I wish to sell the following items. They are all in very good condition, except where noted. The prices listed are what I paid for them, so make a reasonable offer.



Armbinders Bondage Catalog #3
published by Centurians in 1993, 48 pgs, 22 in color ($22.50)

Bondage Clinic/Fetishistic Gang
Oversized hardcover book with Saudelli stories/illos; text in English and Italian; many color and B&W illos on 64 glossy pages; published by Glittering Images ($49.95)

Kinky Hook
comic by Eric Stanton, 32 pg ($2.50)

Love Bondage Treasures #28
48 pgs, 8 in color, Eve Ellis, Kristine Imboch, Devin Demorre, Sabrina Stone, Tasha Welch, Carolyn Reese, Andrea Neal, Jessica Eden, Tawny LaShelle, Talia Monet, CJ Taylor, Danielle, Jordann, Gloria Reyes, Brandi Lessun ($8)

<<O>> #19
Lee Kleimann cover, Fischer Collection (rubber couture), Mistress Antoinette interview, Susi Medusa Gottardi, Rubber Nurses, perfect bound, 108 oversized pgs, most in color ($20, slight scuffing of front cover)

Ogenki Clinic Vol. 1 Part 2 (Oct. 97)
32 pgs. manga, B&W art, a little bondage ($2.95)

Rubber Bondage #5
published by Centurian in 1979, 64 pgs, 8 in color, several drawings by Tom ($7.00, damaged front cover)

Stanton's Tops and Bottoms #3; Broken Engagement
24 pgs; story with B&W art ($2.95)

Tales from the Asylum #1, 2
published 1999 by MTJ; 48 pgs each; tickling stories with B&W art ($16.00 each)

Trainers and Gags
publsihed ??? by Centurian, 68 pgs, all color ($25)

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