By T. M.

Chapter 5

“So are we going to stop by the hospital first, or go straight to the airport?” Jen asked.

Laura replied, “I figure we should go to the hospital first to say goodbye and see how everybody is doing.”

The two girls put their luggage in their car and head over to the hospital. Once at the hospital, they meet up with Matt.

“How are the girls doing with their therapy?” asked Jen

“Kelly is making a slight improvement, but the others refuse to cooperate,” Matt replied.

“That’s too bad for the others, but at least Kelly is improving,” said Laura. “Will she be out soon?”

“No way. She still has problems dealing with reality and using violence to get what she wants.”

Jen and Laura say their goodbyes and head off to the airport. They go through the security checks and as they wait in the terminal, a man with a Hawaiian shirt comes over and sits next to the girls. “How are you girls doing?”

Laura smiles and replies, “Fine, and yourself?”

“Just fine, I see you girls are going to Cancun. Is this your first time there?”

Jen comments, “Yes, is this your first time?”

“No, I practically live down there. I love to go almost every summer; by the way, my name is Jim.”

Laura smiles and introduces herself and Jen to Jim. The three of them talk through the entire time in the terminal and throughout the plane ride down to Cancun. Once down in Mexico the passengers leave the plane and Laura, Jen, and Jim wait to pick up their luggage.

“Well this has been a great time getting to know you girls," said Jim. "I think I see my luggage coming this way. I hope you two have a wonderful time in Cancun."

Laura replied, “Thank you, but before you head off maybe we can meet up for drinks and you could possibly show us around.”

“Yeah, that would be great, being that you're such a nice guy and good company,” Jen quickly agreed.

Jim smiled. "I would love to hang out with you girls.”

The girls exchange their information with Jim and they go their separate ways. The girls make it to their hotel room in the middle of Cancun.

“Oh, how wonderful this is!" Jen exclaimed. "Nice hot summer air with plenty of guys around.”

Laura said, “Yeah, I hope Jim calls us. I’m looking forward to sleeping with him - I mean seeing him.” The two girls laugh.

Jen asked, “Really? You’re going to sleep with him?”

“Why not? He seems nice, and plus we spent so much time with him, when we weren't drunk, so we know what was going on at all times. He did not once even try to put a move on us. I feel he would be much better then some random guy in the night clubs who might try to drug us or something like that.”

“Well, good call on that," Jen said. "Hey, maybe we could both get with Jim. What do you say a threesome?”

Laura blushed. "Well, that definitely sounds fun to me!”

Just as the two of them are heading down to the pool, Laura’s phone rings, and the display reads "Jim".

“Well, speak of the devil.” Laura answers the phone. “Hey, sexy, what's going on?”

“Whoa, 'sexy'?" Jim laughed. "Well that’s coming on fast, and I’m liking it. How about I pick you girls up at 8?”

“That sounds fine. Jen and I are going to down to the pool; want to join us?”

“Sorry, girls, but I got to go do some things before I meet up with you.”

“Okay, see you later.” Laura gives Jim their hotel address.

“So what did Prince Charming say?” asked Jen after Laura hung up.

“He'll pick us up at 8.”

The two girls go down to the pool to relax, but they stay much longer then they expected. Jen checked her watch and said “Laura, it's late. We got to get a move on here, Jim will be here soon.”

The two of them go back up to their room to shower and to get ready for an exciting night out on the town with their new friend Jim.

Laura said, “We don’t have enough time to take separate showers and be ready by 8. Will it be cool if we take a shower together?”

“Hell yeah, especially if we are going to do this threesome tonight - why the hell not!”

The two of them undress and jump into the shower together. The water is warm and so refreshing to the girls. Laura first lathers up Jen’s soft nipples, and then Jen scrubs Laura’s pussy with the bar of soap. Jen pushes the bar of soap in Laura’s cunt as Laura moans in pleasure. Laura takes the soap and pushes it up Jen’s asshole. Jen is loving every second of this. The two girls are lathering up their hot steaming bodies. As the water is pouring down, washing the soap off, the girls are rubbing their hands all over each other, making each other cum in the shower. Jen turns off the water and the two girls come out of the shower and dry each other off.

Laura sighed. "Now we've got clean pussies for tonight. I just hope Jim is a clean boy.”

“Well if he isn’t, then we'll clean him before fucking him,” Jen smirked. The two girls laugh and get ready for their date, dressing in miniskirts and high heels.

Eight o’clock rolls around and Jim is waiting outside their door. "Well, you two are looking very sexy tonight.”

“Thank you, Jim," cooed Jen, "And the same to you, sweetie.”

The three of them make their way down to Jim’s car. Once in the car, Jim is speeds off into the night with the girls.

Laura asked, “So where are we going?”

“That's a secret; I can tell you it's not in Cancun. I know a very nice bar just a little bit outside of Cancun. It'll take us an hour to get there, but you two will experience the time of your life!”

“You said that with a big grin on your face," Jen pointed out. "I hope you don’t plan on any big orgies.”

Jim laughed, “No. just a nice night at a great night club, that's all.”

“This is a nice car you have here, Jim,” Laura said, changing the subject.

“This isn't my car; it's a rental. I got into a car accident before coming down here.”

“Oh my god, are you all right?” Jen exclaimed.

“I'm OK. It was my fault for not paying attention, but I ran over a man who was crossing the street. I should have been paying attention. The man is all right and I have agreed to pay for his medical bills. For that he said he would not sue me.”

Laura responded, “Well, thank God everybody is all right and you are not getting sued or even worse, going to jail.”

"Amen to that," Jim nodded.

They arrive in the night club; the music is blasting. Jim runs to the bar to get the girls their drinks. Laura could see that Jim knows the bartender; Jim shakes the bartender's hand and pats him on the back. Jim brings the drinks to the girls, and the three of them do five to six shots each before they hit the dance floor. The three of them dance the night away, as the drunken girls go wild on the floor with Jim.

The next day, Laura wakes up to a very painful headache. She is so hung over, she just lies on the very comfortable bedspread for a while. She starts to move to get up and she feels that her arms are very heavy; she blames the feeling on all the booze she drank last night.

Laura tries to get up, still in a hazy fog from last night. She rolls to her side and arches her way up to sit up in the bed. She goes to reach for the wall for support, but finds her arms are restricted. Her head is killing her as she starts to try to move her arms some more and finds all she can do is move them side to side. She looks down to see what is going on, and gasps. She sees that her arms are pinned to her chest, and her breasts are bulging under the white garment. Her arms are also put through a loop, which is keeping her arms pinned to her chest.

"Oh my god," Laura thinks. "I'm in a strait jacket!" As Laura wonders how this happened, she looks around her room, which is covered in little white squares. She soon realizes that she is in a padded cell. She starts to struggle like hell to get out of her binds. She pulls up on her jacket, and realizes that the crotch strap is doing its job, keeping her safely secure in the jacket. Laura looked down at herself and saw that, other than the jacket, she was completely naked.

“What the hell kind of hospital is this? They can't even give me a gown! What is keeping the other patients or orderlies from raping me? Where is Jen and Jim? What the hell happened last night?"

After what seems like forever, a doctor walks in with an orderly. “Well, hello there, miss,” the doctor said with a thick accent. Laura is surprised he can even speak English. “How are you feeling?”

Laura composes herself and replies, “Fine. Why am I here? What's going on?”

“You were brought to us last night. The staff told me you were very violent with the police. You are going to be restrained until I think you are safe to be around others.”

“Where is my friend Jen?” Laura asked.

The doctor smiled. “Your friend is in the next cell. You two are a team, I hear, beating guys up at night clubs and causing all sorts of trouble. Thank god one of our agents found you two before you did any more damage.”

“I'm confused," Laura replied. "Jen and I are ordlies back in America. It's our job to catch sick individuals and bring them in for treatment.”

“Well, is that ironic?" the doctor chortled. "What a little story teller we have here. You are going to be a challenge for me to help, but I think there is hope for you after all.”

An angry Laura yells, "This is bullshit! Let me make a phone call and prove to you that I’m telling the truth.”

The doctor waves her off. “Sorry, but you are too unstable to make a phone call. In this institution patients follow the staff’s orders to the 'T', or they will be here for a very long time - possibly for life.”

Laura became very scared. This doctor does not believe her, plus she has been committed into a mental hospital in Mexico under false reasoning. She heard the prisons were bad down here, but what about a mental hospitals? The doctor leaves the room with the orderly.

Sometime later, Laura is startled by two male orderlies entering her room. They drag her down the hallway to a bathroom where they clean her up. It is there she sees Jen being dried off and dragged back down the hallway, kicking and screaming. Laura does not have enough time to shout to her friend. She is taken out of her straitjacket and strapped to the wall with a four-point restraint system. She is sprayed down and dried off by the orderlies, and Laura is embarrassed to hell by these strange men being able to grab her like this. She is put back into her straitjacket and dragged down the hallway back to her room.

The orderlies throw her into the padded cell. To her surprise, Jen is in the cell as well. Jen has a strap buckled to her straitjacket, keeping her tied to the wall. Laura walks over to Jen and motions to her to turn around so she can try to undo the straps with her teeth to free her friend, but as soon as she is about to start, an orderly grabs her and pulls Laura to a separate wall of the room and buckles a strap on her jacket to that wall to keep the girls apart. The orderly then leaves the room.

“Thank God you are all right," Laura said. "Do you remember what happened last night?”

Jen responded, “I have no idea. I can't remember a damn thing.”

“Thank God they decided to put us together. I guess the doctor thinks since we are a team, he can treat us together.”

“That doctor has been lied to; we need to use the phone. What happened to Jim?”

Laura shook her head. “I have no idea. Maybe he is here, but then the doctor would have mentioned him, too. Do you think he did this to us?”

“Great - we fell for the wrong guy.”

The door opens and two orderlies come into the room with needles. They inject the girls with the needles and soon the two of them are fast asleep.

Jen wakes up as she sees the sun shining through a tiny window high above their heads in the padded cell. Laura is starting to come around too. The door opens up and in comes a woman with a big grin on her face. It takes Jen and Laura a few minutes to shake off the drugs, but they soon notice that the woman staring at the two of them is in fact KELLY.

“What the hell is going on here?” exclaimed Laura. Kelly silently smirks at her.

“How the fuck did you get out of the hospital and leave the country to find us at this remote location?" Jen demanded.

Kelly spat back, “You two thought you could lock me up and throw away the key. Well, you two cunts were dead wrong.”

Laura was about to speak when the door opened up and Jim walked into the room. Both girls said his name at once only to be interrupted by Jim speaking over their voices. “Now, girls, I know you have a lot of questions for me, so I'm going to start from the beginning. And if you are hoping the doctor walks by and hears this plot, don't get your hopes up; I paid him off nicely.”

“Actually, I would like to tell them, honey,” Kelly said. Jim nodded.

“Ladies, Jim is my boyfriend. He came to visit me in the nuthouse. Little by little, we were paying attention to how things are run at the hospital and how the nurses there really do not care for the patients or even really notice them. They just give the meds out like they were candy and go on about their business. That’s how we knew our plan would work. You see, after some good behavior, I was put on a less severe regimen and got some more freedom. Jim found a girl that looks pretty much the same as me, a drug addict living on the streets.”

Jim continued. “You two know where this is going. It was the perfect switch at the hospital I drove to the hospital a day or two before you two showed your faces there. I brought the girl into the hospital as a visitor; the guards weren't paying too much attention to her. Once in the room with Kelly we made the switch. The girl was down for this becaus sh could have all the free drugs she wanted, plus a roof over her head, it was like heaven for this girl.”

“The one problem was Matt," Kelly said. "That doctor knew me all too well. Some of the staff was just recently changed due to cut backs in funding, so the new staff really didn’t recognize me. Matt still could, but Jim here took care of that problem, didn’t you?”

“That’s right, Kelly; I ran that dick over with my car and left him for dead.” Both of the girls gasped in disbelief.

“Thank God you two came back to say goodbye for your trip," a gleeful Kelly said, "or else my dear Jim would have never overheard your conversation as he was making his weely visit to the other girl. Jim then called me and told me to get down to Cancun so we could plan this plot against you two. Jim's been coming down to Mexico for years and knows so much about this place. We originally planned to kill you both, but this is so much better. Now you two cunts can share the same experience that my colleagues and I had to endure. So what if we shot unarmed men - that is how the world is! Society is cruel and that makes me a bitch, then whatever.”

Jen yelled, “Kelly, you are so fucked up in the head! You deserve to be locked away and be studied.”

Kelly sscoffed, “Well, this looks like where I leave you pussy lickers to rot. Oh, but good luck on recovering your sanity!” She and Jim both laugh and leave the room as the two girls struggle against thei restraints.

“We can't let this happen," Laura gasped. "There must be a way out of this nightmare.”

Jen replied, “Shh, I can hear them talking outside." The girls go silent.

They heard Jim say, “Kelly, here's $10,000. Go to the doctor's office and pay him off. I’m going to get the car.”

Laura and Jen frantically pulled at their restraints. Laura gets a bright idea and is able turn herself around enough to pick at the strap on the wall, and she soon got loose. She runs over to Jen and starts working on the straps. Slowly but surely, she loosed Jen's jacket. Finally Jen is able to pull the jacket off and free Laura. The two naked girls run over to the door and luckily, Kelly didn't pull it closed to lock it. The two girls make a break for it, running through the hallways, not knowing where they are going, passing by patients and hiding behind doors avoiding staff members, until they manage to bump into Kelly.

Kelly yelled, “What the fuck are you two doing out of your straitjackets?”

Jen spat back, “Screwing up your plan, that’s what, bitch!”

Jen punches Kelly, who falls hard to the ground. The noise from the fight brings some attention as other patients come over and some orderlies grab Jen and Laura. As the girls are fighting hard to break free, the other patients become frantic and attack the orderlies and Kelly. Two patients start ripping off Kelly’s clothes leaving her naked. Kelly fights back but more patients come to help out, and by now there are an overwhelming amount of patients overpowering the orderlies. Jen and Laura are able to get their hands on the screaming and kicking Kelly. One of the patients carries a used straitjacket and Jen grabs it and places Kelly’s arms inside the jacket. Laura moves to Kelly’s back and starts to strap Kelly in. Kelly is screaming for the doctor to come. The girls are able to tie Kelly up successfully. The doctor eventually comes running down the hallway with more orderlies, but they were overran by the frantic and abused patients. The orderlies are stripped of their clothing and thrown into the cells. Jen and Laura are able to get their hands on some clothes and run out of the hospital.

Laura sees an ambulance outside the main entrance and hops in. Jen follows right behind her. As they are pulling out of the driveway, they see Jim waiting in his rental car and he sees them. Laura floors the ambulance, and a shocked Jim peels out to chase them. Jim follows them through some tight turns and continues after them down a stretch of the highway. They pass by a police officer who joins the chase. Jim takes a gun out and starts to fire at the ambulance. A few more seconds go by as Jim keeps on firing at the girls and the police cruiser is following the chase as well. Then a couple more police cruisers come into the chase. The police cruisers ram Jim’s rental car and he spins off the road and Jen and Laura get away from the dangerous scene.

Jen and Laura are able to find a nearby village with a local resident that knows how to get them back to Cancun. Once back at the hotel, Jen buys a telephone card and the two of them go back up to their room.

Jen makes a call back to the U.S. to Officer Joe. She tells him the whole story and they hang up the phone.

“Holy shit, what a weekend,” Laura mutters.

“I know," Jen replies. "What should we do, finish out the week or go back home?”

“I think we should go; there's a lot that needs to be done.”

“All right; let me pack our things and you go check out.”

Laura goes down to pay the bill and the two of them catch a taxi to the airport to go home. As they are waiting in the terminal, they are watching a soap opera on a television when all of sudden a special news report comes on. Its all in Spanish but it is showing the hospital they were at.

Jen reads the caption. “Pueda alguien aparece el volumen.”

Laura looks at her in astonishment. “Since when do you speak Spanish?”

“I learned it in college, I thought I was going to be in the hotel business, but I decided to work for the armored truck company instead.”

"That is a pretty big change in career paths," Laura responds. “Okay, so what are the officials saying?”

“They are saying that there was a huge riot at the hospital and a few patients escaped. Also, the head doctor was somehow discovered to be taking bribes and was arrested.”

“Well, now that’s justice.”

As they watch, the reporters are walking through the hallways of the hospital and the camer man walks into one of the padded cells for a brief moment. They see Kelly struggling in her strait jacket, screaming at the top of her lungs to be released. All Laura and Jen could do was smile and laugh.

Soon after, Laura and Jen board their plane, and in no time flat they are back home. They decided to go to the police station to go see Officer Joe in his office.

“Officer Joe, How are you?” Laura asks with a smile.

“Fine, girls. I was able to straighten up the mess at the hospital. That junkie is in jail now, waiting a trial for conspiracy.”

Jen softly said, “I can’t believe Matt is dead.”

Officer Joe noddeed and replied, “I know, that is tragic, but I will tell the next doctor that you two do in fact work there. By th way, what ever happened to Kelly and her boyfriend Jim?”

“Kelly got trapped in a Mexican nuthouse, and Joe got arrested for shooting at an ambulance, so they are both in pretty bad situations,” Laura explained.

Officer Joe said, “Well, I guess I could let that fly, due to the fact they are criminals over here, but now are both taking it in the ass literally.” All three of them laugh. Laura, and Jen walk out of the police station and back to the car.

Jen sighed. “I guess we should report back to work. Some vacation, huh?”

“Yeah, that wasn't much of a vacation," Laura agreed, "but now we can go back to try to get individuals the help they need.”

The two of them drove off towards the hospital for another fun-filled day.

The End.

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