids : "Escape" (third season, 1999-2000) : This episode of the educational children's show featured an upside-down SJ escape by a (male) escape artist. To show the level of difficulty, the SJ is first tied on Vanessa Lengies, one of the teenage hosts of the show.

captureD9 captureD10 captureD11 captureD12 captureD13 captureD14 captureD15 captureD16 captureD17 captureD18 captureD19 captureD20

Por amor a Gloria ("For the love of Gloria", 2005) : On the final episode (#110) of this Colombian telenovela, Sol (Silvia De Dios) ends up straitjacketed in a mental institution. The scene is on YouTube and goes from 19:15 to 20:30. (thanks to Psych Ward Women)

Por Siempre Mi Amor (2013) : Near the end of this telenovela, Isabel (Susana González) is kidnapped and stashed away in a mental hospital. She is seen struggling in a brown lace-up straitjacket in a padded cell in a couple of episodes. You can see stills at the show's Facebook page and at Themis Collection (free VIP membership required). Highwing was kind enough to make an edit of the SJ scenes and post it on Google Drive. I finally dug up some more scenes from the novela and put them up:

Por Siempre Mi Amor 2 (60 MB)
Por_Siempre_Mi_Amor_2-1 Por_Siempre_Mi_Amor_2-2 Por_Siempre_Mi_Amor_2-3 Por_Siempre_Mi_Amor_2-4
Por Siempre Mi Amor 3 (27 MB)
Por_Siempre_Mi_Amor_3-1 Por_Siempre_Mi_Amor_3-2 Por_Siempre_Mi_Amor_3-3 Por_Siempre_Mi_Amor_3-4

Port Charles (December 31, 1998; January 4-6, 1999): This was a spin-off of the ABC soap General Hospital. In the "General Homicide" serial-killer story arc, Greg and Julie (the killers) have kidnapped Kevin (who is writing a book on the murders) and Eve. They tie Eve in a green-collar Posey SJ and begin to wall her up. Eve seems a size too small for it, and they didn't put the sleeves through the front hoop the first two episodes, but they corrected it for the later episodes (it looks as though they put the sleeves through the side hoops too!). Lucy (Lynn Herring), who has a long history with Greg, tries to sneak in to help, but is captured, SJed and placed with Eve. They are walled in, but Eve manages to escape from her SJ and help Lucy out of hers just in time for their rescue. All in all, very nice. Some of the scenes are up on YouTube.
Here's another video from YouTube of the end of the scenes.

portcharles01 portcharles02 portcharles03 portcharles04 portcharles05 portcharles06 portcharles07 portcharles08 portcharles09 portcharles10 portcharles11 portcharles12 portcharles13 portcharles14 portcharles15 portcharles16 portcharles17

Price is Right, The : There are at least three SJ sightings on this long-running game show. Two revolve about a lovely brunette hostess who is so excited about the amazing prizes that she has to be restrained in a small Posey SJ by the other hostesses. The third concerns the black hostess, who is seeing a psychiatrist over her "forestphobia," a fear of the great outdoors (too bad she can't enjoy this lovely RV!); she is summarily SJed by the unsympathetic therapist. In all these instances, the SJs are not securely strapped on.

Priory, The (1999-present) : In one episode of this British talk show, co-host and former model Zoe Ball goes insane and is trussed up a la Hannibal Lector. The Zoe Ball Nexus has several episodes available on RealVideo, but the image is rather poor through my dinky 28.8, so I'm not going to audit every episode. You can see a full episode list at, but there's no clue there either.

Prisoner, The : On some episodes of this cult favorite, there were shots of a room with SJed men and women sitting on the floor. At some point, they would simultaneously flex their ankles. Face it, folks, this show wasn't supposed to make sense. :-)

Prisoner : Cell Block H : This long-running Australian soap, set in a woman's prison, has produced at least one SJ scene, but neither of the DVD sets put out by A&E Home Video have such a scene.

Project ARMS (2001) : In this anime, ARMS are "inorganic materials with the characteristics of organic materials, in that they have metabolisms and can regenerate. When implanted in a person's body, they camouflage themselves to resemble the body organ they replace." (thanks to the Call My Name fansite) Kuruma Kei, one of the four main characters (and someone with a ARMS powers), goes beserk when told that she's not human and has to be SJed and put into a padded cell. The scene occurs in episode 17 ("Heaven (Advent)") on volume 6 of the DVD releases by Viz, and lasts about 45 seconds. Here are some caps, courtesy of Michael:

sj_kei_kuruma sj_kei_kuruma_2 sj_kei_kuruma_3
The episode was posted to YouTube.

Psychobitches (2014) : According to an article from the Daily Mail, this British sketch comedy show featured actress Michelle Gomez portraying Margaret Thatcher trussed up like Hannibal Lecter. (thanks to Renfield)

Queer As Folk (season 5, episoded 10, original air date 17 July 2005) : During an appearance at a club, Cyndi Lauper emerges from a chest wearing a loose-fitting SJ and chains, which she wiggles out of in a matter of seconds. The scene appears 28 minutes into the episode and lasts about 30 seconds. You can read a more detailed synopsis at Queer As Folk Recaps.

Raising Hope : "Inside Probe" (season 2, episode 21, original air date April 10 2012) : During a farcical prison wedding, one of the inmate maid of honors is wheeled in like Hannibal Lector, strapped in a large Posey jacket with a facemask covering her mouth. The woman is seen in three short scenes beginning 18 minutes into the episode. I had the video on YouTube, but Fox narced on me, so you can now download it from MediaFire.


Rafaela (2011) : Mireya (Chantal Andere) winds up SJed in an asylum in the final episode of this Mexican telenovela (I can't give exact times, since it's blocked for America) (thanks to Psych Ward Nurses).

Ratched : "The Bucket List" (season 1, episode 7, original air date September 18 2020) : This Netflix miniseries creates a back story for the infamous Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. In this episode she visits hospital donor Doris Mayfair, who relates the tragic mental decline of her sister Francine. About 20 minutes into the episode, Francine (Sonya Krueger) is seen SJed and caged in a room lined with old mattresses. I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Ratched-s01-e07-1 Ratched-s01-e07-2 Ratched-s01-e07-3 Ratched-s01-e07-4

Remington Steele : "Elementary Steele" (original air date 22 May 1984, final episode of the second season) : "Role-playing mystery fans are duped into solving the real-life case of a murdered bank embezzler." Steele (Pierce Brosnan) and Laura (Stephanie Zimbalist) visit a friend, an OK-looking brunette, who is SJed and lying in a hospital bed, as she claims that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were chasing her. The scene is available on YouTube, and it's included on disc 7 of the Season 2 DVD set. You can also watch the entire episode on Hulu.

Reporter, Die (1999) : Merlin tells me this is a German documentary series. One episode showed a woman trying out an upside-down SJ escape.

Rencor Apasionado ("Burning Resentment", 1998) : Karina (Natalia Esperón), the female lead of this Mexican novela, is committed to a mental institution by her sister Mariana and is put in a smock-style straitjacket after trying to escape. This happens in the second episode, which is up on YouTube (thanks to Diego):
Rencor Apasionado 2/2 (4:40)
Rencor Apasionado 2/3 (3:12 and 6:34)
Rencor Apasionado 2/4 (4:07)
Rencor Apasionado 2/5 (0:10 and 2:52)
In episode 3, Karina is sent to the maximum security ward (a large padded cell with a few mattresses on the floor) and is put back in the jacker after attacking the head nurse:
Rencor Apasionado 3/4 (6:30)
Rencor Apasionado 4/1 (1:55 and 5:10)
Rencor Apasionado 4/2 (2:00 and 4:30)
Rencor Apasionado 4/3 (1:20)
Rencor Apasionado 4/4 (6:05)

Revancha, La : From Brian R's Scene Database: "Diana Quijano is committed to a mental hospital by her husband. She is lead in unwillingly, then securred in a straitjacket. she is placed on a bed and her feet secured with hospital restraints."

Riddle Story of Devil (Akuma no Ridoru) : "Who Is The Queen?" (Episode 10, original air date June 5 2014) : This anime centers around a private girls' school class of assassins (THAT old story again?). Otoya is seen tied in a straitjacket and gagged over-the-mouth with white cloth as two other assassins fight; she eventually frees herself with an errant knife thrown into the floor. You can see the episode at Pinoy Anime; the scene begins at about 7:45 and she frees herself near the 14-minute mark. ARNie! was kind enough to send some caps:

anr01 anr02 anr03 anr04 anr05 anr06

Riverdale : "Chapter Twenty-Nine : Primary Colors" (season 2, episode 16, original air date March 21 2018) : This series is a modern, grimdark take on the characters of the old Archie comics. In this episode, Cherry Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) accuses her mother, Penelope, of poisoning her grandmother Nana Rose. Penelope then commits Cheryl to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy home for troubled youth. At the very end of the episode, Petsch is seen in a partially padded cell, wearing a curious maroon straitjacket with a high collar. The preview for the next episode shows her still in the padded cell, but there's no further bondage in that episode, and she escapes near the end. I've uploaded the clip to Google Drive.

Riverdale_US_S02_E16_1080p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_2500 Riverdale_US_S02_E16_1080p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_2509 Riverdale_US_S02_E16_1080p_KISSTHEMGOODBYE_NET_2546

Road Rules (season 11 (2002), episode 13): This MTV "reality" show follows several annoying twenty-somethings as they travel around the US doing stunts and looking for clues to complete a pre-defined "mission" of some sort (I haven't seen the show). On this episode, the cast had to do an upside-down SJ escape. One person on Usenet commented that the jackets were so cheap that the viewe could see one of them rip during the show. There are a couple of pics on the MTV site, and a more detailed summary at Reality News Onine.
Some kind soul has posted the entire episode on YouTube.

Rosalinda (2000) : According to these summaries, this telenovela features some SJ scenes. The show was recently released in a 2-DVD set (condensed to 9 hours and nicely packaged in a hardcover-book style snapcase); Thalia is seen in a weak-looking SJ in two short scenes with little struggling. The scenes are on Disc 1, Side 2, starting at 1:35 (in Chapter 3). You can get it for under $20 on eBay.

Rosa de Guadalupe, La : This is a Mexican anthology series in which people undergoing difficult time pray to the Virgin of Guadalupe for protection. In the episode "Cuando se junten las estrellas" ("When the stars come together", season 9, episode 98, original air date September 5 2016), a young woman is confronted in her bedroom by two orderlies, who tie her in a smock-style SJ and take her to the asylum. Rodrigo kindly sent me two videos:
Cielo secuestra a su prima Alondra (Sky kidnaps his cousin Alondra)
Soledad recupera su memoria al ver a sus hijos (Soledad recovers her memory when she sees her children)

Rosa Salvaje : This telenovela contained straitjacket scenes in episodes 56 and 57, which are available on YouTube:
Episode 56, part 2 of 3
Episode 56, part 3 of 3
Episode 57, part 1 of 3

Russian Doll : "Brain Drain" (season 2, episode 3, release date April 20 2022) : This trippy Netflix series centers upon Nadia (Natasha Lyonne), who is stuck in a time loop involving a party in her honor and her subsequent murder. Lyonne is seen in a Posey SJ, sitting in a wheelchair while being interviewed by a psychiatrist in a padded cell. The scene lasts from 21:25 - 24:55, and Rodrigo sent me the clip to put on Google Drive (thanks to Renfield and Rodrigo).

Russian-Doll1 Russian-Doll2 Russian-Doll3 Russian-Doll4 Russian-Doll5 Russian-Doll6 Russian-Doll7 Russian-Doll8 Russian-Doll9 Russian-Doll10 Russian-Doll11

Ryan's Hope : According to an interview with actor Malcolm Groome, Faith (Faith Catlin) appeared in a straitjacket on one episode of this soap opera.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch : "To Tell A Mortal" (season 2, episode 10, original air date 21 Nov 1997) : On Friday the 13th, witches can tell mortals anything, secure in the knowledge that the mortals will forget it by the following day. Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) decides to tell her friends of her magical powers, but her aunts warn her against it. Aunt Hilda (Caroline Rhea) flashes back to when she told her boyfriend - Sigmund Freud - who had her wheeled out in a Posey SJ (didn't know they made those back then! :-) Sabrina tells her best friend anyway, and briefly imagines herself in the same predicament. Both scenes are quite short, especially the second. The clip is available on YouTube. I recently found a higher quality video and uploaded the clip to Google Drive.

Sabrina-The-Teenage-Witch1 Sabrina-The-Teenage-Witch2 Sabrina-The-Teenage-Witch3 Sabrina-The-Teenage-Witch4 Sabrina-The-Teenage-Witch5 Sabrina-The-Teenage-Witch6

St. Elsewhere : "Strike Out" (season 3, episode 4, original air date October 17 1984) : Cathy Morgan (Barbara Whinnery), a morgue worker, was seen in a Posey SJ after a rape-induced nervous breakdown. The entire episode is available on Daily Motion; it starts at 26:30 and lasts about a minute. I've put the clip on Google Drive.

St-Elsewhere1 St-Elsewhere2 St-Elsewhere3

Samantha! : "Episode 2.5" (original air date April 2019) : This Brazilian Netflix comedy follows former child star Samantha (Emanuelle Araújo) as she tries to regain her former fame. Araújo is seen in a costume SJ apparently as part of a therapy session. Rodrigo sent me a couple of caps, and there's a brief shot in the second season trailer.

image0 image1 Samantha-s02e05

Santa Barbara : Episode 231 (original air date June 20 1985) : Gina Blake (Linda Gibboney) has a bad dream in which she's struggling in a straitjacket. The scene lasts about 15 seconds. I've uploaded the scene to Google Drive.

Saturday Night Live: On an episode hosted by John Candy, Candy played the host of a "spooky tales" type of show, which drives Larraine Newman insane. Al Franken and Tom Davis appear as hospital attendants, and slip an SJ over Newman before the end of the skit.
(April 3, 2004) : Guest host Donald Trump was bragging about how successful his show THE APPRENTICE was, and claimed that NBC would collapse without it. Jimmy Fallon came out, dressed as a high-ranking network official, and claimed NBC had plenty of great new shows lined up. For example, he said, "What happens when two gay brothers inherit a mental hospital? A new comedy - FRUITS AND NUTS!" They showed a fake ad still with the gay brothers, an orderly holding a butterfly net, and several patients, including two young women wearing red miniskirts, high heels, and Posey SJs. Trump then said, "That sounds HORRIBLE!" ;-) The shot came about 10 minutes into the show, during the monologue.
(March 3, 2012, host Lindsay Lohan and musical guest Jack White) : In the sketch "The 2012 Psychic Awards", the Amazing Amanda (Nasim Pedrad) was seen struggling in a straitjacket (leather straps in front) for a few seconds.

Save Me (2013) : This short-lived series starred Anne Heche as a woman who thinks she's a prophet of God after being in an accident. As far as I know, she doesn't wear an SJ on the show, but some of the ads showed her in an open Posey.

tn-500_2 tn-500_3

Scarecrow and Mrs. King : "Sudden Death" (original air date 5 Dec 83) : "Lee [Bruce Boxleitner] and Amanda [Kate Jackson] pose as a football player and sportswriter to foil a team owner's plot to assassinate the prime minister of a European tax haven who plans to confiscate the owner's sheltered millions." One scene has both protagonists in SJs. Here is a transcript of this episode, and the scene is up on YouTube.

Scream Queens : "Beware of Young Girls" (season 1, episode 7, original air date November 3 2015) : The first season of this new series from Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) follows the Red Devil Killer(s) as they decimate the student population of Wallace University. In this episode, the ex-husband of Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) was viciously murdered, so the Dean is immediately a suspect. The police tie her in a Humane Restraints straitjacket (complete with crotch strap) before taking her to the local asylum in an ambulance. The scene lasted about 30 seconds and came 19:30 into the episode. Dean Munsch gets out of the asylum fairly shortly, but she actually IS guilty of the murder, and successfully framed Feather (Tavi Gevinson), the sorority girl her husband left her for, for the crime. At the end of the episode, Feather is seen in the same HR jacket. being locked in a Hannibal Lecter style cell (visible on all sides) in the asylum. There are two brief scenes, totalling about 30 seconds. Feather is not seen again in the series. You can see screencaps of the episode at (pages 3,4, and 7), and I've uploaded the scene to Google Drive.
"Handidates" (season 2, episode 3, original air date October 11 2016) : The second season takes place in a hospital where a horrible massacre happened 30 years ago, and which has been re-opened by Dean Munsch supposedly to research rare medical cases. Of course, a new murderer ("The Green Meanie") begins to cut a swath through the doctors and patients, and Dean Munsch is forced to go to Hester (Lea Michelle, the former sorority girl who was eventually convicted of the murders she framed the Chanels for) to ask for help, a la SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. At the end of this episode, Hester is transported from the prison to a cage in the basement in the hospital as a condition for her assistance. She is seen in a small Posey straitjacket, a large muzzle/mask, and strapped to a handcart, for about 1:15. You can find the scene on Google Drive.

ScreamQueens_s02e03_01 ScreamQueens_s02e03_02 ScreamQueens_s02e03_03 ScreamQueens_s02e03_04 ScreamQueens_s02e03_05 ScreamQueens_s02e03_06 ScreamQueens_s02e03_07 ScreamQueens_s02e03_08 ScreamQueens_s02e03_09 ScreamQueens_s02e03_10 ScreamQueens_s02e03_11 ScreamQueens_s02e03_12 ScreamQueens_s02e03_13

Scream Test (2001) : This Australian program follows contestants into allegedly haunted locales (chosen by a pair of psychics), where they must endure am overnight stay. One episode was set at the Parramatta Orphanage, where young girls were apparently “beaten, shaved and locked in solitary confinement”. All contestants spent some time alone in the “Treatment Room” tied in a Posey SJ. Rodrigo managed to find the episode on YouTube (uploaded by someone apparently angling for a reboot). The SJ used has metal grommets down the back and sleeves that tie together without straps, and it looks like the contestants just get the arms tied up without the back being laced. Tamar is seen in the jacket 19:30 - 21:10 and again at 23:55 - 24:30, and Tracy is tied up at 41:40 - 42:15. This may have been a two-part episode, so I don't know if there's any more footage. I've put the clips on Google Drive.

Scream-Test-1 Scream-Test-2 Scream-Test-3 Scream-Test-4 Scream-Test-5 Scream-Test-6 Scream-Test-7 Scream-Test-8 Scream-Test-9 Scream-Test-10
I found the second part of this, entitled "Monte Cristo Homestead", and you see Tracy in the jacket from 2:00 - 2:55. I've put that clip on Google Drive as well.

Sea Hunt : "The Girl in the Trunk" : The curiosity of expert diver Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) is piqued by "Baldwin the Great and his Death Defying Girl in the Trunk." In the act, an attractive blonde is SJed, locked in a steamer trunk with chains around it, and thrown into a lake to escape. We see the SJed blonde 3 times in the episode, twice as she's tied up, and once as she escapes; not a lot of struggling. She also wears a bathing cap for the first two appearances. The entire episode is available on Hulu.
According to this episode guide, this episode was remade as "Girl in Trunk" for the revived series, which lasted for one season in 1987-8 and starred Ron Ely. SJWR tells me that the Outdoor LIfe Network is showing reruns.

Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, The: "The Victorian Candidate" (season 1, episode 21, original air date December 9, 2000) : Phileas Fogg, mentor to the young Jules Verne, is brainwashed into believing that his friends are dead, and that the Queen is responsible. Jules, Phileas' sister Rebecca (Francesca Hunt), and their valet Passepartout are SJed and locked in a prison cell, but later escape to prevent Phileas' assassination attempt. A more detailed synopsis is found at the Two Evil Monks' comprehensive site. The episode is available on YouTube in four parts; the scene appears in Part 4 (go to 2:15). I've put the clip on Google Drive.


Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, The (original air date May 30/31 2015) : This two-part Lifetime movie about the famous actress has a brief scene in the final 5 minutes of the second half. Marilyn (Kelli Garner) is seen in a padded cell wearing a Humane Restraints jacket with leather straps (but no crotch strap) and black slacks. She is given medication by an orderly and spits it out when he leaves. I've put the video up on Google Drive. (thanks to Sean) You can see vidcaps at the Themis Collection (free membership required). Interestingly enough, the Lifetime ad showed two brief clips that were not included in the movie; here are some caps I made:

vlcsnap 2015 05 07 20h58m07s124 vlcsnap 2015 05 07 20h58m27s74 vlcsnap 2015 05 07 20h58m55s122 vlcsnap 2015 05 07 20h59m03s186 vlcsnap 2015 05 07 20h59m11s19 vlcsnap 2015 05 07 20h59m19s104 vlcsnap 2015 05 07 20h59m43s84 vlcsnap 2015 05 07 20h59m53s174 vlcsnap 2015 05 07 21h00m06s65

Secret World of Alex Mack, The: "The Secret" (season 2, episode 10) : The title character of this Nickelodeon show is a young girl with chemical-induced super powers. In this episode, her sister tells her a story about a woman who kept her children locked away and eventually went mad; Alex subsequently has a nightmare featuring her mother in a Posey SJ for about 30 seconds with a little struggling. I've put the clip up on Google Drive.

vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h41m12s132 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h41m20s043 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h41m25s758 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h41m31s354 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h41m52s988 vlcsnap-2018-02-25-22h42m07s118

Secrets of Escape Artists : This special, broadcast on the Learning Channel, included a segment demonstrating the difference between a regulation SJ and a "gaffed" model (whichhas a sleeve strap which can be pulled partially within the sleeve for more slack). A cute blond is called from the audience to try it out, and she escapes with little difficulty.

Seis Hermanas (2015) : Carolina (Alejandra Lorente) spends some time in a straitjacket in a mental institution in episode 134 of this Spanish telenovela (go to the 32:50 mark).

Seis_Hermanas_4 Seis_Hermanas_5 Seis_Hermanas_7

Shadows of Fear: "Death Watcher" (season 1, episode 4, original air date January 26 1971) : This episode of the British suspense series (1970-73) featured Judy Parfitt tied in an SJ (white, quilted, with black leather straps), gagged with a cloth over the mouth, and nearly drowned in a metal cage by John Neville. The entire episode is available on YouTube; the scene starts about 37 minutes in and she's rescued near the end (thanks to Renfield). I've put the edited clip on Google Drive.

Shadows-Of-Fear-1 Shadows-Of-Fear-2 Shadows-Of-Fear-3 Shadows-Of-Fear-4 Shadows-Of-Fear-5 Shadows-Of-Fear-6 Shadows-Of-Fear-7 Shadows-Of-Fear-8 Shadows-Of-Fear-9 Shadows-Of-Fear-10 Shadows-Of-Fear-11 Shadows-Of-Fear-12 Shadows-Of-Fear-13 Shadows-Of-Fear-14

She's Got The Look : "Fear" (season 2, episode 5, original air date 9 July 2009) : This show is a modeling competition among women 35 years and older. On this episode, the models participate in photoshoots based on their deepest fears. Julie has claustrophobia, so the designers put her in a straitjacket and chains. You can see photos and the entire episode at the show's web site. There's another photo in an article on the photographer, Bradford Noble.

NEW! Shining Vale : Season one of this Starz horror-comedy series focuses on Pat Phelps (Courtney Cox), wife and mother of two who wrote a famous novel 17 years ago and has suffered from writer's block ever since. Her husband decides to buy an old mansion in the titular Connecticut town, and Pat begins to hallucinate about the previous owner Rosemary, who murdered her family with an ax and killed herself. Pat's mental health declines to the point where she hits her husband with an ax, and season one ends with her being admitted to the local psychiatric hospital in four-point brown leather restraints. I've put the clip on Google Drive.

shining-vale-s01e08-2 shining-vale-s01e08-3 shining-vale-s01e08-8 shining-vale-s01e08-10

Season 2 will premiere on October 13 (Friday, of course) 2023, and the official trailer reveals that Pat has been released from the hospital and wrote a book about her ordeal with Rosemary, which is being advertised with a picture of her in a Humane Restraints SJ. There is also a sneak peek clip from the first episode of season 2, where the staff psychiatrist mentions that Pat underwent 66 sessions of shock treatment (thanks to Barry).
Shining-Vale-S2-1 Shining-Vale-S2-2

Shock Treatment (2004) : This British reality show takes four volunteers to an abandoned mental institution to test their limits as they confront their worst fears. I haven't seen the show, but a correspondent tells me that on one episode, the people (two men and two women) were strapped into green SJs, strapped onto tables, and had plastic boxes with snakes and scorpions placed over their heads. You can see more info at the Sky One Network site and at the offical site of the show's host, actor Rutger Hauer.

Showcase for Aspiring TV Writers, A (1987) : This AFI special featured 4 skits written by, well, aspiring TV writers. One of them is a spoof of This is Your Life, featuring an SJed woman.


ShowMatch (August 2014) : One episode of this Argentian gloss on Dancing with the Stars showed celebrity Vicky Xipolitakis and her male partner dancing in smock-style straitjackets. The scene is available on YouTube (thanks to MB).
In the 2010 edition of this show, singer Amalia Granata gave a similar performace. You can find a few stills on Exitoina and one more at Clarin. The whole performance is available on YouTube, and she got dressed up again for the results show (starts at 48:50) (thanks to MB)
Actress Nazarena Vélez came out in an SJ on the 2015 season. A video of her Lady Gaga-inspired performance is avaiable at Ciudad Magazine. (thanks to MB)
(July 7, 2017) : Model "Chechu" Bonelli also appears in an SJ for the beginning of her dance on this episode. The dance is available on YouTube (thanks to MB).

Si Luis : One episode of this web series features an interview with singer Diosa Canales, wearing a smock-style SJ with two dark straps around her arms. You can find the show on El Mostacho. (Thanks to M.B. for the tip!)

Silent Force, The : The title of this thirty-minute police drama (September 1970 - January 1971) refers to an undercover operation which infiltrated organized crime. Lynda Day George played Amelia Cole, and was SJed in one episode.

Silk Stalkings : "Carrie and Jessie" (season 4, episode 5, original air date October 9 1994) : "Carrie Morgan and her mother Victoria do not get along very well; Carrie claims to have a second, wilder personality named Jessie, but her mother does not believe her. One night, Victoria is beaten to death with a fire poker; when the police come, they find the poker in Carrie's hand, and Carrie crying over her mother's dead body." Carrie (Katy Boyer), a cute, crew-cutted blonde, is seen in a yellow-collared Posey SJ in a wheelchair, and is placed in the back of a police car, struggling all the way. I've put the 20-second clip on Google Drive.

Silk-Stalkings-S04-E05-1 Silk-Stalkings-S04-E05-2 Silk-Stalkings-S04-E05-3 Silk-Stalkings-S04-E05-4 Silk-Stalkings-S04-E05-5 Silk-Stalkings-S04-E05-6 Silk-Stalkings-S04-E05-7 Silk-Stalkings-S04-E05-8

Simpsons, The : "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge" (original air date 14 May 2000, 11th season) : Marge becomes unhinged when she thinks the family's new nanny is trying to kill her. She goes on the run after being declared insane, and Krusty the Clown shows his customary sensitivity by introducing the Crazy Marge Dancers - 5 women in SJs and Marge masks, bouncing around for a few seconds. TV Guide printed an ad showing Marge SJed, but I was slow enough to miss that (no doubt one of the 5 hillion jillion Simpsons web sites may have a scan).
"The Great Wife Hope" (season 21, episode 3, original air date 11 October 2009) : At the beginning of the episode, Marge and her friends go out for a night of "crazy bowling". One of the women is wearing a straitjacket; unfortunately, the main plot intrudes before we get to see her attempt to bowl.
"Days of Future Future" (season 25, episode 18, original air date April 13 2014) : Thirty years into the future, a divorced Bart tries to forget his ex-wife by sleeping with as many women as possible. He wakes up one day next to Krusty the Clown, who reveals several other clowns from under his bed, including a female clown in a straitjacket. Mariano was kind enough to send me a link to the scene.
"Lisa With A 'S'" (season 27, episode 7, original air date November 22 2015) : "Broadway legend Laney Fontaine transforms Lisa into a show-biz kid after Homer loses her chance at band camp." (courtesy of IMDB) Lisa shows her collection of Fontaine's albums, including her classic "Rehab Yourself A Very Merry Christmas". (thanks to Chris)


"Paths of Glory" (season 27, episode 8, original air date December 6 2015 - yeah, 2 episodes in a row!) : Lisa attempts to restore the reputation of Springfield's first female inventor, Amelia Vanderbuckle, who was committed to an asylum for being too uppity. The very-similar-to-Wikipedia site that Lisa visits shows a picture of a straitjacketed Amelia continuing to work on her inventions. There's a screencap available at the Simpsons Wiki (thanks to Mariano).
"The King of Nice" (season 34, episode 4, original air date October 16 2022) : A financially-strapped Krusty the Clown is persuaded by producer Lindsey Naegle to create his own daytime talk show. During the end credits, Lindsay narrates an ad for Segments, a recovery center for talk show audience members. We soon realize that she's actually a patient, and she's placed in a straitjacket and taken into the "Ellen-tensive Care Unit". I've put the clip on Google Drive (thanks to Creeper1574).
Simpsons-s34e4 Simpsons-s34e4-2

Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso 2 (2017) : In this recent telenovela, Hilda (Cathering Siachoque) is seen in a unique front-closing SJ after being transferred to a mental hospital. She is seen wearing the jacket in episode 37, episode 38, and episode 48, after which she leaves the hospital (thanks to sjspaddedcell).

Sleep Tight : "Riding with the Devil" (episode three, original air date October 11 2016) : This episode of a one-season horror anthology has a brief scene of a blonde in a padded cell in what appears to be an extra-small Posey. The scene is available on YouTube (thanks to Rodrigo).

Sleep Room, The (1998) : This two-part miniseries about mind control experiments in a Canadian mental institution is based on actual events. One of the affected patients is shown being dragged into the hospital by two police officers, while tied in a Humane Restraints SJ. The scene is about 2 minutes long, and occurs 1:40 into the first part. The scene is available on YouTube.

Sleepy Hollow : "Mama" (season 2, episode 9, original air date November 17 2014) : Abbie (Nicole Beharie) is investigating a series of suspicious deaths at the same psychiatric hospital her mother Lori (Aunjanue Ellis) was committed to when Abbie was a child. At about 22 minutes in, Abbie and her sister watch some therapy footage of Lori sitting in a chair in a Posey straitjacket; there's about a minute of footage over several separate shots. About 35 minutes in, Abbie confronts the ghost of the dead nurse who is responsible for the deaths, and the ghost psychically puts Abbie into a wheelchair and straps leather restraints around her wrists and ankles. Abbie is seen later on an operating table sitting up with four-point restaints again, but Lori's ghost fights and defeats the nurse before anything happens. You can download the scenes from Google Drive. (thanks to Cris for the alert!) Fox also released a promotional photo of Lori in the straitjacket, but she doesn't appear in HD in the episode, only on worn videotape.


Smallville : "Scare" (episode 4.10, original air date 1 December 2004) : "In a hallucination Chloe aproaches a blonde woman in a straight jacket from behind. When she gets to her the woman spins around and it turns out to be herself with a make up job that makes her look like the living dead. Chloe backs away in shock and then realizes she is in a straight jacket. She lets out a scream and runs from the room struggling. Then we see Chloe run down a hallway in reality no longer wearing the straight jacket but still hallucinating that she is and struggling against her imaginary bonds." (thanks to Brian R's Database) The scene lasts about 2 minutes and occurs 13 minutes into the episode.

Scare_212 Scare_229

Son Amores ("Sweethearts", 2003) : On episode 39 of the second season of this Argentinian telenovela, Ana Acosta wound up in a smock-style SJ (3:30 - 4:00) (thanks to Mariano). I've uploaded the scene to Google Drive.

Son_Amores1 Son_Amores2

Sons and Daughters : Episode 861 : This was an Australian soap opera which ran from 1982 to 1987. In this episode, Caroline (Abagail Rogan) attempts to escape from a corrupt mental hospital, but is captured, straitjacketed and cleave-gagged. The scene is available on YouTube. (thanks to ARNie! for the tip).

sons_and_daughters_episode861.wmv.0010 sons_and_daughters_episode861.wmv.0061 sons_and_daughters_episode861.wmv.0068 sons_and_daughters_episode861.wmv.0084

SpongeBob SquarePants: "Doing Time" : In this episode of the inexplicably popular cartoon show, Mrs. Puff, SpongeBob's driving teacher, is so freaked out by him that she starts "seeing" him everywhere, leading ths authorities to SJ her and throw her into a yellow padded cell.

Star : "Next of Kin" (season 1, episode 3, original air date January 1 2017) : This FOX series centers upon a girl group trying to make it in show business. At the very end of this episode, there is a music video set in a hospital, and the last part shows each of the three girls separately shown in a costume straitjacket in a small blue padded cell. I found out about this by seeing the entry on Oh, THAT Bruce-Another Blog About Boots.

Starting Over : "All Tied Up" (season 3, episode 99, original air date February 22, 2006) : According to this reality show's blog, Kelly was put in an SJ to learn a lesson about reaching out to others. No, I am NOT making that up! Pat sent me the link to the episode on YouTube; the scene starts about 18:40 in.


Static Shock : This animated kids' show focuses on an African-American teenager who can control electromagnetism, and uses this power to become the superhero "Static". In "Sons of the Father" Part 1 (episode 8), the villainness Talon is seen on a TV report in an SJ for a few seconds, after her defeat by Static. Also, in "She-Back" (episode 41), Madelyn Spalding is shown SJed after her defeat as well. You can see a still on the episode page from The World's Finest.


Steam Video Company, The : "The Creature From The Black Forest Gateaux" (season 1, episode 2, original air date January 26 1984) : This episode of this sketch comedy show from Thames Television is told in flashback by a woman wearing a straitjacket and lying in a hospital bed. She's shown at the beginning, middle, and end of the episode for a total of a couple of minutes. The episode is available on YouTube (thanks to JohnD):
Part 1
Part 2

Storage Hunters UK : "Essex" (season 3, episode 8, original air date November 3 2015) : This is one of those reality shows where people blind bid on the contents of long-abandoned storage lockers. A middle-aged blonde wins an auction, and finds some magicians' props within. She's seen wearing a Houdini-style straitjacket for 15 seconds before shrugging it off (it barely fits her). I've put the video file up on Google Drive.

vlcsnap 2015 12 17 22h17m04s059 vlcsnap 2015 12 17 22h17m13s267 vlcsnap 2015 12 17 22h17m26s432 vlcsnap 2015 12 17 22h17m33s035

Street Cents : During the 1995-96 season of this Canadian consumer-reports show for kids, the "Fashion" show featured a skit with an SJed Susan Powter doppleganger.

Sturm der Liebe ("Storm of Love") "Episode 2570" : This is a German soap opera which started in 2005. Melli (Bojana Golenac) admits she was diagnosed with manic depression, and her daughter Clara has a black-and-white dream of Melli being brought out in a straitjacket by a sexy nurse. You can see the video on YouTube (go to the 12-minute mark). There's also a color still at the Das Erste site. (thanks to Rodrigo)

Sunset Beach (27 Jan 1997): Annie (Sarah Buxton), who was held in custody on suspicion of murdering her father, was returned to her cell in SJ and gag after mouthing off at the judge at her trial hearing. The video is available on YouTube.
(Episode 534, original air date February 22 1999) Virginia (Dominique Jennings) is seen in a hospital bed in a way-too-large yellow-collared Posey jacket, with her head hooked up to an EKG machine. After the doctor leaves, she struggles a little and her right arm emerges from the bottom. The entire episode was posted to YouTube; the scenes we want occur at 0:15 - 0:45, 12:00 - 12:45, and 32:25 - 33:20. (Episode 542, original air date March 4, 1999) Virginia was tied in the same too-large SJ by a nurse, but she easily escaped once the nurse left the room. Vanessa comes inside to confront her, but she's easily overpowered by Viriginia and is almost wrapped up in the Posey before help arrives. You can see the scenes in these episode videos:
Sunset Beach: Episode 542 - Part 1 (11:00 - 11:37)
Sunset Beach: Episode 542 - Part 3 (1:45 - 3:30 and 8:50 - 9:30)

Supermodel in Ukrainian (season 2, episode 14) : This episode of the Ukrainian version of America's Next Top Model featured a photoshoot in an abandoned mental hospital, with some of the models in smock-style SJs. The episode is available on YouTube (starting about 20 minutes in). (thanks to Rodrigo)

Taboo Tattoo : "Letter of Challenge" (season 1, episode 10, original air date September 5 2016) : Someone posted a vidcap from this series on DeviantArt. The character in the jacket is Lisa Lovelock, the commander of the Curse Unit of the U.S. Army and is being held hostage by the princess of the kingdom of Selinistan, who is seeking world domination. The episode is posted on GoGoAnime. The scene occurs 9 minutes in and literally lasts 3 seconds. (thanks to ARNie!)

Taiwan Ah Cheng (2001) : Ye Mingyu, one of the villainesses of this Taiwanese soap opera, was committed to an asylum in episode 33 and shown in a straitjacket for a few minutes. She apparently freed herself off-screen in a later episode. K.S. found the episode on YouTube; the scene starts at 45:15. I've put the scene on Google Drive.

Tales from the Crypt : "Mute Witness to Murder" (season 2, episode 15, original air date July 10, 1990) : A lovely young woman (redhead Patricia Clarkson) witnesses a murder while looking into another apartment, and is so shocked she cannot speak. Her husband gets a doctor - THE SAME MAN WHO COMMITTED THE MURDER SHE JUST SAW!!!! AAAAHH! Excuse me. Anyway, Doc puts 2 and 2 together and has her committed to his private sanitarium. Lots of GREAT SJ shots; try to get the original HBO version, as the edited versions shown on FOX and on CBC have several good shots deleted. BTW, the evil doc is played by Richard Thomas - yes, John-Boy! - and he's agreeably greasy. :-)
(BTW, if this plot sounds familiar, it was probably ripped off of the old B-movie Shock, starring Vincent Price. It's not bad, but it has no SJ scenes.)
Someone uploaded a HD version of the episode onto YouTube, and I've put my edit on Google Drive (but you should download the whole episode, it's great).

vlcsnap-2022-03-25-20h40m39s012 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-20h43m28s575 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-20h43m51s537 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-20h44m19s642 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-20h45m23s765 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-20h46m16s315 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-20h47m01s689 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-20h47m23s279 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h05m04s073 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h06m49s067 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h06m56s012 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h07m54s505 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h08m28s485 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h08m43s618 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h09m30s808 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h09m44s988 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h10m01s430 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h11m00s340 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h11m07s785 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h11m40s108 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h11m50s315 vlcsnap-2022-03-25-21h12m16s164

Telenovelas : For some reason, SJ scenes seem to pop up on Spanish soaps with some regularity (see "Pobre Diabla" above). A Spanish reader of this site provided me with the following titles: Maria Merceres, Gotita de Amor, and Rosa Salvaje. I forget which soap this scene is from.
Here's another unkwown novela scene posted on YouTube.

Terror TV : This is a public-access TV show from Momaroneck, NY (just north of the Bronx), with hostess "Demonika Diablo" introducing horror movies. She recently got a small Posey replica from Asylum Aspire, and is wearing it in episodes 501 (Blood Feast) and 502 (the shorts Drawn From Life and Thanksgiving in July. There's a nice pic of her at the top of the show's home page (thanks to Don).

That's Incredible! : on one segment of this '80s variety show, Cathy Lee Crosby loses an SJ escape match with a teenage female escape artist.

This is Halloween : This Travel Channel show reportedly shows a bed sheet SJ used in a church-sponsored "hell house" (thanks to Barry).

Thundermans, The : "Back to School" (season 3, episode 20, original air date August 13 2016) : This Nickelodeon show centers on twins Max and Phoebe (Kara Kosarin) who have magical powers. In this episode, the twins have to return to elementary school to take a make-up exam, but the examiner holds a grudge against Max. After Phoebe brags that nothing that nothing can stop them from passing, the next scene shows the twins in extra-small Posey straitjackets. The scene starts about 15 minutes in (without commercials) and lasts for about 20 seconds. I've uploaded the clip to Google Drive.

Thundermans01 Thundermans02 Thundermans03 Thundermans04 Thundermans05

Tierra de Reyes (2015) : In this telenovela, the supporting character Julia Ortiz (Marisa Del Portillo), the real mother of Isadora, is being held in an asylum by the villain Valverde. Del Portillo is seen in a genuine red-collared Posey jacket (not a smock, like so many novelas use), although neither the front loop nor the crotch strap is used. She has a couple of scenes each in the following episodes:
Episode 115 (at 12:00 and 42:30)
Episode 116 (at the start and at 8:50)
Episode 116 (first scene in better quality)
Episode 130 (at 5:50, 11:45, and 17:40)
I've put the video on Google Drive.
I forgot to put up the latter scene when I made the original video, so I made a second video and also put that on Google Drive.

Tierra_De_Reyes1 Tierra_De_Reyes2 Tierra_De_Reyes3 Tierra_De_Reyes4 Tierra_De_Reyes5 Tierra_De_Reyes6 Tierra_De_Reyes7 Tierra_De_Reyes8

Time Trax : "Darrow for the Defense" (original air date 22 Nov 1993) : "Linda Darrow (Amy Lynn Pulitzer), a lawyer from the future once involved with Darien, comes to the past to return one of the fugitives whose conviction was over-turned. After checking out a lead on Sahmbi, Darien assists her in finding the fugitive, now a doctor in Minnesota. They give him a day to decide whether to go back or not, but the fugitive is working with Sahmbi, who is attempting to take over the Stategic Science Center. The two are trapped by Sahmbi's men, but escape from a straitjacket with Selma's help." Both are seen in thigh-length, lace-up SJs for a few minutes; not much struggling on Pulitzer's part. Check the Sci-Fi Channel for future showings.

Titus : "Insanity Genetic" (season 3, episode 20) : There's a flashback scene in which Titus talks to his mom, who is SJed in a padded cell. The camera shows her from the back. (thanks to Joe)


To Tell The Truth (season 1, episode 22, sometime in 1956) : In this episode of the long-running game show, the panel had to determine which of three straitjacketed ladies was magician and escape artist Celeste Evans. The real Evans revealed herself by escaping in 9 seconds; the other women did not escape and walked off the set still strapped in. The guy who put the entry into Brian R's Scene Database said that all three ladies had "great legs!" Ryan found the episode on YouTube.

Tokyo Ghoul:re : "MovE: Confluence, Confusion" (season 2, episode 5, original air date November 6 2018) : The character Romani is seen in a full-body straitjacket in this anime. A screencap was posted by Movi-Viento in DeviantArt (thanks to ARNie!).

Tommyknockers (1994) : Near the end of the first part of this miniseries, Allyce Beasley (the secretary from "Moonlighting") is seen in an SJ in a padded cell, barefoot. Some kind soul has posted the scene on YouTube (thanks I.F. for the updated link).

Topíssima (2019-2020) : Previews for episodes 104-106 of this Brazillian telenovela show Sophia (Camila Rodrigues) in a costume SJ and forced on board a helicopter, which later crashes. The previews are available on YouTube:

CAPÍTULO 104 - 21 02 2020
CAPÍTULO 105 - 24 02 2020
CAPÍTULO 106 - 25 02 2020
Topissima1 Topissima2 Topissima3 Topissima4 Topissima5 Topissima6 Topissima7

Tormenta, La : A YouTube promo for this telenovela shows two attendants in a padded cell wrestling with a SJed woman.

Tosh.0 : "Roof Jump" (season 6, episode 10, original air date April 22 2014) : C.A. sent me these screencaps from Daniel Tosh's Comedy Central show:

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7

Total Blackout: "Tub of Terror" (original air date January 20 2013) : This game show, airing on SyFy and hosted by Jaleel "Urkel" White, makes its contestants enter a completely dark room and guess the identity of various objects by touch and smell. On this episode, the four contestants (only one woman) are tied in lame straitjackets and have to identify objects (work boot, dentures, toothbrush, and pigs' foot) with their tongues. The scene occurs at the very start of the episode, and we see the girl for maybe a minute total.

Total Drama Island : "No Pain, No Game" (season 1, episode 15, 2007): This animated series is a parody of competitive reality shows. At the end of this episode, the broad-shouldered and intimidating Eva was removed from the island in a straitjacket. You can see a small pic of her on her Wikipedia page, and of course, the footage is available on YouTube.


Touched by an Angel: "Angel of Death" (season 3, episode 317, original air date 9 Feb 97) : On this episode of this heavenly TV show, Corbin Bernsen plays an escape artist who is obsessed with the accidental death of his brother (suffocated in an abandoned fridge). Their mother was so distraught over the tragedy that she was committed; there is a very brief flashback with her in an SJ. The entire episode is posted on YouTube (go to 17:30), and I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Touched-By-An-Angel1 Touched-By-An-Angel2

Traicion, La (2008) : In episode 12 of this telenovela, Beatriz (Rossana Fernández-Maldonado) is seen in an interesting full-body SJ (25:00 - 27:20, 29:30 - 30:30).
Soledad (Danna Garcia) wears the same SJ in episode 21 (at the very end) and episode 22 (at the beginning, at 8:40 - 10:00, and off-and-on from 21:00 to 28:00) (thanks to Rodrigo and Psych Ward Women)

Trashed : This MTV game show lasted for one season in 1994-5. The show pitted two teams of two people apiece against each other. After the first round (answering inane questions), one member of each team was restrained as the other member answered questions in an attempt to keep them from being "trashed" (i.e., humilitated, mortified). The restraints included ropes, stocks, an electric chair, and a medium Posey SJ, and my informant witnessed at least 4 cute women being tied in the SJ. Two of the teams involved lost; one blonde was insulted by a comedian, and another was pummeled with spit balls. The other two teams won their rounds, and the SJed women were led off stage. Prehensile contains a first-person account of a taping in which a female contestant was SJed, but sadly doesn't include any caps.

Triunfo del Amor (2010) : In episode 107 of this novela, Ximena (Dominika Paleta) is seen in a straitjacket in a padded cell. You can find the whole episode on YouTube (go to 31:30).

Triunfo-Del-Amor1 Triunfo-Del-Amor2

The True Story : "The Bourne Identity" (season 2, episode 3, original air date December 27 2009) : This episode of this documentary series from the Smithsonian Channel looked into how the CIA attempted to create super assassins like Jason Bourne in real life. The show gets into some of the darker aspects of the CIA's secret experiments on unwitting people. One woman recounts her experiences with a doctor who she claims was working for the CIA; an actress in the re-enactments is seen in a canvas straitjackets for about one minute over several different shots. The scenes begin about 24:50 and end around 32:00. (thanks to SJS)

eb4dca709e2d The_Real_Story_-_The_Bourne_Identity_57

TV Total : This German comedy show had an amusing scene, in which Simon, a VJ for the music channel Viva Plus, was judged to have been too hyperactive on a previous appearance, and was subsequently wheeled out SJed a la Hannibal Lecter. The caps below were taken from the Bound Singers site, which seems to be defunct:

misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-01 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-02 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-03 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-04 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-05 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-06 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-07 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-08 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-09 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-10 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-11 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-12 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-13 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-14 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-15 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-16 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-17 misc-simon-vivaplus_vj-tvtotal-18

Twentieth Century, The : The "Porn in America" episode of this History Channel series contains a clip of an SJed blonde from a fetish video. The accompanying commentary is said to be quite negative towards the B&D crowd.

Uga Uga (2001) : In this Brasilian telenovela, which appears to be a gloss on Tarzan, one of the female characters was straitjacketed by two attendants and taken away in an ambulance. She sweet-talks them into loosening the jacket, and she manages to escape. The scene begins in Episode 6 (27:45 - 28:30), skips the next episode, and concludes in Episode 8 (4:30 - 5:30, 17:20 - 18:45); unfortunately, these episodes have disappeared from YouTube.
Later in the show, a woman in a red dress sees her husband, an airplane pilot, flirting with another woman in mid-flight, and almost causes the plane to crash as she assaults him. She is taken away in a smock-style SJ and placed in a padded cell, in the following episodes (thanks to CJ) :

Episode 32 (5:18 - 6:00, 9:16 - 9:38)
Episode 34 (30:03 - 32:07, 45:25 - 45:47)
Episode 35 (5:36 - 9:03)
Episode 36 (40:06 - 43:10)
Episode 38 (8:19 - 9:09, 12:13 - 14:50)
Episode 39 (4:22 - 6:24; the jacket is removed and put on another woman at 7:18!)

Under the Piano (1995, Canada) : "...the poignant story of a woman's over-whelming faith in her autistic savant sister. Franny (Amanda Plummer) nurtures and protects Rosetta (Megan Follows) as they grow up together in a household devoid of love." Follows has 3 short scenes in a nice SJ (canvas with leather straps; goes to mid-thigh); Rodrigo sent me the scenes and I put them up on Google Drive.

Under-The-Piano1 Under-The-Piano2 Under-The-Piano3 Under-The-Piano4 Under-The-Piano5

Unknown : A TV commercial by an insurance company demonstrated how less "restricting" their policies were (when compared to other companies) by showing a woman in SJ and balls-and-chain, and having these implements disappear as she explained the benefits of the company's products.

Unknown #2 : There was a report on Brian R's Discussion Page about a cheerleading competition aired on ESPN. A pair of teenage girls on one of the teams did the first part of their routine in fake SJs (the sleeves were not attached, and the jackets had velcro closures), and then removed them for the rest of the routine. The team even won! Good taste on the judges' part. :-) You can also read this story about a similar routine (no pics, though).

Unknown #3 : I downloaded these pics of a German TV show wayyy back in the 90s, but don't know the title of the show.

htf_clever_175 htf_clever_176 htf_clever_177

Unknown #4 : Someone posted part of a novela on YouTube titled Padrastro encerró a su hijastra en un manicomio para quedarse con toda su fortuna ("Stepfather locked his stepdaughter in an asylum to keep all her fortune"), in which the titular stepdaughter managed to knock out a nurse, put on the nurse's outfit and tie the nurse into a straitjacket before escaping (thanks to Rodrigo).

Padastro-1 Padastro-2 Padastro-3 Padastro-4 Padastro-5

Underground With Damon Wayans, The (2006) : Print and TV ads for this Showtime sketch comdedy show have the cast members (including two women) playing around in SJs, but I don't know if they're used in any sketches. (thanks to Barry)

20060914_100237_qdwayan3 5425-orig s-l1600 the_underground

Untouchables, The : "Head of Fire, Feet of Clay" (season 1, episode 27, original air date April 21 1960) : Madlyn Rhue is seen SJed in a hospital after a suicide attempt. Eliot Ness removes the jacket after a minute. The episode is available on DailyMotion (go to 36:00), and I've put the scene on Google Drive.

Untouchables1 Untouchables2

USA Up All Night : This was a program on the USA Network on Saturday nights during the 1990s, where hosts Gilbert Gottfried and Rhonda Shear appeared in skits during low-budget movies. Renfield tells me that on one episode, Gottfried stood in front of a line of women in SJs and cracked jokes. Renfield found another episode on YouTube which Shear hosted from a Hollywood prop house, and she makes some jokes while handling a coat rack full of straitjackets (starting at 1:57).

Valvrave the Liberator : "The Holy Spirits Exposed" (episode 20, 2003) : Rukino Saki, one of the female protagonists in this anime, is captured and kept in a bodysheath. The scene is a brief shot at 8:25. ARNie! sent me a cap of the scene:


Van Helsing : "Super Unknown" (season 3, episode 2, original air date October 12 2018) : In a flashback at the beginning of the episode, Lillian van Helsing (Julie Lynn Mortensen) is seen lying on a bed in a straitjacket after being committed to "Renfield House". She works a small clip out of her mouth and escapes (off-camera). I've put the clip on Google Drive (thanks to Rodrigo).

Van-Helsing1 Van-Helsing2

Velma : "The Brains of the Operation" (season 1, episode 10, original air date February 9 2023) : The season finale of this much-derided revamp of Scooby-Doo included a flashback scene where Dr. Perdue is seen in an SJ and muzzle in a padded cell for a few seconds, at the 19:40 mark. I've put the clip on Google Drive (thanks to Creeper1574).

Velma-s01e10-1 Velma-s01e10-2

Venganza, La (May 14 - 16, 2003) : The final few episodes of this telenovela featured bad girl Grazzia (Catherine Siachoque) jacketed and carted off. She fell under the control of a nurse with a grudge, but managed to escape in the final episode. There is a video available on YouTube.

Villainous : "The Dreadful Dawn" (pilot episode, 2017) : This Cartoon Network show follows Black Hat, a supervillain who relies on an assortment of misfits to battle the heroes of the world. The female maniac Dementia is seen in a straitjacket as she escapes Black Hat's hideout. The scene starts at 2:40 of the episode (thanks to Creeper1574).

Villainous1 Villainous2 Villainous3 Villainous4

Viper : "Double Team" : A cute blonde (one of the bad guys, natch) appears in a green-collared Posey SJ for about 10 seconds (she was tied up after trying to escape from prison). I've put the scene on Google Drive.

viper1 viper10 viper2 viper3 viper5 viper6 viper8 viper9

Vivy: Flourite Eye's Song : "Harmony of One's Heart - My Mission, Your Future (season 1, episode 9, original air date 22 May 2021) : The titular character is seen in an unusual SJ and leg sheath a few minutes into the episode. You can see the episode on Watch Cartoon Online with English subtitles (thanks to Creeper1574).

Vivy9-1 Vivy9-2

Vuele de la Victorio, El ("The Flight of Victory", 2017) : Episode 31 of this recent novela shows the lead tied in a smock-style SJ and led off to a psych ward. (thanks to Rodrigo)

Wagon Train : "The Jenna Douglas Story" (season 5, episode 6, original air date November 1 1961) : Carolyn Jones (a few years before she became Morticia Addams) is seen at the beginning of this episode stumbling around in a half-tied SJ. Lsjvsf4 sent me a video that I've put on Google Drive.


Walking Dead Webisodes, The : "The Oath, Part 3" (original air date October 1, 2013) : This was one of 6 short videos posted online to fill in parts of the Walking Dead back stories of the characters. This video ends with a male survivor tying a zombified woman in a straitjacket. I've put the clip up on Google Drive.

Walking-Dead1 Walking-Dead2

War of the Worlds : "The Meek Shall Inherit" (season 1, episode 16, original air date February 13 1989) : In a sanitarium, Sylvia van Buren (Ann Robinson) is seen in 2 scenes in a Posey SJ. There's a full synopsis at this now-defunct fan site.

wotw wotw2 wotw3 wotw4 wotw6 wotw7 wotw8 wotw10

Warrior "Man on the Wall" (season 2, episode 10, original air date December 4 2020) : This series, based on writings by Bruce Lee, deals with the turmoil of the opium wars in the Chinatown district of San Francisco in the 1880s. Deputy Mayor Walter Buckley plays on anti-Chinese feelings for his own political benefit and profit. Penny Blake (Joanna Vanderham), the wife of the mayor of San Francisco, vows to tell the newspaper of his wicked deeds, but Buckley stabs himself in the shoulder after she leaves, and tells the police that she's gone insane. Near the end of the episode, Penny comes to strapped to an asylum bed. As the camera pulls out, we she that's she's flanked on both side by women wearing straitjackets with leather straps in front. The series was canceled by Cinemax, but was picked up for a third season by HBO Max, to premiere in 2023. I've put the short clip on Google Drive.

Warrior-s02e10-1 Warrior-s02e10-2 Warrior-s02e10-3 Warrior-s02e10-4 Warrior-s02e10-5
Unfortunately, Vanderham isn't coming back for season 3.

Watch What Happens: Live (season 9, episode 8, original air date January 15 2013): This is a nightly talk show from Bravo, usually featuring some of the "reality stars" of that network interviewed by Andy Cohen. This episode featured Sarah Paulson of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, and had a woman in a fake straitjacket posing in the background. You can see the episode on YouTube.

WWHL1 WWHL2 watch-what-happens-live-season-9-908-gal-7

Wayward Pines : "The Friendliest Place On Earth" (season 1, episode 8, original air date July 8 2015) : About 5 minutes into the episode, Kate Hewson (Carla Gugino) has a flashback/dream sequence where is wearing a green-collared Posey straitjacket in a padded cell, talking to Dr. Jenkins (Toby Jones). After a minute, Jones leaves the cell and Nurse Pam (Melissa Leo) enters and sticks a hypodermic needle in Kate's neck, whereupon Kate wakes up. J Eopn just posted the scene to YouTube, and here's some caps I made:

CI9xhld Ws AALQzs vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h17m08s718 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h17m35s612 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h17m42s536 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h24m45s573 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h24m52s836 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h25m59s767 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h26m17s842 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h28m30s634 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h28m42s513 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h28m55s281 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h30m51s204 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h31m02s843 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h31m46s968 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h32m02s462 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h33m43s943 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h33m52s213 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h34m10s676 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h34m33s671 vlcsnap 2015 07 12 14h34m52s422

WCG Ultimate Gamer "The Gauntlet" (episode 207, original air date September 30, 2010): This SyFy game show follows contestants as they participate in real-life challenges which mirror the video games they play later in the show. In this episode, the contestants (one was a woman) had to play a racing game while tied in straitjackets. The scene is available on YouTube.

WCGUltimate-Gamer1 WCGUltimate-Gamer2 WCGUltimate-Gamer3 WCGUltimate-Gamer4 WCGUltimate-Gamer5

Who Is On Top? (season 7, episode 5, 2018) : This Ukranian show appears to be a "battle of the sexes" style game show. At the 1:23:00 mark of this episode, all the contestants show up in smock-style SJs and help each other escape (thanks to Mariano).

Will There Really Be A Morning? (1982) : TV-movie based on Frances Farmer's autobiography. In one scene, Farmer (Susan Blakely) is led out of her house in an SJ (with a thin band of cloth tied around her arms above the elbows).

credereq crederes crederev

Winnie (1988) : This TV-movie features Meredith Baxter as a mentally handicapped woman in an institution. About 58 minutes in, two attendants hold her in an SJ while a sadistic nurse holds a plastic bag over her head. You can find the movie on YouTube, and I've put the clip on Google Drive.

Witch Craft Works : "Takamiyakun and the Witch of Stone Eyes and Stone Hands" (episode 5) (2014) : This anime contains a brief scene of Medusa in a uniquely designed straitjacket and blindfolded (of course). It's at the 19:40 mark of the episode and lasts 15 seconds. The entire subtitled episode is available at Crunchy Roll.

Witch-Craft-Works Witch-Craft-Works2

Without Consent (aka Tell Laura I Love Her and Trapped and Deceived, 1994) : TV film with Jennie Garth committed by her parents to a shady for-profit private psychiatric hospital. There are 3 bondage scenes with Garth: (1) tied to a wheelchair by wrist and ankles; (2) mediocre SJ scene (Posey, front loop not used); (3) tied to a bed with 4-point restraints after escaping; there are three separate scenes of Garth tied like this. The clips are available on YouTube; you can also watch the entire film on YouTube and Tubi (thanks to Derek).

garth Without_Consent

Wizard Wars : Rodrigo tells me that one episode of this Syfy reality series, which lasted 12 episodes in 2014-2015, featured a straitjacket escape by female magician Billy Kidd.

Woman in White, The : "Episode 4" (original air date May 6 2018) : This BBC miniseries is an adaptation of Wilkie Collin's clasic gothic novel. In this episode, Laura Fairlie (Olivia Vinall) is committed to an old-fashioned insane asylum. Starting 42 minutes in, two nurses force her into a straitjacket, canvas with four leather straps closing it, and D-rings at the neck and bottom. There was also a short scene showing the back of the jacket, and a longer scene with Laura being led onto the dining hall by a rope attached to the neck D-ring. There are also brief shots of two other women in straitjackets, in different styles than Laura's jacket. I've put the scenes up on Google Drive.

wiw104-2013 wiw104-2211 wiw104-2213 wiw104-2215 wiw104-2217 wiw104-2244 wiw104-2248 wiw104-2249 wiw104-2251 wiw104-2260 wiw104-2305 wiw104-2321

Women's Wrestling Championship in 3-D, The : One of the matches in this one-shot pay-per-view event (not GLOW; heck, it's barely wrestling) involved the tag team of Psycho Ward and Dazzling Dina taking on The Clones. Ward and Dina walked to the ring in Posey SJs and fought with each other before trying to wrestle the Clones with their SJs still on. Their manager removes the jackets, but Psycho Ward has to be restrained again during the match. Psycho Ward also displayed her poetical talents during an interview, and viewers were further treated to a montage of her with another partner (possibly named Tigris), using the same SJ gimmick.

Wu Assassins : "Paths Pt. 1" (season 1, episode 9, release date August 8 2019) : Christine (Katheryn Winnick) has a flashback/hallucination showing her in a grey straitjacket. The scene appears 33 minutes in, and lasts about half a minute. I've put the clip on Google Drive. Winnick also put a behind-the-scenes pic of her on her Instagram (thanks to Renfield).

Wu-Assassins1 Wu-Assassins2 Wu-Assassins3 Wu-Assassins4

X-Files, The : "Eve" (season 1, episode 11, original air date 10 Dec 93) : "Mulder and Scully search for two missing girls who disappeared after their fathers were murdered in an identical fashion." (thanks to the IMDb). The two agents meet with a cloned, psychotic woman, who is kept in a padded cell in a straitjacket and ankle hobbles. The scene starts at the 21-minute mark and lasts about 3-1/2 minutes. I've put it on Google Drive.

xf111-1323 xf111-1329 xf111-1352 xf111-1383 xf111-1432

X-Men: Evolution : "The HeX Factor" : At the start of this episode of the "Fox 4 Kids" animated show, Wanda Maximoff (aka The Scarlet Witch) is incarcerated in a maximum security institution, straitjacketed and wrapped in a leather harness (straps around her arms and waist, and 2 crotch straps) which has two long poles attached to it, so she can be controlled by 4 attendants. Wanda uses her psychic powers to free herself, but keeps the jacket on as she runs through the institution before being subdued by Prof. Xavier. She's later smuggled out of the place. The entire scene lasts about 3-1/4 minutes; not bad for a show rated "TV-Y7" (suitable for youths 7 and up). There's a detailed synopsis at the Uncanny X-Men fan site, and the scene is available on YouTube (thanks to Alfonse).

XMen-Evolution1 XMen-Evolution2 XMen-Evolution3 XMen-Evolution4

X-Men: The Gifted : "outMatched" (season 2, episode 4, original air date October 16 2018) : The official trailer for season 2 has a shot of a blonde girl in a Posey SJ at 0:30. The actual scene is only a few seconds long near the end of the episode. Two mutants confront each other in the basement of a mutant detention facility, and one of them psychically opens all the cell doors, and one of the patients is the SJed girl. It happens about 34 minutes in. I've put the scene up on Google Drive.

Xmen-Gifted1 Xmen-Gifted2 Xmen-Gifted3 Xmen-Gifted4

Young and the Restless, The : (September 3, 1982) : According the the below newspaper clipping, Claire tried to escape a mental hospital and was then put in a straitjacket.


(1986) Ashley was an amnesiac patient in a mental hospital and was placed in a jacket.
yatr86-1 yatr86-2 yatr86-3 yatr86-4 yatr86-5 yatr86-6 yatr86-7 yatr86-10 yatr86-11 yatr86-11b yatr86-12 yatr86-13 yatr86-14 yatr86-15 yatr86-21 yatr86-22 yatr86-23 yatr86-24
(week of July 29, 1996) : Mary Jo (Diane Barton) had to be restrained while in custody for kidnapping Christine (Lauralee Bell).
(December 3, 1997) : Spotting a white jacket in a closet, Veronica/Sarah had a flashback to her stay in a mental institution, when two orderlies forced her into a jacket, according to Soap Central.
(March 2, 2007) : Druscilla (Victoria Rowell) signs herself into a psych ward after she hurts her daughter Lily (she's being "gaslighted" by another cast member). After mouthing off to a nurse about medications, she's wrestled to the ground by two orderlies as the scene fades to black. At the end of the episode, she's seen through a door window, strapped to a bed and wearing a red-collared Posey. You can see a vidcap in this recap from (thanks to Rodrigo).
SJSOW7306 1529-18100552

(March 3, 2010) : During a nightmare sequence, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) finds herself in a small Posey SJ, talking to a therapist. When the therapist reveals himself to be Adam, Ashley freaks out and tries to escape the jacket. I've put the video on Google Drive.
TY-TR-9348-01 TY-TR-9348-03 TY-TR-9348-04 TY-TR-9348-05 TY-TR-9348-07 TY-TR-9348-08

(May 11, 2010) : The mentally unstable Patty (Stacy Haiduk) successfully switched places with Emily, leaving Emily stuck in the hospital while Patty married her fiancee, Jack. However, the switch was uncovered, and Patty ended up in a padded cell. Worse, she was then charged with Adam's murder, and she was taken to the prison in a small Posey straitjacket. There are two brief scenes in the final quarter of the episode; you can see the clips on YouTube (go to 8:40).
Young-Restless05112010-1 Young-Restless05112010-2 Young-Restless05112010-3 Young-Restless05112010-4

(February 3, 2012) : Patty was seen again in two scenes of this episode, wearing a small Posey straitjacket and sitting in a padded cell. (Thanks to Renfield)
(November 17, 2015) : Sage (Kelly Sullivan) is mourning the supposed death of her newborn son (who's actually been kidnapped). During a midday nap, she dreams that she's in a green-collared Posey SJ, lying on a mattress with her ankles in cuffs tied to the mattress, hearing her baby's cries. The scene lasts about 20 seconds and comes 12 minutes into the episode. I've uploaded the scene to Google Drive, and here are some caps:
vlcsnap 2016 02 20 22h17m02s580 vlcsnap 2016 02 20 22h17m21s739 vlcsnap 2016 02 20 22h17m32s020 vlcsnap 2016 02 20 22h17m39s465 vlcsnap 2016 02 20 22h17m46s025 vlcsnap 2016 02 20 22h18m07s554 vlcsnap 2016 02 20 22h18m13s363 vlcsnap 2016 02 20 22h18m26s811 vlcsnap 2016 02 20 22h18m33s899 vlcsnap 2016 02 20 22h19m25s611 vlcsnap 2016 02 20 22h19m34s924

(February 26, 2016) : Sage has the exact same dream as above; same footage and all.

You Asked For It : This show once featured Phyllis Kirkham doing an upside-down SJ escape, and it's available on YouTube.

You Can't Do That On Television : "Straightjacket" (season one, episode 11, original air date April 21 1979) : Most people know this children's sketch show from its long run on Nickelodeon, but the very first season ran only on Canadian TV. A newly instituted and extremely inconvenient security regulation led the writers to write an episode in which all cast and crew are kept in straitjackets for their own safety. All jackets shown are thin, long-sleeve shirts, though. The video used to be available on Danger Theatre, and I've put it up on Google Drive (thanks to ARNie! for the tip). You can see more information on the Slime Society's excellent fan site.

You Wish : "Bride and Prejudice" : This ABC sitcom concerns a genie, whose current master is a young mother (Harley Jane Kozak). In this episode, we discover that the genie has a very jealous bride, who expresses her displeasure with Kozak in a variety of ways, including a brief jump shot of Kozak trussed up a la Hannibal Lector. SJS found the episode on YouTube; the scene is at 6:25.

YouWish1 YouWish2

Zapeando : This chat program airs in Spain on the laSexta channel. On one episode in late October 2017, hostess Anna Simon came onto the show in a straitjacket, purportedly after getting the stomach flu. You can see the video on the laSexta site. (thanks to Rodrigo)


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