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Latest Update: May 26 2024
TELEVISION: Riddle Story of Devil, Scream Queens, Seis Hermanas, Sunset Beach, TV Total, War of the Worlds, X-Men: Evolution.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Devilskin, The Modern Dissidents (Music Videos).
And three new links.

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SPECIAL NOTE (12/03/2023)
Bob2300 has uploaded a new fully illustrated story, "Friday Night Bet", to his Gumroad shop.


SPECIAL NOTE (07/23/2023)
Bob2300 just uploaded a new story, "Room & Board", to his Gumroad shop. Here's the front cover:


SPECIAL NOTE (04/23/2023)
Bob2300 uploaded a second story to his Gumroad shop, and he was kind enough to send us a free sample chapter!

SPECIAL NOTE (09/12/2022)
-sjfangirl14 on FetLife just reported the passing of Rick from JuRonCo, who was very helpful to me back in the 90s. This web site would not exist without his help, and we all owe him a debt of gratitude.

SPECIAL NOTE (12/30/2021)
-Don from AsylumAspire (and 80% of the links on the link page) is importing Harry Tasker's Posey replicas for US and Canadian sales, and is offering same-day domestic shipping from his Etsy site.
UPDATE! (01/11/2023) The Strait Girls Patreon will be shut down on Feb 1 2023, and Don is starting to put all his pics on his Flickr account.
SPECIAL NOTE (06/28/2021)
Long-time friend of the site Scarlet Penny has published her book Straitjacket Girl on Amazon.


Bob2300 has collaborated with Dracowhip to turn his story "Mistaken Identity" into a graphic novel, and I give it my highest recommendation! Go to DBComix to buy! Linda at DBComix was kind enough to send me these sample pages:
page-001 page-002 page-003 page-004 page-005
UPDATE (12/20/2020) : DBComix has recently published part 2 of "Mistaken Identity" - Go to DBComix to buy!
UPDATE (03/28/2021) : And now we have Part 3 ready to buy!
UPDATE (07/24/2022) : Linda sent me the next 5 pages of part one, for your pleasure.
page-006 page-007 page-008 page-009 page-010


May 19 2024
MOTION PICTURES: Faceless After Dark.
TELEVISION: Por Siempre Mi Amor, Remington Steele.
And one new link.

May 12 2024
TELEVISION: Palm Royale, La Patrona, Popular, Popular Mechanics for Kids.
And three new links.

May 5 2024
TELEVISION: Highlander, The Impossible Heir, Passions.
And one new link.

April 28 2024
TELEVISION: One Life To Live, The Outer Limits.
And one new link.

April 21 2024
TELEVISION: The L Word, Murdoch Mysteries, Nikita, Nobody's Child, Nowhere Man, One Life To Live.
And one new link.

April 14 2024
TELEVISION: Medaka Box Abnormal, Melrose Place, Parasyte: The Grey, Sunset Beach.
And one new link.

March 31 2024
TELEVISION: Adventure Inc., Against Their Will, American Horror Story: Asylum, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Betrayal, Code Geass, Community, CSI: NY, Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, Dark Matters, Doctor Who, The Drew Carey Show, Femme Fatales, Freddy's Nightmares, Geisterjäger John Sinclair, General Hospital, Harley Quinn, La Madrasta.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Jessenia Mills (Music Videos), The Amazing Spider-Man (Comic Books - Marvel).
And three new links.

March 24 2024
MOTION PICTURES: Beware The Boogeyman.
TELEVISION: Caça Talentos, El Maleficio, Parasyte: The Grey.

March 17 2024
MOTION PICTURES: Asylum of the Damned, Asylum of the Dead, The Avengers, Buster's Bedroom, Cult of Chucky, Dark House, The East, Frances, Hijacking Agatha, Impatient Maiden, In Search Of Lovecraft, Lady Sings the Blues, Maniacts, Midnight Cabaret, Nightmare Man, Reincarnation, Saw 3D, Sukeban Deka, The Ward. I removed the listing for The Lost Episode, as Anon told me it was an alternate title for Asylum of the Dead, and moved the caps to that entry.
TELEVISION: Sunset Beach.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: DCeased: The Unkillables (Comic Books - DC Comics) .

March 10 2024
MOTION PICTURES: Straight Jacket.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Harley Quinn (Comic Books - DC Comics).

March 3 2024
Eight new links.

February 18 2024
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Pinktastic Plastixx (Music Videos), What The Butler Saw (Theater), Crime Illustrated, National Detective Cases (Magazines).

February 11 2024
TELEVISION: Dekoboko Majo No Oyako, HawthoRNe, Oni Tensei, USA Up All Night.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Steve Aoki, AVA (Music Videos), The Flash (Comic Books - DC Comics)
And 12 (that's right, 12!) new links.

February 4 2024
And three new links.

January 21 2024
TELEVISION: Haunting: Australia.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: KHEA, Julia Michaels, Becky G (Music Videos).
And four new links.

January 14 2024
STORIES: A revised "Being Patient" by Bob2300.
And two new links.

January 7 2024
TELEVISION: Scream Street.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Pumpkin Night (Comic Books - Unknown).
STORIES: "Being Patient" and a revised "Fire Alarm" by Bob2300.
And six new links.

New Years Eve 2023.
TELEVISION: The Mask: The Animated Series.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: AEW Worlds End 2023 (Pro Wrestling Events), Keep an Eye on You (Comic Books - Unknown).
STORIES: "Fire Alarm" by Bob2300.
And five new links.

Christmas Eve 2023
And three new links.

December 17 2023
TELEVISION: Dzielnica Strachu, I Due Volti dell'Amore, Indictment: The McMartin Trial.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Lobotomy 2: Manhunt (Board Games).
And one new link.

December 10 2023
TELEVISION: Heroes, Homeland, Houdini & Doyle, I Due Volti dell'Amore.
MISCELLANOUS MEDIA: Florita (Comic Books - Ediciones Clíper).

December 3 2023
MISCELLANOUS MEDIA: Florita (Comic Books - Ediciones Clíper).
And one new link.

November 26 2023
TELEVISION: The Devil Punisher, Doctor Who.

November 19 2023
TELEVISION: Juego de ilusiones, Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real, Platinum End.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Jesyka (Music Videos), Mortal Kombat 1 (Video Games), Razor Uncut (Comic Books - London Night).
And one new link.

November 12 2023
TELEVISION: Tatar Ramazan.
And four new links.

November 5 2023
MOTION PICTURES: Suitable Flesh.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: All Elite Wrestling (Pro Wrestling Events).
And six new links.

October 29 2023
MOTION PICTURE: Alice, Alice in Acidland, Alien Resurrection, The Ambushers, Amityville: A New Generation.
STORIES: "Technical Review" and revision of "Stand Up And Be Strapped Down" by Bob2300.

October 22 2023
MOTION PICTURES: 2069: A Sex Odyssey, The Addams Family.
And two new links.

October 15 2023
TELEVISION: Jangan Bercerai Bunda, Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce).
And two new links.

October 8 2023
TELEVISION: Sol De Tentación.
And one new link.

October 1 2023
TELEVISION: Shining Vale.

September 17 2023
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas.

September 10 2023
TELEVISION: Hollywood Babylon.
STORIES: "Seedy Bar Hook-Up" by Bob2300.
And two new links.

September 3 2023
One new link.

August 27 2023
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Comic Books - Marvel).
And one new link.

August 20 2023
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: May Roze (Music Videos).
And eight new links.

August 13 2023
TELEVISION: Ghost Whisperer.
STORIES: "Cyber Punked" and "Couples Therapy" by Bob2300.
And three new links.

August 6 2023
MOTION PICTURES: Fear Runs Silent.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Dislyte (Video Games).
And two new links.

July 30 2023
TELEVISION: Perdona Nuestros Pecados.

July 23 2023
STORIES: Re-edited version of "Costume Convict" by Bob2300, "SJ Challenge" by RTRed.
And one new link.

July 16 2023
MOTION PICTURES: Night of the Hunted.
TELEVISION: Unknown #4.
STORIES: "Contortionist vs. Jacket" by Bob2300.

July 9 2023
MOTION PICTURES: Mike's Murder, The Music Lovers.
TELEVISION: General Hospital.
STORIES: "Old Time Villain" by Bob2300 and NoobNoob.
And three new links.

July 2 2023
MOTION PICTURES: The Escapees, The House With A Clock In Its Walls, Mountaintop Motel Massacre, A Night In September, Next Victim, Tank Girl.
TELEVISION: Como dice el dicho, Corazón Apasionado, Destino De Mujer, Mi camino es amarte, Warrior.
And one new link.

June 25 2023
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage (Music Videos).
STORIES: "Costume Convict" by Bob2300.

June 18 2023
TELEVISION: The Avengers, Scream Test, Without Consent.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Straitjacket Lover (Interactive Stories), Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (Comic Books - DC Comics).
And three new links.

June 11 2023
STORIES: "Your Accountant Knows Best" and "Live Stream Struggling", re-edited Chapter 1 and new Chapter 2 by Bob2300.
And three new links.

June 4 2023
Two new links.

May 28 2023
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Typhoid Fever: Iron Fist, Typhoid Fever: X-Men (Comic Books - Marvel).
STORIES: "Smithy" by Bob2300.

May 21 2023
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Jumping the Gun (Music Videos), 2000 A.D. (Comic Books - Fleetway/Egmont).
And one new link.

May 14 2023
STORIES: "Live Stream Struggling" by Bob2300.
And two new links.

May 5 2023
Fifteen new links.

April 30 2023
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: HoodSlam (Pro Wrestling Events).

April 23 2023
TELEVISION: Magpakailanman.
STORIES: "Spies & Ties" by Bob2300.
And one new link.

April 16 2023
MOTION PICTURES: Love In Strange Places.
And two new links.

April 9 2023
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League (Video Games).
STORIES: Re-edited version of "The Internship" by Bob2300.
And three new links.

April 2 2023
And three new links.

March 27 2023
ZippyShare just announced that they'll be closing up at the end of the month, so I've moved all the videos over to Google Drive. Please let me know if any of the links don't work.

March 19 2023
TELEVISION: Algo Está Cambiando, Más Noche.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Mira Cétii (Music Videos).
STORIES: "The Internship" by Bob2300.
And 16 new links.

March 5 2023
Two new links.

February 26 2023
TELEVISION: Guerra dos Sexos.
And two new links.

February 19 2023
MOTION PICTURES: The Secret Cinema, Séraphine.
TELEVISION: Flor Salvaje, The Law According to Lidia Poët, Love, Lies and Murder, Mi camino es amarte.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Giselle Rouge, Die Frau ohne Schatten (Theater), Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum (Comic Books - DC).
And two new links.

February 12 2023
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Avatar (Comic Books - Dark Horse), Wolverine, X-Men (Comic Books - Marvel), ZZ Ward (Music Videos).
STORIES: "Caught in Court" by Bob2300, edited by Dannysulling.
And two new links.

February 5 2023
TELEVISION: General Hospital, Ghost Wars, Killer, Sabrina The Teenage Witch.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Chamber Music (Theater), Creme de la Creme (Advertisements).
And three new links.

January 29 2023
MOTION PICTURES: The Mall The Merrier.
TELEVISION: Scream Test.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Tattoo Asylum (Advertisements).

January 22 2023
MOTION PICTURES: Fatal Instinct.
TELEVISION: The Eminence in Shadow.
STORIES: "Unexpected Guest" version 2.0 by Bob2300 and Noob Noob.
And one new link.

January 15 2023
TELEVISION: Scream Test.
MISCELLANEOUS MEDIA: Instorm (Music Videos).
And eight new links.

January 8 2023
MOTION PICTURES: Axegrinder 4.
STORIES: "Caught in Court" by Bob2300.
And one new link.

New Years Day 2023
STORIES: "Serena's New Years Misfortune" by John Drake.