By T. M.

Chapter 4

The next day, Jen visits Laura in the hospital. Laura is awake and is doing fine. Jen tells Laura the entire tale about Rebecca, and how they are going to go after Susan.

"Wow, that is really surprising, how you took down Rebecca like that."

"I know," Jen replied. "I was really surprised to see her in my room."

Officer Joe walks into the room. "Laura, itís great to see you're all right. If you want to go after Susan. I suggest you guys do so soon, before she makes another move. I have Susanís address for you."

Laura and Jen collect their equipment and restraints and go after Susan, and this time, for safety, Officer Joe came along for the ride. Susan is outside her house doing yard work as the three of them arrive.

Walking up to her, Laura announced, "Susan, you are coming with us for an evaluation."

"No I'm not. I already had an evaluation performed two days ago by an licensed therapist."

"Is that so?" a skeptical Jen asked. "What is this therapistís name?"

"Dr. Sian." Officer Joe said, "Well, we need to confirm that with the therapist. In the meantime, you will be coming with us.Ē

Just as Officer Joe finished, an elderly women came out of Susanís house. Susan said, "Perfect timing, Gina. This is Gina, my lawyer. She was with me, serving as my witness as I went to the therapist."

All three of the officers looked stunned. Officer Joe made his way to the car to check Ginaís credentials. As he was doing that, Susan walked over to Laura and Jen, and leaned in close to whisper something. "Just between you and me. that therapist was a fake and I paid off my lawyer very well, so, better luck next time, you two."

"Bravo to you, Susan," said Laura bitterly. "We were warned about you and how you like to play mind games, but Iím sure you'll crack and we'll be there to catch you as you fall into our arms."

A smirking Susan replied, "Well, good luck, ladies. I have been playing mind games with people for years now."

Officer Joe returned to Laura and Jen as Susan brought Gina back into the house. "Well, we're shit out of luck. She did get an evalution and there is nothing we can do."

Jen asked, "But what about yesterday with the explosion?"

"We have no proof that she had anything to do with that. The fire inspector determined that an old gas pipe broke inside the house and set off the charge. Now, do I believe that? No. But itís not what you know, but what can you prove."

The three of them left Susanís house and headed out to an diner to discuss what they should do next.

"When you were talking to the lawyer, Susan came over to us and told us that she paid off the lawyer and the therapist to declare her sane," Laura told a shocked Officer Joe.

"What if we trick her into committing herself?" Jen said. Laura and Joe both gave Jen a hard, long look. "I'm serious; what if we go back to Susanís house and tell her that we found some incriminating evidence?. It'd be a very big bluff, but what else do we have?"

Laura and Officer Joe agreed. Officer Joe drove to the hospital to get the paperwork and Laura and Jen drove back to Susanís house to try to pull off the bluff.

A short time later, Laura and Jen arrived back at Susanís house. Laura rings the door bell. Susan answers the door moments later.

"What could you two possibly want?"

Jen asked, "May we come in? We need to talk."

"Sure. I am always in the mood for a conversation with two fine officers like yourselves." All three of them go inside.

Laura said, "Listen, Susan, there is some bad news we have just received from the officer that was with us earlier. He mentioned that they found some new evidence at Rebeccaís house. Apparently someone had not been careful enough, and left fingerprints on the wall where the old pipe broke. The fire did not destroy them for some reason."

Susan looked unfazed. "Well, why does that concern me?"

Jen replied, "Come on, Susan, think about it. You are, without a doubt, Rebeccaís best friend. If those prints match yours, you're looking at an arson charge. That's a minimum 10 years."

"How does prison sound to you over a padded cell in a hospital," Laura continued. "I know how this must sound, but I think the hospital would be a better place for you. I mean, you are not too strong but very smart, whereas in prison you must be both strong and smart to survive there. Susan looked worried.

"Think about it, sweetie," Jen said. "You are very smart. The most time you'd do in a hospital would be a few months, not 10 years."

After a long pause, Susan replied, "I think I'll call my lawyer and see if you are bluffing." Just as she gets up, Officer Joe knocks on the front door.

"Hello, Susan," Joe says as Susan opens the door. "Do you mind if I come in?"

"Not at all, what can I do for you, officer?"

"I am here to tell you that I have collected some evidence at Rebeccaís house and I need to take your finger prints. I will do it right here and now and I will go back to the station to see if they match." Susan agrees to this. Officer Joe takes the finger prints and runs out the door, but not before he slips the hospital paperwork over to Laura and Jen.

Laura announces, "Officer Joe should be back in five to ten minutes, which does not give you a whole lot of time to make a decision."

"Well, I'll trust my instinct on this one and wait to hear the results," Susan replied.

Ten minutes later Laura receives a phone call from Officer Joe and turns on the speaker phone for all to hear. "Susanís finger prints are a match. I'll come back to arrest her." Susan is stunned.

"Well, Susan," Laura said, "it's not too late. Just sign the sheet and you can have yourself committed."

Susan sighed, "I'll sign, but why are you helping me escape jail time?"

Laura replied, "We both know you are sick, and this crime was done because of a sick mind, not a criminal mind."

Susan signs the papers and both Laura and Jen smile and take out the red-collared strait jacket. They place Susanís arms into the jacket. Since Susan is not struggling, the two officers can double team the straps in the back of the jacket. As they are tying the straps as tight as they can get them to go, the jacket is looking mighty fine on Susan. Her curves are coming out nicely and her breasts are pushing out, leaving a very nice shape. The officers get Susanís arms through the loops and make the sleeve straps extra tight. Susan moans as the crotch strap is pulled between her legs. Laura and Jen pull the strap as hard as they can, leaving poor Susan to cry out. They now have a nice secure mental case in their arms and are moving out the door and towards the car. They strap Susan into the back seat as Officer Joe arrives at the scene. He approaches them with a big grin, and Jen closes the car door, leaving Susan inside the car helpless.

Officer Joe says, "So when do you tow want to tell her that it was all bullshit?"

Laura replies, "After she convinces the doctors to commit her to the hospital, just so we know she'll be in treatment for a while."

The three soon arrive at the hospital in separate cars. Jen and Laura lead Susan into the hospital where a doctor and a few orderlies are waiting. After some time in the doctor's office, Susan spills her guts and confesses to the doctor about paying off the lawyer and the other therapist. Concerned, the doctor commits her to the hospital.

Laura and Jen are waiting as Susan is led out of the office, still in a very tight strait jacket.

Susa grinned, "Well, I beat the system once again. I can at least say I had help this time."

Laura and Jen grinned back, making Susan nervous. Officer Joe walks up to the three women. "Well, Susan, I do have to mention that those finger prints never made it to the station."

Susan, ďWhat do you mean? You said you were going to match them up, and you even called Laura to tell her that you were going to arrest me."

Jen interjected, "Well, it looks like we pulled a fast one on you. Silly girl, of course your finger prints would get erased from a fire! But donít you worry, you are not going down for any crime."

Laura added, "This is your new home."

Susan shouted, "This is bullshit! You can not do this to me. I do not belong here!" Susan starts to struggle very hard and the orderlies carry her off as she screams down the hallway. The doctor comes out of his office.

"What was that all about?" the doctor asked.

Laura calmly replied,"I believe the patient is having a nervous breakdown." As the doctor walks away, all three officers smile. They part ways and Laura and Jen make their way back to the office of Matt, the hospital's HR officer.

"Well, good job, girls," Matt told them. "You have successfully brought all the agents involved with the shootout into the hospital. The job is as good as yours. When can you start?Ē

Jen replied, "In a month. We need to put in two weeks notice at the Armored Truck Company, and then go on a vacation, if that's all right with you."

Matt smiles. "That's fine. I don't want you two getting worn out. Take a vacation and rest your minds. Any idea where you two might be off to?"

Laura said, "Mexico always seems very nice to me," and Jen agreed. As the two got up out of the office, they were at peace, knowing that their lives would be better off bringing in disturbed minds from the streets than dealing with the problems from the armored truck company.

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